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Room and time to be better for Dolphins

Before we start today, let me update you on a roster move: The Dolphins re-signed defensive lineman Ryan Baker to the 53-man roster this morning because they are seemingly concerned about the injury status of Tony McDaniel, who has been injured most of the preseason and got hurt again against Houston. So there's that. With the signing the Dolphins have 52 players on the roster.

The start of the NFL season was an exciting  prospect for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff becasue, as they said, the outcome against Houston would be a gauge of where the Dolphins are at this stage of their development.

Well, now they believe they know.

And if the players didn't know based on Sunday's 30-10 loss, Philbin reminded them Sunday night during the 2 1/2 hour flight home from Houston.

"I walked to the back of the plane and visited with players and told them, 'Now you know we're you're at. This is where we are." Philbin said. "The film is what we are right now. And so we have to accept responsibility for that and move forward and improve."

The bad news is the Dolphins are not in the same orbit as a project playoff team and possible Super Bowl contender. The good news?

The schedule offers a chance for better days.

In the next 10 weeks the Dolphins have it pretty good. They have only one playoff team from a year ago crossing their path -- the Cincinnati Bengals. It can be argued they don't run into an elite quarterback during that entire time, depending on what you think of Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton.

The team is also playing at home the next couple of weeks.

Things get easier, people.

Philbin, meanwhile, is hoping that while the opponents get easier his team gets better.

Maybe Ryan Tannehill makes better decisions and makes more accurate throws -- the five passes coaches thought should have been better.

Maybe a defense that suggested it can generate pass rush with Randy Starks helping Cameron Wake actually gets it going. Maybe the offensive line which Philbin said played only "ok" and "average" gets itself together and does well.

Maybe the Dolphins add a couple of veterans. (Philbin said general manager Jeff Ireland continues to search for talent to add to the current roster. A veteran wide receiver is obviously still possible, as Jabar Gaffney continues to be out there.) 

Maybe the Dolphins cut down on four give-aways. That is a formula for disaster and Sunday proved that. "We have to do a better job on our end of protection, eye control, throwing it in the open lane," Philbin said.

"This was the first time we had been in an NFL locker room before and getting ready to play in a real game," Philbin said. "So I don't know that I had any ... as I had said to you guys and said to the team, we're looking to have a reference point to find out exactly where we are so I didn't sit around and think, 'we're going to do this, that, and that.' I wanted to find out for myself where we were.

"And I think we've got a group of guys this game's important to. I think they're professional. I think they care. I think we got a lot of work to do. And hopefully they accept responsibility, as did I because I didn't coach the game well enough, nor did they play well enough for us to earn a victory.

"We did not play well enough to earn a victory. But I'm excited about going to work today and going into the team meeting and addressing the situation of where we are and where we're headed and I expect us to play better this week."



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SO if the Texans were keying in on the 3 stop drop, why didnt Philbin make any adjustments at halftime?

Firing Ireland now would show fans that Ross does have a clue

And that Ross does want to win

Not just make money

yeah. w. ire gone the other 31 gm's will have noone to poke fun at and 4 the only gm that makes some really f'd up moves.

Ravens vs Pats in champ game

San Fran has no competition in NFC

Kris I will bet you any amount of money that Tannehills throwing motion is not the problem and they will never try to correct it. Bet ya anything. Lets get back to this "throwing motion" debate in a couple of years. All about the three step drop and Ryan having to adjust his lanes. IMO it has nothing to do with his motion.

I've been saying this since Sunday and now I have Shlereth and Sherman saying the same exact thing on espn and in a story at the sentinel.

Ireland should of been fired last year

Probably what we saw with Tannehill was the "inexperience factor" of his limited college starts. This is why we're going to see some awful while also seeing progress in parts.

The kid has a ton of upside and and potential. Just the limited number of college starts did and will rear its ugly in this rookie season. Had he gone to a team a team where he had to totally learn the offense, absolutely no way do I believe he would be a starter this year.

