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Salguero's Sunday pick is ... Dolphins

I think you know by now I am not a homer. I call it as I see it, sometimes good, often times lately very bad. Well, I just sent in to The Herald my pick for Sunday.

I'm picking the Dolphins to win.

If my prediction comes true the Dolphins would reach .500 for the first time since Oct. 2010.

Why do I think the Dolphins will beat the Raiders?

I see potential in this defense to do good things. They need to tighten up the secondary. They need to turn the pass-rush up a notch. But I think that can happen, at least to a small degree, with the personnel currently on the team.

So I don't see Carson Palmer and his inconsistent receivers carving up the Miami defense. Darrius Heyward-Bey is a nice player but I don't see Andre Johnson on the Raiders.

The Raiders' best player is Darren McFadden. But he's running behind an inconsistent offensive line and I like Miami's chances of slowing the Oakland charge. Plus the Raiders don't have a better-than-average tight end so the thing that always bites this defense probably won't this week.

Don't get me wrong. I see a low-scoring, tight, tense game.

I don't see the Dolphins offense moving the football up and down the field on the Oakland defense. But that defense is just undisciplined enough as to do some damage to itself and open the door for rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill and company.

Remember, Sunday won't offer just a homefield advantage for the Dolphins, it offers a major time advantage and schedule advantage for Miami.

The Raiders, who will travel 28,692 air miles this season, more than any team, will be getting on a plane and traveling five hours, losing three hours and settling in unfamiliar surroundings the day before the game.

On game day, the Raiders will be kicking off at what their body clock tells them is 10 a.m.

And then there is the weather advantage the Dolphins should enjoy, in that it is very humid in South Florida while Oakland is not nearly as taxing on a body.

For all these reasons I'm picking the Dolphins.

Discuss ...


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and to be honest....it doesn't matter to me.....

I am more concerned with moving Long for more picks....


I'll talk FINS football with anyone.....regardless of topic....

Agree Armando. Raiders don't scare anyone. Some decent players but undisciplined on defense.
Granted, we're no juggernaut either but we are at home and there are the mitigating factors you listed. Dolphins 17 Raiders 10

The dolphins run a college offense, which is why Tannehill looked better than Moore. One problem, Tannehill wasn't even good enough to run the college offense. Tannehill has a low delivery, don't be surprised to see more batted balls. Moore should be starting, end of story.

Moore should be starting, end of story.
Posted by: dolfnman | September 14, 2012 at 04:35 PM

Yes, we want moore mediocrity. Moore isn't the answer, Tannehill MIGHT be the answer, so let's give the possible future of this organization a chance instead of relying on someone who's average.



1. Jake Long is The Only #1 Pick since Peyton to go to 4 ProBowls. Not Vick, Not Mario, Not J.Russell, Not C. Palmer. JAKE F"N LONG.


2. TONY SPORANO. Even Sporano couldn't ruin Long and boy did he try. AND HE WAS A O-LINE GURU.

3. DAN HENNING. IF SPORANO wouldn't ruin Matt Ryan, Henning Would've. He would've made Matt Ryan, Joey Harrington.

4. The O-Line. IF the Fins wouldn't have picked LONG the Fins wouldn't have 1 Linemen for the first 4 years. THIS DEFINITELY WOULD"VE KILLED MATT RYAN. It would've made MAtty, David Carr 2.0

5. THE WR's and TE's. Who did we have in 08?

6. Physical Gifts. Joe Flacco got picked at the End of the 1st and He's more Physically Gifted. (The Real Question U FOOLS Should be asking why didn't we trade both our 2nd to move back in the 1st and Get the 2nd Rated QB. Long and Flacco Outweighs any Argument. And Our 2nd rd Picks Sucked that Year)

7. Jake Long Actually Got 3 Other Players drafted From the Same Team he Played With In College. (Henne, Manningham, and Hart) Who came out of BC with Matty ICE? No One, Ryan Doesn't make anyone better. Not Even Now.

8. Long is Only Really in Disscussion with J.Thomas for Best LT in the Game and So Far He Owns Him for his Career. Matt Ryan isn't even the 2nd Best QB in His Division. Forget the League

9. Long Frees Up the PlayCalling. No Need Ever to give Him Help. Plus he Neutralizes a Impact Player(Pass Rush DE/OLB). Ask the Bears how Much they would Pay for Someone that would free up the Blocking Scheme on C.Matthews? More than a Supa Star WR!!

