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Room and time to be better for Dolphins

Before we start today, let me update you on a roster move: The Dolphins re-signed defensive lineman Ryan Baker to the 53-man roster this morning because they are seemingly concerned about the injury status of Tony McDaniel, who has been injured most of the preseason and got hurt again against Houston. So there's that. With the signing the Dolphins have 52 players on the roster.

The start of the NFL season was an exciting  prospect for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff becasue, as they said, the outcome against Houston would be a gauge of where the Dolphins are at this stage of their development.

Well, now they believe they know.

And if the players didn't know based on Sunday's 30-10 loss, Philbin reminded them Sunday night during the 2 1/2 hour flight home from Houston.

"I walked to the back of the plane and visited with players and told them, 'Now you know we're you're at. This is where we are." Philbin said. "The film is what we are right now. And so we have to accept responsibility for that and move forward and improve."

The bad news is the Dolphins are not in the same orbit as a project playoff team and possible Super Bowl contender. The good news?

The schedule offers a chance for better days.

In the next 10 weeks the Dolphins have it pretty good. They have only one playoff team from a year ago crossing their path -- the Cincinnati Bengals. It can be argued they don't run into an elite quarterback during that entire time, depending on what you think of Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton.

The team is also playing at home the next couple of weeks.

Things get easier, people.

Philbin, meanwhile, is hoping that while the opponents get easier his team gets better.

Maybe Ryan Tannehill makes better decisions and makes more accurate throws -- the five passes coaches thought should have been better.

Maybe a defense that suggested it can generate pass rush with Randy Starks helping Cameron Wake actually gets it going. Maybe the offensive line which Philbin said played only "ok" and "average" gets itself together and does well.

Maybe the Dolphins add a couple of veterans. (Philbin said general manager Jeff Ireland continues to search for talent to add to the current roster. A veteran wide receiver is obviously still possible, as Jabar Gaffney continues to be out there.) 

Maybe the Dolphins cut down on four give-aways. That is a formula for disaster and Sunday proved that. "We have to do a better job on our end of protection, eye control, throwing it in the open lane," Philbin said.

"This was the first time we had been in an NFL locker room before and getting ready to play in a real game," Philbin said. "So I don't know that I had any ... as I had said to you guys and said to the team, we're looking to have a reference point to find out exactly where we are so I didn't sit around and think, 'we're going to do this, that, and that.' I wanted to find out for myself where we were.

"And I think we've got a group of guys this game's important to. I think they're professional. I think they care. I think we got a lot of work to do. And hopefully they accept responsibility, as did I because I didn't coach the game well enough, nor did they play well enough for us to earn a victory.

"We did not play well enough to earn a victory. But I'm excited about going to work today and going into the team meeting and addressing the situation of where we are and where we're headed and I expect us to play better this week."



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I am sure MANY RBS suffer concussions throughout the game....


what are you gonna due when your on the receiving end of one...THATS THE QUESTION....

Did you see the HIGHLIGHT hit that Trent Richardson DELIVERED to the guy on Philly.....100% concussed...I don't need a doctor to tell me that....

I believe the Philly dude stayed in the game....let me see if I can confirm that....

I know football has been wussied down...but its still a game for men....

Tannehill says he doesnt know who all 32 nfl teams arte and what divisions thier in. When I was 12yrs old, I think there 28 nfl teams. I could name each one and tell you what division they were in.

With all of the technology, I guess kids dont read the sports section of a newpaper anymore.

not true kris, a woman on jacksonville plays. pretty sure her name is chad henne

I wonder if Tannehill knows he's in the afc east and will face Tom Brady twice a year?

yg i dont give 2 s h i t s if he knows all 32 teams. probaly better if he doesnt so hes not in awe of brady or rodgers,etc


Here is the HIT....

LOL @ 5:23....

least thill wasnt worst rookie qb yesterday. weeden was garbage

I'll bet Tannehill grew up spitting tumbleweed and chucking a rusted jumbo beans can around the ranch in western texas.


Revis came out of the game b/c of a concussion. Are you saying he's not tough??? The guy is one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

I think the evidence of former players like Dave Duerson & Junior Seau show that concussions & head injuries are extremely serious & should not be taken lightly.

whatever he did growing up yg it worked. kid is making millions, has a trophy wife and is starting as a rookie in the nfl.

Bill connors,

I dont give 2 shytes if Tannehill isnt in awe of Brady and Rodgers. Just as long as Tannehill understands if he doesnt put td's on the scoreboard Brady and Rogers will snatch his head thru the other side and hand him his asss.

wow yg what site did u see that on

IMAwriter, Tanne better get going on a roll pretty quickly to be Roethlisberger, who went 13-1 as a rookie.

