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Tannehill versus the Raiders and the blitz

Sunday's game between the Jets and the Dolphins will be the most difficult assignment Ryan Tannehill faces so far in his three-game professional career. I'm not saying it because the Jets offer the best talent or are necessarily the best defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets are simply the most aggressive and most multiple defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets will come with every blitz imaginable and some that haven't yet been imagined by the rookie. And that will be a stiff test.

But all is not lost.

Tannehill has seen the blitz before. He saw it 13 times against Oakland last week and handled it progressively better as the game wore on.

Tannehill was blitzed seven times by the Raiders in the first half of the Miami victory. He completed three of those passes.

In the second half, he was blitzed six times and he was an impressive 5 of 6, including completions on all three of his opportunities in the fourth quarter. The kid got better as the game wore on.

That suggests Tannehill may take a while to adjust. But he will adjust.

Our friend Joe Alvarez, who last week provided this blog with every Tannehill throw in the Houston game, is back this week with the video below of every throw the quarterback made against Oakland. Joe actually improved the look of the video by showing you the blitzes the Raiders used.

It's pretty interesting stuff.

By the way, Joe was kind enough to include touchdown runs by Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller in this video. Meanwhile, I'm going to include for you the column about Reggie Bush that I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

It shows how Bush has not been exactly what anyone -- including the Dolphins -- thought he would be. He's been more.


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BC, I still think Cleveland screwed it up last year. Why a RB??? Think they should've grabbed Blackmon and Weeden or Tannehill and someone else. But whatever, Childress is still as dumb in Cleveland as he was in Minnesota. Saying that he needed a lot of work. Yeah, sure dude.

We have Tanne.
That means frozen ropes hitting Hartline between the numbers.
That means frozen ropes hiotting Bess between the numbers
That means frozen ropes hitting NayNay between the numbers.
We got this essay.

Jets stink.

Fins 24
Jets 9


Watch out for Geno Smith this year. I believe he'll be #1. He isn't the next Pat White. He's the real deal.

Maybe, BC, can speak on this since he's closer to the Vols, but he is a JR and can opt out. Given this QB class, he would be a top pick. He needs more size though. 6'6 and 215.

Mark and Craig,
I've watched Bray for a while now. Major tools, got all the physical qualities, accuracy, etc you'd want in an NFL QB, but mentally - not there. gets flustered easily, makes poor decisions at crucial times. I think he needs another season to marinate. I wouldn't draft him first round in 2013.

Barkley, Yes. Wilson, maybe. Bray, No.

In the past we had a QB named NoodleArm. He could not throw a frozen rope. He could wait until a defender fell down and then lob the ball to Camarillo or Ginn.

Henne changed that when he hit Ginn in stride for a 60 yd td as time expired on MNF to beat the Jets in his 2nd pro start.

Tanne will raise the bar even higher this weekend!

Do Not Be Afraid To Believe In This Team!!!

I don't think that's fair. Richardson is a beast. He is still not 100% after that knee thing surgery. I would've loved to see Weeden Blackmon connection. In college they dominated but still hard to argue what's more important to a young QB a running game or 1 WR? I'd say RB is more important

Ah!, I got it. Most of you guys are angry at Ireland and you want to compete with him on drafting Players. Well, let me tell you now, you here have no chance,

Bleacher Report predicts 1st QB taken will be the Raiders taking:

Logan Thomas QB VT 6'6" 260lbs

Geno Smith FROM ....


ESPN has him as a first round pick. He's got time to climb the charts. Not prototype size but has RG3 size.


Thanks for the update. Mark, JS is one of the guys who can actually speak to this stuff with some authority. We don't see eye to eye on everything (certainly doesn't mean he's wrongm btw) but I don respect his thoughts on the College game. Mark, you probably know a lot more about the College game than me too.

I think he will stay for his senior year. Atleast that's what I've heard. I live in Memphis so I see a lot of Vols fans. I'm a cane alum though... He is a lil scrawny but he is only 20 years old also. He moves well for his height. Reminds me of a younger more athletic Schaub

Barkley will fall to the 2nd rd...

