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Tannehill versus the Raiders and the blitz

Sunday's game between the Jets and the Dolphins will be the most difficult assignment Ryan Tannehill faces so far in his three-game professional career. I'm not saying it because the Jets offer the best talent or are necessarily the best defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets are simply the most aggressive and most multiple defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets will come with every blitz imaginable and some that haven't yet been imagined by the rookie. And that will be a stiff test.

But all is not lost.

Tannehill has seen the blitz before. He saw it 13 times against Oakland last week and handled it progressively better as the game wore on.

Tannehill was blitzed seven times by the Raiders in the first half of the Miami victory. He completed three of those passes.

In the second half, he was blitzed six times and he was an impressive 5 of 6, including completions on all three of his opportunities in the fourth quarter. The kid got better as the game wore on.

That suggests Tannehill may take a while to adjust. But he will adjust.

Our friend Joe Alvarez, who last week provided this blog with every Tannehill throw in the Houston game, is back this week with the video below of every throw the quarterback made against Oakland. Joe actually improved the look of the video by showing you the blitzes the Raiders used.

It's pretty interesting stuff.

By the way, Joe was kind enough to include touchdown runs by Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller in this video. Meanwhile, I'm going to include for you the column about Reggie Bush that I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

It shows how Bush has not been exactly what anyone -- including the Dolphins -- thought he would be. He's been more.


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Craig M knows the deal. Barden is lucky a couple of guys were injured, and he was on the receiving end of one of the best QB's in the NFL. End of story. Barden will disappear once again, when Nicks is back.

Craig, looking at how Eli's playing, I just might get Barten. That's if I didn't already have Nicks.

Look, I'm not saying the guy is Andre Johnson, I'm saying he looked like he was coming along pretty nicely last night. Sure, Carolina defense stinks, but he's got good size, and if he can compensate on his lack of speed with crisp route-running, he could make a good #2-3 WR.

First off they completed a lot of out routes 2 to 3 yars beyond the marker. The DBs were playing off Hartline like he's Andre Johnson, I don't expect the Jets DBs to do the same. But I like that Tannehill and Sherman recognized what was going on and attacked.

It's so different from the Sparano era. He was so stubborn it seemed as if there were never adjustments made. Or even worse, like he and his staff didn't recognize trends in the defense.

Earth to bloggers. This is still the same Tannehill with only 25 college starts or whatever. The slightly late throws are due to adjusting to the speed of the game.

They mention "speed of the game" but its not like every single throw Tannehill makes is late. At times it comes out late. If every single throw a qb makes comes out late. You couldnt even have him in the game.

Its just that on the nfl level you dont want "any throws" coming out late. Thier all potential picks. The most important message is that Tannehill "is improving" in the "speed of the game" area.

btw, I see very few pure backstep QB drops, as Griese did quite often, nowadays. Probably the speed of today's Game.


EXACTLY right. It's time to stop looking for these 'acorns' at WR and invest in a stud. WE can only hope that Ireland doesn't get too cute with this and think he can uncover a WR in the second or third round and actually add a bonafide start at the position. My only exception this woould be if we could get a stud rushing linebacker, like a Demarcus Ware, but I'm my with you, I want a Johnson (Andre or Calvin) on this team.

You guys also have to remember, Tannehill was not projected as a day 1 starter by anyone. That he has become a day 1 starter and is doing as well as he has is "miracle enough" for me.

I was one those extremely against making him an 8th overall pick too. The jury's still out, but thus far he's passing with flying colors. Right now Im proud of the kid. So consider these things in your Tannehill critique. No one projected him a day 1 starter as a rookie qb.

I call Vonte's grandmother and neither did she.


You don't need to be an ass to MiamiD20. He makes a very good observation. Philbin has even said the same thing.

Why is it every time some on here makes a good point you have to put them down? Is it because you didn't come up with it?

'Earth to bloggers' is an EXTREMELY condescending comment. I just don't get you....

So much for being worried about Tannehill and NFL defenses. From his first game the kid was already recognizing blitzes and coverage's pre snap and calling audibles. Henne, not so much, like never.

Throws on the run well as we all know but something else I have noticed is how accurate he is when throwing against his body. That's a really tough throw to make especially with any accuracy but he does it flawlessly.

He has his areas to work on but I'm not talking about those right now, maybe after the Jets game :)

I also love how he isn't scared to stay in the pocket and take a hit in order to complete a pass. He seems to have really good anticipation of the rush.