10. Points 1-9 Should be Enough.


But MAtt Ryan isn't/Wasn't the Answer. He's not even the Best Qb in his Draft. Again, the Real Question would be. Would we be better if We had Long and Flacco? Not Matt Ryan and Whoever else we would've picked.

Yes, We would be Better With Long and Flacco. Not with Matt Ryan.

P.S.- Jake Was #1 Overall. Not #2. All Real Fin Fans Know this.

Also Drafting Flacco and Not Ryan. Would've Let the Fins still sign Penny when he got Released.

And Picture that? Flacco with Penny as his Mentor his 1st 2years in the League? Talk About Elite!

Flacco's Arm with Penny's Advice? WHAT!!!

Who keeps trolling my name

The Raiders, who will travel 28,692 air miles this season,


About 12 miles shy of the total offense the Raiders will rack up against the Dolphins defense.

Long sucks

Looking at the 2008 draft class: it was a horrible draft year. There are barely any players in the top 15 worthy of the choice. Chris Long at #2? Maybe. McFadden at #4? Not yet, book's still out. Jerod Meyo at #10? Maybe. Ryan Claty at #12? Maybe. Jonathon Steward at #13? Maybe. The rest of the top 15? garbage. It seems by default Miami's best choice was either Long or Ryan. Long being the guaranteed elite talent. Ryan being a risky choice. Bill Parcells picked the safe route.

I have it on good authority that Ireland was shopping Long around. Apparently, Ireland thinks Long has lost a step or two.

Just how many games have Jake Long won us in his career? Who is Aaron Rodgers LT? Olineman are overratted

Raiders barely missed the playoffs last year.

Miami was knocked out of the playoffs in the first 3 games of the season.


Looking back at the 08 Draft. JAKE LONG WAS THE RIGHT PICK. Specially looking back at the Team and Lack of Overall Talent(WR, TE's, O-Line).

Now Again Flacco was Picked at #18. Merling #32 and Henne #57. Ur telling me we couldn't trade 2 Top 60 picks for a #18? ONly 14 Spots? Or Lets say we Move 15-17 Spots. Throw in the 3rd(Langford#66) if they wanted. Or a Future 2nd. 3-2's to move up 14 Spots? More Than Enough.

I have it on good authority that Ryan want last the entire game.

When Long walk next year....and Ryan signs his 100 Million dollar contract extension....

We can officially end this debate....

If Dashi is Not Mistaken.

Aaron Rodgers was A Rag Doll, Until they drafted him a Tackle (Bulaga). Also He had Chad Clifton till this Year.

What Happened To Peyton Once Tarik Glenn Retired? Neck

What Happened To Marino Once R. Webb Retired? NEck(Who use to Keep Bruce Smith in Check?)

What is Happening to Mr. Brady Now that MATT LIGHT IS ON ESPN? Wait and See. But He's doesn't look as cool in the Pocket with his Blind Side Not Protected. Tap-Dancing Tom.

Ask Joe Theisman if a LT wouldn't have Saved his Career? Easy Answer for Joe.

Jake Long was the right pick in 2008 after a 1-15 season?

So why did Indy draft Luck instead of Kalil?

I am surrounded by I-D-I-O-T-S


"Someone" was here for three days straight complaining, whinning and crying about how dumb Ireland and Philbhin were for trading away Marshall for 2-3rds.

After watching Marshall take the lead in drops/dropped TD passes last night, I commented on it. Had a GREAT BIG LAUGH and called a certain "Someone" out on it.

So today I go to check on any responses to my Big Laugh. I go to see if that certain "Someone" had any comment. I went to see if he apologized to the blog for having spammed up the place over Marshall and how everything Miami Sucks.

Lo and Behold everyone, that post was deleted. No swearing, no gay innuendo, no name calling or nothing.....and it gets deleted.

Hmmmmmmmm..........I wonder what the criteria was for deleting that post. I mean, it was legit. Marshall came out week one and against one the worst D's in the league had a good game. I guess a certain "SOMEONE" didn't take that inot account. "Someone" was so short sighted, they didn't realize how desperate Indy was on D and at DB particularly. They were so desperate they gave a 2nd and a 7th for one of our 2nd stringers.

