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Room and time to be better for Dolphins

Before we start today, let me update you on a roster move: The Dolphins re-signed defensive lineman Ryan Baker to the 53-man roster this morning because they are seemingly concerned about the injury status of Tony McDaniel, who has been injured most of the preseason and got hurt again against Houston. So there's that. With the signing the Dolphins have 52 players on the roster.

The start of the NFL season was an exciting  prospect for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff becasue, as they said, the outcome against Houston would be a gauge of where the Dolphins are at this stage of their development.

Well, now they believe they know.

And if the players didn't know based on Sunday's 30-10 loss, Philbin reminded them Sunday night during the 2 1/2 hour flight home from Houston.

"I walked to the back of the plane and visited with players and told them, 'Now you know we're you're at. This is where we are." Philbin said. "The film is what we are right now. And so we have to accept responsibility for that and move forward and improve."

The bad news is the Dolphins are not in the same orbit as a project playoff team and possible Super Bowl contender. The good news?

The schedule offers a chance for better days.

In the next 10 weeks the Dolphins have it pretty good. They have only one playoff team from a year ago crossing their path -- the Cincinnati Bengals. It can be argued they don't run into an elite quarterback during that entire time, depending on what you think of Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton.

The team is also playing at home the next couple of weeks.

Things get easier, people.

Philbin, meanwhile, is hoping that while the opponents get easier his team gets better.

Maybe Ryan Tannehill makes better decisions and makes more accurate throws -- the five passes coaches thought should have been better.

Maybe a defense that suggested it can generate pass rush with Randy Starks helping Cameron Wake actually gets it going. Maybe the offensive line which Philbin said played only "ok" and "average" gets itself together and does well.

Maybe the Dolphins add a couple of veterans. (Philbin said general manager Jeff Ireland continues to search for talent to add to the current roster. A veteran wide receiver is obviously still possible, as Jabar Gaffney continues to be out there.) 

Maybe the Dolphins cut down on four give-aways. That is a formula for disaster and Sunday proved that. "We have to do a better job on our end of protection, eye control, throwing it in the open lane," Philbin said.

"This was the first time we had been in an NFL locker room before and getting ready to play in a real game," Philbin said. "So I don't know that I had any ... as I had said to you guys and said to the team, we're looking to have a reference point to find out exactly where we are so I didn't sit around and think, 'we're going to do this, that, and that.' I wanted to find out for myself where we were.

"And I think we've got a group of guys this game's important to. I think they're professional. I think they care. I think we got a lot of work to do. And hopefully they accept responsibility, as did I because I didn't coach the game well enough, nor did they play well enough for us to earn a victory.

"We did not play well enough to earn a victory. But I'm excited about going to work today and going into the team meeting and addressing the situation of where we are and where we're headed and I expect us to play better this week."



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Terrible move not to activate Michael Egnew. One of Jeff Ireland's stellar draft picks. I predict Michael Egnew will become the face of the franchise.

This is exactly what Philbin was hired for. To take marginal players and Coach them up to be good (or even playmakers). That's what I'm most interested in seeing this Season. Besides Tannehill, there's the other rookies (can Egnew/Miller get on the field), the WRs (Marlon Moore and the others), then can the vets get better, can he get them to play like a team, everyone firing at once.

That's what important this year. Not the record. Not the Playoffs. It's Philbin's staff taking lumps of coal and turning them into diamonds.

The fact is that we have the Players we have and period If it was Philbin who decided he couldn't work with Marshall, Vontae or cj, so be it. It's his pre-rrogative now and we can only watch for the results.

go baby go baby goooooooooooo. !

9 wr's.?.

jeff f'n ire. u got 344566789 for wr's.

who's that punk axx dweeb on the side lines w/the o/d playbook telling rt what 2 do.?
wtf.?????what is he 10.?

What kind of statement is "in the first ten games the Fins only play one team that made it to the playoffs"?
Does that mean if the Fins really suck we don't have to play New England twice. Really dumb point!

And the biggest mistake is that Ireland continues to search for veteran talent.He wouldn't know talent if Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor and Barry Sanders were sitting in the room with him. I heard, as a child, Ireland never found any Easter eggs either!

This week is a very winnable game. It's the Raiders (who is about where we are). They just lost. They are coming over to the East Coast. It's a short week for them. 1pm start time. First Home Game for us.

This is a kiss from the NFL saying, "you will not go 0-16 this year."