Lastly this is something people might not notice unless they have played the position so I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it. Ryan knows where to put the ball, his anticipation of where the wr's will be, where the dbs are, and where the ball needs to be placed in order for his receiver to be the only one to make a play on the ball is outstanding so far. It's something you have or you don't, it can not be taught, it's all instinct.

Jets are a HUGE test for the young qb BUT, he's going to have his bad games, we have to give him some time to learn the NFL. But all the signs are good, very excited to see how this works out.


Not exactly a ringing endorsemt for Mr Barden. You'd 'think about it'? Top 5 QB in the league. With all due respect, Barden on this team would be just another question mark, the same way Gates and Wallace were. Let's see what he shows us over a 6 game span. Fair?

Get off of this wr trip. We are what we are for the rest of this season.

We crucified the wr corps duriong the preseason and Hartline had yet to play. Hartline was fantastic Sunday. Now let's wait and see what Armstrong brings to the table before continuing on with the hate. He may be a very pleasant surprise too.

According to what Armstrong brings to the table, we may all be pleasantly surprised this wr corps is a far cry from what we thought it was coming into the season.

If Armstrong pleases, it would give us the afc east's best wr corps hands down. Definitely something none of us saw coming coming prior to season's began.

Oscar Troll if I may add on. Lets not forget that he was third string through most of camp and didn't get a lot of time with the ones. Not only that but he's working with Hartline for the first time, never had time in camp with him. He is still learning the wrs tendencies. Not to mention he doesn't have the best wr and te corp. The signs are there, can't wait to see what this kid does with some real weapons around him in the passing game.


Some REALLY good points @ 10:31am. There's not a lot to be disappointed in this kid so far. The audibles were something that really impressed me. I don't remember have the smarts or guts to do that, not only at this stage but at any stage. I think we're seeing the makings of something special here in this guy. Looking forward to seeing what he can do when he has more help.

Three tough defences in a row for this kid. I don't see this test as being any tougher than the Texans defence. They have a lot of very talented guys and Wade Phillips is really good at moving guys around. To me, at best this will be a similar test.

Next season Tannehill is going to turn into a top 15 QB, by his 4th season he'll be top 7-8. He's adjusting and adapting 10x better than Henne ever did. I think Sherman and Philbin knew what they were doing with this selection. A reach? Not in the least


This is YG. I change my screen name to this because oscart was using my screen name to attack others. CraigM was buying it hook, line, and sinker. When oscar used my YG screen name to attack him. I never need any help with loser CraigM. LOL

More fair would be let's see how Barden compares to Legadu "Yes I'm Still on the Field Even Though You Don't Ever Hear My Name Called Unless it's for a Bad Play" Naanee over the course of the Season.

But, Craig don't let my offhand observation mistake the fact that I don't really care about Barden. He wasn't going to make us suddenly into a Playoff team. Other than Naanee, I'm fine with the guys we have. As long as I can see a burly Javorskie Lane running over Yeremiah Bell on Sunday, I'm happy as a clam.

And that's my point exactly, YG. Some great conversation with some of the bloggers this morning and you have to interrupt it with your insults and your comments. Is it because you didn't come up with the point that you try to discredit people? You really are a strange guy...

Anyways, back to football talk...

The videos show that between running the no-huddle and running plays that go from one side of the field to the other side of the field, that is the remedy for keeping hands from batting balls down and agressive blitzes. This wears a defense down during the course of the game. It also shows that this coaching staff at least has plans and adjustments per opponent. Totally different look on offense compared to Texan game. Dolphins wins this game a home.

Craig, trying to reason with flipper breed, really? It's obvious this guy has some serious problems and at the least suffers in a severe mental capacity shortage.

You're right though, MD20 is an excellent contributor. Love his stuff and didn't condone the comment by that tard.

By the way, I checked myself, and I was wrong after all about my Burnett comments yesterday. I guess that's my mind playing tricks on me, because I could have sworn he was hurt a lot last year, but looks like he did start all 16 games. So he's off my Parcells injury sh*t list, for now.


Good points. Sorry I mistook your comments to mean that Barden would be a difference maker on this team. He wouldn't. Just more of the same. He's been the invisible man for three years.

I feel the same way as you regrading Naanee. My hope is that Philbin is making Matthews EARN his playing time. Excited to see what this kid can do if given the chance.

Yeah, well, I don't particularly care for D20's comments either. We don't watch Games to see a Player's development but to see our Team win.


If Tannehill cant at least be a top 15 qb "this season" our offense can be in for a lot of trouble.he way our run game is clicking, there's no way Tannehill couldnt be a top 15 qb this year alone.

