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Tannehill versus the Raiders and the blitz

Sunday's game between the Jets and the Dolphins will be the most difficult assignment Ryan Tannehill faces so far in his three-game professional career. I'm not saying it because the Jets offer the best talent or are necessarily the best defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets are simply the most aggressive and most multiple defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets will come with every blitz imaginable and some that haven't yet been imagined by the rookie. And that will be a stiff test.

But all is not lost.

Tannehill has seen the blitz before. He saw it 13 times against Oakland last week and handled it progressively better as the game wore on.

Tannehill was blitzed seven times by the Raiders in the first half of the Miami victory. He completed three of those passes.

In the second half, he was blitzed six times and he was an impressive 5 of 6, including completions on all three of his opportunities in the fourth quarter. The kid got better as the game wore on.

That suggests Tannehill may take a while to adjust. But he will adjust.

Our friend Joe Alvarez, who last week provided this blog with every Tannehill throw in the Houston game, is back this week with the video below of every throw the quarterback made against Oakland. Joe actually improved the look of the video by showing you the blitzes the Raiders used.

It's pretty interesting stuff.

By the way, Joe was kind enough to include touchdown runs by Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller in this video. Meanwhile, I'm going to include for you the column about Reggie Bush that I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

It shows how Bush has not been exactly what anyone -- including the Dolphins -- thought he would be. He's been more.


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Yeah, Reggie Bush running the ball is extra important this week. In addition to exotic blitzes he's never seen in a game, he's facing some very good DBs.


Great stuff! Joe's video shows how the entire offensive line adjusted and created more of a pocket for Tannehill as the game evolved. The Jets will be coming similar to Oakland but with different looks. The adjustments are part of what all good teams do during the course of a game. Miami did not make many in game adjustments with Sparano as HC. Having a running game will also help against the blitz.


I thought our pass blocking sucked?

at least thats what the experts tell me.

oh well, I hope Jets bring lots of blitzes. This offense is designed to strike big off that non-sense.

I will say that jet will bring a faster blitz than what Oakland did.

Fun week thus far but now its back to reality, back to the grim task of rooting for this lousy team. Tanny's gonna get crushed physically and terrorized psychologically.

These videos are the best thing on this blog lately. Good job Joe!!

When the blitz comes THill has a tendency to go to the Out Route. That worked last week against inferior CB's.

That won't work against Cromartie and Revis. They will be in tight press cover and will try to jump the pass for pick-six opportunities.

The plan this week should call for Fasano/Clay/RB's over the middle to fill the spots where the blitz is coming from. Also, slant routes from the slot receiver (Bess).

I also think they need to show a lot of roll-out passing early to keep the Jets honest and make them blitz more from the outside. That will create more time for THill to find the open receiver.

OOOOOO, the horror, we're playing the Jets. Well, Miami's going to be a bunch of terrorists and BRING. THEM. DOWN.


I think Fasano and Bush better have a good week along with Miller and Thomas.

Probably going to turn into a salute to the fist pump.

Go dolphins!!


The win against the Raiders was one of the most satisfying I have ever watched, and I am 72. Who knows where they go to now? They can only win or lose one game at a time. Go Dolphins

See the Giants game last night? See Ramses Barden? How good would he look as a Dolphin wr right now?

Oh yeah, the same Ramses barden we didnt draft a few years back.

Yeaah, I like video.

YG, the same Ramses Barden I said we should have acquired through FA this year.

Right on, Armando, Tannehill recognizing the blitz better and getting rid of the ball to the hot receiver.

The formula for success is apparent for this young team. Use the run to open up the pass and take pressure off the rookie QB. They need to wear down the defense by running the ball early and often.

btw, Lane can run fast, and far.


We probably could have got Ramses Barden for a ham sadwich, hold the swiss, in fa this year too. LOL

Jets are going to put 8 in the box, pal Mark, and force us to pass. What would you do?

I agree it was good performance last week but Thill will have to mix it up this week. Revis will contain Hartline and Thill mst throw more to his left side to keep def honest. Good luck my fins.

Gman our line's don't suck. We have the best in the division by far.

Also what's with this pick 6 nonsense!

How many pick 6's has T-Hill thrown this year? Zero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ur telling me the jets are special!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We played the bucs and they weren't returning picks to the house. Ditto with the cowboys or the Texans.

T-HILL WON'T THROW PICK 6's he can run down whoever he threw the pick at. Stop with the nonsense!!!

Be realistic!

Oh, Dashi gets it! That's what henne did in his 2nd game!

