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Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage

The Dolphins today are hopeful of announcing a sellout to Sunday's game between the Raiders and Dolphins.

Today is the deadline for that sellout to come in time to broadcast the game locally. So you'll get that update here as soon as I get it.

Meanwhile, this home opener is a great opportunity for the Dolphins both on and off the field. It is an opportunity to win and even the record at 1-1. It is also a chance to set the tone for 2012 home games.

The club has gotten it right in some respects already in that this game is being played at 1 p.m. That should be good for the Miami players who are as acclimated to the local heat and humidity as one can get and much more than the Raiders are. In past years, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross petitioned the NFL to play early-season games either on the road or at night. The idea was to make the weather more bearable for fans but in doing so it eliminated whatever weather advantage the Dolphins enjoyed on the field.

So that is no longer an issue. Good.

Here are some more suggestions for the Dolphins:

  1. Ross should bite the bullet and play the old fight song more. Early on in Ross's ownership tenure it became clear he doesn't like the song. He tried to replace it with a T-Pain version. Fans hated it. Then he grudgingly played the old fight song only to start the fourth quarter. My idea is play the fight song every time the club scores ... just like the old days. I understand you don't like the tune, Mr. Ross, and it is your team and your stadium. But you have often said the Dolphins are a public trust and the public likes the song. So play it!
  2. Increase the distance from the so-called celebrity owners. Look, having Marc Anthony implore the fans to "Fins Up!" is not motivating to anyone. Gloria Estefan is so 1980s it's not even funny. And Jimmy Buffet tunes make people want to go lay in a hammock. Fans don't connect these people with Dolphins dominance. Spare us!
  3. Show highlights of the good old days. The truth is the freshman entering college this year never saw Dan Marino play during his prime. Can you believe that? Show highlights of the Marino years on the HD big screen. Show us Don Shula barking at referees. Show us highlights of the Perfect Season. Artificial? Not at all when you consider this year marks the 40-year anniversary of the Dolphins 17-0 season. Remind people that things didn't always stink.
  4. Spare us the Orange Carpet interviews. The club played them during pregame in recent years. I admit I've seen it much less lately. Shut it down altogether. I don't care what Fergie has to say as she walks in the building. She doesn't know squat about football that I want to hear!
  5. Keep the volume LOUD. I must admit Ross has done a great job of making the football experience at Sun Life a much louder one. That's very good. OK, keep going.
  6. Flyover. Everybody loves a flyover. They inspire. They awe. They get the crowd going. It's impressive to see F-15s buzz the stadium. Do it every game.Stealthbomber
  7. Prayer. I've been around a long enough to remember when every sporting event began with an invocation and the national anthem. But in today's increasingly Godless society, many sports teams have gone away from the opening invocation. Well, maybe it's only coincidence but the Dolphins haven't played all that great since the invocation at home games stopped about a decade ago. There's nothing wrong with having God on your side. There is freedom of religion in America. Use it. Folks that want to pray can pray. Folks that don't want to pray can drink their beers for 30 seconds. Also, who is going to be offended by asking God to keep players free of injury and fans free from harm as they enjoy the day and then travel home afterward?
  8. Give out free swag! The Dolphins are doing a great job of that this Sunday, as every fan in attendance will get a free Dolphins hat celebrating the Perfect Season. Do it every week. Give out white hankies, bringing back a tradition that faded in the 1990s. Give out noise makers. And, by all means, if people are showing up wearing Raiders, Jets or any-other-opponent gear, don't even give them the time of day.
  9. Cheerleaders in the stands. I am not kidding. These women comprise one of the better units int in the NFL. Well, get them more up-close-and-personal with the fans. Have them file down aisles and onto the field for one of their timeout routines. Have them do some routines in the aisles in different sections of the stadium. Yeah, I think that'll get some buzz going.Cheerleaders

Well, those are my suggestions for improving the Dolphins home field advantage and getting folks more into the games. Feel free to leave some I may have missed.

And, smartalecks, spare me this one: Win more games.

Everyone knows that, ok? 



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If I lived in Miami i'd take advantage and attend every Miami game money would allow me to spare. Unfortunately living near NYC (in NJ) I don't get the chance. I'd go for the experience, but a free hat and such to boot? Why not. I don't even wear hats.

