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Salguero's Sunday pick is ... Dolphins

I think you know by now I am not a homer. I call it as I see it, sometimes good, often times lately very bad. Well, I just sent in to The Herald my pick for Sunday.

I'm picking the Dolphins to win.

If my prediction comes true the Dolphins would reach .500 for the first time since Oct. 2010.

Why do I think the Dolphins will beat the Raiders?

I see potential in this defense to do good things. They need to tighten up the secondary. They need to turn the pass-rush up a notch. But I think that can happen, at least to a small degree, with the personnel currently on the team.

So I don't see Carson Palmer and his inconsistent receivers carving up the Miami defense. Darrius Heyward-Bey is a nice player but I don't see Andre Johnson on the Raiders.

The Raiders' best player is Darren McFadden. But he's running behind an inconsistent offensive line and I like Miami's chances of slowing the Oakland charge. Plus the Raiders don't have a better-than-average tight end so the thing that always bites this defense probably won't this week.

Don't get me wrong. I see a low-scoring, tight, tense game.

I don't see the Dolphins offense moving the football up and down the field on the Oakland defense. But that defense is just undisciplined enough as to do some damage to itself and open the door for rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill and company.

Remember, Sunday won't offer just a homefield advantage for the Dolphins, it offers a major time advantage and schedule advantage for Miami.

The Raiders, who will travel 28,692 air miles this season, more than any team, will be getting on a plane and traveling five hours, losing three hours and settling in unfamiliar surroundings the day before the game.

On game day, the Raiders will be kicking off at what their body clock tells them is 10 a.m.

And then there is the weather advantage the Dolphins should enjoy, in that it is very humid in South Florida while Oakland is not nearly as taxing on a body.

For all these reasons I'm picking the Dolphins.

Discuss ...


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it's sad...............



Tossing cornhole IS NOT the same as tossing salad. Tossing cornhole is also called bean-bag toss north of the Mason-Dixon line.
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PS: Troll Boy, My Hotties gonna be here at 11:00 and I'm writing her a Love Song that will just melt them Jeans Off.

Have fun with Mario tonight and DO watchout for the Razor Burn.............Be-Atch!

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Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 14, 2012 at 09:57 PM

You know, I was'nt gonna bash OdinStank the Old Coot but I just cant stop it while he continues to pollute this blog.
Odin, That post was at 9:57, and then you continued to post till 5 AM this morning(And I wont mention that You'ld be posting since 1 Pm that day.)(You'ld probably would have broke your record for non stop posting But Apperently you passed out from posting till 4 am Thursday morning till 1 Pm Yesterday.)
Come on dude, Kill yourself.


Seriously though:
How are we going to beat the Raiders tomorrow?

Passing by, LMAO on that post, welcome to the ANTI-ODIN league.
Can you contribute money so we(ANTI-ODIN LEAGUE)can send Odin Stank to Sweden where they have goverment assitted suicide?

Keys to beating Raiders tomorrow:
1. Time to throw. QBs with 2 seconds to throw are given names like Bradford, Leinart, Henne. QBs with 6 seconds to throw are given names like Brady, Rogers, Brees. We want our QB to have a good name so we need to give him time.
How do we do it?

2. Take away Palmer's time to throw. We need blitzing/stunting/shifting by our secondary on every pass play.

CLAMS..............NO CHICKEN,PLEASE ,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by: ALoco | September 15, 2012 at 11:46 PM

Yo Aloco, What's a "LOSTER"??

If we keep Tanny's passing to a bare minimum we could keep it close.

LC, I think scoring more points then the Raiders will defeat them...

What about crab?

I think the great Yogi Berrea once coined the phrase "The team that scores more USUALLY wins".
I love to use that qoute when ever possible.

This is Tanne's 2nd pro start.
How will we know if it is successful?
A: We need to gauge it against the start of the last QB to make his 2nd pro start for Phins.
The last QB to make his 2nd pro start for Phins was Chad Henne. He did it on Monday Night Football against the Jets. Henne threw a 60 yard bomb as time expired into the arms of Tedd Ginn in the endzone to win the game.
That is what we need from Tanne tomorrow!

