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Suggestions to improve Dolphins' home field advantage

The Dolphins today are hopeful of announcing a sellout to Sunday's game between the Raiders and Dolphins.

Today is the deadline for that sellout to come in time to broadcast the game locally. So you'll get that update here as soon as I get it.

Meanwhile, this home opener is a great opportunity for the Dolphins both on and off the field. It is an opportunity to win and even the record at 1-1. It is also a chance to set the tone for 2012 home games.

The club has gotten it right in some respects already in that this game is being played at 1 p.m. That should be good for the Miami players who are as acclimated to the local heat and humidity as one can get and much more than the Raiders are. In past years, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross petitioned the NFL to play early-season games either on the road or at night. The idea was to make the weather more bearable for fans but in doing so it eliminated whatever weather advantage the Dolphins enjoyed on the field.

So that is no longer an issue. Good.

Here are some more suggestions for the Dolphins:

  1. Ross should bite the bullet and play the old fight song more. Early on in Ross's ownership tenure it became clear he doesn't like the song. He tried to replace it with a T-Pain version. Fans hated it. Then he grudgingly played the old fight song only to start the fourth quarter. My idea is play the fight song every time the club scores ... just like the old days. I understand you don't like the tune, Mr. Ross, and it is your team and your stadium. But you have often said the Dolphins are a public trust and the public likes the song. So play it!
  2. Increase the distance from the so-called celebrity owners. Look, having Marc Anthony implore the fans to "Fins Up!" is not motivating to anyone. Gloria Estefan is so 1980s it's not even funny. And Jimmy Buffet tunes make people want to go lay in a hammock. Fans don't connect these people with Dolphins dominance. Spare us!
  3. Show highlights of the good old days. The truth is the freshman entering college this year never saw Dan Marino play during his prime. Can you believe that? Show highlights of the Marino years on the HD big screen. Show us Don Shula barking at referees. Show us highlights of the Perfect Season. Artificial? Not at all when you consider this year marks the 40-year anniversary of the Dolphins 17-0 season. Remind people that things didn't always stink.
  4. Spare us the Orange Carpet interviews. The club played them during pregame in recent years. I admit I've seen it much less lately. Shut it down altogether. I don't care what Fergie has to say as she walks in the building. She doesn't know squat about football that I want to hear!
  5. Keep the volume LOUD. I must admit Ross has done a great job of making the football experience at Sun Life a much louder one. That's very good. OK, keep going.
  6. Flyover. Everybody loves a flyover. They inspire. They awe. They get the crowd going. It's impressive to see F-15s buzz the stadium. Do it every game.Stealthbomber
  7. Prayer. I've been around a long enough to remember when every sporting event began with an invocation and the national anthem. But in today's increasingly Godless society, many sports teams have gone away from the opening invocation. Well, maybe it's only coincidence but the Dolphins haven't played all that great since the invocation at home games stopped about a decade ago. There's nothing wrong with having God on your side. There is freedom of religion in America. Use it. Folks that want to pray can pray. Folks that don't want to pray can drink their beers for 30 seconds. Also, who is going to be offended by asking God to keep players free of injury and fans free from harm as they enjoy the day and then travel home afterward?
  8. Give out free swag! The Dolphins are doing a great job of that this Sunday, as every fan in attendance will get a free Dolphins hat celebrating the Perfect Season. Do it every week. Give out white hankies, bringing back a tradition that faded in the 1990s. Give out noise makers. And, by all means, if people are showing up wearing Raiders, Jets or any-other-opponent gear, don't even give them the time of day.
  9. Cheerleaders in the stands. I am not kidding. These women comprise one of the better units int in the NFL. Well, get them more up-close-and-personal with the fans. Have them file down aisles and onto the field for one of their timeout routines. Have them do some routines in the aisles in different sections of the stadium. Yeah, I think that'll get some buzz going.Cheerleaders

Well, those are my suggestions for improving the Dolphins home field advantage and getting folks more into the games. Feel free to leave some I may have missed.

And, smartalecks, spare me this one: Win more games.

Everyone knows that, ok? 



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Gotta be honest here, Armando. With the exception of ditching the celebs, your ideas are, well, idiotic.

Cheerleaders in the stands? Extreme heat, drunken tailgaters & hot girls wearing less clothes than strippers do not mix.

Prayers? We've all been praying for the last ten years - hasn't done a lick of good.

Flyovers? Unless they plan on bombing the stadium so we can start over from scratch, I don't see how it has anything to do with football.