Want a home field advantage?

Relocate the team to a city/state that cares more about football than tanning so much that they look like one.

That song sucks....

I'm not giving that piece of garbage owner, Ross, a penny of my money until he fires Jeff Ireland (overhyped scout on a power trip) and hires someone competent to run this team. I hope that stadium is empty.

Kris (from last blog), Fitzpatrick was "tricked" by the defense (maybe) but the fact that I can only watch Miami games on my laptop which I didn't have the luxury of last week I was able to catch the first quarter of the Jests and bills game. Fitzpatrick wasn't the least bit deceived. He threw his first INT late (even I could have stalled a second then jumped the route, it was an easy INT Fitz threw off his back foot) and he threw it to Revis Island which was a mistake on both accounts. Then he threw the ball behind his receiver when Kyle Wilson intercepted him for his 2nd INT. If Kyle Wilson is intercepting your pass than you screwed up, he can barely play the position let alone deceive someone. Fitzpatrick made awful decisions in that game. Tannehill made good decisions yet threw the ball too low, that can be fixed.

Maybe he'll get an ovation from the fans at the stadium this Sunday. Unless there are more visiting fans than Miami fans...


I pray that you never mix religion and blogging agin...


First of all, oh boy. Mando is about to be attacked for daring to bring up God. That's a no no nowadays. Everyone has freedom of speech, unless of course you happen to believe in God, then you had better keep your mouth shut. But only if you're Christian. If you belong to any other religion in this country feel free to say whatever you want, no one will stop you because the media will jump to your aid and call those people anti whatever. But be very afraid of putting a Christmas tree up or daring to wish someone a Merry Christmas, no one will stand up for your rights.


"My idea is play the fight song when the club scores ... just like the old days."

Armando this was written about two weeks ago. Dave Hyde or someone over there did a story and said Ross has already decided (begrudgingly) to play the old fight song again. They are also getting rid of the orange carpet and the celebrity videos on the screen are being replaced by old highlights and game highlights from the Dolphins games. The celebrity owner thing is going to be slowly fazed out as well.

This has all already been stated. I really hope Mando isn't writing this story so that when these things happen (because they have already been decided)he can write another story about how they must have read his article.

WTF is going on? Did everyone else already read these things were happening a week or so ago?

Prayer? Seriously?

Look, I'm all for freedom of religion. But saying "folks that don't want to pray can drink their beers for 30 seconds" is one of the silliest things I've ever read. It's a football stadium, not a choice. Also, the idea that people who don't want to pray should just shut up and get through it is contrary to freedom of religion. What if it was Muslim prayer? A Buddhist prayer? Who gets to choose which singular religion is represented? Our society hasn't become "Godless." It's become less forcible with shoving one or two particular religions into other people's faces.

Nothing wrong with prayer. I'd like that added. Thanks.

Phins 78,

I can give you the key to understanding Omar’s assessment of Dolphin(actually any)players.

I hate to say it, but with Omar it’s simply a black and white issue.

That’s not his top criteria, but it’s close. When it comes down to two or three players, Omar will/has ALWAYS sided with the black player.

As soon as Garrard was signed, all common sense went out the window with him. He didn’t care about age, skillsets or experience. Garrard was a brother, so in Omar’s mind, he gets the nod.

I know, I know…..that’s a harsh accusation. Well I emplore you not to take my word for it. Go back through his archives and take a new look with this in mind. It becomes obvious rather quickly.

When it comes to judging to competeing players, one white and one black, Omar ALWAYS sides with the Brother.

Unless of course that Brothers last name happens to be Burnett

Don’t take my word for it, go have a look for yourself.

Prayer might be a bad idea, even though i wouldnt mind it. Too many people would a) disrupt the prayer session by making noise and b) would somehow get offended. The biggest solution is to win games. When we're in a playoff race again you'll see that stadium booming.

Seriously Phins 78...

Chistianity under attack???? lol....

What religion do you have to be to become president of the USA again???

Persecuted Christians in America...LOL.....

Move the stands closer.

Anyone who is against prayer is intolerant.

There, how's that for turning the issue against the idiots that want God out of the society?