LincolnContinental is Odindouche

I am not Odin.
You retards just posted 10 pages full of idiocy.
I state a fact, a point of reference to comapre where we are are and you resort immediately to insults?

LC, Thats more then likely OdinCoot posting.

I gave you guys a full 36 hours, without interruption, to solve the problems of this team.
What did you do with that time?
You squandered it. You solved nothing.
I come back in the spirit of friendship and what do you do?
You scorn me and try to provoke me.

My first time through I came extending an olive branch before me to show that I have come in peace, looking for friendship and love. I wished th epeace and blessings of the prophet upon you.

Now I return extending something else before me.
Kneel down, close your eyes, open your mouth and await me...

LincolnContinental is Odindouche

Fake LincolnContinental at 12:31

I looked over some other teams practice squads and found some interesting talent hidden there. At wr- Tori Gurley,Cris Sommers,Marvin McNutt,Danny Coale,Chris Owusu,Nathan Palmer and Bobby Rainey( rb that can play the slot;he is lickety-split quick). At de/lb Ricky Sapp and Cam Johnson. Also Leonard Hankerson is in Shanahan's doghouse. We may could get him for a song. All these players show a lot of promise and except for Hank are free for the getting.There were others also that maybe some of you may be more familiar with than I am. What the heck; is the bottom of our roster that strong?

I saw Rainey live a couple years ago when WKy came to VT.
Every other play it was, "Rainey on the carry....Rainey on the reception....Rainey on the return....".

And Danny Coale went to VT. He's as good as Hartline, both of them cut from the same cloth as Ed McCaffrey; white Irish guys you can count on; that's all.

Put another way: Boby Rainey and Danny Coale are probably better than all of the skill players we have not named Bush, Bess and Hartline.
However they may be better than Bush, Bess and Hartline.

And as far as Hank-master Hankerson goes all I can say is throw him 100 passes and see what happens.
You throw the Hank-master 100 passes he's gonna catch 60 and put up 1000 yards and 15-20 TDs.

There is one more guy out there available:
Dwayne Jarrett WR VT
Jarrett wears size XXX gloves and went through them at the rate of a pair a week at VT.
He holds all of the VT receiving records.
He was not drafted. He went to Jags in preseason as undrafted FA and was not signed.
He is a real talent with evidently huge hands.

Just what I'm saying. Sapp and Johnson are young and strong also. Why is Ireland not looking at these guys,and I just glanced through. I had to miss a lot of other talent I'm not real familiar with. Yet we keep hanging on to guys like Legadu and Freeny.

LincolnContinental is Odindouche

Which Freeny?

We All Know,
You have now posted the following 3 times:
LincolnContinental is Odindouche
I get it.
I know what you want also.
I promise I'm going to give it to you and
I promise you will feel it all of the next day!

Well it's Rainey on the Bench Now!!

None of those Clowns matter, Ford Escort.

Let's Play out with what we got.

If we bring in another Player from someone else's Practice Squad(MEaning they couldn't cut the Final 53). How long will it take before they see the field? U know get the PlayBook Down? Beat out the Competition? And Then Ur asking him to Perform as an NFL STARTER? Please Explain the Logic?

Now, IF we ride out with what we got. Develop the Talent(Yes difficult to comprehend when TS was ur Coach) and cut the Fat at the End of the Season. The Fins will be OK.

Yes, as a Fan of Winning!!! This is hard to comprehend?!


Why Sign FA's Now? They won't be here next year!!

Let the Coach Evaluate the Young Talent. Reason why T-Hill is the Starter, Why MArtin and Fatboy are getting all this playing time, Why Jones and Clemons will get 16 games back there together with Marshall and Smith, Why Lane is the FB.

Dashi would rather Know what we got this Season so we don't have guys on the team that haven't seen the Field their Whole NFL CAREER!! NEXT YEAR!!