U ignorant extremist need to rethink ur ideals!!

T-Hill=T-$izzle !

T-Hill is certainly not henne. T-Hill got picked 60 picks earlier!

Is about 3 inches taller and runs about a whole second faster than henne.

They might have the same arm strength but T-Hill is a lot more accurate! Plus he doesn't have the short circuit roboqb would have. U know the one when henne is throwing bullets to the back in the flat, or throwing it so hard on a quick slant the ball usually does a jj watt off a offensive player(fasano) for a interception.

This is a FINS blog...but I gotta comment on something I saw involving Cam Newton last night....

While down 20-ZIP in the 3rd quarter....Newton scored on a 2 yard rushing touchdown...

Afterwards....Newton went in to his SUPERMAN gig (ALONE)....and then was SPARSELY greeted and congradulated on the Panthers 's side line....

Shunning the SUPERMAN celebration I understand...especially being down 20-0.....


No enuthasiam on the sidelines for the 2ND COMMING....well that worries me....

Has Cam Newton worn out his welcom among Panther player's and coaches....

Is he not getting maximum effort out of his teammates due to a attitude...or DIVA like personality....

Are they jealous of ALL the CREDIT (ATTENTION) he recieves when they win....does he not do a good enough job of redistrbuting the accolades durning the week...

Has Cam Newton bought into the hype...

Just some questions that arose in my mind....

The Jets are also going to jump up to try to knock down that quick pass to the middle field. What would you do?

I hope the Jets do place 8 in the box. Then when Bush breaks one to the 2nd level he's sure to take it all the way to house.

Also look to see Armstrong get some action at wr this week. With 8 in the box, and a 3wr set, we may be able to break one deep over the top with playaction passing.

Revis/Cromartie cant cover 3 wr's no matter how good they are.

Kris, that Panthers team has drafted poorly other than Cam Newton in the past five years. That will show itself ...

I don't fear this Jet defense. The Texan defense puts this one to shame. Zero natural pass rush from this defense. It all comes from blitzes and scheme.

Kris, it was pathetic. Your down 3 scores, look like trash, and score 1 TD and you're doing the Superman? Excuse me, if you're the man of steel, how come you folded like a cheap lawn chair all first half? If you're faster than a speeding bullet, why couldn't you get away from Osi or any of the other sacks made on you? If 1 TD meant ANYTHING, how come the Giants embarrassed you so bad that my own wife, a lifelong fan, had no problem watching the rest of the game from the bed, half asleep, because she knew the Panthers would never be able to come back?

This is the problem with today's player, they don't have any sense of "the moment." Do the Superman when you brought your team back from 20 down AND ARE NOW IN THE LEAD! Not when you FINALLY, 30 min later, scored one measly TD.

Mark and DC...I agree completely....

I just wonder how ugly it is in Panthers's camp...if we looked under the sheets and dug a bit further....

Who do the jets have on the d-line and lb? They don't scare anyone.

Also, what's with this gassing up of garbage players. R.Barden!!!!

Quick history on said garbage player, Dashi isn't a giants fan but I know a couple.

Barden was almost considered a bust by giant fans. His first 3 years he couldn't make the team. Getting beaten out by people like sinorce moss and others! They almost cut him again this year. This is bardens last year on his rookie deal. please explain how we could've signed him as a fa?

Let me guess every nobody that has 1 good game we should've signed.

And on the giants rb, people forget to mention the giants wasted a 1st rd pick on d.martin with L.Miller and many others still on the board! They actually have a guy off the street starting over their 1st rd pick. Pitiful

My 11 y/o son told me during last week's Game, Papa', why dont you play Fantasy Football?, after watching me perform calling play after play that happened the next second or soon thereafter(including the interception by Palmer). Nahh, Son, I replied, I don't want to embarrass the People.

Ramses Barden is what we needed. You jerkys are too much. We should have drafted the great WR, who in his 4th year, now has 25 catches for a whopping 336 yards, and no TD's, and this with Eli Manning at QB. Just so jerky it's tragic!


I just saw the Cam Newton postgame interview on espn. It was very troubling if you're a Panther fan. He basically did it in a highly dejected manner with his eyes closed.

As a fan a fan, I would never want to see my team's qb too high after wins and too low after losses. It could make for a hugely roller coaster season for the team and rollercoaster career that qb.

I fear Cam Newton could be the 2nd coming of Vince Young. Im not saying it will happen. Just that on present course the probability could exist.