Actually I was going to say Tanne has his size and he's faster. We need to teach Tanne that pump fake thing. Let him run around and pump fake. If do right, no can defend.

Qualities of a bust...

Cant name other teams in your division..check

Cant put simple funiture together (how ccan you read NFL defenses).... check

Falters in the 4th QB (check his college numbers in the 4th Q)....check

Going bald....check

Tannehill will be worst than Henne

bill connors,

Also remember, nfl stands for "not for long" if Tannehill has many more performances like yesterday. The supermodel wife could turn to "not for long" also if he turns into a bum.

going bald, loooooooooooool

Kris am I wrong or does Thomas have a concussion?

If so you can't toughen up from a concussion. This isn't the 70's here, the league has strict rules about players playing with concussions now.

But obviously I could be wrong and he might have stubbed his toe to which I would agree, toughen up!

could be yg or he could turn into tiger woods and be pounding everything in site. still want to see the video about head through board and hand an ass to him

Still think the highlight of the game was incognito drilling cushing into the ground. to bad that was the best thing. :)

promichael is correct.

The team finished 6-3, shoulda been 8-1 including wins over the 2 super bowl teams, and the garbage organization blows it up. The team could easily have been 10-6 last year.

Yeah I know "woulda coulda shoulda" when talking about your team is BS, but I really think this is one of those rare cases where it's true.

I really believe Sparano and Henne (yes Henne) should have been given one more year.

We might have turned the corner this year (with Marshall still here)

yg man u ok, u sound as mad as ryan leaf. long year bro, pace yourself and just remember we dont want to win games. just show improvment from week to week. first pick awaits us

Oh it was so much fun to see Sparano put up 49 on a division rival. Idiots.

D Thomas is beginning to scare me. He seeming to become a magnet for injuries. I mean how often do you hear about rb's getting concussioons?

Thomas just maybe injury prone just like the college scouting report said. What next, miss a couple games due to severe scabies?

yg u got that right. d thomas trade and pick was horrible

YG, That was a nasty hit, Can't blame D Thomas on that one. I can't put this up as one of those little injuries where the player is being a puss... He got knocked the f out.


I KNOW its old school and out dated thinking on my part.....and probably not popular with the kinder-gentler-politically correct America....


Concussion or not.....the kid has got to get tougher...and the amount of games this guy has played backs my argument....

I am not worried because the steady hand of Jeff Irland will guide the team through this debacle.

Reports are ireland is on the hot seat already. If they have a losing record he is gone! And it doesnt get easier. They are going to get smoked by the wets and cincy and arizona possibly by oak.

Of course I meant Ireland, not Irland. Irland I have no respect for.

well kris at this point he starts next year for us with bush gone and nobody else on roster. maybe new gm will draft one or sign a vet

Just watched the game for the second time:
non factor = Carlos Dansby trade him hes not worth the money we're paying

Rookie qb = not sure yet, bird dogging the wr's but hes a rook
misi- played good yesterday

I really hope Ireland's job is not in jeopardy. Guess I will have to kiss a shamrock for good luck.

was sad wake didnt play yesterday. hopefully he suits up next week


PUMP FAKE. Have you seen Roethlisberger play? The dude is huge and is allowed to scramble around and basically extend plays, turning them into the sandlot ball we all played at age 12 behind the school. No DB can cover for more than 5 seconds.

Then he "pump fakes." Guess what? Pump faking works every time. I used to do it as QB of my intramural team in college. I'm not kidding. If do right, no can defend, to quote Mr. Miayagui from Karate Kid.

What Roethislberger does is scramble around, pump fake, and then hit wide open guys who are open because of the pump fake.

Our new QB Tanne is real big, just like Ben, and probably faster and could be a similar scrambler.


Remember how you all call Henne "robo Henne"? Well, most QBs in the league are like that. They are controlled TOO MUCH but the who 3 step drop/timing thing. They are not allowed to do what Roethlisberger does.

I honestly thing that a lot of QBs could have similar success by literally playing a little more sandlot ball and being less disciplined. That is exactly what Roethlisberger does.

Tanne is a former WR with 4.5 speed. Let him scramble around and create plays.


a rb 6'2 235lbs has no business getting knocked the fvck out. Has to be a nfl 1st that has happened. Thomas is just a magnet for injuries. Doesnt mean he's soft, just has bad asss luck staying healthy.