Hell, next year Im looking forward to him being no less than a "bottom 12" nfl qb. The kid seems to learn from his mistakes very quickly.


I also think Burnett is on Ireland. He brought him in after Parcells has left. I know you meant, this idea that Parcells hates guys in the trainers room, just wanted to point out this is Ireland's responsibility. To be honest, I think we've got what we expected from Burnett. Solid contributor, who hasn't broken the bak so far. He's good for one more year, if not the two more after this on his contract. He doesn't hurt the team at all at this point.

Listening to NY radio and the hosts opened up their midday show talking about how Eli just makes everyone look good. Obviously not gospel but fans and people up here know the Eli effect and what it does to receivers. They used the comparison of putting Barden on St Louis he's do nothing, very similar to if you put Barden on Miami he'd be a wash.

One thing that Dashi Loves about Sherman is the Formations. It goes under appreciated. This week he ran new Formations not Just plays. Look at the Tape Again. T-hill rarely throws out the same Formation Back to Back.

That has to be frustrating for a Defense. I saw about 20 different Formations!! Each pass play, new Formation.

Only time u see him repeat Formations and play is when he rollout's to the Right and throws it out of bounds.

Also they were formations from the Texans game that weren't in this game. The Shotgun with only a TE on the Outside of the Line. Wasn't in the Raider Game.

Dashi believes Sherman has Rollouts out of all those Formations. Good thing T-Hill knows the Playbook! I'm Telling U 30 pass plays about 20 different formations.

Oh and 2 long TD Runs were To Who's Side?

I always looked at Tannehill this way: if Tannehill was drafting in the 2013 draft he would be neck-in-neck with Barkley for the top QB. We got that QB a year early. He's raw, but if we give him this extra year of experience he'll be that much further ahead of the curve. This year isn't his or our year. As a fan I want to see wins of course which fan wants to see your team lose, but I know this year isn't about our team so I'm not focused on wins but would rather see my franchise QB improve and turn into the QB that takes us to the next level for years to come.

If we lose I'm going to be POd and if we win im going to be ecstatic, regardless of the situation

This was someone's tweet to Armando.

"Just want to say I always enjoy ur posts, but ur article and posts recently have been really good, great writing."

Apparently he missed the post titled "Bush admits players were 'not in favor' of Hard Knocks".

lol Armando got crushed for that, good thing the practice report was so readily available. We didn't even get to the 2nd page before he had a new post up.

The Dolphins organization needs to study what the Giants do and try to attain to be more like them. See why at:

Post Of The Day:

"I always looked at Tannehill this way: if Tannehill was drafting in the 2013 draft he would be neck-in-neck with Barkley for the top QB. We got that QB a year early".

D20 @ 10:56 AM Geat post man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YG, I read that you said some guy was trolling you but it wasn't you because you mix in football talk with your insults. Your past 3 posts haven't even a sentence of football talk in them. Makes it hard to believe it was Oscar trolling you when your defense is inaccurate.

Thank you YG, now I feel bad for my post at 10:59 :p lol

What's there to get Craig? Whomever it is isn't worth your time. Condescending, rude, disrespectful, childish and so on.

Now ask yourself one question. 'Would I hang out with or even talk to a person like this outside this blog?'

If the answer is yes then you just may be a masochist.

If the answer is no then do the same here. Ignore them because it's what you do to an a$%hole.


Youre absolutely right. If Tannehill had 1 more full college season under his belt, he would probably bypass Barkley as 2013 1st qb chosen. WEe probably did get 2013's top qb pick a year early.

Great post man!

thanks for the video Joe!


CraigM and Mark In Torontoless always start in on me when I havent even posted to them. Just like returning the fun. They expect it. LOL

Don't hate YG. Don't hate Craig. Don't hate me.



Guys like CraigM and Mark In Toronto, provocate bs in here. Youre speaking to the wrong side of the solution. I return the favor to them a little but I do have a stopping point. Im not Odin. LOL


I hate no one here. To hate anyone, first you need to know them on a personal level. If not, it makes you the bigger fool. LOL

Interesting that for five years on this blog I haven't seen the word ghey on this blog until I typed it yesterday.

Now FLIPPER IGNORAMUS is using it like it's his Pee Wee's Playhouse word of the day. I know he's jumping around and yelling in his trailer every time he types it.

Have you even got around to putting pants on today you life sucking mouth breather?


Well said. Good advice. Thanks bud.

