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Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage

The Dolphins today are hopeful of announcing a sellout to Sunday's game between the Raiders and Dolphins.

Today is the deadline for that sellout to come in time to broadcast the game locally. So you'll get that update here as soon as I get it.

Meanwhile, this home opener is a great opportunity for the Dolphins both on and off the field. It is an opportunity to win and even the record at 1-1. It is also a chance to set the tone for 2012 home games.

The club has gotten it right in some respects already in that this game is being played at 1 p.m. That should be good for the Miami players who are as acclimated to the local heat and humidity as one can get and much more than the Raiders are. In past years, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross petitioned the NFL to play early-season games either on the road or at night. The idea was to make the weather more bearable for fans but in doing so it eliminated whatever weather advantage the Dolphins enjoyed on the field.

So that is no longer an issue. Good.

Here are some more suggestions for the Dolphins:

  1. Ross should bite the bullet and play the old fight song more. Early on in Ross's ownership tenure it became clear he doesn't like the song. He tried to replace it with a T-Pain version. Fans hated it. Then he grudgingly played the old fight song only to start the fourth quarter. My idea is play the fight song every time the club scores ... just like the old days. I understand you don't like the tune, Mr. Ross, and it is your team and your stadium. But you have often said the Dolphins are a public trust and the public likes the song. So play it!
  2. Increase the distance from the so-called celebrity owners. Look, having Marc Anthony implore the fans to "Fins Up!" is not motivating to anyone. Gloria Estefan is so 1980s it's not even funny. And Jimmy Buffet tunes make people want to go lay in a hammock. Fans don't connect these people with Dolphins dominance. Spare us!
  3. Show highlights of the good old days. The truth is the freshman entering college this year never saw Dan Marino play during his prime. Can you believe that? Show highlights of the Marino years on the HD big screen. Show us Don Shula barking at referees. Show us highlights of the Perfect Season. Artificial? Not at all when you consider this year marks the 40-year anniversary of the Dolphins 17-0 season. Remind people that things didn't always stink.
  4. Spare us the Orange Carpet interviews. The club played them during pregame in recent years. I admit I've seen it much less lately. Shut it down altogether. I don't care what Fergie has to say as she walks in the building. She doesn't know squat about football that I want to hear!
  5. Keep the volume LOUD. I must admit Ross has done a great job of making the football experience at Sun Life a much louder one. That's very good. OK, keep going.
  6. Flyover. Everybody loves a flyover. They inspire. They awe. They get the crowd going. It's impressive to see F-15s buzz the stadium. Do it every game.Stealthbomber
  7. Prayer. I've been around a long enough to remember when every sporting event began with an invocation and the national anthem. But in today's increasingly Godless society, many sports teams have gone away from the opening invocation. Well, maybe it's only coincidence but the Dolphins haven't played all that great since the invocation at home games stopped about a decade ago. There's nothing wrong with having God on your side. There is freedom of religion in America. Use it. Folks that want to pray can pray. Folks that don't want to pray can drink their beers for 30 seconds. Also, who is going to be offended by asking God to keep players free of injury and fans free from harm as they enjoy the day and then travel home afterward?
  8. Give out free swag! The Dolphins are doing a great job of that this Sunday, as every fan in attendance will get a free Dolphins hat celebrating the Perfect Season. Do it every week. Give out white hankies, bringing back a tradition that faded in the 1990s. Give out noise makers. And, by all means, if people are showing up wearing Raiders, Jets or any-other-opponent gear, don't even give them the time of day.
  9. Cheerleaders in the stands. I am not kidding. These women comprise one of the better units int in the NFL. Well, get them more up-close-and-personal with the fans. Have them file down aisles and onto the field for one of their timeout routines. Have them do some routines in the aisles in different sections of the stadium. Yeah, I think that'll get some buzz going.Cheerleaders

Well, those are my suggestions for improving the Dolphins home field advantage and getting folks more into the games. Feel free to leave some I may have missed.

And, smartalecks, spare me this one: Win more games.

Everyone knows that, ok? 