Already knowing Sherman's offense is the "only reason" he could remotely be considered "starter ready". Though he doesnt seem to be a bust, for the reasons I posted, I did not want to see him drafted 8th overall. The nfl has a HUGE WAY of exposing whatever weaknesses a player has, no matter the position

he had 8 int's from batted paxxes at a m and in only 19 starts.ouch.and 1/2 of the dl's r midgets compared to the nfl.how many were actually batted.?
'bout the avg. of 7 in an nfl season. oooooooooh weeeeeeeeeee.

Well if its never been done before, then that is significant I agree. But as far as the public humiliation thing... wasn't Sparano given that treatment, about as ugly as it could get? And we still had a few coaches interviewing? Ross may not like the public humiliation thing himself... not just planes flying banners and not just a half empty stadium, but if/when the coaches and players start to take Ireland's departure as a done deal.

that's 7 that didn't hit the ground.

Realism that is a good add on. I was thinking the same thing when writing my post.

We all get caught up sometimes in thinking people feel the same way about our team as we as fans do. If we hate the coach the rest of the league must hate him too. Same with players, gms, owners. It's simply not true.

Tony Sparano's offenses stunk to no end in Miami. Fist pumping field goals, keeping it close, etc. and we hated him at the end of his time here. But a few teams coveted him. The Jets signed him as their OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR. Can you imagine? A guy who was so inept offensively gets hired to head up an entire offense?

First game against the supposed superior defensive talent of the Bills and they already have 48 points.

So yeah, Jeff has friends in the NFL. He's been around the league, owners, and players since he was 8 years old. Firing him now is a horrible idea.

Phins 78...



kid had 19 balls batted down lastb year....y in the pre-season start against NC....

4 against the Texans....

Its the THROWING motion....

We also have to remember too that great defenses have a way of making young qb's look bad.

Raven D lastnight made Andy Dalton look like he regressed. This is the same Andy Dalton who took the Bengals to the playoffs as a rookie. I dont think he regressed, just a great Ravens defense made him look bad.

And Clue is right. If he was going to be fired it should have happened last January. Now we will have to wait until the end of the season. There's no magic fix here folks. No GM is coming in now and making this team better for the future. The only thing Ross can do is tell Jeff not to trade any picks away. And he might have already done that. Gaffney is out there and would be an upgrade over every receiver we have yet we haven't signed him.

I just hope the OL starts playing at the ability level implied by the rounds they were drafted in. They should be excellent are are at best average. Tannehill with adequate protection will live uninjured to become a star. From there the next draft with our many picks can be used to get a dominant receiving TE and some first rate WR and maybe even a large RB who does not run upright and get tackled at first contact. That is, if we do not have to spend the draft fixing the OL we have enough picks to give Tannehill the tools he will need.

Phins 78....

Please let a QUARTER of the season pass before we aonnoit Sporano an offensive GURU....

One game against the BILLS....does not a carreer make....


Tanne isn't as bad as he looked in the 1st game...I hope...het gets more games to prove himself as well...

Clue he did make adjustments at halftime. They went into a 5 step drop and shotgun. They also rolled him out a few times in the second half.

irescum should've been fired over the Dez Bryant debacle. Each day he's with the team we get worse. No one with a choice wants to join the Dolphins. The sooner he's fired the sooner the destruction stops.

Also Phins 78...I watched "the tape"....and those OL did engage the DL....perhaps not as aggressively as we might have liked...but they did engage...

Sparano has already shown he was not the problem in Miami. His O put up 48 pts.

Im totally against your logic! JI has no clue about drafting real football play makers none! I was watching as much as I could on NFL and red zone channels. And it made me sick seeing all the young play makers that your boy Jeff didn't draft, because it didn't fit his type of player. Are you kidding me take that lame excuse somewhere else!