Oscar Troll I don't know who you are. You say you are YG but you could be someone else impersonating yg as oscar troll for all I know. But this is the stuff I can't stand.

"I never need any help with loser CraigM. LOL"

Look, I'm not a 14 year old girl hanging out in a bathroom trying to gang up on someone. You're never going to get an answer from me if other bloggers who are respectful are being trashed in your post. Three kinds of people act this way.
1. Little kids.
2. Teenage girls
3. Dimwitted adults

None of whom I want to have any kind of football discussion with. If you can't be respectful don't bother knocking on my door.

YG, I don't know Mark Sanchez either, but doesn't mean I don't hate him. I want to see him pushed into a scalding vat of pink slime and watch the skin peeled from his head like a banana.

Is that normal?

FLIPPER POS, I only direct posts like that at you because I don't like you.

As I said before, I'd shoot you for sport you piece of junk.

Stop stealing oxygen from the rest of the state of Florida.

"Yeah, well, I don't particularly care for D20's comments either. We don't watch Games to see a Player's development but to see our Team win."

That's your opinion. Who's we? You and your 11 year old son who calls you "pappa"? What is this the roaring 20's? Does he churn your butter as well? So you and your son watch for the wins as you brag about how awesome you are. Great, good for you. That kid is in for such a disappointing awakening when he grows up and see's the truth about "pappa".

Craig no problem and so sorry if I came off condescending. I didn't mean it that way. I'm just so sick of the childish behavior in here.


There you go with your captain savahoe ways again. Look buddy, had enough of you. Youre part of the problem, not the solution, with your wrong side of the table savahoe ways. Dude please go suck on a pacifier or something.

Youre seeming to be the biggest 14yur old here. When will you learn to stfu when something isnt pertaining to you? No one here is your friend we're all bloggers whom no one "personally" knows the other. Get a grip already.

You aint capt savahoe. Geesh, dude you have nothing more useful to do with your time than play capt savahoe in a meaningless blog. For people you'll never ever meet. Dude get help. LOL

GO FINS!!!!!

What is everyone so angry about? Seriously? We're 1-1, coming off a huge win. It's JETS week! It's FRIDAY! I'm still sexy, why are people here so cranky? Are you Romney supporters or something?

YG, this is why I like Tannehill, like the draft pick, and will put up with each and every fault this season, because next season and in years 3 and 4 we are going to see a QB who will read blitz's better. Read coverages better. Who can throw a touch route and a line-drive power pass. He'll be a QB: homer or not I'll take a 6-10 season this year only to get a top notch WR to help him next year

I just read the post @ 11:14.....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

My post should have said...GO KILLERFINS!!!!!!!



Your post about Tanne being out a year early....I hope that's the case....

but I will wait a full 16 games before I can really make such a bold statement....

Oscar Troll, come on man do you take me for a fool?

I read all the comments in here and I see exactly who starts what. I have never seen either of those two start anything. I've seen them respond to someone being an ahole but never see them start one thing. And Craig has been here much longer than any of these new names.

If I'm wrong then I will admit it and move on.

But here's the thing, if they provoke fights in here, if they are the problem, then certainly there is tons of evidence to back up that claim.

Give me some time lines of posts where they started a fight with someone and I will read them. Don't look too hard, they aren't there.


Thouigh I hated the pick at 8th overall, Tannehill's ioncreasingly seeming like the "real deal". If we've finally found oru qb(after 15yrs) the sky's the freaking limits for this franchise.

Just has to be continued with wise decisions made around him in adding talent on both sides of the ball. If this happens, "happy days could be here again"!

And now I'm done with you. Disrespectful, childish, annoying, condescending, rude. You have wasted enough of my time talking about this nonsense. I'm here to talk about football. If you would like to change your name again and talk football go for it, I'm all ears. Otherwise I will be ignoring every post you write from now on. Have a nice day. :)

LOL @ 11:14.....

Thanks Kris :) lol


I didn't come across as condescending, don't worry. Irealize words on a page can't come across that way sometimes but I know you well enough that it's not your style. All good brother....best wishes for a good weekend and a Dolphins win!


You can always head back to Ohio's "circle-jerk" blog. No one here ever missed you anyway. We're not looking "mall cops" over here. LOL

The Dolphins need to draft some playmakers next year, is the WR from USC Woods considered a top 15 pick? Look at Matt Ryan the reason he's successful is the talent he's surrounded by. White, Jones, Gonzalez, Turner its endless. Get Tannehill some playermakers Ireland! and not scubs like Legadodo

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