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Texans lead Dolphins 27-10 in the fourth quarter

HOUSTON -- Marcus Thigpen gave the Dolphins a fleeting ray of sunshine with a 72-yard punt return TD in the third quarter.

But the Dolphins offense cannot move the ball with consistency. And the defense cannot stop the Texans with consistency.

And so this game is 27-10 at the moment and hope of a Dolphins comeback is fading.

The live blog is not fading. It continues going strong in the comments section below.


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Ryan Tippyhill

Nice to see Tannehill laughing it up with Shaub at the end of the game. He cares.

BRANDON MARSHALL ANOTHER GREAT catch and effort. Vontae Davis on the other side having a good game because he isn't covering Marshall.

you guys need to stop this is a rookie qb and rookie coach they should grow together if you not with the team there are 31 other teams out there. I am not happy with this team either but hang in with them and see what happens. some of you want sb all the time most of you were not even born or watch miami the last time they were in a sb. The great marino brought us how many SB but I still watch evert year disappointed after every year

vick has 4 INTS

Stafford has 3 INTS

give me a break stop complaining about a rookie

Posted by: TanneSupporter | September 09, 2012 at 03:58 PM



Nice to see Tannehill laughing it up with Shaub at the end of the game. He cares.

Posted by: CreteJohn | September 09, 2012 at 04:03 PM

I like to pose the same question to ross and irefiend actually...because obviously they DONT!!!

Ok for all of you Tannehill complainers, at least if he can't be a QB, although it's his first start, he can always be moved to WR.

Tann E Hill not confused, not throwing to wrong guy 90% of the time (Henne). He's just staring down, patting ball, staring down....same as preseason.

I say sign gaffney second, plax first, get ocho back or owens....cut Armstrong, anyone not named bess hartline and dont have them on the field in the redzone.

Ms. Ross and little Jeffy have the playoff tickets ready to be mailed out Monday morning.
Fins Up!

It's Tanne's first game, he hit a few helmets and hands at the line...our guys didn't rush the batted balls as good as Hou did. That ball is in the air it's up for grabs.
As far as our WR's getting separation...all I'd like to say is F U Ireland for not addressing this

It only gets worse from here folks.

The stink of defeat is back in the locker room.

Good thing they cant want replays in the locker room anymore. Philbin got rid of the TV's.

U know, nyfinfan is not wrong. He'd be our biggest qb and he might not be a total loss, and that's if he doesn't show signs all season

Coulda had TY Hilton instead of Egnew

thx to MY DOLPHINS i´m a hundred bucks richer... all season long baby!!! HOU -13 ... money in the bank!!!

Tannesupporter, He can't throw the ball over the offensive line!!!!!! Rookie or not that's a huge problem, mechanics are way off, check downs every damn time he drops back. This offense didn't roll him out once today and his speed is an asset that should be used. Two receivers he's never worked with, absolutely he's gonna struggle with that. However mechanics have nothing to do with that, he shouldn't be starting yet.

One more thing: Blaine gannets was the worst qb last year. Today he's ha a very good day.

Detroit is about to beat st Louis at the last second.

Ireland didn't address the WR position. He knew it was bad because he called then 4,5,and 6's

Yet, he UNDRESSED what we had remaining of this team and then declared we are NOT rebuilding.

Something doesn't add up to me.

what a bunch of worthless fans here..the phins are a young growing team...I am glad tanne had challemges..It will help later on..keep this in perspective..you morons complain like this team is elite...they are not...they will not win alot..so what?.just have fun and root for them..sheesh...

They had four last year and they just did it again. Demoralizing, because I'm rooting for Sam Bradford.

Not worried bout Tanne, he'll be fine, it's only one freakin game peeps. I'm worried about our OL and WR, oh yeah...and DB

Weedon was horrible today. Even got run over by the American flag before the game.

Blech. Hopefully it gets better. Defense played ok I guess. Tannehill's got a lot to learn. Let's hope he can do it. Don't give up yet...

No joe, what you just said is worthless. It has been over a decade, and for us fans that even when we were amazing saw the bills always be our bane, it's been too long. Some are trolls, but don't u dare come on here to generalize. They for years have killed something we love.

fire. Ireland horrible. talent

Joe blows! Just like the dulphins!

I'm not worried about tannehill. I'm worried about what I always have been. Our gm. Our coach. Why worry about players? Did u see jj watt? Mario Williams every year before? Cushing? THAT is what draft picks do. Who do we have? Name
One player not named long Ireland has drafted that changes games like that? And I am talking about d players! Let alone
Superstars! Give me one player dammit! One that still suits up for us.


You guys who are screaming and crying sound like a bunch of mary's, try getting a life of your own and maybe this stuff wont be life or death for you.....

Maybe someone should have told Tannehill that the DL is allowed to jump and knockdown balls. No one told him after the first one or the second, third and fourth.
How many times a game does a good QB get his passes tipped at the line?

Ziggy, Swamy, from the start of the 2nd half I must have said 5 times we need to roll Tanny out.
Y'all late to the party LOL.
Tanny does well on the run, and it creates a mismatch with a corner.
Not one pump fake.
Too bad we don't have a veteran who actually gives a sh*t to help Tanny, at least a little bit.
You don't expect philanthropy, but apparently Moore is about Moore.

"No Joe, it's you who is,,and dont you dare". Lol

Ini - i have been a fan since I saw them go 17-0...so I have been there and seen it...I am not happy about how this team has performed over the years...and even in the marino days, it was just a big tease..but still had a great time watching my team....and you are right that the last 10 years has not been good and it has been painful being a fan...but you missed the point...i am not expecting a great team..so i am not too critical..I just want to see some good things and growth...but what ever dude..not worth going back and forth..just wanted to make a comment..

A team without talent, can't compete, much less win.
Not much NFL talent on the Dolphins.
The right tackle sucks big time, and should not be starting in the NFL.
The defensive backs suck as a group.
No one is scared of any Dolphin player on either side of the ball.
No one is worried about getting out coached by this team.
Years away from turning it around, Ireland is not going to do it
That's for sure.
Ross needs to sell if the team is to improve much.
Total incompetence at the top of this franchise.

They played ONE good quarter! No surprise here!

Clemons is a straight up sissy. This guy has no business make anybody's roster. We have many of the same problems that we had last season..bye bye Ireland you douchebag.

Oh yeah, 3rd and short...run it up the middle with a scat back. Nobody saw that coming.

Well could have been better, but it also could have been worse. The weaknesses in this team are clear for all to see. You expect at least 30% of your higher picks to produce or excell. What is blatantly clear is that Ireland and his staff are overmatched and need to be upgraded before this teams competes every week...

Tannehill "We're going to work this week on not getting balls batted down".

When a quarterback has mechanics issues, bet your bottom buck that he's abust.

The NFL is hard enough for guys who are more NFL ready.

Mechanics ?

Tannehill will be benched within two weeks.

RGIII over 300 yds in 1st NFL game, but Ireland didn't fight to get him. Ireland=Kmart shopper!

Your 4th round pick isn't even suiting up.
Problems from 2009 still exist.
Can't cover the TE etc...

Entertaining is listening to the trio of clowns on the radio, Cefalo, Griese, and Rose, try to sugar coat Tannehill's performance.

"Without the interceptions he didn't play that bad"

Awkward silence...

Hey, how about re- signing garrard. Because that's the only way uou have a chance to win any games this year. Oh yeah, you don't want to win any!

With the first pick of the 2013 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins pick...Matt Barkley, Quarterback, USC

Ross, please sell the team and take your lover with you. Ireland is terrible o picking talent....

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