This is a MUST WIN game to me. There won't be better chances. If I'm Miami, I play as if this was the most important game of the Season.

Writing the same thing "about a game that doesn't matter" might be silly, but what's even MORE pitiful, is to be the poster who obviously could care less, and writes about OTHERS who DO care, about a game the poster either doesn't get or even care about.

Dude, why are you here? Maybe ballet is more your thing. Go post there.

ravens sf sb.

Buddy, why are you infatuated with being "manly"? Who even said anything about that? Sounds like a personal problem. This is a Miami Dolphins football blog. The rest of us are trying to understand why you'd be surprised to come here and read people discussing...the Miami Dolphins. Who woulda thunk it?

I get it, you're bored, or not into it. That's why I say go find what interests you. Maybe it's hockey, maybe it's cooking, I don't care, no one cares. Point is, this is 9/11, the Day of Service, and I'm just trying to serve you. I think (from your post) you'd be happier somewhere else since this blog bores you. I'm just trying to get you to see that yourself.

This garbage team will score less than 20 offensive TDs all year.

Fasano is garbage.


DC, do you think the Phins will score more or less than 20 offensive TDs all year?

Fasucko, I'd probably agree with you, less.

They're already talking about Tannehill's throwing motion. I think it's way too early for that discussion, but it is interesting he had 19 batted balls last year. He's not short. I notice he throws sidearm at times, but not sure why so many batted balls. Does he have a tick that gives it away? Not sure. But not ready to say something needs to change other than he needs to be aware defenders are timing his passes.

That's a good suggestion TIPD, I might take you up on that.

Salguero "Superbowl contender"', "Playoffs" ? You must be on drugs pal. If the Dolphins finish 5-11 you should be happy with that.
There are so many bad things in this team, that even the coaches don't exactly know where to start fixing things. The worst thing of course is the Front Office. As long as Ireland remains in this team, there will be no improvement at all. Philbin seems clueless. He's the responsible for bad play designing at the end zone. If Tann battled passes are a matter of technique, then we'll maybe seeing another QB bust. I'm worry that he doesn't throw long passes. I wonder if that's because of the WR's or because of him. Moore never hesitated in throwing boms. Anyway, this team is a complete mess.

DC @ 10:05....

I think that is EXACTLY the conversation we/they should be having....Philbin and Sherman should have had this conversation 6 months ago....

Sherman and Tanne should have had this conversation 2.5 yeras ago....

To me this is THE WORST possible scenario for our QB....not being able to find a throwing lane....thats elementary stuff....

and don't forget....there were 2-3 passes that wern't tipped that could have been picked off as well...

Best case for us....Tanne=Romo....thats what I am hoping for....

I agree, this Sunday is a very winnable game. If you watched any of the game last night, Palmer was on his heels a lot. That's good for our defense, since for the most part they played well Sunday. Our special teams played extremely well - which matches up nicely against Oakland. The only question, will the Dolphins offense move beyond the red zone and into the end zone?? Philbin needs to keep coaching his players up. Give them confidence in the plays they practice during the week - result in positive plays on game day.

I understand this is going to be a "rebuilding" year. I don't like it, and I hope for more wins rather than loses!


Are you kidding me? Philbin hired to coach up "MARGINAL" players and make them better? Youre talking 7th rd'ers to undrafted fa's. That's the definition of marginal players.

These are players usually ending up on practice squads its less than a 50/50 prospect many of these players ever make a roster.

In another blog I posted, 1st you have to know your system to know what kind of players youre looking for. Does this player have most of the skillsets you're looking that's critical in "youre system" and just needs "sharpening up" to thrive in it? If the answer is yes, that's the type of player you bring in and coach up.

You cant fit round pegs into square holes no matter how great a player developer you are. You cant coach up a guy that doesnt have even have an inkling of the critical skill sets critcal to your system.

Don't know about must win? But this is a very winnable game.

The raiders are about our level. If we aren't competitive or at least efficient on Sunday.

We are in real trouble.

Dashi expects 30-10 Miami!

Just saying the raiders ain't no Texans. As long as we don't turn the ball over and naanee doesn't play a down.

"Coaching a player up" 1st requies already having legitimate talent on the field to begin with. If you're in a position of "coaching up" most of your players just to field a starting 22. Then thats a team in very serious onfield trouble.

Notice how the already great teams seem to be able to "coach up" guys when theyre already fielding 22 very good to great starters? Coacing up is a developmental process. This can most times take 2-3-4yrs to put that player on the field in regular season action.

