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Tannehill versus the Raiders and the blitz

Sunday's game between the Jets and the Dolphins will be the most difficult assignment Ryan Tannehill faces so far in his three-game professional career. I'm not saying it because the Jets offer the best talent or are necessarily the best defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets are simply the most aggressive and most multiple defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets will come with every blitz imaginable and some that haven't yet been imagined by the rookie. And that will be a stiff test.

But all is not lost.

Tannehill has seen the blitz before. He saw it 13 times against Oakland last week and handled it progressively better as the game wore on.

Tannehill was blitzed seven times by the Raiders in the first half of the Miami victory. He completed three of those passes.

In the second half, he was blitzed six times and he was an impressive 5 of 6, including completions on all three of his opportunities in the fourth quarter. The kid got better as the game wore on.

That suggests Tannehill may take a while to adjust. But he will adjust.

Our friend Joe Alvarez, who last week provided this blog with every Tannehill throw in the Houston game, is back this week with the video below of every throw the quarterback made against Oakland. Joe actually improved the look of the video by showing you the blitzes the Raiders used.

It's pretty interesting stuff.

By the way, Joe was kind enough to include touchdown runs by Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller in this video. Meanwhile, I'm going to include for you the column about Reggie Bush that I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

It shows how Bush has not been exactly what anyone -- including the Dolphins -- thought he would be. He's been more.


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Okay Craig glad to hear it. Yes a Dolphins win would be unbelievable. I am in NY and know so many Jets fans. Monday will either suck or be a great day for me.

When we win I just smile at them all, I don't say a thing.

When we lose they tear me apart all day. It's horrible lol.

So I'm really hoping for a win. But either way I will be sitting in the man cave nervous as hell and yelling at the tv. My wife has already planned a day out with her sister, she hates Jets week!

Gota get some work done guys, see you later. Peace

Why do u guys always do this to Dashi.


We should've put that to rest with his scrawny Arm. And Little Height. The Guy has No Real Natural Talent.

T-Hill is what Hitler wanted White People To look like. The Aryan Prototype. Cause we all have to admit Luck is a Little Slow. Hate to hear how he sounds Angry. But Dashi gets it Luck is Autistic. He could go retarded during a Game. Luck will have a Perfect Game. And then do it again. Probably even 1 in his rookie season.

Luck is Efficient. And Throws a Very Catchable Ball. It's Soft Spiral. T-Hill throws a Heavy Ball. Lasers ala Marino or Favre.

Specially when he feels the Pressure. The Inexperience Sets in and He Starts Dropping that elbow.

Now I want T-Hill to have a Good Game. 20-30 200 yds 2TD's 0 Int's, NO TIPPED PASSES! And MAybe 50 yds Rushing.

Also give reggie his 150 yds Rushing, remember he's asking Sherman for 2000 yds. This Line will make the Jet's it's Bottom B!tch. Who do the Jets have on the D-Line?

The only thing the Jets have is Revis and he's been injured alot this season already. He barely played preseason with a leg injury and then he gets a concussion with a light tap from Bart.

Can't wait till lane drops the Hammer on Revis. What's his average he knocks out 1 player a Game. Polite was Nice. J.Lane is just a Beast. Again screw this D.Thomas on Short Yardage. If we need 1 Yard, I just want the ball going to one person. Lane behind FatBoy. Nothing Special. Nothing Fancy. Just Move the Pile. Bring Soliai in as his FB. Call it the Fatboy Set.

Nothing Special Ground and Pound.

J.Lane is like that little orphan child for sherman. T.Hill is his pride and Joy but Lane is Special. What was it Sherman told him. When I go back to the NFL just give me a Call. I got U.

He is slowly putting him in the Game Plan. Lane was his RB at Texas A&M. So Big Boy Has Nimble Feet. The J-Train! Cause the bus is to little. Last week he even gave him the ball 4 times to end the Game. for 12yds. Just to tell oakland the game is over.

Dashi is Ok with Lane getting 10-12 touches a Game! U can take them away from Thomas right now while he gets healthy.


You had better get your boys to take down that POSR @ 11:14.....

or i'm gonna be RE-POSTING that ALL DAY....


It's funny cause it's true....

Before I go ROFLMAO. What doesn't this guy understand. I say I'm going to ignore his posts and he keeps writing to me.

I see the words Phins78 at the start of the post and immediately scroll to the bottom. As soon as I see who is talking to me I move to the next post. I have no clue what he is even writing and it cracks me up that he is spending so much time with it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Like I actually care what he thinks about me.lol I don't even know him. ROFL,,,,,Priceless. See ya people

Clark, apparently Woods is one of 5 or so WRs with first round grades on them at this stage according to ESPN's Stats Inc.