Which, BTW-The certain "SOMEONE" was whinning and crying about the Davis move too. Another short sighted view on "SOMEONE's" part, because Marshall, If I remember correctly, burnt Davis quite a few times, one for a TD.

So, anywhoo......why would a certain "Someone" delete a post of mine about pure football? How does a certain "SOMEONE" have the ability to delete posts? Can he be deleting posts without Armando knowing about it? Does this PROVE that Armando not only CONDONES a certain "SOMEONES" trolling, name calling and down right despicable behavior?

Rhetorical questions of course, because there can only be ONE obvious answer. So the REAL question becomes WHY? Why would/does Armando allow this guy to continue polluting the blog with his sick and despicable behavior? One can only wonder. I would post my own THEORY on the matter, but everytime I do, IT also gets deleted. Another Hmmmmmmmmm..........ROTFLMAO!

Anywhoo........before I get accused of trolling myself, back to my point. My TOTALLY FOOTBALL related point BTW. Unlike a certain "SOMEONE" who manages to whine and cry like a little girl about EVERYTHING MIAMI. I happen to LOVE the Marshall and Davis trades. It hurts us initially, a tiny bit, but as evidenced by a certain "SOMEONES" short sighted and premature rant, in the LONG RUN we'll be much better off.

While Marshall had one decent game against one of the leagues worst defenses, whom BTW torched Davis repeatedly, I'm glad the cancer and the baby underacheiver are GONE!

Not that they're just gone, but now we have 2-Two's, 2-Three's and 2-7th's. All because we traded away two cancers that a certain "SOMEONE" spoke to soon about and as usual, totally embarrassed himself over.

Slow down "Certain SOMEONE" and like we've ALL told you over and over again: Try and think BEFORE you post(just trying to be helpful ;)

PS: Of all posts you deleted that one? Really? REALLY? What was it.......just a little "TOO EMBARRASSING" for him wittle sensibilities?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Just for the Record and before you relentlessly attack for another no good reason, this post was all about Marshall, Davis and how much better off we'll be in the long run. In short: Totally Football Related.

You're part in it and how it exposes your short-sighted ridiculousness was just collateral damage! In short: You do it to yourself-LOL ;)

Jake Long was the right pick in 2008 after a 1-15 season?

So why did Indy draft Luck instead of Kalil?

I am surrounded by I-D-I-O-T-S

Posted by: . | September 14, 2012 at 05:14 PM


uh long was way ahead of kahli and luck was wayyyyyyyyyy ahead of ryan coming out

Maybe Bill....

But the CONCEPT is the same....

1st get the FRANCHISE....then build around him....

Not the bass-ackwards way we have tried to go about things.....

*sigh* Ryan isn't going to take you over the top like Andrew Luck will. Ryan will make enough plays to manage the game and win games.

Only an idiot would select kalil over Luck. Rams needed a QB too and they settled for Chris Long at #2, why didn't they pick Matt Ryan?

WWMRD should be the saying of this blog. What Would Matt Ryan Do?

sad seeing marino go broke

Actually...Miami D 20...

Marc Bulger was thought to be the NEXT big thing.......in 2008....

nobody knew ryan was a franchise guy. everyone knew long was a sure thing. i agree on ryan should of been picked but thats so easy for us to say now

You can keep an OL for 10 years, within those 10 years of Jake Long's career we should have found a QB worthy of his protection. We haven't, it's a wasted pick in the end only because we haven't found the QB. Ryan would have been a wasted pick as well because he wouldn't have been able to accomplish here what he's done in the ATL. The difference is in the GMs and how they built the team. Atlanta built a winner, Miami is still searching.

If I remember correctly, Jeff Ireland said Long would shore up our DEFENSE very nicely. "Staple of the defense" for a long time to come.

Miami D....

OUR RECORD says its a bad pick.....hind-sight is 20-20.....but history puts everything in perspective.....

We have enough time and data to say conclusively say that it was the wrong pick....

Question If Long Walks Or Stays?

Lets Just Say Jake signs a $100 Mil Contract AnyWhere, It will be Bigger than MAtt's $70 mil Contract. Will we End the Debate then.

