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The breakdown of Ryan Tannehill's first game

Before we start today, let me update you on a roster move: The Dolphins re-signed defensive lineman Ryan Baker to the 53-man roster this morning because they are seemingly concerned about the injury status of Tony McDaniel, who has been injured most of the preseason and got hurt again against Houston. With the signing the Dolphins have 53 players on the roster. Onward:

Ryan Tannehill's first outing? Not good. Not terrible.

The statistics say it was terrible because three interceptions pulsates on that stat line, demanding attention and concern. But frankly a look at the three picks reveals that indeed Tannehill threw the passes but was failed by circumstances around him, teammates around him, good opponent play against him.

It wasn't all his fault.

Believe it or not, my major concern coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston concerning Ryan Tannehill was not his interceptions -- two of which came off tipped passes at the line of scrimmage.

My major concern is about his accuracy. The kid was off on a handful of passes, the most obvious of these was a slant pattern to Anthony Armstrong which was way high.

My secondary concern is that he doesn't often go to his secondary receiver and often locks on to his target receiver. One time when he did go through his progression he found Reggie Bush for a nice 12-yard gain on third down. 

The third concern is that he threw a couple of passes late. It's like he hasn't caught on to the speed of the game yet. The interception on a slant pass attempt to Legedu Naanee was an example of Tannehill staring down the receiver while also throwing late. It cost him as Jonathan Joseph intercepted the pass.

The manipulation of the defensive backs can be learned and accuracy can be improved some but unless it happens relatively quickly Tannehill is headed toward a tough first season given that he has practically no help around him.

Why do I say he has practically no help?

If you'll notice, there are precious few completions to wide receivers early in the montage below of every Tannehill throw. Truth is no wide receiver other than Davone Bess caught a pass in the first three quarters against Houston. That means no one was a factor other than Bess until the game was out of hand and the Texans DBs had backed off somewhat.

Not. Good.

Beyond that, you'll notice in the montage below that until Brian Hartline caught a 34-yard pass in the fourth quarter, the long gains of the day were passes to fullback Jorvorskie Lane and halfback Daniel Thomas. I'm not complaining about long gains to running backs. I am complaining that wide receivers couldn't get behind the Houston secondary until the fourth quarter and it only happened once.

Anyway, Tannehill threw 36 passes on Sunday. He completed 20, including a shovel pass to Reggie Bush for zero yards. Below are all those passes courtesy of one of my twitter followers -- slipperysoap. Yeah, that's his handle. I didn't make that up.

Check it:


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My believe is Tannehill could develop into a very good starting qb. But he still has a ton of work to go. Tne nfl will expose his limited number of college starts and as we see it will happem in a hurry.

Had it not been for already fully knowing Sherman's playbook. Zero argument could have been made for starting Tannehill this year, except for the fact Matt Moore was truly awful ion the preseason. This is exactly why I was against making him the 8th overall pick.

The kid still has a ton of a ways to go bhefore he becomes the great qb we all expect him to be. But, what's done is done, and now we live or die with it.

Misi May Now Be Example Of How Ireland Drafts Right Player For Wrong System:

Misi was originally drafted for 3-4 defensive system. We all knew he struggled the last 2 seasons in that system. Now look what happens now that he's in the 4-3 defensive system Sunday against Houston.

"Misi benefited from the stout play of the defensive line in Miami’s base 4-3 alignment by being allowed to run free from sideline to sideline and not have to deal so much with big offensive linemen. By game’s end he had a team-high 11 tackles (10 solo), including one tackle for a 4-yard loss on Texans running back Arian Foster on a screen pass early in the third quarter".

Remember, Misi played in a 4-3 system in college. 11 tackles(10 solo) are pro bowl calibre numbers from the rolb position folks, even thouigh he didnt record a sack. From his rolb position he wont be asked to rush the passer very often.

Misi may be sufficient evidence Ireland really doesnt have much of a clue when it comes to drafting players to fit the teams current "SYSTEMS".

Given that it was his first start in the first game of his rookie year, given the talent around him, given the level of the opponent, and the gameplan with which he was given to work, I thought young Ryan played very well; He played like, and looks to have the talent of, a first round draft pick.

