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Tannehill versus the Raiders and the blitz

Sunday's game between the Jets and the Dolphins will be the most difficult assignment Ryan Tannehill faces so far in his three-game professional career. I'm not saying it because the Jets offer the best talent or are necessarily the best defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets are simply the most aggressive and most multiple defense Tannehill has faced.

The Jets will come with every blitz imaginable and some that haven't yet been imagined by the rookie. And that will be a stiff test.

But all is not lost.

Tannehill has seen the blitz before. He saw it 13 times against Oakland last week and handled it progressively better as the game wore on.

Tannehill was blitzed seven times by the Raiders in the first half of the Miami victory. He completed three of those passes.

In the second half, he was blitzed six times and he was an impressive 5 of 6, including completions on all three of his opportunities in the fourth quarter. The kid got better as the game wore on.

That suggests Tannehill may take a while to adjust. But he will adjust.

Our friend Joe Alvarez, who last week provided this blog with every Tannehill throw in the Houston game, is back this week with the video below of every throw the quarterback made against Oakland. Joe actually improved the look of the video by showing you the blitzes the Raiders used.

It's pretty interesting stuff.

By the way, Joe was kind enough to include touchdown runs by Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller in this video. Meanwhile, I'm going to include for you the column about Reggie Bush that I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

It shows how Bush has not been exactly what anyone -- including the Dolphins -- thought he would be. He's been more.


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You have such a "potty mouth". Does your mother read this blog? LOL

I don't think Nelson and Hartline are similar is physique. Maybe I'm wrong but Nelson seems to be a lot more thickly built and imposing. Hartline is more the sneak up on you type and Nelson is more the I'm going to take whatever I want type.

...@ 1:44 Good post.

So that video was cool. I just watched the first quarter replay..And the good devistated the bad in what I saw. The Raiders looked like they had a "spy" keyed in on Tannehill. The first pass was really the only bad decision he made in the period. After that. The ball came out on time and to the right reciever. (You could argue that the pass to Fasano that was defended was forced, but that was a play Tannehill had to step up into the pocket under pressure..Really a good play by the linebacker)..The bootleg IMO was setup by the playcaller noticing the "spy". He was caught in traffic by the misdirection, and had no chance of making the play as he was stuck on the opposite side of the field..Great recognition by coordinator Sherman, great execution by the offense.

It was nice to see the difference in Tannehill week 1 to week 2. Yes the protection was better, yes we established the run. But it looked to my eyes that he was making the right decisions with the ball. Stepping up in the pocket, while keeping his eyes down the field, and delivering the ball on time with accuracy.. Something we did not see v the Texans.

With all young quarterbacks. We need the above factors to come together to give our guy the best chance at success. This is a week by week process. Will we see the same guy this week? I don't know. What is encouraging is he has it in him. Hopefully there are more ups then downs, and we can enjoy his development while the team morphs around his skills.

Craig M and Mark in Toronto prove frogs know nothing about football....


Frogs? If you're in Canada your a frog? Where did you go to school?

Funny, we've never seen you post here before Jim. Any guesses any one?

Jim, aka Flipper Breed aka the guy on Yunel Escobar's eye black, I've educated you so much. Time to educate you again.

Frog is a derogatory term used for French Canadians which neither Craig nor I are. So if you want to be a jag off, at least use the right terms.

How do you know so much about Craig M?

Bottoms Up!

We call Canadiens frogs......just so you know.

'aka Flipper Breed aka the guy on Yunel Escobar's eye black'...

Priceless, Mark....LOL.

I actually fully agree w/ YG at 1:55 nice post on Hartline

Ok, Mark

Question what are the 2 MAJOR WEAKNESS in the Dolphins D?

We Can't Cover TE's and can't stop nobody on 3rd down!!

Are we getting Bombed like Last Year? No these Safety's just aren't Playmakers. They Contain and we play alot of more cover 2. Let's see this Week the Jets think they can run by Us.

Our Problem is TE's on 3rd Down. Or the Middle of the Field on 3rd Down. How do U stop that? U put Respect in the Middle of the Field. U Control those First 10 yards Sideline to Sideline.

Again I'll keep Misi and Probably Dansby but Draft a top line LB. Maybe Te'o so Dansby can Move outside. But we know that won't happen.

Why is that? Because Defensive Players know who their Leader is. Who Call's the F'n Plays. Who is the Only Player on Defense To Call an Audible for the Whole Defense!!!!!! The guy who outsmarts the QB!! Not many of those but u line one or 2 of those guys with T-Hill on Offense The Core of this Team is Set like Never Before for the Next Decade.