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Kris I should have just said that someone was impersonating me! You would have never known. hahahaha But I can''t do that, I'm too damned honest for my own good.

Okay my timeout starts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now. Talk to you guys later.

Wanna improve Homne Field advantage?

Import european or south american soccer fans & have them fill in the empties.

S. Florida does not deserve football.

Mando is a genius. In one post he managed to include the military, God and cheerleaders on a football blog and did it with no feeling that it is misplaced.

Now all the drones come here and argue for hours over Stealth bombers or God or hotties at games.

Genius I tell you.

Phins78, been several years ago but I do remember Mando saying that. I took it as his way of trying to remain objective in his opinions. Least I'd prefer to think of it that way.

I LOVE the song! I sing it loud and proud after every Dolphin TD. All the old school teams (Bears, Packers, Eagles, to name a few) have a cheesey old fight song which the fans love. It unites the different generations of football fans.

ross doesn't like it because he is a jets fan...

I like the suggestions Armando. Especially the Chicks in the Stands! You want to create atmosphere? Beuatiful Girls dancing in your face will do just that!

The 1;00 Home Games have returned! It's about time. People want to jump on Ross for everything? For me, this is one of the FEW LEGITIMATE complaints! This/was something that actually affects the competitiveness of the game. Ridiculous! Anywhoo, moving on, that's been corrected, Thank God!

The Fly overs are a great idea as well. That creates an awe and an envirorment that something Big is about to take place. Do it! I think it psychologically impacts the Players and the Home team the most! Again-Do it EVERY WEEK!

The Sound Track should be Pantera's WALK!

Are you talking to me PUNK? No way! WALK!

Play it after every big play, turnover, TD, etc, etc..........

I like all of it. Now, if we can just get a WIN! That will make it all effective and worthwhile. Otherwise, forget about it, it all rings Hollow!

In the words of the Late Great Al Davis: Just WIN Baby!


With the first pick in the 2013 Draft, the Miami Dolphins select...Faith Hill in her black mini skirt!

This has all already been stated. I really hope Mando isn't writing this story so that when these things happen (because they have already been decided)he can write another story about how they must have read his article.
WTF is going on? Did everyone else already read these things were happening a week or so ago?

Posted by: Phins78 | September 13, 2012 at 02:36 PM

God Phins 78, we DO think alot alike on alot of things-LOL!

I totally agree, Mando was setting this up for a future narcisistic Back Patting session. You know it! If you hang around here long enough you see it from time to time. Good call-ROTFLMAO!

BTW - Did you see my reply to you about Omar favoring the Brothers? If you did, any thoughts? Am I right or am I..........RIGHT ;)

Mando one of your better posts. Excellent piece of writing sir. I agree our Godless society can use a little les MTV and Fergie and more God. I LOVE IT! Bring it back just like the old days and return to the tradition that made the PHINS great!!!

Just winning games will improve everything. Doesn't matter what you do inside the stadium unless the product on the field is better. We got awhile to go. We better draft 3 WR with the first three picks.

I just watched the clip of the Thomas fumble on NFL.com, which also happens to be the play A. Smith called Incognito out for being dirty. After watching it closely more than a few times, here is what I saw:

1. Thomas took a pretty weak shot to the upper chest, not even the head. The guy who hit him was being blocked away from him. Concussion? What gives?

2. Incognito laid on Smith's ankle and can be seen with his hands underneath his chest tugging back & forth on his ankle. He's not dirty? What was he doing then?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"There's nothing wrong with having God on your side"

I Don't know much, but I do know he's been away too long.

Did the Miami Herald make Jesus take a leave of absence like they did you ?

Has Jesus been paid while he's been away ( If so how do I get on that gravy train) ?

If Jesus was a Fla. Gator would Mr. Ross do like he did for Tim Tebow ?

If not can we give Jesus some sorta honorary Diploma from Fla. ?

Tim Tebow has been a decent but doesn't have the skills of a first stringer like Jesus.

I also know that since Jesus has been away that other religious figure in that other country ( I can't say his name cause I don't wanna DIE ) has his followers in an uproar against America.

