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Several Dolphins among HOF nominees

The Pro Football Hall of Fame today announced a list of 127 nominees from which the class of 2013 will be selected and several of those nominees have Dolphins ties.

Former Dolphins wide receiver Mark Clayton is among the list, joining 11 other wide receivers on the list.

Former Dolphins cornerback Troy Vincent, who started his career in Miami before playing most of his years for the Philadelphia Eagles and other teams, is on the list.

Former Dolphins and Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson is on the coaches list, joining former Dolphins defensive coordinator Bill Arnsparger, the architect of the no-name defense, and kicking coach Doug Blevins.

Bill Parcells, who was the Dolphins football czar from 2008-2010 and helped build the team that won the AFC East title in 2008, is on the coaches list as well -- obviously for the work he did with the New York Giants, New York Jets, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys.

The complete list of candidates for the Class of 2013 consists of 127 nominees. From that list the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee will choose 25 candidates who will advance as semifinalist nominees. The list of 25 semifinalist nominees will be announced in late November. That semifinalist list will be further reduced by a mail ballot to 15 modern-era finalists and announced in early January.

The Class of 2013 will be selected from the list of the 15 modern-era finalists plus the two senior nominees (former Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Oilers nose tackle Curley Culp and former Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins linebacker Dave Robinson) who were selected last month by the Hall of Fame’s Senior Selection Committee.

The actual voting for the Class of 2013 will be conducted at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee’s annual meeting, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 the day before Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La. The election results will be announced at a live announcement show immediately following the meeting.

While there is no set number for any class of enshrinees, the selection process by-laws provide that between four and seven new members will be selected.

Clayton, by the way, seems to be the most deserving of the Miami players. He made five Pro Bowls, he had an 18-TD season in 1984, he holds the team record with 82 career touchdowns, he holds the team record with 550 career receptions, he had 92 consecutive games with at least one catch, and he finished with 8,643 receiving yards with the Dolphins.

Despite those big numbers, the group of receivers is probably one that offers the stiffest competition. The list includes Tim Brown, Cris Carter, and Andre Reed.


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Henne can't even beat out Blaine Gabbert. Enough already!

Is anyone else buying this drivel from Dashi?

C'mon man, we can tell you're goggling stuff and then posting. Are you a Herald empoloyee?

Dolphins secondary is ranked # 29 by yards allowed. And now Marshall is hurt, plus he sucks. Ireland must be FIRED!!

Dashi has a Henne jersey.

Dashi thought he was our franchise QB.

Dashi full of $hit

More disinformation. Karlos Dansby played quite a bit of MLB in a 4-3 In Arizona. In fact, before Wisenhunt arrived, he played almost exclusively as a MLB in the 4-3.


Posted by: Clueless | September 27, 2012 at 09:46 AM

Armando, it's bad enough we have to put up with your Gum Sucking, Toothless wonder FeeAgg Bu=oy posting bullshyt all day.

But come on Mando, school the little be-atch about football. Teach him SOMETHING. Did you see his retardation above?

Sam Darling played MLB for the Cards when Dansby arrived. Dansby played on the Left at first and then was moved over to right.

Next time you have the little beatch by the ears working off the Meth Money, talk to him, teach him.

Unless of course you're just using him up and throwing him away, which is understandable.

Nuff said ;)

Dashi leaves and Coalition shows up...LMFAO!!

how many names do you post under odin and what do you get out of this? i say your a 12year old boy with serious issues i dont see a grown man acting a fool like this

anyway i getting worried about our secondary this week thats the only place they can beat us and whos our 3rd corner if marshall misses any time wilson?

We need to enjoy this one. Not many more dolphins will get this honor. Just being nominated is good news. We won't have that joy for decades to come once Ireland is done destroying Miami.

cards should win this one easily with no bush. cards 20-3

Well, at least basketball is starting soon!


Dashi said keep Steele for a couple years never mentioned keeping smiley or groves.

Also we signed incognito in 09 during the season to play rg.

We could've still drafted pouncey. We would just have to move sateele over to OG OR POUNCEY.

Also, if we are making hypothetical. Wouldn't that oline of long, cognito, sateele , and Carey. Have flacco as a qb other than Ryan and a oline with no long?

Just saying.

And bill don't give me that the patriots signed those players for depth! We signed our fa for depth also then! None of those guys we signed were meant to start. Even Marshall he was signed as a Nickel Back. Not as a starter!

