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Several Dolphins among HOF nominees

The Pro Football Hall of Fame today announced a list of 127 nominees from which the class of 2013 will be selected and several of those nominees have Dolphins ties.

Former Dolphins wide receiver Mark Clayton is among the list, joining 11 other wide receivers on the list.

Former Dolphins cornerback Troy Vincent, who started his career in Miami before playing most of his years for the Philadelphia Eagles and other teams, is on the list.

Former Dolphins and Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson is on the coaches list, joining former Dolphins defensive coordinator Bill Arnsparger, the architect of the no-name defense, and kicking coach Doug Blevins.

Bill Parcells, who was the Dolphins football czar from 2008-2010 and helped build the team that won the AFC East title in 2008, is on the coaches list as well -- obviously for the work he did with the New York Giants, New York Jets, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys.

The complete list of candidates for the Class of 2013 consists of 127 nominees. From that list the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee will choose 25 candidates who will advance as semifinalist nominees. The list of 25 semifinalist nominees will be announced in late November. That semifinalist list will be further reduced by a mail ballot to 15 modern-era finalists and announced in early January.

The Class of 2013 will be selected from the list of the 15 modern-era finalists plus the two senior nominees (former Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Oilers nose tackle Curley Culp and former Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins linebacker Dave Robinson) who were selected last month by the Hall of Fame’s Senior Selection Committee.

The actual voting for the Class of 2013 will be conducted at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee’s annual meeting, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 the day before Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La. The election results will be announced at a live announcement show immediately following the meeting.

While there is no set number for any class of enshrinees, the selection process by-laws provide that between four and seven new members will be selected.

Clayton, by the way, seems to be the most deserving of the Miami players. He made five Pro Bowls, he had an 18-TD season in 1984, he holds the team record with 82 career touchdowns, he holds the team record with 550 career receptions, he had 92 consecutive games with at least one catch, and he finished with 8,643 receiving yards with the Dolphins.

Despite those big numbers, the group of receivers is probably one that offers the stiffest competition. The list includes Tim Brown, Cris Carter, and Andre Reed.


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Start Matt Moore.

Tannehill is great!

Mando we were doing well on the Richard Marshall blog why did you change it?
Who cares about the HOF?

Good call Armando....

change the conversation.....

we were headed down Long V. Ryan again....

Nice debate...but not every week.....

I drive a Cadillac DeVille but Coalition kept using my handle without permission so I came over here to Lincoln Country.

My friend kris is here now.
Hello Kris.
Have you seen my other 3 best friends Dashi, Aloco and oscar canosa?
If they are playing bathtub periscopes with each other now please keep that to yourself.
Thank you.

Bill Parcells should go in as a Miami Dolphins for single handley destroying the franchcise.

YES to Clayton....make that a HELL YES....

HELL NO to Parcells....

Yes to JJ

Vincent shouldn't have left....so i'm on the fence....

there is no long v ryan debate. none.

one is the top rated QB in the league on an undefeated team.

one is a mediocre offensive linemen. offensive linement are fungible.

the best qb in the entire league is not.

love is right. Pacells focked up choosing Long plain and simple. Set us back a decade

Bill Arnsparger should be in hof already as archetect of the famous "No-name Defense" alone. During the undefeated untied championship season the Dolphins finished ranked #1 overall on both sides of the ball.

Dont forget that the vauanted "steel curtain" Steeler defense was around during that time too. Arnsparger pulled the trick with a little less star power palyers. I hope hofer voters reconize this in put Arnssparger in. He deserves and earned it.

Dude Clayton retired what 17 years ago?
If he hasn't been elected so far he's not being elected.
Chris Carter can't get elected how is Clayton supposed to?

YG, you know thoughs ko c k suckers arent going to put Arnsparger in first ballot. Look how long its been since Koochieburger got in..

Yep, Parcells should have picked Ryan. No debate there. Why are people still talking about it?

Y isn't JJ in already....

If they are making JJ wait.....then Parcells sure as HECK shouldn't be getting in...

Parcells didn't 'set us back a decade'.
We were already back a decade.
He just kept us here because he could not admit that NoodleArm signing was a mistake.

