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Stuff happening with Dolphins at this hour

David Garrard has been released and guard Artis Hicks has been placed on injured reserve. Other than speak to the utter waste of time this year's free agency period brought the Dolphins it suggests the Dolphins have some issues they still need to address.

First, the club is now without the player who was the defacto starting right guard in the preseason. Hicks was the best player there. But a neck or nerve (no one knows for sure) injury that kept Hicks from practicing part of the past two weeks has sent him to the injured reserve list.

The starting right guard now? Probably John Jerry. Maybe Josh Samuda. Maybe Nate Garner. It's uncertain because Jerry himself has been hurt the past few days.

The Dolphins did re-sign Ray Feinga after cutting him two days ago. He's primarily a tackle.

Garrard is gone because, well, he's still injured. And the club wasn't about to carry an injured QB with an injury history who would be guaranteed $2.75 million if he's on the roster this week.

This solidifies Matt Moore as the backup quarterback for now. Moore, by the way, obviously was not traded as was rumored and even erroneously reported by a South Florida radio show. It probably didn't help that Moore completed only 39 percent of his passes in the preseason.

The Dolphins have an open roster spot.

And for the record, the Dolphins this offseason signed Chad Johnson, Eric Steinbach, David Garrard, Gary Guyton, Hicks, Tyrell Johnson, Legedu Naanee, Richard Marshall and Jamaal Westerman as free agents.

Guyton, Tyrell Johnson, Chad Johnson, Garrard and Westerman were cut. Hicks went on IR. Marshall is a starter. Naanee is on the team.


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I got a feeling that Jeff pulled another one over on me (us)......

Like I said the moment Tanne was drafted...You don't draft a QB @ #8...and not start him.....

I let the reports sway me.....I broke my own rules.....i listened to the reports...dam u DC.....

Ireland duped me...

So Sad. Why did we end up with this owner ? Why us?


Ray should have asked for a raise considering his stock just went up.

Ireland needs to go!!!

so far in this early going, I have identified two ten year old's..

pinch a loaf and Kevin...anyone else?

I can't believe we weren't able to get ANYTHING for Garrard......is the "best QB" in our camp not even worth a 5th or 6th rounder to 10-12 other QB starved teams....

not you Kris, you're semi-coherent.

Fact-We are 0-6 against the Texans. After sunday 0-7,and it will be UGLY. You failed AGAIN Mr.Ross.

FZB, Don't forget yourself.Read my name JERK.

Maybe, they told David Garrard to get healthy and in a week or two, they will resign him. This will give them time to see if Tannehill is pure garbage or if he is a starting qb. If this is not the plan, it should be. In two week David will be completely healed and ready for action. In this way, they will feel better about the balance of his contract. Tannehill looks lost to me. He has that deer in the headlights look on his face. But I could be wrong. He may dazzle us Sunday and surprise us all; but I doubt it. I would feel much better if Pat Delvin was starting Sunday, since Garrard isn't.

As my man lebron would say, About Dang Time!!


instead of issuing judgements on my lucidness....why don't you answer the FOOTBALL questions i posed to you in earlier blogs....

lets start their....

Pinch a Loaf,

wow, name calling already, yup..ten year old, no question

Jeff Ireland: Builder of Reverse Dynasties.


I would love to answer a football question,would you please repeat it for me?..I didn't read it...Gracias

FZB, Point goes to ME.


Just goes to show that Philbin didn't like the players Ireland picked in free agency. He cut almost all of them. This team will never rise as long as we have this loser owner and GM. We are doomed until they go. It's also sad that this team kills all the joy of the new season beginning. Thanks Steve n Jeff.

Well to be fair they also signed Paul Solia

Do you think that Ireland knows that he is going to get the ax this season and is doing as much damage as possible before the inevitable is executed?

Our best receiver last year; gone! Our best receiver this year, gone! Our best cornerback this year, gone! Our best quarterback this year, gone! How could these moves possibly be designed to help this organization?

Let's not forget,Mr.Ross still owns our team.That should help explain everything.

bonddavid, what are you smoking?Pat Delvin


a blogs ago....you came in here with a long post about how this whole mess is Parcells fault...and how Ireland should not be held responsible in the least.....

I would LOVE to know how you came to that conclusion....

backed up with some FACTS this time...and not some long drawn out conspiracy opinion piece....

It is now painfully obvious that only we, the fans, can save this franchise. One of us has to find and destroy the pictures that Ireland has of Ross naked with a goat. Who's with me?