Most "BAD" teams justdont have that luxury. The "very Good" teams do.

just asking,

According to Herm Edwards, "You play to winthe game"!

Oakland 24 Dullfins 6

Is it basketball season yet?

The Dolphins season was over 2 months ago.

Dashi thinks all these games are meaningless

The only thing that matters is when will Ireland be fired?

Dashi heard it could be this week.

ireland is def gone no later than after the season is over


What is the point of firing Ireland before the season is over....

off with their head...

If Ireland is the GM next season, he will draft all OL with the 1st and 2 2nd's...

Do not let that a.s.s clown touch our team next yr Ross!! Can you imagine the damage he will do with $60 mil in cap space and a high 1st, 2 2nd's and 2 3rds!

Scary to think about it

kris. no need 4 him once the season started. his bums on the field r set. this way he can't f anything else up the rest of the way.

I'm sick of this losing franchise. F these Dolphins.

2 Watt.....

I understand that....but that also makes my case....Ireland's damage is done for this year...sure he can add an acorn here and an acorn there....but in reality...he might as well ride out the season....

On T-Hills "throwing motion", It's very fixable! They did it in the second half.

T-Hill short arms short throws under pressure. He tries to fit it in there. So he darts the ball. Chad henne style. Bullets/lasers on 5yd passes. Instead of throwing it from the top like peyton. Peyton had that problem in the preseason. The rust, elbow will drop from fatigue. But it's peyton, things get fixed yesterday. He was just busy shooting the Buick commercial. But it's the regular season.

T-Hill can, knows how he has to throw. He does it when he is relaxed. When he throws to the flat. Or once he completes a couple passes.

Again, T-Hills problem is that he short arms short passes. They fixed it in the 2nd half? Or did Houston keep swatting balls down after the half. They will make sure he gets it right this week, but it's still a pressure thing. T-Hill needs to do it for himself on game day. Maybe the 100 extra reps on throwing short passes will stick. That or find his throwing lanes.

Marino was the master at this. He would slide into his lane or shoulder shake the DE, The LB, and the Cb and then he would throw.

The point to firing Ireland now would be to give the new gm chamce to make an early and long evaluation of all of the current roster talent or non talent before the offseason aquisitions period begins. Plus he can assemble his own scouting department and have a huge headstart on colleg talent evaluation before the upcoming draft.

The nfl scouts are at the college games in season, not waiting until the college football season ends to evaluate talent.

The Vontae Davis report: He was twice called for pass inter- and was burned twice by rookie A. Jeffrey for td (2) The Dolphins made a good deal on this one

YG That was a great post at 10:21, very insightful. Makes perfect sense and is totally logical. Meaning it will be met by a bunch of yelling and screaming and one idiot already doesn't like it. Don't mind the haters, they don't like it when you make them think, it gives them a headache. They're just jealous some people in here can string coherent sentences together.

ill tell u why kris, this fool might try and save himself by dealing future picks for guys to play right now. we cant have that. a new gm would stock pile the picks

i agree 100 percent on v davis deal, getting a 2nd rd pick for that lazy bum was a steal


Tanne hill had 4...4 Passes tipped in his first preseason start against NC....

He had 19 passes tipped during his FINAL year in college....

If its EASILY FIXABLE...it should have been fixed by now....

Not buying that Dashi....Throwing motion is repative....its like walking....and NOW Tanne needs to learn to adjust his stride...he should have learned this years ago....

When the pressure is in his face...like most of us...he will revert back to whats natural (throwing @ shoulder height)...until the new motion is like walking....


yes u can realism, if its a promotion. and who says hes working for another team right now, guy named polian out there that would fire everyone up

Kris that's imitation Dashi. He doesn't have the (Fire Ireland).

Dashi doesn't care when they fire Jeff. Dashi would prefer after we are out of consideration or during the playoff's. If we don't make it.

For PR purposes.

U just can't humiliate Ireland. Else no respectable GM would want to come here.

Again, Dashi has said Peterson and Ross are booty partners. Peterson doesn't want to come back but he can help ross make a football decision. Peterson is part of some special committee for the nfl. He's getting paid, but his know how and connections should be able to help Ross find a qualified candidate for the job.

Bill and YG....

I agree....those reason's make sense to me.

Realisim and Dashi....

Good points as well...

This is what this season is about. Coaching and fixing Tannehill. Next season is about acquiring the talent we're missing to turn him into a productive QB. If he shows he has "it" then he can easily be the next Flacco by his 4th year in this league.

