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Room and time to be better for Dolphins

Before we start today, let me update you on a roster move: The Dolphins re-signed defensive lineman Ryan Baker to the 53-man roster this morning because they are seemingly concerned about the injury status of Tony McDaniel, who has been injured most of the preseason and got hurt again against Houston. So there's that. With the signing the Dolphins have 52 players on the roster.

The start of the NFL season was an exciting  prospect for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff becasue, as they said, the outcome against Houston would be a gauge of where the Dolphins are at this stage of their development.

Well, now they believe they know.

And if the players didn't know based on Sunday's 30-10 loss, Philbin reminded them Sunday night during the 2 1/2 hour flight home from Houston.

"I walked to the back of the plane and visited with players and told them, 'Now you know we're you're at. This is where we are." Philbin said. "The film is what we are right now. And so we have to accept responsibility for that and move forward and improve."

The bad news is the Dolphins are not in the same orbit as a project playoff team and possible Super Bowl contender. The good news?

The schedule offers a chance for better days.

In the next 10 weeks the Dolphins have it pretty good. They have only one playoff team from a year ago crossing their path -- the Cincinnati Bengals. It can be argued they don't run into an elite quarterback during that entire time, depending on what you think of Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton.

The team is also playing at home the next couple of weeks.

Things get easier, people.

Philbin, meanwhile, is hoping that while the opponents get easier his team gets better.

Maybe Ryan Tannehill makes better decisions and makes more accurate throws -- the five passes coaches thought should have been better.

Maybe a defense that suggested it can generate pass rush with Randy Starks helping Cameron Wake actually gets it going. Maybe the offensive line which Philbin said played only "ok" and "average" gets itself together and does well.

Maybe the Dolphins add a couple of veterans. (Philbin said general manager Jeff Ireland continues to search for talent to add to the current roster. A veteran wide receiver is obviously still possible, as Jabar Gaffney continues to be out there.) 

Maybe the Dolphins cut down on four give-aways. That is a formula for disaster and Sunday proved that. "We have to do a better job on our end of protection, eye control, throwing it in the open lane," Philbin said.

"This was the first time we had been in an NFL locker room before and getting ready to play in a real game," Philbin said. "So I don't know that I had any ... as I had said to you guys and said to the team, we're looking to have a reference point to find out exactly where we are so I didn't sit around and think, 'we're going to do this, that, and that.' I wanted to find out for myself where we were.

"And I think we've got a group of guys this game's important to. I think they're professional. I think they care. I think we got a lot of work to do. And hopefully they accept responsibility, as did I because I didn't coach the game well enough, nor did they play well enough for us to earn a victory.

"We did not play well enough to earn a victory. But I'm excited about going to work today and going into the team meeting and addressing the situation of where we are and where we're headed and I expect us to play better this week."



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Have a good night all.

Bill Connors is correct. Had we called running plays wiht Thomas on all 3 of the INTs as we should have (think Cam Cameron play calling), then Thomas would have been in a rhythm by then and not knocked out on a play they knew would be him running up the middle to run out the clock.

In short, quite literally, and only smart ones like Bill Connors will get this: Cam Philbin got Thomas knocked out for exactly the same reason (playcalling) that Cam Cameron got Ronnie Brown knocked out (knee, prematurely ending his career, by calling a pass on 1st and goal from the one inch line). Brown's career was killed making a tackle on an INT return caused by Cam Cameron.

Thomas knocked out last game in which Philbin called only 17 runs other than the one to try to run out the clock that Thomas was sent to the lions on.

Absolutely disaster of a coaching game and this is 100% on the coachies.

in other words Cam called passes too. You can't just copy the elite teams who have Manning, Rodgers, and Brady passing it 45 times just because "this is now a passing league." If you don't have the personnel, you use what you have. We have Thomas and Bush. Our O line does better at run blocking. We must run the ball, keep games low scoring, and hope for 17-14 wins.

Just like Wannstache did.

Itty bitty Lamar Miller is not an NFL quality player. Only a UM thug homer could think otherwise. He's small but not overly fast. He's fast, but not fast enough to make up for his other problems. He's a perennial 3rd stringer who will have less than 100 carries in his CAREER.

Slaton, on the other hand, is good, single handedly got us our first win last year, and is able to get in the end zone. Should have kept Slaton.

In the meantime, we must drastically improve the playcalling and run the ball with Thomas and pass the ball to Bush to have any chance.

And also throw the ball down the field from time to time to keep the D honest.

falcons sure fun to watch this year.

Just a reminder: Fasano is garbage.

I'm out.

slaton has always been good, but nobody will ever want him cause he fumbles every other carry

"Jeff Ireland continues to search for talent." Who is kidding who, Ireland does not know S**T! Anybody see wnat Marshall did in Chicago. Ireland would not know talent if it bit him on his ass.

glad marshalls gone, would of left after season anyways. but im also glad ireland will be fired in january

Phins 78...

I said it woudn't be popular.....


I saw Marshall drop TDs like he did here. He's good just not elite.

kris lets get serious for a second. what in the hell did u see to ever say this team would win 11 games this year

Has anyone complained about Dansby or Burrnett yet? Just curious if we're complaining about the same obvious things or not. TEs once again pounced on those two, can we please get rid of worthless slack/money and find a way to resign Starks and Bush.

Also: why the hell would we add anymore players this season? Where is the productivity in signing veterans that aren't going to help us beyond this season?

Has anyone complained about Dansby or Burrnett yet? Just curious if we're complaining about the same obvious things or not. TEs once again pounced on those two, can we please get rid of worthless slack/money and find a way to resign Starks and Bush.