Listening to NY radio up here Jest fans aren't necessarily looking at this game as a push over, but they aren't really taking it for granted either. One radio host is going instant win while all the others are actually down on the Jests winning this game and saying it's going to be upsetting a lot of Jest fans if they think this will be an easy game. Everyone is talking bush bush bush (though this isn't the game for him, Jests have a nice front 7, I'd be surprised if he ellipses 100 yards this game; this would actually be a game for *gasp* Thomas to produce since he's a bigger back)

No one is giving Tannehill credit, or anything for that matter saying how they're going to run him to the ground.

This game will come down to capitalizing on mistakes. Both offenses aren't too good and the defenses are much better. Problem is Jests secondary has a better chance at an interception than our secondary has....and we know how horrible we are at creating fumbles.

Ross locks up Ireland with Five Year Extension
Miami Dolphins owner Steven Ross today announced the signing of General Manager Jeff Ireland to a five year contract extension. "The win over the Oakland Raiders last Sunday established that the team in on the right track. Jeff's personnel decisions have placed the team in a position to compete with the premier teams in the NFL. I look forward to having him in the front office for years to come."

What great news for Dolphins fans!


Egyptian pharoh Ramses looked good last night, but I think that's a product of Eli more than Ramses. How many WR have gone Eli's way and looked good? You don't hear a thing from Steve Smith or Mario Manningham anymore. They capitalized with money and aren't putting up any stats. Nicks and Cruz would be wise to stay put in NY. I think this is the case of the QB making the WR better rather than vice versa

If you put Ramses on this team he'd be another Legadu Nannee

Barden's early troubles wasnt that he didnt have the potential to be a great wr. He couldnt get off the line in time against press coverage. Many wr's of his stature(6'6) have this problem early in thier careers.

Barden looked liked he's finally solved that last night against the Panthers. He was destroying the press at the line lastnight.

If you put Roberto Wallace on the Giants I bet you Eli would make us regret we cut him, but that's cause you can't spell elite without Eli and right now we're trying to get our Franchise QB to that status


Barden's success lastnight was due to 3 things, and I'll try and list them in order:

1. Barden has finally learned to get off of press coverage at the line

2. He was open and caught the ball

3. Eli's line allowed him to bake Grandma's Cookies in the pocket last night. The Panther's secondary was the oven.

So I'm thinking a lot of throws to our tight ends and running backs this week?


Roberto "ankle weights" Wallace? I dont care who the coaches are, you cant coach "seperation". Wallace has enough speed to seperate, something's going on mentally as to why he cant seperate from d-backs.

Difficult stuff. Revis is no back-up CB like the one assigned to Hartline last week and neither is Cromartie a piece of cake. Hmm..


So many guys on here were ready to inucdt Cam Newton to the Hall of Fame last year after admittedly a VERY impressive season. What people forget is that this isn't fantasy football, it's reall football and winning is all that matters. I'm not trying to suggest it was Cam's fault that the team was 6-10 last year but games like last night are games his team has to win. I didn't see the game last night but it's obvious Carolina laid an egg. Missed a golden opportunity. No question Newton is an awesome physical talent but I think there are still questions on whether he's going to be a winning QB or another Michael Vick.

I thought your points were well made.

Dashi knows it's been only 2 games but we average almost 100 more yards than the jets on offense and almost 20 more plays a game.

Again, it still to early in the season, but we are top 3 in offensive plays ran. Usually the best offenses run the most plays. The only teams that have ran more plays are the Saints and the packers, the pat's are in the top 5 too. That is some good offenses to be associated with.

Time of Possession don't matter if I run 15 more plays than u. Specially if they happen to be runs like last week.

YG, whatever the issue may be Eli is smart enough to adjust and call a play that will get you the ball. Eli can throw 3 picks in the first half like he did on Sunday then throw for 510 yards and torch your defense. Cruz is fast. Nicks is big. They don't really have an all-around pro bowl receiver but they have the different intangibles to get it done and Eli plays to those strengths. Wallace would be his possession receiver and I'm sure he'd put up the same numbers like Bennett (their backup TE) and Barden (backup WR) would strictly because Eli can throw the ball where he wants. I can only hope Tannehill gets to that status. He has the mental ability and intangibles to do it.

Ramses Barden's success last night was a result of 2 things last night:

1) Hakeen Nicks didn't play

2) Eli Manning was his QB

Get off his jock strap guys. He's done nothing in 3 years in the league and now he's the answer at WR? Come on! Let's talk next week and the week after and...

I'm no Coach but it's obvious that there has to be a very good Offensive Game plan designed for Sunday with the capability to make numerous adjustments.