From: NFL.COM "Tannehil T Fix Tipped Passes"

"All of his deflections Sunday came when Tannehill took a three-step drop, something the Texans might have zoned in on".

On the tipped Tannehill passes. Do you guys remember one of the Texans defensive players saying they they stole some of our snap counts by watching "Hard Knocks"?

Now all of the tip passes could have made sense if they stole the snap count on 3-step drop passing plays. They could have known exactly when a 3-step drop was coming by the signals Tannehill was barking out. So they werent really trying to "rush the passer", they were standing at the line of scrimmage to knock the pass down.

They were "all over the 3-step drop" passing plays. This may be what the Texans player was referring to when he said he stole our snap count off of watching "Hard Knocks". If this is the case, Sherman need to looking into changing the terminology of when Tannehill barks out the signals to go into the 3-step drop passing plays. Im sure every dc in the league will look at the Hard Knocks footage and do exactly what the Texans did to us Sunday.

Vontae's says:

Do not let that a.s.s clown touch our team next yr Ross!! Can you imagine the damage he will do with $60 mil in cap space and a high 1st, 2 2nd's and 2 3rds!

Scary to think about it

Posted by: Vontae's Grandma | September 11, 2012 at 10:50 AM
More players like Michael Egnew (inactive for Houston) and a steal in the 4th round who can not get on the field because the Dolphins have so many great skill players, Lamar Miller (inactive for Houston). Stephen Ross does not have blind faith in Ireland but giving him another year to make similar bad evaluations for skill players will be a major set back.

Kris agreed. When pressure hits T-Hill will drop that elbow. The coaches job is to get on him right away even if it's completed for a TD.

Anybody know anything on the kid the fins picked up? Or doesn't matter.

What matters is that the secret weapon plays over gashed(that's auto correct for naanee)!!

That Armstrong plays over naanee!!

That Matthews plays over naanee!!

Heck start Egnew at Wr over naanee!!!!

I have to agree with an earlier poster. Firing your GM at any point during the season isn't a smart thing to do. First, he's right, it's never been done before. That's not because every GM besides ours is brilliant, there have been much worse GMs in the NFL who have kept their jobs until the end of the season.

Their are so many reasons and I'm not getting into all of them because it will take forever. But the main thing is no good GM would ever take over a job that was started by someone else. This whole roster was built by Ireland, no GM wants to start his time on a new team with players he wasn't allowed to evaluate.

Firing him means he will be publicly embarrassed and ridiculed for being the first gm in NFL history to be fired midseason. If NFL people and the media see this the Dolphins will be crucified. First the bad handling of Sparano now this?

What self respecting coach or GM would ever come to Miami after such a thing? Ross is going to give him the full season because of these reasons and so many more. It's the right thing to do and Ireland will be given his walking papers after the season is over. Firing him now hurts the teams in too many ways, the cons far outweighing the pros.


I still think Cowher could be a good candidate for the gm job. He got to see how one of the best gm departyments in the business went about thier work at Pittsburgh. Plus Cowher knows defense. We wont have anymore defensive scrubs coming to Miami.

Who knows, Cowher just might be interested in a gm job only. Wouldnt hurt for Ross to ask.

Yesterdays Gone I said it first! Yesterday before the three step drop stories came out I was talking about this exact thing! Yeah I'm patting myself on the back :)
Joe Philbin talked Monday about Tannehill needing "better eye control," although offensive coordinator Mike Sherman pointed out it's hard to look off defenders while taking three-step drops.

All six tipped passes, by Sherman's accounting, came on three-step drops.

Philbin suggested Tannehill at times needed to pull the ball back down and "find the right throwing lane," although Sherman said J.J. Watt got at least a couple of his four batted passes on pass-rush twists.

"The quarterback would have never seen him anyways," Sherman said.

Yeah that's right, you heard it here first folks! ;)

some of ya'll said the same thing 'bout spazano last season. how' the team respond afterwards.?
to try and save his boney axx.
ire will trade all of the pix 4 some putz he think will be the diff.

Firing Ireland now would end the boycott and increase ticket sales

Dashi heard Ireland will be fired this week

Tannehill also needs to realize if d-line is just going to stop at the line to wait and bat his passes. It also means he may have just a little more time to throw. That's how you make them pay for not rushing "all out". Dont look to pass the ball so quickly.

Pump faking and not locking in on the recievers helps a lot too.

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