Great learning environment for Tannehill. Not. Reminiscent of David Carr in Houston

Fins are obviously rebuilding. Like any orginization you don't need a ca cancer C.Johnson/V.Davis/B.Marshall. Fins got 4 picks on the Davis/Marshall trade alone. Tanne is the real deal and the D will keep it close against Houston.

If Martin can play well at the tackle spot we should be just fine with Jerry or whoevber at guard.

If this is not an indictment of Ireland, I don't know what is.


it looks to me you're also a borderline ten year old yourself just like the other's (DP,Kevin,Picn a loaf etc) but let me try to help you.

Marshall was traded because he wouldn't have been a good fit with a rookie HC and or a rookie QB.

Chad Johnson was let go because he is a head case and head butted a woman plus he didn't have it anymore as a football player

Garrard was let go because he is injured and was due 2.25 mil guarantee if he was on the team for the first game, it was a business decision, it was a decision all teams would have made.

now if this makes any sense to you nod your head in agreement.

Pat Devlin is the only qb who got us into the endzone in all 3 of the games he played in. Moore and Tannehill could move the ball a little but they could not get into the endzone. That is huge! Getting us into the endzone has been our problem for the last decade. We have lost 50 games in the last decade by 3 points or less because we could never get a qb who can close in the clutch. Pat can. The only mistake that he made was forcing that last pass to fuller. If he had thrown that pass up high, Fuller would have went up and caught it. (Dramatic comeback)


Can YOU see my middle finger ?

The most interesting thing about the FA signings is that apparently our team doctors are as incompetent as the F.O. Lets see we signed Eric Steinbach who retired due to chronic knee and lower back problems, seems somebody missed it on the physical. We later signed A.Hicks who has degenerative nerve damage in his neck, again I guess the team physicians were out that day as well. We could have solved the RG problem by signing Ben Grubbs from the Ravens whose taking Nicks old spot in N.O.

I won't even get into the other signings but common folks lets be real for a minute did anybody think we got a player in L.Naanee a reserve on the Jax last Yr. For that matter a 3/4 OLB/DE in J.Westerman from the Jets or how about situational pass LB Guyton from the Pats?? The level of incompetence Ireland has shown is astounding and still some on here give him the benefit of the doubt.

This "team" is friggin PATHETIC! I've never seen so many useless scrubs all on the same team. Ross and Irescum should be ashamed of themselves. Are they still charging admission to this dreck?

Haha...What a joke. Marshall, bell, and Davis biggest mistakes ever. You can make an argument for all of them if you want a team of Christians, but you don't get rid of talent without having a replacement!

Is that what that was? I thought that it was something else.

If Martin can play well at the tackle spot we should be just fine with Jerry or whoevber at guard.

thavafin | September 04, 2012 at 07:51 PM

That isn't the point we apparently signed not one but two OG's who were hurt or had chronic injuries and now one retired (Steinbach) and the other went on IR today, I guess the medical staff is rather incompetent as well?!


I'll take your silence as a loud and thunderous NO!!!!....as in NO...I can't answer your questions Kris....

but you can tell yourself that you never saw the question...Comprende?

What impresses me is that Jeff Ireland drafted so well, that most of the free agents are not even able to make the squad.

mr. bond,
the reason for these departures are because miami is rebuilding. cut ur vets that cause problems and don't produce. next draft we will replace those cut with fresh rookies with no old habits. this yr is to see what 2 to 3 yr players to keep after the season. this is why we are accumulating draft picks. this yr as far as competing for our divison, its a wash. we will be worst team in our div. THIS SEASON. I have high hopes for next yr if ross does what he should do, fire ireland and let someone who knows how to evaluate players do our drafting.

Vets that don't produce? Vd has more ints that Sean sucks Smith. The beast caught more passes than the entire team combined, and bell led the team in tackles every year...I really don't know why I watch this crap anymore. I can't even get excited about this team when they are on hbo...cam Cameron 2 in the house.

Jeffery at his finest. This Dolphin team reminds me of a segment of The Three Stogges. We are the NFLs laughing stock,,,,,,,,,,


this is very simple really, Parcells was in charge of everything for three years and made a lot of questionable calls on free agency and the draft, Ross elevated Ireland for a simple reason, he didn't think that Ireland was responsible for the mess that Parcells created.

Now Ireland is in charge trying to fix the problems the team has and everyone is blaming him for the mess, the reason I support Ireland is because he has a right to make it or fail on his own, most of you guys don't see that.

you keep saying Ireland was part of the problem, in a way you are right but you also don't see my point which is Parcells made ALL THE DECISIONS.