The Pat's have no oline and no wr's. Plus no depth at TE! Didn't they bring in 10 TE's during training camp. Oh, while we at it the pats have no pass rush! Didn't they just waste 2 first rounders on a DE and a LB?

I am in a good mood tonight and I will not attack the Media. Howevwer, I will attack the 2 posters here.

Hey Clue-Less Monkey Boy Tard!

Aizona's 2005 roster:

58 Karlos Dansby LLB

James Darling MLB

In 2006 Gerald Hayes played MLB.

Dansby?Still at LLB

In 2007 Hayes ws still at MLB

Dansb was moved to RLB.

In 2008 guess what FeeAggTard?

Hayes - MLB.

Dansby - RLB!

hisenhut as the Head and your ignorance and misinformation knows no bounds-OTFLMAO!


The Cards went to a 3-4 defense(Big surprise, you were wrong about this fact well).

Dansby played LILB along with Hayes at RILB!

So as most of already new, youhadn't taken the Dik outcha Moulong enough to know what you were talking abut.

Of course Dansby played for us from that point on. And just like I said, having never really played MLB u until now.

So FvckTard, not only were you and your fictitious reporter wron, as usual, I was RIGHT.

So will an apology be forthcoming from FeAggTart? Or will he simply change his name again and slink back into the Cesspool of is own ignorance?

I bet we can all answer that one-lol.

Mando, if yu're going to have your "Good Thang" running up the blog hit here, PLEASE teach your Beatch a little something-something about FOOTBALL!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Now-Just STFU you Dumb Beatch-ROTFLMAO!

How will the Dolphins score on the road without a QB or WR's?

Parcells like him or hate him is a lock for the HOF. unfortunately for M.Clayton he's on a short list with some very deserving company of the 3 WR's Mando mentions above it's a DAMN travesty that C.Carter isn't in the HOF and of that group Mando forgets John Taylor the #2 WR in the 49ers hey day who put up huge #'s himself and was the one who makes the game winning last second TD catch in the 89 S.B. Vs. Cincinnati while holder of 4 rings himself. JJ pulled the biggest turnaround in NFL history but his career was to short and is probably headed to the Cowboys ring of Honor ( if Jerry actually puts him in) before making the HOF on Coaching merits alone. Time for Thursday night Football without replacement ref's!

"The same excuses are being made for Tannehill that were made for Henne. TOO FUNNY!"

PoPosted by: Some guy who says the same thing every day but changes sign in names every time.
| September 27, 2012 at 06:16 PM

They also happen to be the same "excuses" that were made for Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and a mile long list of other great QBs at the beginning of their careers. But keep comparing him to only Henne, it shows you know little about what you speak of.

What? There is only 1 poster left here? Things are really bad. We understand. And they will become worse.

Dear Mr. Salguero,

Will you PLEASE make tou "One Tooth FvckTarded Good Thang" apologize to the Me and the Blog.

We already know that mostly Bullshyt and Rainbow Room leftovers are the only things that come out of his mouth.

But now he's making up fictitious crap about Football! He even made up a fictitious reference to a reporter and an article.

No offense Mr. Salguero, but now we know why your little beatch almost never talks football. The poor MethTarded Troll don't know shyt about it!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Other than Dansby's Cup Size, his sign in name fits perfectly: Clueless-ROTFLMFAO!

(PS: I'm so sick of this Dik Licker. I come here to talk football and he's on here involving me in his Gaytarded antics all day long! What a Come Suck this douschebag is!)

Hey cocoa butter,

Get off dashi's jock. Google?

Who is the only one that has been saying our problem start with our LB's?


Please look up in Google where anyone has placed blame on the lb's.

On the Henne thing? Dashi knew henne wasn't a franchise qb. Still wanted him to succeed though! Henne is better than Moore! Henne was just a scapegoat and he didn't have it during pressure situations.

P.S. - The last Dolphin jersey dashi bought was a Ricky jersey a couple years ago when he made his comeback. Maybe after Week 8 Dashi will get a T-Hill jersey. Not a big jersey guy. At least player jersey. Never felt right having someone else's name on my back. That player has to be good. Dashi is more of a throwback guy. If Dashi is going to wear a jersey the guy better have been nice. U know J.Rice, D.Marino, T.Dorssett, B.Sanders, just to name a few of Dashi's Throwbacks.