Somehow I don't feel good about Ireland so called scouring the free agents and such... Like I wouldn't hire a blind limo driver

doc your so smart dude

Get rid of RB Thomas, he's dead weight..we have plenty of RB's, promote miller in the meantime

by the way, adding to my last post about pump faking, scrambling, and Roethlisberger, that's kind of what Moore did last year to be successful.

You need a stud WR or two like Marshall. Remember how Moore got the offence going pretty good last year?

He would scramble around and then launch the ball down the field and guys were wide open like we had not seen our team do in years.

Why can't coaches watch perrenial super bowl winner/contender Roethlisberger and his career 90% win percentage and try to purposely copy him.

It's not that hard. More QBs could do that if they were allowed to scramble instead of having to release the ball whether it's there or not in 3.5 seconds.

What I'm saying is that literally what Roethlisberger does is scramble around and pump fake and improvise like sandlot ball played by middle schoolers.

cowkilla whos our rbs? bush is a free agent and gone. miller sucks. who else?


We're in this mess ingrown pubic hair deep now because Ireland has been scouting and bringing in talent. Maybe his true talent is for scouting ball boys. It sure aint football players.

KArlos Dansby did get eaten up on to many plays, he could not shed a block to save his life. As an elite LB he should be better than that. I agree. Don't thik you cut him though. He was the best LB on the field in aqua?

Ladies and Ladies, introducing your starting QB for the Little Rock Intramural Team... Doc Holiday...Holiday, or is it Randy Watson? Either way remember its easy to fake out ladies in lingerie


Hate to break it to you but Lamarr Miller sucks worse. Being on the "inactive list" yesterday didnt give you a clue?

90 percent,lol that would be awesome

Bill, I'm not saying we have stellar RB's, just saying we can afford to dump Thomas...he's either lazy or hurt.

YG, yep I got that, but he's young and raw, better to get him some playing time this year.

cant dump thomas, at this point hes our starter next year

Kris I'm sorry and I usually agree with you but I just read some other posts and I have to say I couldn't disagree more. Concussions are a serious issue. Too many of them cause irreparable damage to a person. They lead to all kinds of mental issues (including severe depression, anxiety, and long term memory loss) and physical ailments. Most of these guys are done playing at an early age and don't want to be a vegetable at the age of 40.

The league changed it's rules because players today are bigger and faster. They wear more pads and the helmets are much stronger (no more leather). And you can fairly compare the players of that era to today's players, they weren't even close in athleticism. They used to drink beer at half time, not exactly physical specimens.

I agree that some injuries should be played through if they can. This is the one injury (besides anything getting broken) that you CAN NOT just man up and play through. If you get concussed while still healing from even a minor concussion you risk permanent brain damage. PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE.

The league has to protect itself from lawsuits, the cba has strict rules in how the players are dealt with after a concussion. The old time players even lobbied for the new players on this issue because of all the problems they are having.

But Ireland is stacking draft picks lol, did I just say that.
Yeah I hear ya, I just don't think Thomas has "it"

Usually when you see a player on the "inactive list" it means if teams had to cut down to 50 player instead of 53. That player would already be gone.

I keep telling you guys Lamarr Miller has speed but doesnt have burst. Remember the rb JJ drafted John whatever? He was faster than Miller but he didnt have burst either. He lasted in the nfl about 2 seasons.

YG, yep I hear that, I forgot about him already

This is what the league does every year now to protect the players from future serious medical problems.

"Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing system, or ImPACT, which measures an athlete's memory, reaction time and processing speed. The program is used to establish a player's baseline conditions at the start of a season, and is then subsequently implemented if the player sustains a mild concussion. The results of the testing provide coaches and trainers with a more objective measure of whether the athlete is healthy enough to return to play. The ImPACT program is currently being used at high schools and colleges throughout the nation, as well as by the National Football League and National Hockey League."

Sports Science Magazine

John Avery

-- and the Falcons get Dimitroff and they haven't had a losing season since.
Posted by: AP | September 10, 2012 at 04:21 PM

Yep! Amd Ryan and Dimitriof haven't won a playoff game PERIOD!

Karlos Dansby = non factor He did nothing at all

Trade him we wont miss him if he plays like he did yesterday. No impact plays and hes highest paid on team

Lamarr Miller is a 3rd down out of the backfield pass catching rb at best. He doesnt have the burst to the hole to consistently be a real good nfl rb.

If you dont have the initial burst to get thru the hole speed does no good in the nfl. In the nfl holes close much faster than in college to. Miller wasnt even a consistent rb in college.

Ireland says the Miller pick was a steal. He's right, the pick stole a valuable pick away from us.

Ireland got his info on Miller, from the Um head coach. He said Miller and Vernon are 1st rounders.

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