Even If U Make it about Money. Jake Long Will be The Highest Paid Linemen in the Game, Come Next Season. Isn't he already the 2nd Highest Paid? Matt Won't even get Top 5 QB Money?

Will U still say Matt is Better? Draft Position, x-ProBowls, x-All-Pro, and Mo' Money. Jake Owns Matty Ice Too.

Individually Jake is the Best at His Position. Matty isn't even a Top 10 Qb.

Simple Question.

Since Jake Long How Many Linemen Have Been Drafted that Are Better than Him? NONE!

Now Since Matty Garbage has been in the League How Many QB's have Been Drafted that Are Better than Him? Dashi can put that Number at 2 per Year. And the Last 2 Years, 3 QB's a Year have the Potential or Are Better than Matt Ryan out the Draft.

Andrew Luck is the Last Sure Thing Since Peyton at Qb and Is Said to be even better than Elway. Matt Ryan Is? Garbage.

Jake Long is The SAFEST #1 PICK SINCE MANNING. No Other Linemen can Compare Drafted #1 overall since the Mid-90's. Pace. And Long Might Be Better than Pace.

Would have to go back to Ron Yary to Find a #1 O-Line who can Compare. And that was 1968.

Long was way ahead of Kalil? What measurement are you using Bill Connors?

Seems like you just pulled that out of your arse.

Dashi ask.....

Since Jake Long How Many Linemen Have Been Drafted that Are Better than Him?

Kris says...


I know OL that aren't better than him that are blocking for..and WINNING SB trophies.....

JAKE LONG proves you don't need the BEST OL on the planet to win SBs....

BTW.... You don't need the 2nd best best either (Browns)....

Kris you're right but at the time Bulgar was as risky of a choice as Ryan -- at the time. Ryan panned out, Bulgar didn't. In hindsight, if Ryan turned out to be Bulgar and vice-versa than we wouldn't be saying this cause Long was a sure-fire elite talent. He fit Sparano/Parcell's run-first, bruiser mentally.

whats your point kris, we know qbs that have won super bowls not better than ryan also.

ryan was the right pick but not like we made some huge mistake, we drafted a hall of famer

and again kris u dont need the best qb on the planet to win sbs.

Kris@4:24, I agree, Long was a force to be reckconed with his first 2 years. Last 2 not so much. I would quite call him injury prone but I say move him now while he's still realitively healthy.

Playing it safe is why this team is not that good anymore.

Playing it fast and loose with garbage like Tanne is why this team is not good anymore.

Keeping Ireland on staff is a losers bet.

Meant 'wouldn't quite call him injury prone......'


Which QB since 2008 has won a SB that is worse than M. Ryan???


I was googling best LT in the NFL....surprisingly enough......Jake Long IS NOT the consensus #1.....

ALso Bill....

You don't make the HOF playing out your career on a sub-500 team.....

unless your name is Barry Sanders....

really kris? come on dude lose the bias man,lol hall of famers from bad teams all the time. and who says long will finish his career here

go finsssssssssssss. keep improving but keep losing need that first pick. and fire irelanddddddddd

Ok. Kris

To Make this Discussion Easier. Who has lived Up to the Hype?

Jake Long is Still on Course for the Hall Of Fame. Matty might not even be Top-10 in His Time.

Now Dashi Said QB is the Most Important Position. But When That QB is Not a Sure-Fire Thing and U have the #1 Overall Pick With No Line Or WR's. Do U still Pick the QB?

What is the 1 thing Everyone Here(MySelf Incl'd) Have BEEN SAYING THIS YEAR. T-Hill needs to Sit So we don't Ruin him because of the Lack of Line and WR's. Now Go back to 08 and Look at the Fins Roster and Tell me How Matt Ryan Will do for the next 3 years?

The Key Development Time of a QB!!

Plus Add in No QB Guru on the Roster. Member, Matt Ryan had a QB Guru his first 4 years. Murlarkey, and Still he's not Top 10.

What did the Last Coaching Staff teach Long? Nothing.


So how Would've that Worked out.

How Does it Work Again? NEW HC, NEW QB? Sounds about Right.

How is that bias...please explain....

Still don't trust the RS Of the OL, and we still don't have WR. I hope we can beat the raiders, we will see if Tannehill improves this Sunday.