Doesn't mean Dashi doesn't represent his fins. Dashi has Dolphin Hat's and Shirt in all 3 colors. Aqua, orange, and white. Trying to find the shoe's. Saw them once at a local foot locker. But that's all Dashi needs to complete the set. Oh yeah Dashi even has a couple grey dolphin shirts, almost forgot.

But none of that makes me a fan. What makes me a fan is the unconditional love I have to my Miami dolphins. The 1 sports team Dashi truly loves. I've learned to love the marlins. I've even learned to like the Heat. But my love for the fins is something unexplainable. It was just natural. Love at first sight!

Clayton, carter, reed and brown in that order. I'm baised.

Oh yeah almost forgot. The dolphin colors are Dashi's and Ricky's favorite color.

Enlighten urself!

Come on buddy! U can do better! That comment was corny!

But yes Dashi has been telling u all along DASHI=DASHI!

Just to hard to understand for a Simple Minded Clueless Cumraggg like urself.

Actually, it is biased.

Ireland passed on Torrey Smith and all he does is catch TDs. Thanks Ireland..

Why is Odin mentioning Dansby's cup size? Odins officialy out the closet!

Who decided to put the Cleaveland Browns on Thursday..

Enlighten yourself and uncover the list of top 3 things a QB can ever accomplish in a game:
-Super Bowl MVP
-60 yard through the air bomb TD to win game as time expires on Monday Night Football
-Set an NFL PASSING record for most yards thrown on Monday Night Football

Now you know the top 3 things a QB can ever hope to accomplish in a game.

Hey, the Browns are better then the Fins. They beat us the last 3 years in a row.

Now that you have seen the list of the 3 greatest achievements possible make a list of those that have accomplished at least 2 of those 3 accomplishments.

Here is the complete list of all of those NFL Qbs that have ever accomplished at least 2 of the 3 greatest feats:
Tom Brady
Chad Henne
End of List

The Dolphins are better than the Browns I don't care how many years Browns beat them

Browns are better. We cant beat them.

Ireland passed on Torrey Smith and all he does is catch TDs. Thanks Ireland..

Posted by: Clue | September 27, 2012 at 09:23 PM

Ireland was too enamored with Pat White.

Browns are better? The Browns receivers lead the league in drops. I though we are bad. PHINS are a little better. But I like Richardson! Browns D not bad very young team just like the PHINS. But Browns GM better than FIRELAND !! IMO

Yeah the Browns are better. Dolphins QB is the worst in the league. So are the receivers. And the Browns beat us heads up EVERY YEAR! Some of you homers are delusional.

however doesnt think tannehill is doing the best he can with what hes got is an idiot. im highly impressed. dont ever insult the kid by comparing him to henne. hes 100x better than henne will ever be. i think the kid looks great.

@greg @ 10:05, see what I mean about delusional? LMAO!

Hey Ford Pinto,

If those are ur 3 requirements to measure a QB? Dashi feels Sorry for You.

Yes that was MNF. But Marino and Bledsoe hold Said Record for Most Total Offense In a Game Over 1000 yds. Marino Vs. Bledsoe. Marino (473 5TD's), Bledsoe(421 4TD's). (894 Just Passing W/Sacks Incl'd)

Dashi thinks that game had the Most TD's Thrown By 2 QB's!!! 9 TD's between the 2, Greatest Shootout In NFL history.

Get off henne and Brady's jock!!

Also since U want Dashi to hit U with Proof. Unlike ur Ignorant Post. NE VS. Miami September 4th 1994. Look it Up.

Dashi Remembers because Marino is the Most Prolific Passer in NFL History. U know the Guy who owned almost all the Passing Records at the Same Time. If u Want to start answering Questions About QB's


Take Away Brady's SuperBowls, any QB, Individually they don't stack up against Marino!!

80 Yd TD Passes in the Air!!! Hitting his WR's in Stride!!!

The Prettiest Spiral Ever!!!

Oh Yeah PS- Eli Throws 60yd Bombs and is a SuperBowl MVP Also. Alot of QB's Fit that Bill Buddy. Peyton, Kurt Warner, Joe Motana, ETC. ETC.

Now how Many Times has Brady or Henne Thrown for More than 5TD's in a Game? Marino has a 6 TD Game! And Probably the Most 5Td Games in NFL HISTORY.

U know the Guy Who has the Record for having the Most Passing Records!! He owned All QB INDIVIDUAL AND CAREER STAT!!!! YDS, TD's, ATT, COMP.