I think the thing that will hurt Clayton most is no cahmpionship rings. Of that famous passing trio(Marino-Duper-Clayton) Marino will always be the lone hofer representative.

Had we won a sb or two, both Clayton and Duper, would already be joined with Marino in the hof.

Kuechenberg still isnt in the hof. I guess hof voters feel enough Dolphin players from that era are already in. Kooch deserves to be there, but the numbers(dolphin players of the era already in) cuts him out.

What a shame for Kooch. He earned it.

Parcells proved he could build a .500 team wherever he went in the age of parity.

I have a Duper jersey. Made it myself on NFL.com.

I also have 2 Clayton jersies that I acquired via e-bay. That's what I wear to games.

The team collapsed after Parcells left.

I do agree that Matt Ryan would have been a better pick than Ryan. In fact had that happened all of us would have a happier life except for Matt Ryan.

If Irescum had drafted Ryan instead of Long we'd be in the playoffs every year.


Ravens 35
Browns 0

Yes. It will be a shutout.

Ryan Tannehill is DEAD LAST in the QB rankings. Thanks Ireland.

If we can draft Matt Barkley we have to do it!

Dashi is unimpressed with Tannehill.

And take a WR in the 2nd rd.

Our team is simply awful.

Re: Barkley: how big is he?

Ryan Tannehill's qbr may be dead last, however, the rating doesnt always tell the hole stry. Yes it does indicate how a qb is performing, but, it doesnt indicate if a qb is improving ntil the qb actually starts completing the ball inothe endzoen.

Tannehill has had at least 2 dropped passes in the endzone and 1 none pass interference call. Had those 3 ear td's became t's, Ryan would have 4tds passing for the season and a passer rating at least i the high 70's to mid 80's. QBR doesnt account for these things either. TdD passes are what really raises a qbr. Picks are wat really decreases it.

It also doesnt account for tipped pass ints either. Probably Tannehill's only bad decision int was the pick 6 against te Jets, where he shoud have just thrownthe ball away. The other picks werent bad decision picks Thats still a good thing. Qbr doesnt tell you that, sometimes its due to just plain bad luck or a glich that needs to be ironed out.


Thus far, Matt Barkley's problems have been diagnosed as being due to plain and simple "bad decision making".

Be careful what you ask for. Tannehill has had only one "bad decision making" pass. That came Sunday against the Jets with the pick 6 he should have just thrown the ball away.

It would be different if all of Tannehill's ills have been due to "bad decision making". But that hasnt been the case. Only 1 in 3 games thus far as a rookie qb isnt to bad.

YG is correct. QBR is a completely useless garbage stat.

I'm amazed at all the talking heads when Parcells name is mentioned. It's like a youtube highlight segment....all the good stuff and none of the bad.

This guy quit on every team he's been with. Good coach but he always wanted to have more control especially drafts. The GMs & owners knew better hence the buying the groceries speech.

Then Miami hired him and his wildest dreams came true. Hail to the football tzar!!! What a POS

The racist Warren Sapp is a world class moron who should be in prison.

Also, concerning Tannehill's accuracy, some of the missed passes on the deeper sideline routes can also be due to the recievers.

Tannehill does his job as far as putting the ball where only the reciever has a chance to get it. But his recievers arent doing him any favors, because as a reciever running the route, you have to set it up where you give your qb room to put the ball inbounds on the outside route. The recievers arent giving enough room to do that.

So the incomplete will look like inaccuracy on the qb's part because more often than not, the ball ends up incomplete out of bounds. The wr's need to do a better job giving the qb room to put that ball inbounds without runnin great chance of a pick.

Warren Sapp:

1. racist
2. retarded
3. bankruptcy
4. divorce
5. no involvement in his kids' lives
6. obese--can't even bench his own weight even though his one alleged claim to fame is athletics
7. should not be given a national platform to speak on TV
8. doesn't know the difference between the words "relevance" and "reverance"

*** Charles Barkley: exactly the same--basketball version of Warren Sapp.

QBR can be misleading. If a qb throws for 50 tds and and 32 picks, he'll still have a good qbr.