Yeah, it's tough on a slow Thursday with an awful team to write anything.

Phins78 is a doucheball.

Coalition you HAVE to stop talking to those people who are only here to start trouble. Everyone knows what's going on, we can see he's trying to bait you. Just ignore. Anyone who is being disrespectful of fellow posters, ignore them. It's not hard and renders their posts a useless waste of their own time. Now come on man! Ignore the fools already :)

Oh yeah, and listen here Bass man ;) enough with your 70's rock suggestions, I want to hear some freaking Tool blaring across those speakers. "It's a bulls**t,,three ring,,circussss,,,side, show, of,,,,FREAKS here in this hopeless f**ing hole we call LA, the only way to fix it is to flush it all away, any f***ing time, any f***ing day, learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay!"

No ones getting intimidated by Thin Lizzy! How about "Attack" by System of a Down? You want to see some guys getting a little nervous play that tune when the Dolphins are running out onto the field!

christians are like second hand smoke. you can be one if you want. but dont get that poison near me!

JS in LA....

If were not "arguing" (discussing).....all of those things you mentioned AND MORE......then WHAT is the point of THIS blog......

What is the alternative.....4 post a day.....NO CONVERSATION (fins related or other wise).....

Call me a drone if you wish...but I enjoy debating (in somewhat real time) with other FIN FANS.....

In short....I fully understand what Crowley stood for....and I couldn't be MORE against it....

Posted by: Kris | September 13, 2012 at 05:04 PM

Crowley? I was never into Crowley nor his antics.

I was into Led Zepplin and Ozzy Osbourne and they both managed to adopt the correct philosophy while dismissing Crowley and his Self Serving Beliefs!

Crowley didn't coin the phrase either. He was notoriously known for using it. Then misinterpreting it too justify his degenerate behaviors.

Despite the Crowley induced confusion, the phrase does represent the correct path of which to follow.

-Do What Thou Wilst Is The Whole Of The Law-

Crowley coveiniently omits the corresponding philosophies proceeding and following the statement in question. There is much more to it and Crowley isn't the proper representitive to follow.

I can't go into any further here. This is the sports blog. But I will say Crowley to the Book and The Philosophies and totally "Hi-Jacked it(for lack of a better term)to try and justify his demented beliefs.

Check out Ozzy's song titled Mr. Crowley. Check the lyrics. Ozzy is celebrating Crowley or his beliefs. On the contrary, he's "Calling Him Out".

-Peace, Love and Happiness-

-Odin- ;)

Coalition weighing in with a vote against Mando being a fan. Thanks man!

Posted by: Phins78 | September 13, 2012 at 05:16 PM

I must have mis-typed something. I wasn't saying Mando is a Dolphin fan. I was here during multiple Live Blogs where he unequivocally stated that he wasn't a fan.

He might root for them from time to time. But like you said, you root for the Pats over the jets and you hate both teams(I always root for whomever has the worst record. That benefits my Dolphins the most).

Mando admitted he has a favorite team and it isn't the Phins.

I'm going to go back and re-read my original post. I must hacve screwed up something. Sorry for the mix-up.


Best Mando article I've read this year.

He Roberrt, don't start quoting scripture to me friend because you're bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Jesus prayed on the Mountain of transfiguration, in the desert, at the cross, in the temple, in the garden, he prayed over the water and turned it to wine at a wedding.

Paul and Silas prayed in prison. John prayed while imprisoned at Patmos.

Adam and Eve prayed in the Garden of Eden. The disciples prayed "with one accord," meaning together in the upper room on Pentecost.

Jesus prayed in front of all his apostles at the last supper.

The angels pray to and praise God continually in Heaven.

Man is told to pray "unceasingly," meaning all the time as much as he can wherever he can.

Jesus said to gather yourselves in prayer.

So don't take one scripture out of context and turn it into some sort of doctrine. That's how cults get started.

Move the seats closer!! Install FieldTurf, that would keep the field looking nice during the summer storms and imagine how hot the field would be with FieldTurf? Maybe paint the seats aqua. Put the fancy "dolphins" font in the endzones instead of the bland "miami". Maybe the fans can't get into the games because the atmosphere sucks. These things I mentioned would do wonders and get the fans into it. Go Phins!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just a couple more questions about bringing Jesus back.

First let me say I'm a big fan the TV show The Walking Dead.

1 - Invocation....is that like a Necromancer who summons dead people ?