Just lioke you said, Revis is no backup and Cromartie no piece of cake. That's why your weak link will be the nickel back. I look for 3 wr sets from us with the slot reciever being the "hot read".

I look for Armstrong to see some action Sunday, with opur 3 wrs being Hartline, Bess, Armstrong. Remember, Bess and Hartline can playu all 3 wr positions. we can line them up anywhere to create a mismatch.

The wco passing attack thrives on versatile wr's. Bess/Hartline can line up in all 3 positions. I look for this offensive coaching staff to try and take advantage of the Jets "3rd corner"(nickel) this week.

I hope Revis dupes Tannehill and he throws a would-be interception right into his hands. Best way for Ryan to learn that he has to account for where the CB is playing at all times. I'm glad he's going to see Revis twice this year and I hope Revis doesnt take it easy for the sake of Tannehill learning and gaining experience. This is a good bounce back game from the Raiders game because he won't get overconfident. But I don't think Tannehill is that kind of QB where he sways one way or the other. I like how he commands the huddle and line-of-scrimmage. Will he interesting to see how he does (and adjusts) against the Jests


I'll never be the one to argue Eli. I was one of the main ones last season to argue Eli was Eli-te. My point was only that Barden has cured his getting off jams issue and it showed last night.

Even an Eli-te qb cant get you the ball if you cant get off of jams.

A couple of observations from the clip Armando posted:

1) I didn't realize the Dolphins ere in shotgun formation quite as often in the first half as I saw. Was this the result of an aggressive Raiders D or because of the week before agsint the Texans.

2) The Raiders defense played really hard the first half and they weren't giving him much. Anything the team and Tannehill got they really had to work for.

3) Some accuract issues with Tannehill in the first half that he did a better job of in the second half.

4) Some drop balls by Hartline or it could have been an even bigger day

5) The athleticism, of Tannehill just jumps out at you on the film. There were times on the film he just didn't look like a 2 game rookie. Just saw the confidence and the decisiveness. Very encouraging!

True, YG.


I'm not being smart on this one, but I know you play fantasy football. Are you prepared to go out and grab Ramses Barden for your team as soon as you possible can?

Craig, while watching the game I noticed Tannehill's passes being just a split second too late. That's the speed of the game that everyone talks about. He'll adjust and learn with more games he plays. I noticed it during that slant route to Hartline and the comeback route to Hartline. Better CBs knock those passes down

Armando, great job for Joe Alvarez....Also I want to said what a great pick was Pouncey, what a job he did last Sunday... it is on record ...let's see this Sunday how he will work against the Jets...he looks like the anchor of the O.L.

Taking nothing from Tannehill but isn't some of the adjustments made by the offense due to the coaching staff making adjustments in the second half?

What seperation?

Eli was putting it windows only the Wr can catch it. Back shoulder, or to the sideline.

Funny a guy that is 6'6 has trouble getting off the line. Dashi would think it would be with his footwork. U know route running. Garden came from a division 2 school! He was a polished route runner?

Reality check!


Get off Gardens Sach's(auto correct writes garden, so stick with it)

The man has been in the league 4 years and he had less catches than Clyde gates


Very good observation. I noticed the same thing. He needs to ZIP those balls in there. Revis would come up with those. I din't noice improvements in the second half however.

Thanks so much for the video of Tannehill and the highlights...living in GA I seldom get to see many games and espn and nfl network show hardly any Dolphins clips...once again thanks

Im liking Tannehill's progress. He still has a ways to go "game experience" wise. However, his decision making has been very solid, and his athleticism and throwing on the run with accuracy is something to behold.

Still, Tannehill needs to have a very solid run game to rely on while his game experience increases, confidence builds, and continue to surround him with better recieving weapons. I wouldnt want to see him pressed into trying to win games on his throwing arm alone. He still has a ways to go before we can ely on that just yet.

On passing downs we run the shotgun a lot.

Even against the Texans. The tipped passes were out of the shotgun. Like Dashi said 700+ plays in Sherman's good book. Maybe Sherman is still testing out his offense. Seeing what works. Which is scary. Not a lot of play action. A little spread option, 1 or 2 roll outs.

I read somewhere that Coaches decided is better for Tannehill for now to take the snap under center and drop back as that way he can see better how the play is developing.

Craig, agreed on barden. Talent and production wise, he'd be no different than Bess or hartline on this team. What we need is the difference maker. The Desean jackson, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Kenny britt, Hakeem Nicks type talent that Brandon marshall had without the mental problems he had. All these "hidden gems" is jsut adding more of what we already have.

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