You have to fire Ireland now so he hsa plenty of time to get a job in Pop Warner.

Kris, that's what I was trying to say (what Phins said). I don't see anything in Tanne's throwing motion (for example, like Tebow's) that's causing that. Maybe it's his eyes, or his choice in throwing lanes. I dunno. And, yes, we (sorry they) have to address it to fix it.
I was just saying I don't know if it's in the mechanics of his throwing motion. Maybe it is, I'm not an expert, I just don't see anything there.

Dashi heard Ireland will be fired by Friday

Good news finally

OK Kris we both have opinions. My opinions are backed up by professionals and yours so far seem to be backed up by posters in the blog. Got anyone in the know saying the same thing?

Not trying to be dismissive here but I'm backing my opinions up by pointing out I'm not alone in this belief. So far you are on an Island all by yourself. If you can produce one former player or coach/gm that agrees his throwing motion is f***ed please let me know.

Until then we will agree to disagree and will revisit this conversation in a few months when Ryans throwing motion is the same and the tipped balls have gone down.

Andy Dalton had 5 tipped passes last night. I wonder if the team is freaking out over his throwing motion. hmmmmmmmmm

Sherman said only 3 of the passes tipped last year were his fault. This usually means the qb has to hurry his read and throw because of a missed assignment or missed block.

Like I said, we will see.

Irescum has that racist reputation that prevents players from joining the fins. Coaches too.


If it happened in One year of college 19)....

If it happened in the presason in 2 quarters (4)...

and the opener (4)....

That tells me we have a problem....

have you seen the replays of Tanne releasing the ball @ shoulder level....I am no expert either....but but to me it seems like a mechanics thing....

I know some have to wait for ESPN and NFLN to come out and tell them what their eyes already see...but I call it like I see it...

They'll have to wait till the offseason to try and correct Tannehill's throwing motion. I'm surprised no one on the dolphins noticed that BEFORE the draft!

Phins...heaven forbid you have a thought that isn't parroted from an NFL reporter....

Kris I didn't explain my post well enough and went off on a tangent (I do that soemtimes:). I didn't mean for it to sound as if I thought Sparano was now an offensive genius. The point I started making was that all though we hated him the rest of the league didn't feel the same. I should have left it there.

YG, that's the whole point though. Ross believes the talent is there. He said as much last year. He said it was the Coaching that was at fault. So he brought in Philbin to coach/develop better, and expects better results.

Maybe Philbin's able to do that somewhat (better than Sparano). However, the NEXT issue that will arise is (as you pointed out) Ross was mistaken, the talent is NOT there, and he needs to replace/revise the GMs role to get better personnel to fit the scheme.

What I do know is Sparano didn't develop hardly anyone. OL never got fixed, QB never got fixed, WR/TE pretty much as bad now as when Sparano arrived. My point was hopefully Philbin does a better job with that (and secondly, as you say, Ross realizes Philbin isn't getting the talent he needs and does what he needs to in order to correct that).

The numbers are what the numbers are.....

I hope he gets better...I want him to get better...

but RIGHT NOW....the topic is tipped balls....because thats what we saw on Sunday....

Maybe the word "problem" is to strong..maybe thats what DC and Phins have a "problem" with....

How about we change the word "problem"...with the word pattern...

We have a pattern developing....how's that....

Kris, if you see it (in the mechanics), then I'll look again. Not dismissing what you saw. I agree there's something there. Maybe I'm just hoping he's telegraphing too much. Maybe it is the 3-step drop. I do recall some sidearm throws by Tanne, but thought those were to evade an oncoming rusher, not his natural throw. But, I'll pay more attention.

Let's all agree, WHATEVER IT IS, it needs to be fixed. Can't be a regular occurrence. Otherwise, Tannehill will be in big, big trouble. A 6'4" QB SHOULD CONSISTENTLY be able to throw a ball over the defense. Drew Brees does it for Christ's sake and he's only 6'0". This is why Philbin was brought in. FIX IT!!!