2 - Eating the body of Christ.....would it turn me into a Zombie ?

3 - Since Jesus came back from the Dead would he try to eat my body and turn me into a Zombie ?

4 - What concerns Mr. Ross more empty seats or Zombies ?

5 - Favorite method of dispatching Zombies, crossbow or pistol ?

6 - If you come back from the dead do you get a new social security number or use your old one ?

7 - Would Jesus need a green card ?

8 - Can we also bring back the virgin Mary as long as she is of legal age ?

9 - Does Jesus have a sense of humor ?

10 - Are you sure Jesus will forgive my sins ?

Soiled :)

"Well, maybe it's only coincidence but the Dolphins haven't played all that great since the invocation at home games stopped about a decade ago."

That's inaccurate, but I understand the conservative approach of just inventing "facts" to make a point.
The pre-game invocation was maintained by H.Wayne Huizenga until he sold the team. Stephen Ross became the majority owner in 2008. The final season with pre-game invocations was 2007. How did the Dolphins play that year, Mando?

To everyone complaining about the music, the DJ is actually Dan Marinos son. I think his twitter handle is DJonetrey or something close to that. I would suggest hitting him up with some suggestions

RS, you'd do well to check your predetermined and apparently off-kilter stereotypes about conservatives and liberals at the door.

I am pretty certain the Dolphins DID NOT have invocations as far back as 2005-2006 and perhaps before that, even. So there's that.

I also didn't say the invocations were the reason the team succeeded or failed. I actually said it may be coincidence and then gave my opinion that it wouldn't hurt.

You made a leap I didn't make and you obviously don't think I have a right to an opinion. Hmm, what does that say about folks with your world view leanings, whatever they may be?

One more idea I think Cheerleaders should offer a seatdance or seat on me dance, this will bring the fans by the millions Ross

Put together a commission to rebuild a replica of the orange bowl! Call it the OB2 project, join forces with the canes,make it with both teams in mind, and rebuild the once proud culture that that stadium built..

And most importantly, when you build it, go against the trend of wide open space stadiums, build it with intimidation and intimacy as part of the blueprint, you will inspire two cultures, and the architecture of the building will bring fans out just to be part of something special, a true home field advantage.

I explore anyone when gets the chance to ask the players how they feel in our stadium, they will tell you how disconnected there are to their own fans, that's a shame, and if you think that doesnt have an impact on p,ayers energy and adrenaline, your kidding yourselves, and it's all because of how poorly the stadium was constructed..

The stadium IS part of the problem..

OB2.. The investment, the energy inside, would pay for itself.


How do you know "adam and eve" prayed? You can't possibly believe that in any literal sense, do you?

As for your examples about Jesus praying, let's throw them out as irrelevant- He was supposedly the son of God, remember?

Nothing you recited refutes the Matthew verse I quoted.

Here is another terrific Matthew verse (6:5)-
"And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others."

Looks like your knife fight just got blown to kingdom come! ;-)

That sounds great to me Armando!! This is one my favorite posts from you here lately! Go Fins!!!!

BTW: That's a B2 and the others are F16's. Maybe the Fins should teach our receivers to fly down the field and catch the dang ball once and a while. Heck, who knows, we might even win a few games with our offense.

Invocations...Prayers... Please!!!!! FOOTBALL is what we want on Sundays. If I want to here a prayer before I come to the Seattle game I`ll find a church.

I don't always agree with Armando, but he made some good points here. I really like the idea of bringing back the hankies and showing clips of our history on the big screen. I would add we to bring back Dolphin Danny!

For once....I agree with Mando's post....completely!

Good recommendations Mando, all of them.

Move the Seats closer to the field.

Hi Kris and Phins78....I normally agree with you a lot Kris....but in this one I have tos ay thay if your Christian especially in Oz...your a pariah....but if you wanna pray to hamburger or a goat...everyone will stand up and SCREAM that its awesome and that you are so empoered...what the hell...

I pray...I beleive...so thats my right and I like the fact that the US and Australia were founded on Christian principles....oh...and lets not fool ourseleves in to beleiving there are MANY TRUTHS....and all must be respected...in the end there will only be ONE truth whatever that is...ONE !

Ive made my choice...

But on football matters Kris...your No 1...go phins.!

This is a great piece. And further evidence of the fact that despite the whining of most fans, Ireland is not the problem. The problem starts at the top with our buffoon of an owner. I'm still scratching my head as to how this man became a billionaire.