Anywhoo, I say put Jesus back to work, he's slacked off for to long.

Oh yea....Dolphins blah blah blah, Jeff Ireland expletives.

Go Miami Dol-Philbins

Soiled :)

P.S. I'm pretty sure Jesus will forgive my sins

love richie, need more of that dirty rough style


Do you ever tire of being a redundant ninny?

More monkey & gay inuendo's. Shocker there.

You're played out & stale bud. Get some new material.

Shorter too if possible. FOR ALL OF US!

Great article, Armando. The fans standing in the endzone have to go. I've seen fans for the visiting team standing there cheering their team on. If fans are allowed to be there, make sure they're wearing Miami T's only. Better yet, add seats there, it'll give the closed in feeling that all visiting teams feared in the old Orange Bowl.
With all due respect to the "Miami Sound", Classic Rock should be played during time outs. Trust me, the majority of fans relate more to the music of the 60's-70's than the current stuff.
No more "and that's another Miami Dolphin's first down." Why are we celebrating this? TD's is all that should be announced.
Armando, you are spot on with all of your recommendations. I was planning to write Mr. Ross about the same but never got around to it.


how bout this thing called winning to put more people in the seats period...now that would be something worth paying for rather than all the other extra curricular activities stated in the blog.

Just a thought

phins78, I challenge you to find where Mando has said he's not a Fins fan. There's a search engine on this blog. I tried it. Not there.
I have, however, listened to Armando on the radio and he's actually said he roots for the Dolphins to do well. So please stop being ignorant.

Posted by: scourt | September 13, 2012 at 03:35 PM

Squirt and Gary Stevens,

I'm not going to fight nor argue about it.

But the FACT is Armando himself has stated as much right here on this blog. More than once.

He did say he roots for the Dolphins in MOST instances. Most Instances being the key phrase. Because when the Phins play his FAVORITE TEAM(which he told us all he wouldn't reveal), he roots against them.

So it is true, The Dolphins are not Armando's favorite team and he has admitted as much to us on multiple occassions.

That's All I Got

..You want to improve the stadium experience Mr. Ross? Try fielding a winning tesm to start..Then worry about all the gadgets to keep people entertained. If we had a decent team the stadium experience would speak for itself as fans would be there to support a winner. As it goes now we need to "trick" people into having a good time.

You can try your give aways, you can pump music loud, jump out of the goodyear blimp, even get jesus(religious talk) to show up..None of these gimmicks matter until the team wins.

Bottom line...say what you want....just be prepared handle the consequences....

Posted by: Kris | September 13, 2012 at 03:45 PM

Well Said Kris, If I do say so myself!

-Do What Thou Wilst Is The WHOLE Of The LAW!-

-Odin- ;)

If you buy tickets your suporting a organization that does not care that much about winning.If games sell out there is no presure on Ross to get rid of Ireland.
Name a big time free agent that the Dolphins signed this year?

Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage???




Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage???


Fire Ireland and end the boycott!!


And there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact there's everything right about that! I don't want some drooling love sick fan writing a bunch of homer posts that have no objectivity. I want someone who isn't a fan telling us the truth. Or giving us a different point of view that we as die hard fans might not see.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 13, 2012 at 03:46 PM

78, I don't "LOVE" you in the way that Monkey Boy Loves Armando, but it's posts like this that really make me admire you!

I guess what I'm TRYING to say Man, is: I "LOVE" you Man, but I'm **NOT** "In Love" with you!


Bottom line...say what you want....just be prepared handle the consequences....

Posted by: Kris | September 13, 2012 at 03:45 PM

Well Said Kris, If I do say so myself!

-Do What Thou Wilst Is The WHOLE Of The LAW!-

-Odin- ;)

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 13, 2012 at 04:54 PM


You might have mis-interperted me here....Lister Crowley (your quote) is not what I had in mind when I wrote that....

Crowley ad his beliefs and antics are a HUGE part of what's wrong today....

In short....I fully understand what Crowley stood for....and I couldn't be MORE against it....