Still 2 picks a game(32 for the season) is an absolute horrible thing.

I can't stand Parcells but our opinion of him based on his Dolphins tenure means absolutely nothing in this process and won't even be a consideration.

The truth is, he'll be elected to the HOF easily because of his body of work earlier. Much as we may loathe him, nothing changes that.

As for Clayton, he has better numbers than some guys IN the HOF but I'd only give him a very remote shot.

Bob Kuechenberg is a guy that should be in there. Maybe someday the veterans committee will rectify that.

Jake Scott was also better than 75% of the safeties in the HOF but his career was likely too short.

All Knowing,

Many of the ex-jock tv announcers barely graduated college, have taken to many hits to the toboggen, and didnt even take up journalism even as a minor in college. So what do really expect?

They're only credibility I that they once played the game. Some even never did that very well. You take what some of them say with a grain of salt and move on.

By dwelling on it, youre not doing yourself any favors.

dr roberts,

Valid points. Yes, Jake Scott's career may not have been long enough and Kooch does deserve it too. Dolphins from the early 70's championship era are caught up in the numbers game by the teamates already in.

Problem with those 70's championship dolphins is many werent household star power names. Complicated by the one who were semi household names already getting in, compounded by the northeast media bias. Especially everytime a 72 Dolphins champagne cork is popped everytime another undefeated team goes down.

The 70's Dolphins sb teams have always been labeled as an "over cocky" bunch dating all the way to when they won thier 1st sb championship.

The early 70's championship Dolphins werent labeled as "over cocky"because of what they said in the media. hey were labeled "over cocky" because of what they said to thier opponents on the playing field. Making it worse, they backed t up. LOL

The early 70's sb Dolphins were just confident in thier abilities, and went out and let thier opponents know it both verbally and physically on the playing field.

Still reminding the biased nrotheast media everytime a champagne bottle is uncorked. That's why no more early 70's Dolphins are not getting into the hop. LOL


If nothing else, I pretty much know my early 70's sb championship Dolphins history. LOL

Also, everytime a champagne cork is popped, its like another whip lashing across the backs of the biased northeast media. LOL

The northeast media ever cared much for Don Shula either. Just just knew it would have been gand theft quadruple billion had they not let him in.

The game itself wouldnt have any legitimacy had Shula not been a 1st ballot hofer.

YG, u know better than to believe Dashi thinks Barkley is good.

Barkley = josh heupel

Plain and simple.

HOF, really?

Until JT and Zach are eligible the HOF is nonexistent to fin fans!

Now sorry Dashi hasn't been posting as feverishly today. Hey, Mando got more post than Dashi today. Someone is on his job!

But when it's not the same cut n paste argument. It's a dolphin hate rant.

Hey we play the cardinals on Sunday. Member that wide out u fans wanted Miami to get instead of thill ?

Well he only has 1 catch all season!

How is blackmon doing?

Again, a Wr is the worst position to draft in the 1st round. And u guys still want 1 next draft. Look at the last 4 drafts and tell me how many 1st round Wr's are bust and how many are stars?

Bet u more bust than stars in that 1st round!

Also Vernon Carey was a good LT? No wonder u don't appreciate Jake and his skill. Has sateele gone to a pro bowl?


First all, just felt Satelee and Carey wasnt the worst of the oline problems in 2007(1-15). Party of it, but not the worst of it. Parcells, plain and simple was drafting "safe" making Long the 1st overall pick. Merling was a bust as the 1st of our 2 2nd rd picks also.

Drafting a wr 1st rd depends on several things.

1. What will be available 2nd rd and our draft positions.

2. If a great corner and a great pass rush de is available 1st rd too.

3. Of all of these things, go bpa amongst these 3 positions.

After bpa 1st rd, use the two 2nd rd picks on the other two positions.

I say pass rush de early, because 3 games in, Vernon has been completely quiet as a pass rush force thus far. If this continues, pass rush de is a legitmate high 2013 draft concern.