Good work Mando, I really like the suggestions. Pitt still has the terrible towels, and you never see more opponent fans than home fans...now I know FL is the retirement capital of the world so we do have a huge mix of people and fans. But in the 70's, 80's, and 90's WE had home field adv because of the things Mando mentioned.

How about this Mr. Ross, fire Ireland and bring in a GM that knows how to target talent!!

A little late to the party here, but Armando......I like it.....every idea.....bring it all out and if a few things dont stick, who cares.....

Maybe Ross should put all the Ireland homers in cheer leading outfits.

still cant figure out why so many complain about Ross......like figure out something else to complain about because the dude, like him or not, is the owner......aint going anywhere.....wasting your breath complaining--its like complaining that the sun is too hot.....yeah, thats fine, except it aint going anywhere. And to call him a buffoon, when he's considered one of the top real estate investors in the world, is beyond idiotic.

Education of the fans, they need to be told to stand up when we're on defense, and make a new rule where other people can't tell you to sit down.

So, if both teams have God on their side, then the team that loses does not truly love God enough...or didn't "pray" hard enough?

And if God really cares about a football game, does that mean he really cares when I stub my toe and yell his name - is that why it usually feels better after a few minutes?

Actually, Mando, scientific studies have shown that positive emotions (we'll call it prayer) by a large group of people in a small area may actually have an impact upon those who are the focus of said positive emotions (I watch the science channel).

So, even a Godless person like myself can agree with this post; that "prayer" couldn't hurt...and might actually help. Semantics aside.

By the way Armando, do you actually read these later posts or am I just writing cause it feels good?

ajdczar...God doesnt get involved in who wins or loses in sport...the prayer has nothing to do with praying TO WIN....its about a whole lotta other things like appreciation, thanks for life, acknoledgement...

If you stubb your toe and yell his name he probably looks at you and says..."hey look Adjcar stubs his toe...wonder why he called my name?


Plus, get rid of the ridiculous orange uniforms that make the Dolphins a laughing stock and stop catering to illegal immigrants with home games that NBC covers. I guess that won't be a problem for a few years since the Dolphins are going to stink so bad they won't be on Sunday or Monday night for a looooong time.

The best thing Ross could do to help the teams' homefield advantage is to sell the team.

Move the stands closer.

Posted by: Hayden Fox | September 13, 2012 at 02:42 PM

Makes WAY too much sense!
I've only been to 2 games there, one a UM game...30k in the stands...maybe.
It was a horrible experience...yeah, both teams lost, but compared to seeing the Fins/Titans game here in TN, no contest.
Titans stadium (I refuse to use corporate names) is SO much more a fans place, seats overlooking the field, not a bad seat in the house, 63K or so.

From what I see on TV, moving things in, losing another 10k seats would create amuck better fan...and player experience. Nothing like FEELING the crowd noise as well.

much, not amuck. ha

5 million gets Charlie Casserly.
He's old, but brilliant, and is the best suit/analyst on TV.
Wayne was too cheap to get Wolf, who ended up in Cleveland.
That hire would have prevented the last 4 years.

Players pray at the end of games, so why not the fans AND players BEFORE the games?
30 seconds LESS for the drunks to get more inebriated.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 13, 2012 at 07:23 PM



Thank you for that opinion. I totally agree that the problem with prayer is it opens the door for any religion to do the same (which is only fair). How about 10 seconds of silence and everyone in the stadium can pray to their God. Funny, isn't it? Pray to their own God. Which God is real? Does anyone consider that the idea of a God, regardless of your chosen religion, isn't bad if the person that believes in this gets motivation to be a good, moral person as they go through their life?

1) As previously stated - MOVE THE SEATS closer - lower the field level if necessary but get us CLOSER!!!
2) Animal rights activists be-damned, bring back Flipper! Like the pirate ship in Tampa, Flipper jumping through a flaming hoop after we score was an element that brought a great deal to 'the experience' of a live game in the Orange Bowl.
3) The highlights of the past are a great idea - also makes players of today hope they can be part of that legacy someday.
4) Bill Polian - GM
5) INCORPORATE Don Shula...get him out front of this organization again, somehow, some way, in some capacity. A day in his honor each year? I don't know or care how but make his legacy prominent. Kids up in Green Bay never saw Vince Lombardi either but they damn sure know who he is & what he stood for & created there.

Make ticket prices in the upper corners nearly free! The fan base is split between people who clearly feel they have better things to do, and people who cannot afford to attend games. The whole celebrity attraction thing only works in LA.