Okay that's over.

He (Richie Incognito) also praised Tannehill for his maturity despite being a rookie quarterback. "He's very mature, smart and has a lot of confidence, and we have a lot of confidence in him. He understands the offense and he's very poised."

A true leader and great warrior on this team! We are lucky to have Richie. This was an article about Richie being a dirty player. He said he's labeled that way and the only two guys who have said it in the media were both Cardinals who played against him for a while. Don't stop what you're doing Richie! He says they've been working on finishing blocks to force the d-linemen to keep their hands down and protect themselves instead of having time to jump or raise their hands. He also said Ryan has been working non stop at finding throwing lanes by moving more in the pocket. I don't know if Tannehill is the answer yet but I can say beyond a doubt that the kid cares. He isn't lazy and when he makes a mistake or has a deficiency pointed out to him he works on it as hard as he can.

So the offensive line thing got me thinking. Long, Incognito, Pouncey, and Thomas were all trained by Sparano the past few years. Sparano was called an "offensive line guru" by many. But now these guys are acting like they have never worked on this technique before? It took exactly one game for Philbin and his crew to recognize a weakness and get right after it in practice.

In three years Sparano never addressed this with the offensive line?! They're all acting as if it's the first time they ever heard of it! And some of you want to give Philbin crap. Puhlease. The man inherited a box of turds, he's going to need time and LOTS of polish to make them shine.

Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage???


Get a new domed stadium that doesnt wreak of urine!!

Phins 78....

Thanks for stepping up to the plate.....


Point Blank:


No amount of trickery of marketing or saviness of nostalgia, nor Godliness or non Godliness will turn things around like a 5-3 to 8-0 home win-loos record can.

POINT BLANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you cocoa joe! I knew I wasn't crazy :) well, aybe a little but Mando has never been shy about saying he isn't a fan. Being a fan and rooting for someone are two different things. I root for the Pats every time they play the Jets, I hate the Pats!

Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage???



Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage???



Well well well, JSinLA makes an appearance. And with that the collective blog IQ jumps a few more notches! Wait, if Aloco shows up we're screwed. Just kidding Aloco, or whatever name you're going by today. :)

In the "ORANGE BOWL" era opponents absolutely hate coming into Miami. The Orange Bowl era was true "Homefield Advantage" because the team actually kicked asss!

Not, flyovers, fight songs, nor athems and religions. It was a good old fashiond ability to kick our opponents asss.

Fill the stands with metro sexual males, awe who am i kidding, fill the stands with crazy hommossexuals screaming and trying to grab my nuts and ram my buttthole!

Yup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coalition weighing in with a vote against Mando being a fan. Thanks man! It's no biggy, Mando can root for whomever he pleases and be a fan of whatever team he likes, doesn't matter. I just laugh when people call him the ultimate fan and stuff like that. Everyone who knows his work knows the truth.

The funniest thing is when I write that he's not a fan some people get so bent out of shape. Like I just told them Santa Claus isn't real! Who cares. lol

Winning solves everything. Losing reveals everything that is wrong.

This opening day loss will reveal just how terrible this team is.

Raiders held Rivers to 231 yards passing. 71 of that was on two plays.

Palmer racked up 297.

Raiders held the Chargers to 32 yards on the ground.

Raiders lost because of penalties.

PREDICTION: Sea Bass wins it in overtime.

Two crappy teams always end with a FG.

2. Incognito laid on Smith's ankle and can be seen with his hands underneath his chest tugging back & forth on his ankle. He's not dirty? What was he doing then?

Posted by: The truth is... | September 13, 2012 at 04:31 PM

You got a problem with Cognito(Our Warrior)putting a beat down on a Poosy opponent?

Let me interpret it for you. Antonio "Cry Baby" Smith went down. If he was a Man, a True Warrior, he wouldn't have gotten put down in the first place. He got put down and Cogs proceeded to do what **All The Big Guys" due in those piles!

Cog's put a smack down on the Cry Baby and I for one ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! Cog's ATTITUDE reminds me alot of the Great Hall Of Famer Dick Butkis! I love the attitude.