I'm also noticing some good draft talk about WR's and LBs
Scouts, Inc,. apparently has the same man-crush I do on J.Jones. They call him the #1 pick. Damnit.
Hunter so far is my top 1st round WR pick, but there are several otehrs that are a notch below that may fit Sherman's offense better, and at a better price (so we cna use our #1 on a DE/OLB instead):

Quinton Patton - Louisiana Tech. 6-2, 195.
Good hands, excellent quickness, speed ok, good cuts, and great YAC ability. Bigtime playmaker. De-cleating moves. Very phsyical, loves to block. Reacts well v. pressure off the line. Only problem I saw was that he wasn't open often on deep routes - not sure if this is from speed, skill, or CB skill. But ran underneath routes well. Competitor. Good character guy, too. *IMO, fits Sherman's system well.
>>2nd-3rd round

Tavon Austin - West Virginia. 5-9, 172.
VERY fast. Ridiculous YAC (de-cleating) moves. Good hands, but uses body to catch too much. Bigtime playmaker. Plays physical, but just light. Multi-threat as WR/KR. Needs weight. Exceptional runner, very hard to tackle. Underneath route runner, primarily, counts on YAC skills.
>>2nd round

*Da'Rick Rogers - Tenn. Tech. 6-3, 206.
Fast, strong, fluid, physical and hard to bring down after catch. Fearless. Good cuts, but mainly ran screens or deep routes. Good hands. Playmaker. His only knock is his character (having been kicked out of Tennessee).
>>1st-3rd round, depending on character.

*Cordarrelle Patterson - Tenn. 6-3, 205.
A little slow off the line, but overall fast. Great hands. Long strides, but makes hard cuts and moves. Good cuts. Good hard cutting moves to aovid tacklers. Not too hard to bring down once grabbed though. But hard to grab.
>>2nd-3rd round

unless the jets pick him

Oscar, come on man, we are just having fun lobbing some ideas about.

BC, RBS are much more easily found than a top WR. And don't be surprised is T Rich is obliterated in five years. A RB who already has knee issues before he can play drafted so high??

LC, is that Jamarcus Russell?? Joke, I wouldn't wish that on the kid but that is one big boy and is VT's offense the best for a QB to learn in? Not even close to the NFL - neither was Auburn's tho with Cam.

1. Bush is a stud
2. Lane is a stud
3. Tannehill is a stud
4. Hartline is a stud

Lane made great blocks on both Bush TD runs.

oops, forgot this guy in my draft prospects ramblings:

*Devin Street - Pittsburgh. 6-3, 192.
Excellent hands, good speed (looks very fast), ok cuts, great balance. Smooth for tall receiver. Strong legs. Plays tall. COnsistent. Catches everything. Needs a little more weight for NFL, but seems strong enough anyway. Attacks the ball. YAC
OK, not special.
>>1st-3rd round.

Hunter and Rogers should both be 1st rd picks... they are pro ready. Rogers is the next Nicks


I'm in agreement on Richardson. Safest pick for the Browns who needed a lot of help. Best way to take the pressure of a young QB was drafting Richardson. I have no problem with this pick. I like Blackmon a lot but without a running game there would be no guarantee of success with those guys. Bigger question is did they err not picking Tannehill. He could be their Matt Ryan' dilemna. Time will tell.

Mark in the Next 3 years Te'o Will be Better Than Dansby. U can Argue that Right Now. But Te'O is Probably the Best Defensive Player in College right Now. Him or JJ from Georgia.

What is the Biggest Problem in our Pass Defense? Burnett and Dansby give up the Most Passing Yards as LB's. Great MLB's Control the Middle of the Field. They Stop THE OTHER TEAM ON 3RD DOWN!!!!!!

Dashi is never saying don't fix the Wr Position. Just fix it with a Good Young Veteran Wr via Free Agency. I trust Philbin won't let Ireland sign a Diva. Just don't waste a 1st rd Pick on a WR. Not Yet, Unless the Guy was suppose to be picked 10 spots ahead. We need either a Top 3 LB(Inside or Out) or the Best Safety in the Draft.

Not a flyer on a WR. For that give Bowe his money. Or sign Jennings and Someone else for the Same money. Use the 3rd rounders from the Marsha trade on a WR.

I've always said we will go 9-7. That would put us in the Middle of the Pack. 15-20. Not Good enough to get the best Wr and I don't want to hear about trading up in the first Round. We need to use those 5 picks!! Maybe trading up from the 3rd to the 2nd so we can have 3-2nd rd picks. 4 picks in the top 60!!