Packing the stadium with fans that actually WANT to be there will improve home field advantage more than anything. I remember the atmosphere at the Orange Bowl vanished as soon as the team moved into Joe Robbie Stadium. I'm a white collar guy and can admit that football games need blue collar fans there to make some noise!

Evict the Hurricanes. Their loser stench haunts the Dolphins and they tear up our field.

Armando, the white hankies were great, but those were years when the fans were PROUD of the Fins. Shula and Marino brought NFL records to Miami and a winning tradition that justified the enthusiasm. Today, it's a different atmosphere.

Plain and simple--move back to the Orange Bowl.

But some may say it's a money thing; not enough suites at the Orange Bowl. Who cares, you'll sell a whole lot more tickets which translates into more money. You'll win more games because the fans make a difference. When you have a winner, you'll sell more merchandise.

But some may say it's delapidated or antiquated. Who cares, not real football fans. Look, either cater to real fans or to the senior citizens. Real fans want the Orange Bowl and games are still played there all the time (at least they were--I don't know what they've done with it recently).

This is a no-brainer.

PRAYER BEFORE A GAME??? Armando, you are out of your mind.

ROSS has got to be the DUMBEST rich man (next to Romney) in the country.

He is an OUT OF TOWN owner WHO HAS NO CLUE THAT HIS GM IS BRAIN DEAD FOOTBALL WISE and about the kind of history the phins have in Miami with the fans.



I actually agree with everything....and, yes, you can never have too much prayer, especially with this team.

"Pray".... really? Give me a break Mando. Do that at church and home not when I am trying to watch a football game. Give noise makers. Move fans closer to the field. Not pray.

Dolphins should play the first minute of this song before Kicking off....


How about a promotion where every home game they hold a random drawing to get a kiss from Lauren Tannehill (with her permisssion of course). I don't mean on the lips, just the cheek and maybe a photo of the kiss.

She seems to be a HUGE hit in South Florida right now! I am sure she could use the exposure for her modeling aspirations and the male fans would be afraid to sell/give their tickets for fear of missing their chance.

Some of you guys amuse me...
really, you CAN'T find something other than a 30-second prayer to get riled up about? Have you SEEN what's going on in the World?
No one's forcing you to pray, but don't we all hear things we don't WANT to every day? We can't escape it, unless we just shut ourselves in for the rest of our lives.
I've never attended a home Dolphins game (I live in VA), but honestly, how many people complain about hearing Marc Anthony sing, or Fergie, or whoever? BUT THEY STILL PLAY IT! right? That goes on for a hell-er-heck of a lot longer than 30 sec.
I am glad we live in a country where most religions are free to express themselves, but, yes, Christians are increasingly marginalized day by day. We're told we can't even pray at work, to ourselves, or put up a cross, or sing God-Bless-America at Wal-Mart on NINE FREAKING ELEVEN!!!!
Yes, I'm a Christian...no, I'm not always Christ's best representative (see me after every Dolphins game); But, I make this solemn vow to all those who can actually see our 'Fins play every week.....sitting through a 30-second prayer will NOT make your ears bleed. Please, find something else to whine about.

A Godless society?

Please Armando, you're barely treading water with your writing as is, don't start getting all religious on people. Sounds like a personal opinion not some empirical fact.

I pray every day by the way, I just call it meditation.

good for you. I'm glad that you're free to meditate. But Mando isn't establishing a religion on the blog, but merely expressing his. Seriously, I don't see the problem.

Salgero, this, like most of the stories you've written lately, sucks. I suppose that if the Raiders fans pray as well, the good Lord will be in trouble in deciding who's going to win, don't you think ?
God, Buddha, Allah, Odin, whatever you want to call it, won't make the team play better or Ireland less stupid, or even Ross more wittigly. If you really want help improving the team, write a story asking Ross to fire Ireland, by pointing out all of his miscues since he arrived to this organization. Don't try to impose your personal tastes or believes to the rest of the fans, pal. We have enough dealing with this bad team. We fans support the team, but we don't want to support Ross' pockets or Ireland's.

Armando - love your ideas. I have been a displaced Dolphins fan for 15 years, but I try to make a game every year (even if I was overseas) and the game day experience nowadays just aren't like it was before and doesn't seem to stand out with the commercialization of mainstream media and experiences. The Dolphins need to be a brand of itself, hard-nosed winning football with its own unique brand of fan experience.

We need the cheerleaders to spend more time near the opponents sideline

Amen Armando

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