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Texans lead Dolphins 27-10 in the fourth quarter

HOUSTON -- Marcus Thigpen gave the Dolphins a fleeting ray of sunshine with a 72-yard punt return TD in the third quarter.

But the Dolphins offense cannot move the ball with consistency. And the defense cannot stop the Texans with consistency.

And so this game is 27-10 at the moment and hope of a Dolphins comeback is fading.

The live blog is not fading. It continues going strong in the comments section below.


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Tannehill scared to throw into the endzone


Marshall has a td and basically 100 yards today.

Why not call a timeout to call a good play
This is a train wreck

Lol! That was the most pathetic playcall and
Play I have ever seen.

That's just stupid

That the best play Sherman could dial up?

Tannehill just wants to get it out of his hands and make a completion!

Andrew luck has had his third turnover.

yea great check down on 4th and 8 on the 12

Though they might call it back.



I guess all the homers...went home.

Marc, You still wearing dresses???

The OC doesn't tell him to pass it to a checkdown receiver...Those 2 shots were all on the QB

again, quick outs on 4th down....*lmao*...becuase fasano is gonna break out some YAC*lol*...oh lord, is plax still available to join this team..at least hes a endzone threat....

Lol tony says growing pains. What were the last twelve years?

Marino threw 2 picks in his first start and they lost the game. So for all you morons who dont have a clue and are gonna star calling Tanny a bust just becouse he had a hard time on his first true NFL start against the #2 defense form last year get real and wake up.

Tony, this looks more like birth pains.

Can't throw to the slowest receiver we have.
Tanny is prolly out of sorts about now.
I was gone, did they try any roll outs for Tanny. Should have done so there on 4th down. he has the power to break a tackle and get the first down.

Oh well.
I hope we're not looking at another Too old OC.
That was a Henne killer.

... for an elephant.

Texans will run and run to kill the clock.

It's not just on the qb! Not one receiver we have has EVER got in the end zone. Everyone just ignores that bess and hartlines red zone numbers are atrocious. Makes me

alright, Fins.Get mad.

If that was designed by sherman...then he needs to go back to college football...when hes not fired at least....

Settle down fools. The game ain't over.

RGIII and LUCK will prove (this year) the QB position has changed forever.

Washington will make the NFC championship game.

Tanne looks good, Starks also. the rest of the Team, including the Coaches, suc-.

Looks like Jeff Fischer might win his first one.

tony in miami,

we know growing pains but even a novice knows you throw into the endzone on 4th down. have our TE's been spotted this game?

Stafford has three picks. St Louis will win. Does anyone here still think we didn't lose out on Fischer?

Oscar, you forgot Special Teams?

I am still going to give Tanne the benefit of doubt but only completetions i see is to up back or little flairs nothing down field all our throws been short and defenses are smart and will fiqure that out, that is why all the tip passes because ball is not going that far

Somewhere Henning is laughing. Sparano too.

I'm real glad I didn't stay home from work to watch this. At least I made money today.

In 3 quarters brandon Marshall has 100 yards and 1 td. If the game were to end, that gves him 1600 and 16 tds.

Ive seen more than enough of this horrid offense today...please dont confound matters by making it worse by calling TOs Joe....

Our QB is not the problem. Now Sean Smith, he's a problem.

Where is our deep threat Armstrong?

Texans are a damn good team.

I want to see us against other bad teams..

That will and should seal the deal for you Ireland lovers.

I mean, you need to use some imagination once in a while. Throw it into the end zone. You get intercepted, well....

Schaub won't s#%t on himself in last 6 minutes to lose game.

3rd best QB in the draft.
4th best coach in the coaches dirby.

Does not make for a good year folks.

Well, there's always next year. Been saying that my entire life.

No more dresses. I have enough sense to bet AGAINST the Dolphins these days.

Well Marshall managed to get 1000+ yards with our anemic offense of the past two years so I wouldn't be surprised. Yet, most on the blog hated him...



Anyone who didn't want marshal should've seen him fight just now for a first down with a 20 point lead. He will have monster numbers now that he has a qb. But he did drop a td. Go ahead get on him, because numbers and tds don't matter, and neither does the fact that he couldn't see cutler or the ball thought the double team. Yes, receivers that matter get double teamed. The texans safeties can take a day off with us.


Can our QB throw more than 10 yards?

nice throw by the kid to hartline

Best call all day...

Lets run the clock out and get the hell out of dodge.

Armstrong lives + catches

There it was! Hartline...Go white boy...Too little, too late

Where is the hurry up?

Make no mistake: we have 15 more games of this coming on a very soft schedule. This team
Has traded one of two picks Ireland has ever got right, and philbin, unlike fischer and every other coach with a brain, has cut te rest. I gave philbin leeway through the preseason, until the season started. Now Rey play exactly as they should. Thanks alot joe.

Marino had 3td's first start, tanne 3 int's!

Fade route to Fasano?!

I swear, bess and hartline are afraid of the end zone. That's the only explanation.

no playmakers...just haymakers...Who is calling these plays...is the point of an offense to throw into the endzone....


Are you F-ing kidding me? Did you see the talent Marino was surrounded with when he came in? Just look at his receivers alone! Come on!

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