Dashi believes this is Philbins Philosophy. Work with the Roster for a Whole Season before he guts or Makes a Major Adjustment(High $$$ FA) to the Roster. Next Year is Prime for a Spree. Draft Spree, FA Spree, GM Spree, Cut Spree

"Also, Quit Denigrating Dashi's Integrity with these Post about Dashi Says IRELAND is Fired in 2 Days. Dashi has Written Thanksgiving as The EARLIEST IRELAND WILL BE FIRED THIS SEASON! Yes, Ross is A Jewish Person But we all do our CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! If Not then after the Regular Season if we go worst than 4-12!!!"

U can Quote the Dashi on that!!


Johnathan Freeny

Thank you for replying.
When I saw the name I momentarily thought that Dwight Freeney was on this team and somehow I'd missed it.

First all you are one of me best friends!
Second of all this guy Rainey is like Rice and Bush:
No matter how you get him the ball (kick, pass, handoff, punt) he advances it.
So if you give him 40 touches a game (25 rush, 10 pass, 5 ret) he'll give you 200- 250 yds and some TDs

If Chet Forte and Devin Hester were combined into 1 person then David Rainey would be that person.

Five minutes ago I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror.
On a whim I picked up a pair of scissors and cut off all of my chest hair.
Now I can see my own boobs clearly. They are bigger than my women's boobs.
WTF am I supposed to do now? It will be 6 weeks before the hair grows back.

Most of these guys are on practice squads behind strong players. If guys like Malcom Floyd, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, Desean Jackson, etc. go down these are the players tha these teams are going to bring up. I think if they have had time to get half-way familiar with their assignments they will play well or excell. Yes these are some of the the players they are behind. Would you compare our receivers to these.

In 2009 Henne started 13 games and put up 3200 yards throwing to Ginn, Camarillo and Bess. Henne won 7 games, more than 50%.
In 2010 Henne started 13 games and put up 3200 yards throwing to Bess, Hartline & Marshall. Henne won 7 games, more than 50%.
In 2011 Henne put up 900 yards in the first 3 games and then got injured-out for the season.
Matt morre came in, started 13 games, three for 2200 yards. Moore only won 6 games, less tha 50%.

Every night do as many push-ups as you can do in three sets. You will continue to do more each week, and this will never be an overexertion for your pecs to recuperate from. In six months you will be amazed.

So what if we beat the Raiders? LOL. We'll be the winners of the Loser Bowl I guess. This team has no north, once again no planning, just the plugging of acorns, this year worse than others. Not a single WR and TE, with a rookie QB. Way to build the kid's confidence.

I mean why did cut Wallace and Fuller who obviously had some rapport with Tanny if you watched the first game? I mean what other WRs do we currently have that can justify that? Hicks instead of Winston, Thomas instead of Murray, Tannehill instead of RG3, salvaging a useless season (0-7) and worsened our draft situation, keeping Marshall and Davis too long, same with Fasano, a grossly overpaid TE.

We are a mess!

You are my new lover.
This morning my women volunteered to 'empty my pockets'.
Since she had emptied them last night and yesterday morning I told her I would defer it for 1 day.
Badger please put in for 2 weeks vacation from work. I will do the same and we will empty each other's pockets 24/7 for the next 3 weeks!

I am quite pleased with the way my woman takes care of me,thanks for the offer. It's still good to talk football though.

Tossing cornhole IS NOT the same as tossing salad. Tossing cornhole is also called bean-bag toss north of the Mason-Dixon line.
Tossing salad is done in prison.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 15, 2012 at 11:46 PM

Spoken like TRUE expert. No kidding folks, you can't make this stuff up or even dream it up. Unless Tossing Salad is ingrained in your Brain.

So even when you don't openly admit it, YOU admit it alright. You are one Salad Tossing Queenie Expert!

Armando, QUICK, post something, anything. Your "Good Thang" has been talking to himself since 4:00 AM this morning. After almost 24 straight hours of "Talking To Self", he's starting to reveal yours and his DEEPEST DARKEST "Secrets".