All except the INT RECORD!


Marino was the biggest choke artist in sports history. Always dissapeared when his team needed him the most. 1-10 in road playoff games says it all.

Parcells deserves the nod. The guy won period, end of story. Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys, and Dolphins all improved with him at the helm. He might have been great for this franchise if Ross hadn't have meddled. New owners are a pain in the ass.
Case in point was Ross insisting on picking Pat White. He made that pick. Parcells saw the writing on the wall with this clown and made his exit. Now we are stuck with Tannehill, another Ross pick.

Sell the team Ross!!!!! Go build a temple in Boca!!!!

Continue to be knowledgeable.
A 60 yard bomb in the NFL is a fine feat but it is not one of the greatest feats.

One of the Greatest Feats: A 60 yard TD bomb as time expires to win the game on MNF.

I would vote for Bill Parcells because he looks good in a knit shirt and sans-a-belt pants. Plus his teeth are straight.

Also increase your awareness and know that while you were stumbling over the 3 greatest single game feats in NFL QB history I was gaining knowledge of the va-j-j.

Brandon Weeden > Ryan Tannehill

As you continue to gain knowledge understand that I am talking about in person first hand knowledge.

You can look at Henne in the eyes and tell he ain't right.

Maybe he ain't right.
But I sood holding Penne's clipboard for 20 games and then when it was his turn he accomplished one of the greatest feats ever on MNF.
And you can't say there was no expectation because he STARTED 4 BCS Bowl Games at QB. THAT IS THE RECORD!!!

Did I say he was a scholar?
Did I say he was a genius?
Did he graduate from one of America's great universities?
Was he smart enough to leave Miami?
Are we suffering because of it?

Rhino, it was Ireland that picked Pat White. He said so on WQAM. As far as Tannehill, he may have been a Ross pick. But when you have Ireland as your GM you dont mind your owner meddling.



OK Genius.

Too Much Knowledge for Dashi

just keep incriminating ur self(odin has a point). Always Circumcising any Argument towards ur point with Autoerotic First Hand Self Abuse!

If it's not the Fruity PAstor Jokes(Touched as a Little BOY?)

Or Cornay One-Liners!

It's definitely ur Autoerotic First Hand Self Abusing Ways!! That has Ruined this Blog.

Mr. Mando must be a Masochist to let U Desacrate his Blog with Ur Trolling Antics.

Let the Work Stand for itself!! That's what people really come here for! The Dolphin News! Not ur TABOO SUBJECTS!

One of the Greatest Feats: A 60 yard TD bomb as time expires to win the game on MNF.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 27, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Russel Wilson is truly great.

Henne was dumber then a rock IMO. Same with a lot of our players recently. Guys cant learn the playbook. We've had some doozies come through the team. I'm wondering if Ireland pays any attention to player intelligence.

That was 30 yards not 60 and it was a great feat just not one of the greatest feats.

Hey Pixie Dust!

Did Henne Win Any BCS BOWL GAMES!

HE WAS 0-4!!!


RoboQB was good til the Pressure got too hot in the Game and he would have a Melt Down. Henne Could Start 10 for 12 and end up 15 for 30.

One Game he's hot the NExt game he is Cold.

U know after the best game of CHAD HENNE'S CAREER(130 QB Rating) HIS 3RD Start In the NFL!!

Chad Henne's Qb Rating was 45!!

He Didn't even break a 100 for 1 game the Whole Year! He only had 3 games as a Dolphin with a QB RAting of 100 in 4 Seasons in Miami!!!

The Guy was inconsistent and then he wasn't really any good but for 1 GAME HIS WHOLE CAREER!!



And it was a 53 yd PASS with 10 minutes left!!! NOT A 60 YD BOMB to end the Game!

No Google, Just Dashi!

Get off the Pixie Dust U Fairy!!

Dashi has increased his knowledge by re-watching the game in question and re-living the feat.

Brandon Weeden 320 yds passing vs Ravens.

Brandon Weeden wants to throw for at least 300 yards in a game because that is the dividing line for manliness.

Henne's 4th BCS Bowl start at QB was Mich Vs Florida in the Orange Bowl. Henne vs Tebow. Mich won. Henne MVP. Again.

Plus Henne is From Wyoumissing, PA!!

U know thats a HillBillie Town. 6 familys live there for 200 years!! Population 500!

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