Good idea, Mando!


I believe if you play the old fight song, it will affect Tanny's throwing motion and too many balls will be blocked.

Its such an ongoing issue. I dont thin tanny can do anything about it. I think we need to draft another qb.

All the pople on this blog who moan about how Armando is secretly hates the fins should pay attention to this post.

That was written with passion by a real fan -- regadless of whether he sits in the press box or not.

I give this post a well deserved 8.3/10.

Some quibbles:

RELIGION -- Armando -- you invite controversy when you mix religion in with your post. Modern secularists and aethiests will no doubt complain. But you should be commended for wearing your faith on your sleeve. Just prepare for the inevitable hijacking.

OPPONENTS GEAR -- you are moving far too close to rekindling memories of last year's ridiculous stakehout of the Dolphins gift shop during which you searched high and low for Jets memorabilia. That was an absurd moment in the history of this blog and a low water mark for the Herald and all of its employees. Be careful.

CHEERLEADERS -- Sex sells, and the Dolphin cheerleaders are certainly sexy. That is an empircal fact. I cannot help but notice the inconsistency between appealing to people's faiths followed by appealing to their libidos when you trot out babes who are a step away from being strippers.

WARM WEATHER GAMES -- Well said, veteran columnist, well said. Still, for those of us who remember last year's debacle against the Patriots (when it was the Dolphins who melted down in the heat during the opener) let us not be complacent in assuming this is actually a huge advantage.

CELEBRITIES -- I have nothing against celebrities -- but the Dolphins have a tendency to dress up B-listers in A-listers clothes. I still eagerly await the day when Rick Ross obtains a minority share in the fins.

Gary Stevens out.

BTW, you wanna fill the stadium? move the team to San Antonio. they love football there regardless. Mexicans like football better than cubans/haitians. And 2/3rds of s. florida is a big govt. crybaby.

MiamiD...thats my point....

Mistakes...confused...out smarted...whatever....mental mistakes....can be fixed...

Batted balls....which are a pattern.....dating back to @ least his college days....well OBVIOUSLY (due to time)...that is a bit harder to fix....

All the music is horrible, and none of it gets you hyped up. I honestly think there is a girl picking the music. T-Pain's fight song blows. If Ross wants a new fight song, he should pay someone to create something new rather than put a spin on the old fight song. There is absolutley nothing you can do to the old fight song to make it sound cool. Jimmy Buffet blows. Dance music is not inspiring unless they start passing out free exstacy at the door. Please fire the person or group you are paying good money to program this stuff. I'll do it for free.

I agree with everything except prayer. If you want to pray on a sunday then go to church. The stadium is for football, unless you want to prey to football gods.

go finssssssssss


Fire Ireland now, not in January and you will have a very positive fan base to improve the home field advantage. Why wait until January 2013. Ireland should never be involved with another recruiting effort. He is that bad of an evaluator.

Here is a novel thought to improve home field advantage, get better players and have them play better then the other team. Amazingly simple. Doing all the things that Mando suggested are stupid (especially the prayer) if the players do not play well. The biggest home field advantage is having a stud QB and a defense that hits you like a truck, then and only then will we win games at home.

Dump the T-pain song.

Burn the orange carpet.

Tell J-Lo, Marc Antony, the Williams sister, and Fergie to take a HIKE....(wait a minute, Fergie can stay)

Either think about a new downtown football-only facility or turn the existing stadium, which will always be JRS to me, into a FOOTBALL only facility. At the Orange Bowl, the fans we're right on top of the players and it would get LOUD. At JRS, we're too damn far from the field. The stadium was designed to accomodate baseball to bring a MLB team to South Florida. Well it worked..now they're gone. Time to bring the fans closer to the field.

I don't have a problem with prayer, but the issue is that we'll then have to have a prayer by a catholic priest, then by a protestant, then we'll need a rabbi, then a shaman, then a cleric....let's just keep prayer out and do a moment of silence for whatever floats your boat. However, National Anthem and a flyover by formidable aircraft is definitely a pulse quickener

Mando, I love you so much. Seriously. You are dead on balls accurate with all of this.