Never mention Chad Henne again....

Long has been giving up sacks and pressure's ever since all those injuries Right now we don't know if he will play another five years, the question is, is he better than Richmond Webb? I don't think so.


Since 2000 Name 1 QB that won the SuperBowl that Is Worst than Matt Ryan?

All the QB's that have won the SB the LAst 4 years are All Better than Ryan. The Point is Is Ryan better than any of them.

Kris So JT won't Make The HOF?

OR How About Willie Roaf? Did He Win A SB? He just got inducted in the HOF! With Curtis MArtin. Member Them.

Roaf was a LT for a Bunch of Garbage Saints Team


JT gets in....but JY played on a lot of 9-7 teams.....

Jake long plays on 7-9 teams....

and for the record.....

I woudn't care if JT wasn't a 1st ballot....or Zach Thomas for that matter....

I am tired of cheering for mediocre teams...

JT and ZT combined for ZERO 4th quarter stop when the game when on the line....

Sorry Dashi.....

I still want it to be the HOF...not the Hall of Very Good....

Richmond as good as he was still hasn't been voted in the HOF. Webb was one of the best LT in the 90' he differently deserve to be in.

Kris is right, you others are absolutely, 100% OUT-OF-YOUR-LEAGUE.

Once and for all, you develop a team around your FRANCHISE QB (no more, no less). You don't develop a team around your LT. And #1 example is...THE MIAMI DOLPHINS! As I've had to school y'all a million times, by the time this team is good, Jake Long will be LONG forgotten. So, you wasted a talent and 5 years by using the old 80's, Bill Parcells playbook. You need a good line, period. GOOD. Not great, not HOF, good. Keep the QB upright long enough to make a play. But if the QB has sh*t-for-brains (like the long list of QBs since Marino) then what the h*ll is it worth keeping him upright.

Parcells drafted Long for one reason, and one reason only, he wanted a team that played the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" strategy. Then we lost to the New England, and the Colts, and the Saints. And that whole strategy got scrapped. And now we have this thing (like tonsils, like an appendix), that we really don't need, but still have. This #1 LT. Great. Too bad we don't have the rest of the team that would make something like that USEFUL!

Keep propping up the great Jake Long. I understand, as Dolphins fans, we have no other elite player to prop up, but really, in public, your embarrassing yourselves. Giants fans laugh at you. Green Bay fans laugh at you. Even New England fans are hysterical.

I love Jake Long, elite level player. I take a franchise QB and a couple of elite WRs/TEs for him ANYDAY!!!

Bill said it nicely. We didn't really screw up by not choosing Matt Ryan. He's an average QB, and he is a below average top 5 draft pick QB (as is Bradford and Smith). Put Bradford on this Falcons team and we will see the same results Matt Ryan has produced. I can agree that you build from a QB back but we'd just be in the same boat. He will get a 100 million dollar contract cause he's the Falcons franchise QB. Why **risk** starting over?


U know Dashi doesn't like to Talk about that Guy. Just had to prove a point.

Wrong Example, But It wouldn't matter who we Drafted or Had at QB from 08-11. Sporano & Henning Would've ruined them.

Again the Question is Not Long or M.Ryan?

It's should the fins traded away the 2-2nd rd picks for Flacco.

Long & Flacco! The 08 Draft would've definitely been a Success. But What did Sporano and Parcells Say? Henne is not that much worst than the Top 2 Qb's. Plus, Flacco didn't meet Parcells Standard for Qb's. But Pat White Did?

Ryan and Who? with those 2-2nd rd picks? See What Dashi is Saying.

Merling and Henne for Flacco, Instead of Long for Ryan.

The only chance the Dolphins have of defeating Oakland this weekend is if the whole team forgets to set their alarm and sleeps through the entire game. Even if the Raiders made it to the stadium with a few minutes left in the game, they'd beat that bunch of back-ups you consider a football team. Miami is so bad, HBO thought about pulling the plug on Hard Knocks even though the Dolphins were the only team that would consent to the show. What a joke.

DC Dolfan @ 6:09, you hit the nail on the head.

Raiders are very familiar with the stadium. We have boys from the South. Nice, hot & humid. No worries. 5 sacks. Raiders 24-9

I will be watching the game with a bowl of fresh acorns by my side.

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