If Ireland screws that Up! He won't!! He Can't!! Cause if it means he has half the brain to put that together. He better use the other half to figure out the 4 players he wants to get.

Dashi's Pick. MLB, FS, WR, and OLB(In that order). If that doesn't fix the Pass D and The Pass OFfense (Remember I have us Signing at least 1 FA WR). I don't know what will.

The Lines are good. And those are our only real needs right Now. Maybe use the 3rd Pick on another TE? Other than that. Ireland Should have his Job figured out.

Now tell the Ball Boy to go find us Acorns. And Not forget to secure our Players this Offseason(Long, Smith, Starks, and Bush).

Just trying to get the "homerish" out of you.(although it is true about that TE). No sin about it.

Appreciate the props Craig.
I'm just a schmuck who loves watching college football, watches film for no apparent reason, and is entirely too opinionated.
And still ESPN won't pay me, damnit ;)

truth. Tannehill may end up being the best QB of the bunch IMO. I'm not fully sold on Luck or RGIII being better. I actually thought before the draft Weeden would be the best...

Jake Long is one of the best LT in the entire league. Name 3 you'd rather have... he is also coming off another preseason knee injury and playing in a new scheme. He is still Jake frickin Long.

Dudes, we've been beaten down over the last few years, but if you think about it, teams are going to start fearing our *speed* and thinking of us as a fast team, with Bush and Miller. Tanne keeps improving. Throw in Fasano coming through from time to time, Lane, Clay, Thomas, Hartline, Bess, the D being ok. We can be 11-5 and in the playoffs.

I *hope* the stupid, fat Jets blitz, because as that tape shows, quick release, rifle arm Tanne eats a blitz for breakfast.

It is Papa'.

They need to pick WR then TE or vice versa. Now's the time to start adding tools for Tannehill.

I wouldn't mind at all if they chose 3 WRs with the first 3 picks of draft next year.

The following individuals have tiger blood:

1. Me
2. Tannehill
3. Bush
4. Miller
5. Hartline
6. Bess

The following person has grizzly bear blood:

1. Lane

Fins 24
Jets 9

#WINNING. That's how we do.

Draft talk already?
We should probably address the WR corps or the secondary.
However, Javaris Jones out of UGA is a BEAST!

Dashi, is the reason we give up so much yardage in the middle the LBs (who by most accounts are very athletic) or is the safeties who are both 6th round picks?

Then there is our pass rush - not bad but entirely too dependent on Cam Wake.

Inverse if you, I'm not saying ignore the LBs, just saying we have problems a million times worse than the backers in my opinion.

Keep forgetting, ..
One more name for my draft WR pospects to watch;

DeAndre Hopkins - Clemson. 6-1, 200.
Great hands, OK speed, fair cuts. NFL style body. Playmaker, gets upfield, has good tackle shedding moves, takes contact well. Willing to block.
>>2-3rd round

There are several guys that will be excellent WR upgrades and potential stars that will prob be available 2-3rd round.
I advocate using our 1st round pick on a pass-rushing beast, THEN going after a WR/playmaker on offense. WR's CAN be had in later round han he 1st, but pass-rushing DE's/OLB's not so much.

Disagree about Richardson. He has HoF potential.

Yeah, Tim. J.Jones is a beast, a star in the making, and will be gone before pick #5. Unless he starts slipping the rest of the season, or gets injured. Love to have him, just not expecting to be in that position. But would be a rare one worthy of trading up for probably.

Dashi isnt sold on Tannehill.

We need to see better play from him

And we have to re-sign Bush

Wouldnt mind a real GM either.

JS, I'd go for that draft strategy. there are some mighty fine edge rushers available in the top half of round one.

BC, as far as Rich, I want no ill will on the guy and for him to accomplish all his life's goals. But just saying that trends and stats shows another way may have been better. Time will tell. It's all conjecture right now.

Cleveland Sucks!

Okay got that out the Way. Colt McCoy is Actually a Good QB. Even More Accurate than Weeden and Younger, 3 years Younger!!

Why not Draft Richardson and a WR. Colt McCoy is younger and better than Weeden. They could've drafted Weeden in the 2nd Round. Who would've picked him before them even in the 2nd? They had the 5th Pick in the 2nd Round.