The top rated WR is from Tennessee. he has great physical skills apparently but his production is not quite all there right now. Interesting because he has a good QB there. How can that be?

Phin78 and Mark,

I have no idea if Yg is a Dolphins fan, a troll or a headcase but one thing I'm sure of he's like a spoiled little kid who needs the attention on him. I think he has the belief that this is his blog or hos playground to control. He's like a little puppy, 'pay attention to me. Pay attention to me'. We had some great conversation going this morning, including Kris' conversation on Cam Newton. I didn't get the attention it deserved because of this guy's childishness.

And I realize all this time he's probably sitting there smiling because he's diverted the attention to himself.

Only 1 great wr has come out of USC in 30yrs. That's Lynn Swann.

Funny thing, just like the qb's, wr's look great while theyre playing at USC too. Get to nfl and look "plain ordinary".

Not saying Robert Woods wouldnt be a great nfl wr. Just that USC wr's seem just as likely to be great in the nfl as thier USC qb's. Let that salivate for a moment.

Craig, he's a retard, plain and simple. And that is offensive to mentally challenged people who work hard every day - this guy does the opposite.

Dashi, the Jets have 2 #1 picks on their D line in Wilkerson and teh guy they drafted this year - shoot - what's his name - the same guy a lot people wanted us to draft instead of Tannehill and dropped like a rock - dam brain freezes - now i have to look it up.


Not sure how much College football you watch but there's a couple of guys on Ohio's blog that watch it quite closely and have some good inisght on these guys. Woods is one of those guys. Is he in the same league as guys as Andre and Calvin Johnson. I doubt it but I really don't know enough about it. I just don't watch enough of the College game to be up on this stuff. My fear is we draft a WR high and he just doesn't do it for us. There have been many first round busts throughtout the league.

Agreed on the Wr's. If Armstrong comes along we will have 3 ok WR's(Best in the Division). Also would like to see Matthews get his shot because of his size. Naanee is holding on because of Special teams.

But we need 1 more Wr to work out for this season to be a Successful one Win-Loss Wise. 11-5!! It Could Happen.

Armstrong could work out because Dashi see's Hartline on the Way out.

What is the 1 thing they don't like about Hartline. He missed all of training camp and all of the Preseason. With his Injury(Holding Out) and is already starting. It's a Direct Slap in the Face. That's not how things work out with Philbin and them.

U show up and U Show up Early!!



Wow, you released your lips from Markie's butthole long enough to make a post? Im impressed. But Im sure he's waiting for you to reassume the position again.

Or is it his turm to press lips to bunghole? You two never seem to post at the same time. I wonder why? LOL


whaddya mean you dont know how much college football Mark watches? You're roomies, youre partners in life.

Oh, I get it. Its tough for him too watch much college football while his lips are firmly pressed against your bunghole. LOL


It's interesting, we haven't heard much about Coples to date, other than he wasn't in good enough shape to keep up with the regulars in camp and Ryan had him take some time off watching. Big question mark, I think.

Can Craig, Mark and YG just all get along, whats the point in beefing on a Dolphins blog? No one knows how anyone looks, and none of you guys will ever see other.

Armstrong and Nenee are useless.

See YG I like these football conversations, much better than trying to make a point saying homer or loser, I think this is a break thru in our blog relationship. It's too bad Oscar is still upset at me for saying he was a troll. Sorry Oscar :p

is Naanee still on the team?

Craig, there is no Johnson, Blackmon, Crabtree available in this draft. Might be one of those years that guys taken in the 2nd will be as good as guys taken in the first. And if there is one team that has been the trend setter in taking 2nd round WRs, it's GB. So might be a good idea to let Philbin take a crack at a guy in that round. Another kick to the Dolphins groin is that there isn't a TE in sight in the first round either.

May end up going CB first round again if the draft was tomorrow.


I think that would be a mistake. A rushing linebacker or someone to fill Dansby's shoes would be a better pick unless there's an Eric Berry/Thomas guy out there. I don't know the College guys well enough but it's early and a top WR or TE could still emerge.

Sorry, didn't answer the question, I do follow College Football. Not as much as I used to watch but still do my share.

Yeah, killerfin and Kris, but can you consistently call plays before they happen as I do? I am AWESOME.

Lets talk about who has the advantage and disadvantage in the Jets VS Dolphins game.

Offense: Equal

Dont expect either team to light up the score board.

Defense: Slight Advantage to Jets

Jets have a way better secondary compared to the Dolphins, Cromartie and Revis >>>> Smith and Marshall

Special Teams: Dolphins

Matthew looks like a stud, plus Fields and Denny = best P and LS in the league.

Coaching: Jets

Ryan fat a** is still in control of his team and the D is still pretty good

Prediction: Dolphins win 20 to 14 why beacuse Im a homer.