We have to be able to get off of the field on 3rd downs with greater frequency. Corner needs to be highly addressed too. Sean Smith simply can not be your team's best corner and Carroll your 3rd corner.

DR.Roberts....No doubt we FIN FANS have a negative slant on Parcells....

and like you....I thought Parcells was a shoe in last year....but the football gods said NO DICE....

If we got lucky once....Its possible we can get a 2nd NO VOTE....


Tannehill didn't have the chance to work with Hartline during the preseason thus their timing with each other is obviously going to be off. Would have been nice if they could have gotten their timing down with each other. At least he had/has bess to work with. People are talking up Arizona's defense all of a sudden but except for Patrick Peterson I don't really see such a dominant defense. We'll see this Sunday

Ah Matt Barkley showed is true colors. Who cares about him!

Keep knocking Tannehill on a QB rating!! Watch the games idiots!

The guy is improving.

We avg WR's plain and simple. Philbin needs to go more no huddle and have these WR and TE challenge these DB's!!

And who cares about the HOF during a football season!!

Hey Armando, how about gives us practise updates. Real information!!!

The same excuses are being made for Tannehill that were made for Henne. TOO FUNNY!


Pass rusher is nice and unless we have a top 5 pick. Dashi won't go DE next year.

My point is look back at the last couple drafts. How many 1st rd Wr's are good how many are bust! Just to risky a position to draft a Wr in the 1st.

Now u want to stop somebody on 3rd down! Get u a new heart for the defense! A Blue Chip MLB. The most important position in a 4-3! Just 1 Good MLB can cover a bunch of flaws in a 4-3. Name 1 OLB that played with Zach! Or a Real good safety? Brock only played a couple seasons in miami.

A MLB controls the area from 5-15yds from the Line. The middle of the field!

Again the only way Dashi goes DE, CB, or WR Next year is with a Top 5 pick. Else waste that 1st rounder on a safety or a LB!


That means MLB and FS.

Put it this way will we need a pass rusher or a CB? If our MLB and FS are R.Lewis and E.Reed. Doubt it!

Who are the ravens CB? What about pass rush? Suggs is out, the ravens don't even have 1 pass rusher!

BUT RAY LEWIS AND ED REED OWN 3RD DOWN!!!! And they are old now.


Great points!


YG on ur assessment of the line back in 08?

Yes, Carey was serviceable as a RT and Sateele would've done at center for a couple seasons. Sateele was a parcells decision. He though he was to small for a center. Just like Zach is to small for a MLB!

But Long, Carey, Steele and Incognito would've fixed most of the o-line that 1st season. Instead, we overpaid for a injury prone linemen, and drafted 2 projects at the bottom of that draft. Then overpaid for a center the next season.

Thanks oline Guru and his daddy!

4 years as a HC and still couldn't fix the oline ! Plus he almost ruined a #1 overall.

go finsssssssssssssss

Hey what happened to kellen winslow? Wasn't he another find by bill and the patriots.

How many FA bust did NE sign this year? What happened to the great Wr's and te's they signed for nothing.


Even had Grove/Smiley both worked out. Both had 7-8yrs in the league at the time. So we would be talking about a new center lg right now amongst other things. We're talking two olinemen that would have 11-12yrs in the league, plus we wouldnt have aquired Incognito, nor Pouncey last year either.

The oline seems to be finally coming together, but not much thanks too the Smiley/Grove decision. That would become part of the oline probably in contempt of the present solution.

dashi they signed them basically for depth nothing else and for peanuts. thats the big difference


when the FINS win 3 SB's in 4 years....the Coach Philbin and Ireland will get the same pass....

Until then....i suggest we get the PLANK out of our own eye...and NOT worry about the speck in our neighbor's....


Its reported Hernandez maybe coming back sooner than expected. So its a "mutual decision" Winslow and Bellichick have parted ways.

Im not sure how much of a solution Winslow would be for us temporary nor longterm. Tough to determine what a player has when often injured. Could become injured again 1st game he played for us.

Plus if we aquired Winslow, it would mean exposing Egnew to waiver wire. IMO, we invested to high a pick in him to risk losing him for nothing. Even though he still needs developing.

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