You go ahead and question/whine about one of OUR players putting a hurting on that Poosy. Myself, I watched over and over again and enjoyed a little more each time-lol!

Go Cogs! Go Team! Go Miami!

PS: Are you even a Miami fan? We all know you're a troll, but we thought you were a Dolphin Fan Troll at least.

In short: Get The Fvck Out Of Here! Defending a poosy cry baby Smith from the enemy team!

ROTFLMAO and SMH too ;)

JSinLA only appearance only "DECREASE" the blog IQ points here. Phins78, JSinLA's only claim to fame is h"head circle jerk leader in Ohio's blog.

Yes I'm sure god is the answer, but only if he straps on a helmet. Stop force feeding us your brand of religion please and focus on the sport. Putz

Coalition I did see that and I replied to you in another blog on my lunch break. Check it out there :)

Incognito laid on Smith's ankle and can be seen with his hands underneath his chest tugging back & forth on his ankle. He's not dirty? What was he doing then?

Posted by: The truth is... |

He was trying to put the guys shoe back on. The tugging you saw was him tightening the guys laces for him. Come on now, Richie is a saint!

PS...I stopped slamming God when he slammed me some years ago.

Never speak ill of the big GM in the sky.

"Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage"

Here's one--put a better product on the field.

As a lifelong 'Phins fan who suffered living in New England a few years, I can tell you that the energy level at the old Foxborough Stadium was pretty high when they would *crank* up AC/DC tunes. All it took was a couple rings of "Hell's Bells" and the place got pretty fired up.

How about some Ted Nugent "Stormtroopers" or Thin Lizzy "Jailbreak" when we need a good pass rush. Rock 'n' Roll, people!

God invented the crack back.

Don't, I repeat, don't disrespect him on the field of life.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 13, 2012 at 05:01 PM

ROFL Too funny Coalition.

Phins78, I challenge you to stop being a complete douche.


I would think after almost 30 years, we would have figure out how to get and keep the home field advantage inside Sun Life.

We had it for the 20 years before that. What has changed?

Do you ever tire of being a redundant ninny?
More monkey & gay inuendo's. Shocker there.
You're played out & stale bud. Get some new material.
Shorter too if possible. FOR ALL OF US!

Posted by: Jesus Christ O' Mighty | September 13, 2012 at 04:44 PM

Once again, your contributions STINK! Instant fail!

If you have an opinion, an idea or even a point of view, give it a Whirl.

If not, PLEASE, for the good of the Blog - Just STFU!

I don't mean to be rude, but C'Mon Man!

PS: If tyou don't like my contributions, why not just ignore me(hint, hint)?

Wouldn't it be much more pleasent in simply ignoring me(God please let him take a hint, hint-Wink, wink...)?

Why do you respond to me, especially and specifically when I'm addressing the resident Blog Troll? Thats a very interesting and REVEALING question right there. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm................

Skip It, by ALL MEANS ;)


After Luck is seen as a bust, there will be no more "sure thing" suck for ________ campaigns. It is impossible to know whether your Andrew Luck is really just another Ryan Leaf.

Luck is no replacement for Peyton Manning.

On the other hand, RGIII will win multiple super bowls.

Yesterdays Gone I respect your opinion but obviously disagree with you on that. JS is a smart poster. He knows his football, especially the college game. Never attacks, always has interesting thoughts or at least tries to keep the conversations moving forward.

I always have good debates with him and he is very respectful of other peoples opinions. I realize you guys had a falling out and that's too bad. We could use some smarter fans over here. But come on YG, you seem like an intelligent guy. You can see that JS is as well. Don't let the sparks from that axe you're grinding blind you from the truth! :)

You can dislike him for other things but there's no way you can honestly say he's not intelligent.

I don't talk to those who are disrespectful. You're wasting your time.

Hey Scourt- Here is what your Bible says about prayer:

Matthew 6:6

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
"But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly".

I say run the sprinklers all night, soak the field.

Slows the fastest players down and increases the on-field humidity.

just kidding.

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