I had to listen to the radio Sunday but the announcers all were saying that Watt is the master of tipping QBs throws and the team has learned from him. They seemed to have blamed out offensive line more then anything by not keeping contact and letting them get in the air. They also said having TanneHill in the shotgun will prevent a lot of this problem. Again, I am repeating what I heard on the radio.


Kris f**k that s**t man. I don't need espn to tell me jack squat. They just started talking about this today. I've been talking about it since yesterday and can prove it.

And I am not bragging by any means. My football playting days were very amateur, not even close to the level of these guys. But I did spend 11 years of my life learning the qb position. Yes I'm not a pro and never was, but a qb is a qb, there are techniques and things I see with my own two eyes that come from some kind of experience other than watching it on tv and reading stories.

I spent a lot of time on football fields until I was 21 years old. I DID gain SOME experience. I don't need ESPN TO tell me anything but it is nice when people who have actually played the game at a high level come out the next day and back up my opinions. Just like tomorrow, you hear Gruden say he needs to change his throwing motion. You aren't coming in here and pointing it out? Puhhhlease

DC....we can agree there.....

It has to be FIXED.....

Phins 78....what say you???

cowher wants nothing to do with anything in south beach

sparano was horrible. and he didnt put up 48 or anywhere near that. defense ruled that game.

Seriously Kris? That's the credit you're giving me? I steal my opinions from espn? Really nice man.

Don't let the fact that I was saying this before ANYONE pointed it out stop you from trying to discredit my opinions. There were no stories on this yesterday and I was in here and another blog writing about his throwing mtion not being the problem. I wake up today and a bunch of others have said the same thing,,,,this morning. How did I steal my ideas from them if I said it first? Are you saying I can see into the future?

Jay, it cant be corrected during the season?

Guys I'm chipping in on the Tannehill throwing motion too....

I'm not expert on this either, having never played in College or the pros. I have however watched a lot of football in my 44 years on the planet, College and Pro, live and on TV. By my untrained eyes there is nothing wrong with Tannehills throwing motion. I watched him in College, I've watched him in practice and now in games. I've never once thought there was anything wrong with his throwing motion. To me this is all about adjustments. Adjusting to life in the NFL, to a faster game and a game where you have less time to make decisions. I said this yesterday, I fully believe Sherman, Philbin and Tannehill will get this problem corrected. Part of it might mean switching up the number of steps in his drop backs, part might be throwing more swing passes and part might be taking snaps from the centre a little more. Besically what I'm saying is not being as precitable where the snaps and throws are coming from. Easily fixable in my opinion.

That's my two cents on the topic.

Agreed Kris, I'll squash it. Something is wrong and definitely needs to be addressed. Whatever our individual opinions are won't change that. Lets hope they get it fixed. And Kris , I'm not trying to come off as an authority. These are only my opinions, I realize that. And you know if we find out they are changing his motion I will be the first one to say I was wrong and credit you for being right.

Blaming Tannehill's tipped passes on our OL? TOO FUNNY!!

Got to get back to work guys and it couldn't come at a better time, I'm getting to fired up over this nonsense. Hahahahaha throwing motions lol. I have much bigger fish to fry today! Talk to you guys later, peace.

In the next 10 weeks the Dolphins have it pretty good. They have only one playoff team from a year ago crossing their path -- the Cincinnati Bengals.

So in your opinion the Dolphins get better by avoiding the premiere QB's and best teams. Not by playing them and proving themselevs on a weekly basis. Here in D.C. Skins fans are saying the complete opposite.....they fear a let down against the Rams because they percieve them to be lowly. The theory is, Aim High and Step High!!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/09/room-and-time-to-be-better-for-dolphins.html#storylink=cpy

Nice post Craig. We all agree, lets get the problem fixed. later.

xfactor all we want is to show improvement, we do not want to win meaningless games like last year and cost us our future. we need the number one pick and should get it, cleve only other team with shot


Work got in the way of my posting for a few minutes....