Tell the Truth Mando, you let this troll get away with this shyt because he knows how to "Gum You Up" like no other, Huh? SMH!

Just post something quick before your boyfriend starts talking about little boys - AGAIN!

PS: Why not just get a room and keep your little FeeAggot of the Blog?


You know, I was'nt gonna bash OdinStank the Old Coot but I just cant stop it while he continues to pollute this blog.

-Old Coot? The only thing OLD around here is your lips, both pair Gummy Boy!

You've talked to yourself for ALMOST 24 straight hours. You even started telling stories about how you used to toss "Bubba Salad" when they locked you up for what you did to your little boys and their friends at that slumber "Party".

Odin, That post was at 9:57, and then you continued to post till 5 AM this morning(And I wont mention that You'ld be posting since 1 Pm that day.)(You'ld probably would have broke your record for non stop posting But Apperently you passed out from posting till 4 am Thursday morning till 1 Pm Yesterday.)

-ROTFLMAO - Do you REALLY think EVERYONE is as stupid as you Meth Head? People here, UNLIKE YOU, can actually read. They can see I wasn't here, nor posting.

You're OBVIOUSLY Come Drunk and High on Meth-AGAIN! LOL!

Posted by: Just passing by. | September 15, 2012 at 11:48 PM

-Don't you mean, "Just signed up on the sex offenders registry"?

Yep! Just what I thought. Speaking of suicide, what are you going to do when you lose that last tooth and Mando quits buying your Meth for you?

Hey, you could ALWAYS lead another Revolution against Castro's Cuban, Eh?

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My women and I went to a backyard cookout function as a guest of one of her co-workers today.
One of the main events was tossing cornhole.
Neither Rebecca nor I had done that before.
Predictably we lost the first set.
Then we won the next 3 sets that we played; effectively beating each couple there.

Seriously though:
How are we going to beat the Raiders tomorrow?

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 15, 2012 at 11:50 PM

More Seriously Though, Your REAL best Friend Bubba just got out of Prison and he's looking for a GOOD salad tossing. You're "HIT" FeeAaag Boy!

I hope he doesn't find out about you and Armanda-lol!

The last time I saw Bubba I broke both of his arms and his nose. The cops showed up while he was rolling around on the ground crying.
I don't fear Bubba, he fears me.
I don't rely on Bubba to eat, he relies on me.

My women and I

-You can disregard this post ALREADY. He's lying, trying to make Armanda jealous and probably BOTH! Either way, this latino sugar bottoms was with a man today. Probably his old cell mate Bubba.

went to a backyard cookout function as a guest of one of her co-workers today.

-We didn't know He/She Meth Hookers had "Cookout Functions". Tell the truth asswipe, the only thing you FeeAaags cook up is MORE Meth.

One of the main events was tossing cornhole.
Neither Rebecca

-You mean: Re-Bubba don't you ;)

nor I had done that before.

-Right! Rumor has it, face down, but up, you've done it ALL! Quit lying Bu-ooy!

Predictably we lost the first set.

-For a LOSER like you? Of course it's predictable.

Then we won the next 3 sets that we played; effectively beating each couple there.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 16, 2012 at 02:58 AM

-The only thing you won was a 3 way game of Pin The Donkey in the Tail. You being the Brown Donkey of course!

How much Meth did they give you for the 3 way?

You weren't "Doing It" for "Charity" again, were you?

I think the great Yogi Berrea once coined the phrase "The team that scores more USUALLY wins".
I love to use that qoute when ever possible.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | September 16, 2012 at 12:14 AM

Yeah, you do. But you always used it when you were pretending to be the Cuban Menace.

Remember? Back before you busted yourself red handed? Remember? You were talking to yourself as The Cuban Menace and answering as ALoco?

That was the funniest.........pitiful in that you busted yourself, talking to yourself, for 3 straight hours........so......pitiful no doubt. But FREAKING HILARIOUS as well.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

PS: I'm psychic, I know what you're thinking: Quick Armanda, post something new before EVERYBODY sees this.

