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Texans lead Dolphins 27-10 in the fourth quarter

HOUSTON -- Marcus Thigpen gave the Dolphins a fleeting ray of sunshine with a 72-yard punt return TD in the third quarter.

But the Dolphins offense cannot move the ball with consistency. And the defense cannot stop the Texans with consistency.

And so this game is 27-10 at the moment and hope of a Dolphins comeback is fading.

The live blog is not fading. It continues going strong in the comments section below.


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Yep, Terrible

Why do we have same problems we had 10 years ago...

Wasn't the knock on Tanne coming out of college that his QB mechanics needed to be fixed since he only played like 19 games

single coverage on Andre again!!!

why is jimmy wilson in single coverage on johnson?

Is ball boy happy with the depth in his secondary?

Did anyone NOT see that coming?!

We are now comfortably settled in last place.

This is a train watching a train wreck.

Philbin looks shell shocked

Johnson is brilliant, and better than Calvin Johnson.

Marc is right. This was predictable.

We could of had Schaub in free agency-but we don't want to spend too much on players who are winners


Kubiak is know for playing conservative when they are up a lot.

Aren't ALL blogs live.....

I'm gonna call my Grandma...


If you look at the numbers the defense isn't terrible. Those T.O.'s were killers and gave the Texans short field position

Locker out for thr season
Trade moore to them for an acorn

Did they bench Marshall for Wilson?
LOL if you dont laugh then it sucks to much

LoL. This is a poor team. Heading for the title "perennial doormat". That's ok I guess. Going to be 40k fans at home games.

Defense is not that bad. Need to let Tanny throw it 20 times this quarter to get better.

hey - we're still winning the second half 7 - 6!

i did not expect more just want to see what Tanne has on this drive and thid drive will tell me what the coaches think of the qb

We're toast

Jeff Ireland turns lemonade into lemons.

How do Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts continue to find work each year? These guys are AWFUL...

At least serena (part owner) can win today

Bess would be Wes Welker in NE.

Dolphins offensive output in the third quarter: 3 plays. Minus-5 yards.

they better hope the faiders look like s#it on offense monday night, otherwise part 2 of the train wreck continues next week.....

Is Bess the X receiver?!

If Ryan throws another INT...he is a bust.

If it makes anyone feel any better, Andrew Luck isnt doing any better. He has 2 picks 0tds and losing 34-14 to the Bears.

Bess is the only wide receiver with a catch today.

Hartline-where for art thou?

tick tick tick tick

Bush got a lucky break on that catch and run.

Oh. Yay!

I give up! I'm just going to be patient and let this season play out. I like that we're going with an uptempo offense no matter what and I like the change to the 4-3 D. I'm going to be positive about this whole thing and watch us grow into all these changes.

Bush and Bess are the offense. Bush playing his guts out

Hartline finally showed up! LOL

They are who they were in preseason

Tanny is gonna be ok...I think we got the real deal

Matt Ryan has almost 300 yards passing...Just sayin'

Wow...Hartline blew up!

We need TDs though

Finally seeing the wco we were promised

Is everyone else watching rookie qbs? All of them not named rg3 (and even luck) are struggling but awful almost

Can Fins score 3 TD's in 9 minutes?

31-30 anybody?

Good thing we didn't trade up for rg3!

On another note, replacement refs have called a better game than regular refs

Throw it to Marshall. Oh, nevermind.

Looks like tanne closed his eyes on that last throw.

No swamy. We can't score 21 points in 60 minutes. And even if we could our defense can't shutout.

At least all their shoes are tied and there are no gum wrappers on the field...

This is not on tannehill. This is not on our o line. WE HAVE NO RECEIVERS THAT CAN SCORE TDS! Not one.

Fins should have gone FG and onside kick!


There was little point to that 4th down play.

We need a TD! Throw in the endzone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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