Coples dropped like a rock for some reason. Saw the same thing happen with Nick Fairley and then he's been trouble too. There's always a reason I guess.

And yes it is early but one thing I would have a hard time with is drafting an inside player of any sort in the first round - including a MLB. I just don't see the value. If there's a CB,S, or MLB all with a similar 1st round grade, I go CB or S every time.

Here. In general, we should throw where Revis and Cromartie ain't.

Yes, Mark They have 2-1st rd Picks.

But Look at their Stats.

Wilkerson 5 Tkls 0 Sacks 0 Passes Deflected

Coples(The Rookie) 2 Tkls 0 Sacks 0 PD's

and Pouhua Their Best Linemen 2 tkls 1 Sack 1 PD

Mr. Starks alone has 8Tkls 2 Sacks 0 PD's

If those 2 Linemen were Dolphins they would be considered a Bust. And Pohua only has 4.5 Career Sacks in 8 years in the League.

Doesn't scare Me.

Why are they Stressing this Game So Much. We are the Jet's Measuring Stick. They know if they lose to us this will be a Real Long Year for the JETS. Alot of people are getting fired. It will be disastrous with No Cap. And Sanchez signed to an extension. Even if they take MATT BARKLEY 1st Overall!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how sweet that would be. The JETS take 2 USC Qb's High and they both are Bust!!! Priceless!

We know this win just Shows that we are improving. Not that are lives depend on it. Like Mr. Revis. We are just looking for Improvement out of T-Hill and To see if he can handle a more Complex Defense. Identical to what the Cowboys run. Similar to What the Texans Run.

If he comes out of this Game Looking like the game wasn't bigger than him We will all be Happy. Also is our O-Line For Real?

Great video Alvarez, thank you.

Oh, and fuc- you Two.

Anybody have the Giants beating the Panthers last night? To me that was an easy one....for the Panthers. What the Hell happened? I guess Eli is just that good and the Panthers aren't.

I have the Jets beating us this weekend, the Browns beating the Bills, the Broncos beating the Texans, the Ravens beating the Pats and New Orleans finally winning a game.

12-4 last week. Going to be awfully tough to match that this week.

Coples had red flags written all over him. I heard Ryan was targeting Bruce Irvin at 16 and I bet they didn't have a backup plan.
For the people who bash Ireland... Just take one good look at the clown they call a GM up there in NJ and you'll be thanking the foosball gods we aren't stuck with that.

If for some reason you want to start thinking draft, I think these are 5 guys you want to consider at the top of round one if the Dolphins hold a similar draft spot to last year:

1. Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE, Georgia (edge pass rusher a la Von Miller)
2. Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU (same)
3. Justin Hunter, WR, Tennesse (Big, fast WR with excellent route running ability)
4. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
5. Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn

I predict the Dolphins play 60 minutes and the Jets don't.

That alone, will be enough.

I don't know college at all but if any of these WRs are somewhat of a risk I'd rather draft a sure-fired CB or MLB. We can always move back into the 1st round with the 20 some-odd picks and draft the second best WR in the draft. I'd even settle for best-player-available unless it's an OL or QB or RB in the top 10. Give me a DL or Safety if it's going to be a stud player but grabbing a WR just to grab one would be a waste


Thanks. I'll make a note of these guys and keep an eye on them.

You say there's no andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson in this draft. Who do you see Justin Hunter becoming?

And Mark,

Of the guys you've mentioned, I am familiar with Jarvis Jones and I like what I've seen from him.

Anyways, I fail to see the connection between my son calling me Papa' in 2012 and the Roaring 20's.(I bet it must be some highly uneducated People writing that stuff).

But, of course, as the great understanding Man that I am, I know we are in Miami and this is a Football Blog.

Kenny Britt an elete player a difference maker?????Since when. The most passes he's ever caught in one year is 42, the most yards 775. Career 4 years 102 caught, 1770 yards. Hartline, most catches in a season 43, most yards 615, for a career catches 121, for 1831 in 4 seasons. Britt a difference maker, what's Hartine lol.

Mark/Craig, I noticed Jarvis Jones too. BEAST! Would make a nice addition to Wake's opposite side.

Hunter at that kind of grade should be a legit number one but the Johnsons are on just another level. Those guys are first ballot HOFers in the making. Just because Hunter isn't of that ilk doesn't mean he couldn't be what this team is missing. If he is as productive as Britt or Nicks of the recent first round picks then that would be well worth it.

As far as Jones goes, the boys at ESPN have him ranked number one overall - higher than Barkley. It will be an interesting proposition for the team drafting number one if they don't have a decent QB prospect on their roster.

Mario v Bush part 2

Ireland's Republican Army,

If you're just joking, then cool.
But if you're serious.. can you please post the link. I'm unable to find anything about this.



I agree with you on the Hunter comment.