Fzb. Jeff had made all the decisions the past 2 years fool....lol


Ireland made all the decisions the past two years, tell me what he has done in both the draft and free agency the last two years that you don't like.

keep in mind that NO ONES bats 1,000 on these things.

I was wrong about Langford. I mixed him up with Merling in Green Bay.

Honest mistake. The Song Remains The Same. It doesn't change the fact of the matter whatsoever!

Wake, Odrick and Shelby are better than Langford and Vernon might be as well.

The release of Merling and Langford didn't hurt this team in the least. Especially when you consider we are now employing the 4-3 defense.

Sorry for the mix-up and Thank You for your cooperation!

In Irescums 5th year the Dolphins are worse then an expansion team!

Alright ! , now all we need to do is cut Obama, and we'll be good.

vontae davis was a slacker that was out of shape, whining in camp on hk's. getting beat bad by our sucky recievers.
he has never lived up to his 1st. round tag, PERIOD.

The Dolphins have gotten worse every day since Parcells quit.


In reality Garrard was to start the first preseason game but as per Philbin's words 'don't read into too much who's starting and who wasn't'. Point being he had to start SOMEONE. He basically said the NFL required them to name a starter and a second a third (a depth chart). 'Don't read into it too much'. What Philbin said throughout camp was that it was all very close. I don't read that Garrard was the 'clear cut' starter but rather the leader 'in the clubhouse'.

DO I GET IN HERE and talk some sense where its needed?

Devlin, a closer? rofl. Ireland has had two, count em two drafts to himself. in that time his success or lack thereof is no better no worse than any other gm. Hes mafe several smart decisions, by not listening to you clowns who wanted him to sign Flynn or Orton. The coach has changed on both sides of the ball as well as the philosophy which means some guys wont work out that might somewhere else. Hence why some of the GOOD players are gone. Lets see a rookie coach, new system, rookie qb. We arent winning the super bowl this year k? so calm down. That being said, we already have what 7 picks in the first 4/5 rounds? AND we will have about 50 million to spend instead of 12. WE'll be just fine.

What utter silliness. The nay sayers here sound like they would be completely content to watch Philbin Coach Sporano's old team.

Let Philbin build his own team, let him coach his own team. Let him Live or Die by his Own Sword!

Everybody crying about getting rid of these vets? That's ludicris. These vets have managed to strap the cap and give us 7-9, 7-9 and 6-10.

And some of you Einsteins want us to keep these Jokesters?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I think that sums it up pretty good........nuff said!


Does anyone think we can get a BCS Bowl this year?

The good news : We're 40 mill under the cap

The bad news : Ross is pocketing the money

I don't quite agree with that fin. They were kicking tires on some 'ol classic cars. Just looking for some decent plug guys until they can find the right pieces ala Grove/Smiley. It didn't work out, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. There is no doubt there are improvements to make all over the roster. You can't fix em all in one offseason. But we potentially took care of the most important at QB. Potentially took care of RT. WR still a BIG ? That was under addressed. TE still a ? But we have a couple guys we need to see in Clay and Egnew. Some say DE is a big hole but I think we need to see how Wake and Odrick do on opposite sides before we throw out the emergency ladder on that. So I think DL is okay. LBs are some ? But I don't think poor by any measure. And we have to see how the DBs play this year in Coyles system and without Davis. This entire year will be and always would be an evaluation year from start to finish.


Garrard is still hurt. By all reports he's at least two weeks away from being healthy. You can't trade a guy who's a question mark and still a couple of weeks away. Other teams have us over a barrel as far as he is concerned. They know we have four QBs and need to do something. Why trade for a guy when they know Ireland has to do something or risk having to guarantee all the contracts. It's a game of 'who will blink first'. There obviously wasn't a market for Moore, so Ireland had a decison to make. Release Moore and keep an injured, more expensive Garrard or release Garrard and keep a healthy Moore. I'd say he did the best he could.

It goes like this. 1. Irelands an idiot for trading for B Marsh. 2. Irelands an idiot for trading away B Marsh.

Would the team be better off with the couch gm or Ireland. You guys would have Orton or Flynn as your high dollar QB.
this aint Madden football franchise mode.

None of what you have described is happening at this hour. You are stale. Everything about you is stale. And it's fitting that you blog and report on this equally stale team. Stop writing.

How happy is Vontae Davis to be out of this cespool?

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