I respect your passion for the game...and am willing to listen to your opinion...and then respectfully form my own....

Believe me....I spent more than a few hours on the football field myself...and this is not a passing fancy for me...I gave a left knee for this game (before half time) when I was younger....and still went back in to finish...and WIN the game...BTW...one of the dumbest mistakes of my life....why didn't an adult stop me....

Any way....

We see thing differntly....neither of us from the eyes of a so-calld expert...but both from the point of view of men who love the game....

The guys you see on ESPN change what they say...with each win....

remember the QB controversy in NY....THEY SURE DON'T....until the jets lose...and then thast ALL they will be talking about....

Take these "experts" with a grain of salt...cause they are just talking heads now...yes...even the former players....their bread is buttered with the NETWORK that pays them...and just like the idiot fan...they CROWN somebody each week...only to CROWN somebody NEW next week....

My point...your opinion...as well as many others on here are equally as valid to me as any "expert"....

fasano is garbage


Craig, I hope it's "easily fixable," but Kris does have a point, 19 times in college (in a year), a bunch of times in the PreSeason, a bunch of times in Game 1. That's the very definition of a pattern. Matt Moore doesn't get many balls batted (if my memory serves). This seems eerily contained to Ryan Tannehill.

Don't get me wrong, not trying to say he CAN'T fix it. But they have to figure out what they're fixing before they can fix it. We're all just wondering aloud. I'm interested to hear what it actually is (was).

Watt seems to be a master at this technique. So we'll see vs. Raiders. If there's more batted balls, then it wasn't just Watt. Maybe it IS the oline, but I think I saw batted balls on the left AND right side. So are we now saying Jake Long's not doing his job? I'd be suspect of that. Jake Long is a perennial ProBowler, I think he knows what he's doing.

But, I am enjoying the speculation. Haven't thought about a lot of what's been mentioned. Gives me something to concentrate on during the games (because I really need to focus on OTHER things than the scoreboard, for my own sanity).

Dick, lots of guys may be garbage bro, but they are what they are. At this point, if all we have is garbage, then how do the Coaches make the best of it. I mean, we can go down the roster and call everyone garbage. Or we can discuss what they can do to at least give these garbage guys the best chance of winning.

Or you can go the other route, and root for us to lose to get a high Draft pick. Either way, it's more entertaining (for us other posters) then just saying this or that guy are garbage.

Just a thought!

It's amazing to me that multimillion dollar players could be considered garbage. I think what we've seen in the preseason this year and the first game has nothing to do with these players being garbage as much as it has to do with these players and coaching staff not having enough time to fix ALL the problems. Remember, there were three QB's vying for the chance to be the starter on this team. Each one with their own special quarks - or abilities that they bring to the job. Not to mention a rookie coach and new coaches...

This will be an interesting year as it unfolds. The question at the end will be, did our team come together learn the system, gel - better than the rest of the teams in the NFL (or at least the teams that the Dolphins compete against).

Just like we expect the Dolphins to get better as the season unfolds - that expectation is the same for the rest of the teams.

fasano is garbage

Posted by: Dickheadzryo

The entire team,coaches and FO are all garbage.

wow. noone has been poached from ire's p/s yet...

irescum should've been fired over the Dez Bryant debacle.
Posted by: Phinmanski | September 11, 2012 at 11:50 AM

And here we are again....the only fans in the NFL who still care about this...why do we still care about Ireland asking Bryant a valid question?

Jeffery aint gonna find squat at WR. Gaffney should have been here last week, but Jefferys worried about his yearly salary and not wins. The front office has most everthing turned up side down.
Doesnt matter, the Dolphins are on life support after one game and the only way to go is down. Schedule getting easier??? I dought that. The are a lousey football team.

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