I'll reserve judgement on the two Johnson's beong first ballot Hall of Famers. LONG way to go...When Tim Brown and Andre Reed and Cris Carter can't get in year after year, it tells me the voters don't value the position the way they should. Don't mistake my comments to mean they aren't GREAT players because they are. I just think based on what we've seen it'll be questionable whether they get in first ballot. We'll see.

A Top 10 Pick on a MLB is Usually a Guarantee.

This Year Kuechky.

Jerrod Mayo.

Patrick Willis.

Almost all the Great MLB's today are 1st RD Picks. Ray Lewis, Urlacher, Lawerence Timmons, Jon Beason, Vilma, Harris, D.Ryan, Even ur Boy Dansby is a Former 1st rd Pick!

A Good MLB is The QB of UR Defense!!! He coud make up for not having no OLB's!! Remember Zack Thomas who were his OLB's? Nobody. Just a Good D-Line and a Great MLB. That's what the Ravens Do. Sugg's is Really a DE.

Even More Important than a Ball Hawk FS. All the Great Defense's Have a Top 5 LineBacker in the Middle!

Te'O from Nortre Dame. The kid is a Beast.

Right Now our Main problem is our LB's. Who Give up the Most Pass Yards in the NFL. That's on them and the Safety's.

Maybe we get that FA WR before the Draft(Bowe or Jennings). So we can focus on getting our Defenses Core Younger and More Talented. A MLB, A FS, and Another LB. Give Misi 1 more Year with younger players around Him. He's Actually Solid and if has Pass Protect gets alot better he will be Decent. He is good for the Running Game. He Makes up for having a Undersized DE in front of him in the Run Game. If he can Average 7 Tackles a Game, That's 112 for the Season, not bad for a OLB. Add a Sack or 2 and thats a Great Season.

It'll be interesting to see what Cleveland does if they have the first pick in the draft. I think Weedon will be OK for a few years but what do you do if you have Barkley staring you in the face? Does Weedon become Claussen part deux? Pretty good defence, stud RB in the fold, do they package the pick to a team like Arizona or the Jets or KC or do they go hard after Barkley. Time will tell.

Craig U mean in the 2nd round right?

And People here talking about the Future. Apparently, they can't stand to face the Present.

You lost me Dashi? Barkley? I have every reason to believe he'll go high in the first. You can argue he's a second round talent but teams will move him up just because of the position he plays and the potential he has. No question.

Dashi, disagree on your valuation on MLB in today's NFL. And Dansby was a 2nd round pick out of Auburn.

If te'O is our first pick then it will much of the same old around here.

We are bottom third of the league in pass offense and defense - this is where we need to spend our prime resources. Is Te'O over the next few years going to be much better than Dansby or Burnett, probably not. And your boy Keuchly is not even the starting MLB in Carolina yet.

Last year, the top 10 passing offenses in the NFL had a .663 winning percentage. I've posted that stat about 1,000,000 times. I will continue to post it until people get it. Until we can pass with the best, we won't matter. We already have a great run defense, why spend more resources there?

Craig, you will still find the odd person that believes Tannehill was a 2nd round talent who the Dolphins reached on even though ESPN had a 93 grade on him that had hium planted firmly in the middle of te first round last year and would put him #6 on this year's board.

Tennessee has two great wo and their QB is my favorite for the best QB this year.

Weeden played great last week. I think they are set in Cleveland.

BC, yep, Tyler Bray looks like the early favourite to be the #1 pick in 2014.

And to those who thought we shouldn't have drafted Tannehill last year and waited to draft one this year, this year's Qb class after barkley is already strating to disappear. The next guys are all rated at the bottom of the first round and all have much lower grades than Tannehill had last year. Never put this stuff off ...

set in Cleveland ... for three years.

OSCAR....since you are UNABLE to grasp the genius of the POST @ 11:14....I will continue to RE-POST it until you do.....please read....

"Yeah, well, I don't particularly care for D20's comments either. We don't watch Games to see a Player's development but to see our Team win."

That's your opinion. Who's we? You and your 11 year old son who calls you "pappa"? What is this the roaring 20's? Does he churn your butter as well? So you and your son watch for the wins as you brag about how awesome you are. Great, good for you. That kid is in for such a disappointing awakening when he grows up and see's the truth about "pappa".

Posted by: killerfins | September 21, 2012 at 11:14 AM

lol maybe true... he looks older than he actually is already too


It is no secret that our weakest link on offense is the lack of a pass catching TE and the Jets will try to take advantage of it. No Bess, no Hartline either. Then what?


Any chance the Tennessee kid comes out a year early? What is he a junior?

I watch Tenn often and even last year before Tyler broke is hand I thought he'd be better than Luck. He has all the tools. 6'5 agile moves well in pocket. Accurate and has a gun. He isn't even 21 yet.

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