Yes, Dansby might help transition. But I would rather Sure up the Problem of Covering Te's when we Play the PAtriots Twice a Year. Than trying to waste a 1st rd pick on a WR We can find in the 2nd or 3rd Round.

Our Pass Defense is Horrible Because of our LB's not because of Our CB's. Even the Safety's. They play the Top. Our problem is we can't stop Te's!!

Or Cover the Middle of the Field.

Now that was the 1st Week. the 2nd week the LB's played better. the raiders went 1-12 on 3rd Down. But our LB's allow to many completions on 3rd Down.

They are to Big and Slow for this Defense!!

The Safety's are Ok. And it's a 3rd(Clemons) and a 5th(R.Jones). So Yes spend a High Pick Next Year on a Safety. We can keep the 3 for now. It would be good depth and competition.

Doubt the mad flipper gets it Craig.

Dashi, another blunder, Clemons was a 6th, not a 3rd. Jones may have been a 5th, thought it was a 6th though.

Hartline is a track athlete w/ more speed and better routes. Nelson is a big deep threat with possession ability IMO. Hopefully it's a breakout season for Hartline. He really never had this big of an opportunity to prove he's a 1000 yrd WR


How is one of our major weaknesses covering TE's? What games hav you been watching THIS year, son? Which of the TE's this year have shredded the team? Daniels? Boss? I haven't seen it. Of far more of a problem has been the big plays giving up by the secondary, from guys like Clemmons, Smith, Marshall and Carroll.

If you're making comments based on LAST year's play, it hardly seems fair, no, considering we've changed schemes and coaching.

Owen Daniels is very underrated he beats up almost everyones LBs

Dashi, we can agree to disagree I guess. Given how this team drafted last year and where the deficiencies are, I don't see any way they go MLB in the first.

Daniels had his way with us week 1 i must admit.

Johnson was killing it as usghe

I have pointed out that same analogy you posted and a lot of trolls bit my head off that I am a JI hater not a PHIN fan I'm negative blah blah blah. Be careful Man. Some people here think that they know more football than anyone else, THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE. It's negative criticizing this team, it's constructed criticism. But what I know I'm just a DOLFAN!

dashi, don't trust the irish. What have they done in the nfl lately...

More attempts @ racial slurs on this blog....

BUT somebody stole your sign in name....YEAH RIGHT.....



Owen Daniels 4 catches for 87 yards week one against us, no TDs. I'd hardly call that 'having his way with us'. Good but not great. Agreed?

We need playmakers for Tannehill. I'd go with Justin Hunter personally if available.

Take it back.

They both were 5th rd picks.

The Quote is Dansby and Burnett have given up the most passing Yards and Competion Pct%.

Not Smith and Marshall lead the League in Yds Allowed.

So even Misi is on his game. But Dansby and Burnett allow To many passes to be completed. We Need better LB's. WAY BETTER. U will see a major difference when this Happens.

A good Young MLB and also a Good Young FS!! That's the Beginning to a Solid D. The Heart and Soul. If the Fins can fix that. we will be Ok.

To me it is more important than figuring who T-Hill will throw to. If he is as good as he can become he will make his Wr's better. Not Vice Versa.

Kris, he's a piece of shite, plain and simple.

BC, that would be a good way to go too. Is Hunter's production good enough for you?

20+ yrds/ catch... almost 100 yrds outta TE is pretty great

I forget what did Fasano do that game?


What's your solution to replace these LBers that apparently need to be 'WAY BETTER". Who are these guys that you want? Sorry man, I'm just not getting your point. We have several needs but this isn't the most important one. And why are you putting this on the LBers? Are you saying this DEFENCE has given up the most yards? When Smith or Clemmons don't do their job, how is that on Dansby and Burnett? I'm baffled by your comments, quite honestly.

Hunter is the next Randy Moss

His size speed and jumping ability are top class. Just watch. top 15 pick IMO

This the chat room?

I said the exact same thing earlier this week. This is the true test because Rex will throw everything at him.

Preditcabbly, Coalition ignorantly accused me of being a Jet fan & a troll for stating the obvious.
Why are homers afraid to tell it like it is? Telling the truth doesn't make you a jet fan or a troll.

This is the game Tanny cannot look confused. Has to be accurate and fire it into tight windows. He cannot get flustered when his WR's aren't open by much. This will be a good baramoter of where Tanny is.

Check downs against this defense will not amount to points. He has to take chances & be accurate.

I wonder if Colition has labeled you a Jet fan, Armando?

I love joe's video's

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