Fins 31
Raiders 10

Prayer? uh...no

Flyover? yes

Flyover & prayer simultaneously? HELL, yes

The rest is old news...orange carpet/B-list celebs out, nostalgic film of WINNING in.

agree pro but probaly wont happen till january

We do have the best cheerleaders by a very wide margin.

Dang those chicks are smokin'.

Whoever hired our cheerleaders must be a gawd damned genius. He must have a gawd damned IQ of 160!!!

Video of Csonka running through the Redskins secondary looking for someone to pummel.

I vote yes.

Replace the celebrity stars with Strippers, and call it the pink carpet. that will increase the attendence.

I waited for 36 long years to make the trip to Miami for a football game. I was sort of disappointed because the stadium setup is not designed for the average fan. it seems as though they just cater to the big money spenders and ignore the second level. How about investing a 100k into tv's for the 2nd level. You want to see a real stadium take a trip to Tampa. TV's everywhere. Even in the bathroom. The limited tv's in Sunlife are at a few concession stands and they run commercials instead of the game most of the time. It's a joke. Fix it!

agree eesti, stadium is a dump. u would think ross would fix it if he wanted more super bowls

"Replace the celebrity stars with Strippers, and call it the pink carpet. that will increase the attendence.
Posted by: doldan13 | September 13, 2012 at 03:10 PM"


Kris , I told a woman Merry Christmas last year and she slammed the door in my face. I found out she was Jewish but obviously I didn't know it at the time. She canceled her contract with me the next day.

I didn't say Christianity was under attack, I'll leave those over reactions for the Fox News' and MSNBC'S of the world. I know my post came off as some conservative whining over religion but it wasn't meant that way. I shouldn't single out Christianity.

All religion seems to be under attack in this country. My post sounded one sided because I'm of the christian faith, so that's what I was sticking up for. But fair enough, it's not just Christians, it's all religion.

Yet in this instance, in this post, the religion in question is Christianity, and it will be belittled.

Hell, you already took exception with me sticking up for my religion. This isn't coming out of left field Kris. Any time Armando writes something about God people seem to have a problem with it. It was you that prayed he would never bring up God again in a sports post right? Why care?

Yeah Kris I was definitely wrong. Just read my post and I shouldn't have ever made it sound as if other religions aren't attacked. That was ignorant of me. I apologize.

"All the pople on this blog who moan about how Armando is secretly hates the fins should pay attention to this post.

That was written with passion by a real fan -- regadless of whether he sits in the press box or not.

I give this post a well deserved 8."

Gary Stevens

Gary that would be a good point if Armado hasn't , on multiple occasions, told us all he is not a Dolphins fan and never has been. Nice try though :)

get rid of Ireland, bring a Gm in that knows what the heck he's doing, acquire talent so the Mahi Mahi can go back to the winning tradition the organization enjoyed so much in the past.

Win and the fans will come back, period!!!!!

"Mando, I love you so much. Seriously. You are dead on balls accurate with all of this."

Oh my God stop kissing Mandos butt! HAHAHAHA sheesh, all of this stuff has already been decided. It was decided at least a week before this bright ideas post was written. Stop already.

I can't wait until Sunday when the orange carpet isn't there and people come in here to congratulate Armando for making it happen. Too f&^%ing funny.

AJB, you are awesome, you couldn't have said what you said any better.

I love that we're "godless" now, because we don't want YOUR version of a prayer.


Loved the post and could've gone with the invocation if it wasn't so blatantly political. This isn't a godless society. Quite the opposite. It's also helpful to remember that the first amendment guarantees freedom "from" religion, as well as "of" religion. That seems to be lost on people sometimes. If that equates a godless society, then you're entitled to your opinion. Though I would that if your brain was made of dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow off your hat.

Pre-game Flogging!
Let's start with Ireland, then Mike Dee, then Ross....

Heck, use the run game and pass off of play action. No one has a running game like ours.

I don't mind religion, as long as I'm GOD!

+1 Mando and bring back 'Who Let the Dogs Out'

talent, as in strip club kind of talent.?

phins78, I challenge you to find where Mando has said he's not a Fins fan. There's a search engine on this blog. I tried it. Not there.