Holmgren is done. Look at what Pete Carroll is doing in seatle. Matt Flynn is younger than Brandon weeden!!


It's not an accurate statement to say our LBers are the weakest part of our defence. Far from it. I thought this even before Mark's comments, but the play of the safeties and more specifically Clemmons is a much bigger problem. The WRs matched up on our LBers is a mismatch and matchup we are going to lose most of the time. Consistent secondary play and a consistent pass rush are far bigger problems in my opinion. That's why a guy like Jones from Georgia would ab an awesome tandem with Wake.

Just finished watching the Philbin post practice interview. If I didnt know any better, I would think someone took coach Shula's brain and transplanted it into Philbin's head.

Its getting really scary to think we may finally have "a real football hc" again in Miami. Its way early but Philbin's seeming like the "real deal".

Although, now, and more than apparent than ever that Internet belongs to the highly Educated.

They call me "Freight Train,"
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From Armando on Twitter:

Philbin is asked if he draws comparison between Jordy Nelson and Brian Hartline, understanding stats first 3 years close. Smiles. "No

I would have said Hartline is 'a poor man's Jordy Nelson' but there it is from the coach, a no. He ought to know.

What about the white dude from FSU?

craig, does that mean he thinks Hartline isn't as good or does he just not like the comparison?

Also from Armando on Twitter:

Bart Scott just had to be separated from reporter Dan Leberfeld in the locker room. Bizarre scene.

Bart Hubbuch ‏@HubbuchNYP
Jets PR guy Bruce Speight stepped in front of Scott. Only thing that seemed to prevent fisticuffs.

I hope the Jets have no fight left when it comes to Sunday.

Bart Scott= Roid Rage

I would have to say Hartline's simply "Brian Hartline". No more no less. Jordy Nelson is simply "Jordy Nelson".

Give the Hartline/Nelson comparisons a rest already. Hartline will carve his own niche in pro football and it has absolutely nothing to do with the success of Nelson.


I take that to mean the coach doesn't think Hartline is as good. I would agree with that. But I think he's the same type of player.

JS, I'll agree with Mark, I like that draft strategy also. Pass rush in the first, WR in the second. You know these guys better than me, so take your pick.

JS Great Post. It looks like the Value in next years draft is 2nd and 3rd Rd at WR. We have Picks in those Rounds.

So, I take back the wasting Free Agent Money next Year. Even On Wr's. We need to Sign our players. If that means the Cap is low for Now? So be it, but in a Couple Years we might have a Wealth of talent.

Form the Looks of it LB or FS 1st Round. Then Wr's in the 2nd and 3rd.


I WON'T give it a rest....so f8ck off! Watch your tone with me boy...

I'm simply reporting what was said in the presser. If you don't like it then skip over my comments. D*CK!

I always thought D. Thomas, WR from Denver would be the guy to pick a few years ago in the draft. I was disappointed we didn't get him. If we could end up with a guy like that I'd be happy. He's really starting to come into his own now that he's healthy.

Craig M, the 3 time loser.

Flipper d*ck....enemy number one on this blog of many.

What were Home's thoughts on the Miami against the Jets game?

Anyone get his score prediction?

Just because Philbin wont compare Hartline to Jordy Nelson does not mean Hartline isnt any good. It just may mean Philbin's "WISE ENOUGH" not to make foolish player comparisons. No one anyone one else but them themselves.

SUCCESS isnt limited to a certain INDIVIDUAL. Success rewards those who make the sacrifice to ahieve it. Just maybe Philbin's wise enough to know this. Umlike the neanderthal minded out there, whether reporters or fans.

I wonder why we never found the next Dan Marino? Maybe because the present Ryan Tannehill may be sufficient enough. Before Marino we were looking for the next Bob Griese, didnt find him neither.

Hartline aint the next Jordy Nelson, he's Brian Hartline looking for success, just the same as Jordy Nelson or any other professional player worth his weight in his jersey number. LOL


You'll be happy to see the return of Tony Sparano this weekend, 'most sought after heading coaching candidate from this past offseason'. Only think that would have made it more complete was if Vince Young was around, 'the guy everyone will jump all over right away to be their starting QB'.


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