Also, why the he|| would we add any other players this season? What's the point? Where is the productivity in signing a veteran who isn't going to help us beyond 2012?

dansby is garbage, guy talks so much and never does a thing

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Hey, draft volunteer for the dolphins in the mid 80s early 90s. Does anyone realize Parcells drafted merling second to give his agent Sextons new client, Merling a little publicity and bc he promised Parcells he wouldnt ask for extra money just bc he was the 32nd pick even tho it was the first round?. Tipped passes are bc Tannehill locks on his receivers the whole time. You think Cleveland would make that trade again with Julio Jones? You cant give up playmakers. As for this years draft, we need to finish ahead of clevelan bc they'l be looking for exactly what we are. how about Tennessee WR james Hunter first use a second and third to move back into the first and get USC WR robert woods? Two instant starters and playmakers. Use the other 2nd on a pass rush LB and the third on a nickel CB that can actually cover a slant.I feel the need to post


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Funny seeing all the back & forth about toughness & concussions. Yet, no one wants to address the real issue with DT.

He has a high running style & high runners are PRONE to head & lower leg injuries! We spent 3 draft picks on a guy who is ALWAYS going ot be getting dinged.

DEAL WITH IT! This is what Jeff Ireland brought the phins. An injury prone Rb who will be out of the NFL in 2 years because of repeat concussions!

Don't believe me? This is Thomas` 2nd straight game leaving with a head injury. Last game against the Jets last year, guess what? Daneil Thomas suffered a head injury.

Someone said Slaton fumbles alot?

Really, and d. Thomas doesn't?


What plagued Tannehill is the same flaw that plagued Henne. Mal-coached. You cannot get elevation on a short pass therefore the QB must move around in the pocket to open a passing lane. Texans kept Tannehill in the pocket so he could not step up and bunched the middle at the line of scrimmage. There was no way short passes could be more than head high with this defense. Easy to knock down or intercept.

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Miamid20, would you care to tell us again how Garcon wasn't worth the money because he's only mediocre?

I think RGIII would disagree with you.

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steve not true, if cleve gets first pick they would take barkley. if we get first pick, which we should, we would take barkley if thill doesnt develop, but would trade it if he does

LOL, did you notice Garcon scored an 80 yard TD as the defender who was guarding him fell? Did you notice how he otherwise accumulated 24 yards outside of that one play? Did you notice those 24 yards came on screen passes? You probably saw the stat line and assumed he played marvelously. He's still average bud.

i think a good start would be learning how to score a touchdown

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I support Philbn and the coaching staff. I support THill. I support the OLine and DLine. I support the RBs. I support the special teams. I support Misi and Bess and Reshad Jones. I real potential in all of them and want to see them prove themselves throughout the ENTIRE season before calling for their heads.

I want to see more from Dansby-Burnett-Fasano-Clay-Clemons-Hartline-Nanee-Armstrong and all CB's. I see real inconsistency and bad fundamentals from this group too often. If they cant show better quickly then I am all for less costly acorns.

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Reality check, i think I'll take ALoco's advice. Knew you were still here. Hiding behind your keyboard? Garcon is overrated and overpaid. If the defender didn't fall he would have gained 8 yards on that pass giving him 32 yards on the day and 0 TDs. Your argument isn't an argument you're just saying homer again.

As Aloco likes to say: you're just a buffet of knowledge huh ;)

Fireland! Sign Polian!!

I agree Ralph. Been saying for awhile that Ireland will be gone by Halloween. Polian would be a nice quick fix

Ireland looking for talent is the same thing as saying pigs can fly.

2 vets plax and winslow? be good for tanne

MiamiD20, I totally agree with your assessment of Dansby and Burnett. Way overpaid to under perform. They have not been criticized enough by the coaches. Burnett's only criticism was by Omar last year and if memory serves me correct he threatened him. I to believe Garcon was overpaid as a product of the Colts system. Who knows though. See if he stays consistent

Time will tell with Garcon. He looked stellar with Manning throwing to him, sun-par when it was Painter or whoever that Colts QB was last season.

I initially thought these LBs just needed time to get to know the other's tendencies but after all this time it's just more and more evident that Dansby and Burrnett haven't lived up to their hype and are overrated. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Dansby and/or Burrnett are cut before next season; especially if we draft a young MLB. Spitler and Trusnick could perform just as well/poorly as those two, why spend the money on them?

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Trusnick became one of my favorite Dolphins in pre-season. He has alot of fire and is a great special team player. Not sure he has the speed to be an every down player. I will be surprised if they both are gone next year but their contracts will be hard to move and will probably still count against future salary caps. More Ireland failure unfortunately

Are you kidding me it gets better for Mia.
Get real. This team don't have play makers!
Lack talent are you for real? Stop blowing smoke up the PHINS a s s... All those games I watch on the Redzone channel. And seeing all those players the PHINS pass on the draft and now on Monday night football, like Flacco. Dalton etc etc etc. Just fead up with all those good players that the PHINS pass up! Makes me sick!

U clowns can't take a joke?

U clowns love making jokes. Moore and T-Hill run a inside joke on hard knocks and clowns take it serious!

Notice how Moore looked at the camera? It was a joke!

But let's take everything the dolphins do extra serious!! Clowns

So many teams NFL are just play at such a higher level the my PHINS! Why? Lack of talent!! At the end of the day it boils down to talent!

Jeff Ireland did a great job putting together this team. It is not his fault that they do not choose to play well.

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