I have, however, listened to Armando on the radio and he's actually said he roots for the Dolphins to do well. So please stop being ignorant.

"if your brain was made of dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow off your hat".

This right here is the joke of the year! Love it, very funny.

There is no guarantee of "freedom from religion," that is a godless myth. Freedom of speech guarantees atheists will see a cross now and then, and even hear a prayer. So What? Your freedom is to leave or listen.

Yeah! Pray to God and then feast your eyes on some nice cheerleader T&A, just to see your prayers came true!!!

The REAL recipe to get the crowd all revved up and loud is; SCORE SOME F***ING TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!

Freedom "FROM" religion?

What total and utter fabricated B.S.!

Why don't you google the bill of rights and check learn something.

Or here, let me help you:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Where is the so-called Freedom "FROM" religion? Oh yeah, in movieman78's imagination.

They're all good! But especially thanks for number 7 Armando.
A side comment, the attitude of the so called 'fans' on this site is embarassing.
I have been with this team since George Wilson was the coach. I watched Mercury Morris on a power sweep right under my seat in the old Orange Bowl. Though I live in North Carolina now, I have always beeen a loyal fan. The negativity and pessimism is not conducive to the word fan. These people need to just find another team and quit making themselves so miserable (not to mention everyone else). No, I don't like Jeff Ireland's personnel decisions and many of his draft choices, but I remain loyal, win or lose. Give the coaches time, our rookie quarterback time. I know it's tough times, but the garbage that comes from some these people is hard to believe.

Phins up!

what run game

AJB @ 2:37, its called a moment of silence, tool, which doesnt represent any singular religion. The chance to silently invoke any deity epitomizes freedom of religion. And part of freedom of religion is tolerance of those who'd like to take 30 seconds to do so.

Phins 78....

Sorry to hear about the loss of the contract...that sucks.....

but to be fair (to me)....i said "I pray Armando never mixes RELIGION with blogging)...i never used a deity.....I am a HUGE believer in free speech.....but I am also an EVEN BIGGER believer in somebody's right to take offense to what you say...and your right to not give a crap if their offended (getting confusing)....

Bottom line...say what you want....just be prepared handle the consequences....

Like you said in the last post...ALL religions are under attack....I don't favor ANY religion over the other....that's just another way politicians....and others in power divide us.....

Armando using this blog as a platform for his religious believes is HIS RIGHT....as long as the Herald allows...but then we must ALL be prepared to deal with the BLOW BACK of such divisive details.....

scourt. How long have you been posting here? Since the beginning of the blog? Were you here in the early days when Mando was doing more live blogs and taking questions from us?

I'm not wasting my time reading through hundreds of thousands of posts to find the few that Mando said he is not a Dolphins fan. It is true. If it isn't ARMANDO SALGUEURO himself could come in here and tell me I'm wrong and profess his love for the Dolphins. He won't, because he's not a fan.

And there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact there's everything right about that! I don't want some drooling love sick fan writing a bunch of homer posts that have no objectivity. I want someone who isn't a fan telling us the truth. Or giving us a different point of view that we as die hard fans might not see.

Armando said he roots for the team on Sundays? OFCOURSE HE DOES! He has to cover this crap every year and every year they suck. Do you think he wants them to suck? No he wants them to succeed. Not only does the Dolphins success make his job more fun but it also opens up more career opportunities because the better the team, the more national coverage. Then everyone and their mothers want to talk to the South Florida newspapers, especially the reporters who are the beat writers covering the team. And the Herald is the biggest paper in Florida.

So save me with the ignorant comment. Don't challenge me, challenge yourself to find out the truth if it really matters to you. I already know the truth and it makes no difference to me. I was simply pointing out to "GARY STEVENS" (not you) that Armando is not a Dolphins fan, who cares.

Phins 78....

Look @ 3:45.....

Romicag sums it up perfectly....

Hey geniuses:

God created women. Get a clue. No contradiction between praying and having cheerleaders.

Hope Ross reads your blog Armando. You are spot on on pretty much everything.

True Kris. I will concede this one to you. I wrote without thinking, big mistake, I'm usually better than that and I'm actually embarrassed that I wrote such an ignorant post. Giving myself a gigantic timeout for that one.

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