PSS: I love fvcking up this GayTard ;)

You BETTER go lay down......Bu-oooooooooooooy!

PS: Don't forget to Brush ;)

By 'Meth" I guess you mean crystal methedrine. They taught us about that in health classes in Jr High and High School on Long Island.
The exact words the teachers used in the lesson were, "Only stupid a ssholes use heroine or crystal meth".
Then we took a class field trip.
Although I beleive it may have violated union rules, a couple of the fathers of kids in the class came with us. Looking back I think they were cops.
At one stop they said, "If you use heroine n iggers will break your jaw against the curb". Then one of the fathers pulled forward a bunch of raggedly looking white people, had them lay down with thier mouths open against the concrete curb, and then the father stomped on the back of the skull of each of the heroine addicts and broke thier jaws and teeth.
1. Did I cry because human beings that were only trying to live thier lives in private were having thier jaws broken open on a concrete curb?
2. Was I crying in celebration because both heroine and meth addicts are a horrible burden upon us all and finally as a society we are realizing that and acting upon it.

Disclaimer: All This will get Erased. At least the last couple pages.


Are U saying what Dashi Thinks Ur Saying?

That Troll Boy and Mando have a RelationShip?

Dashi Understands That Senor Suck & Swallows is of the Other Team. But is Mando a Fan To?

It does take 2 to Tango?

"Dashi's Hypothetical Theory"

Oscar is Mando's Sugar Daddy. He Pays MAndo Under the Table for Pleasure.

Dashi's Theory: Mr.1001 Ran a UnderCover Gaye P*rn Film Production Company. Reason for all these Corny Characters With One-Liners.

(Read it While it Last)

Also, Henne took a Dive! That was the Flukiest Injury Ever ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYP5A2aYi5s )

The Winningest QB in Fins History played with 2 Broken Shoulders!!!! And We Still made the Playoffs. (Telling Dashi JT and Zach didn't Influence Games. We use to Shut People Out at Home. 28-0 Fins over Raiders)


Look at Manda's picture at the top of the page then re-read your post. Then look again.....if you have too.....(I don't think you'll have too).

You're getting closer. Oscar isn't an old senile ex-doctor. He's a young gaytarded Meth Head. He washes Mando's Vette, cleans up his yard and now drums up blog hits to give Mando bragging rights over Beaseley, Cote and the others at the Herald.

One thing led to another and now Mando's "Good Thang" can run rampant over the blog. He can even delete posts and we all know it(If they ain't "You Know Whatting" then explain that).

One of the two is the Sugar Daddy, but it ain't the Meth Infected one toothed little Be-atch Boy that posts here 24/7 under multiple aliases.

They know I know and thats why I get all the venom. And they thought it was cute posting all their little Gaydoms on the blog for the past 5 years. But yet you, I and most of the rest get football related posts deleted. But not the Gaytarded "Good Thang". He can post anything, even pedophile posts and it's all fine and dandy......Hmmmmmmmm.

**Talk About A Story For "Deep Throat**


CORRECT. Why is Mando Smiling on that Picture?

Why is his Radio Show Called Mando and the Amigo?

Well at least someone will know.



Alright Dashi Out.

(Just in case u Want to Impersonate go right ahead)

We know Ur on here 24/7 It's UR JOB!!

I truly don't know now and I refuse to delude myself anymore. Maybe, as the Season goes by, it will become more clear in which direction this Team is going, upwards or downwards. This, I think I'll be able to see.

Some guy came in here yesterday and said, these are the strangest posts I've ever read, you guys are all wackos. Much to the contrary, my friend, all the regulars here share great Wisdom and common sense(you'll never know why) and, of course, a great sense of Humor. Led by Arrmando.

I'll go make my Sanka now.

it might be a low scoring game on the raiders part but miami is going to score at least 35! mark my words! and if im wrong nail me on it .. but i dont think yall will be able to... cause miami has got this one. they are so upset over last week and wanna show the home crowd that they are a new team and are going places this year1 PRINT THAT!

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