Armando, as you've said many times over the last year in your columns and blogs, as has Cote and others, quarterback is the least of the Dolphins problems at this point. And of course, as long time Dolphins fans, we recognize the irony of that statement.

Going to be a long year!

Armardo wrote

My major concern is about his accuracy. The kid was off on a handful of passes, the most obvious of these was a slant pattern to Anthony Armstrong which was way high.
I have mentioned your above comment for previous blogs because it came at a critical time of the game and ARMSTRONG WAS WIDE OPEN. If the inaccurate passing continues the Dolphins should go back to Matt Moore who did not have a RT last season. Well you would think Colombo was not there. Moore did what he did in becoming the 12th rated passer in the NFL.

Im still optimistic, if we dont get Tannehill beaten up to badly this year, and give him some decent weapons next year. Tannehill could make a "HUGE" yr2 leap in terms of experience and production. I just dont expect a ton this year. This season is all about learni9ng the nfl game from the qb position.

Doesn't anyone understand that these are all problems (accuracy, tipped balls) that RT had in college? He's just going to be a smarter, more "hip" version of Chad Henne. It was a stretch to take him, and now you are seeing the results. He's not going to learn how to do all this stuff over the next few weeks, if ever. Someday he may make a good backup QB in the NFL.

"It wasn't all his fault" Who's fault was it then? Anytime you start making excuses for the quarterback that is a good indication he may not be any good. The performance was terrible. It is what it is. There were at-least two more passes that can and should have been picked off. One pass (out pass to Hartline) could have been a pick six. I'm not giving up on the kid but I am sure as heck not gonna make excuses for him. If he starts out having another game like this on Sunday they need to put Moore in. Armando we all no that Tannehill is ur guy but if he sucks be a man about it and own up to it.

Ireland needs to make a trade for a WR. As of now I'd cut Naanee and sign P Burress


The reason you dont go back to Moore at this point is because at best he only offers the absolute slimmest of upside. It isnt even significant enough to justify playing him over Tannehill. Remember, he greatly benifitted from having Marshall last season and will have the same wretched recieving corps as Tanny to work with.

Therefore, because Tanny needs a ton of work due to the limited number of college starts, you may as well let him gain the need experience right now. Even if it means baptism by fire.

With the baptism by fire this season and added weapons in the offseason, Tannehill should be primed to take "a quatum leap" in terms of production beginning the 2013 season.

Tannehill is clearly another Chad Henne. No accuracy, lots of INT's and not up to the speed of the pro game. Matt Barkley will be high on the radar next draft.


He obviously had bad moments but what do you expect from a rookie QB with not little but zero help around him. The WR position is the worst in the NFL, period. The TE position is one of the worst. The RB position is by far Miami's greatest position of skill and depth. Unfortunately when you have a coaching staff that does things their way and not by the strength of what is on the team you end up with lopsided 30-10 results with zero offensive TDs.

The exact opposite happened in Washington. The supposed ego-maniac of the NFC East, Mike Shanahan tailored his offense around RG3's skill set and for a guy who passed the ball more then all of 4 teams last year managed to run the ball 30 plus times as well with Alfred Morris and others.

I know it's one week but Miami is going to be really bad this year. That's the realism of the situation. A rookie QB usually takes his lumps and even when he puts good numbers it won't be enough to mask the mistakes (ints, fumbles, bad clock management, etc). When you have no number 1 and I know this fraudulent idea of in this offense you don't need a #1 is BS. Look around the league and look at play makers on the tops teams they are loaded in at one position or another.

Tannehill in my opinion will be very good because he has alot of things going for himself as far as skills are concerned but I think in this NO-HUDDLE, pass first system he is doomed to fail. Philbin preached how he's not inclined to play 4-3 or 3-4 and that it would be whatever works best for the team before the season well what about the offense? Wouldn't it be best to pound the rock, and take your shots when you can. Tannehill going NO-HUDDLE with Bess, Nannee, Hartline, Fasano is going to be a total failure and will get Miami a 3 to 4 win season.

It's gonna take a monster defensive effort for us to break the franchise low 1-15 record. Jeff Ireland is a complete waste of human life and Ross is equally to blame for allowing this debauchle to continue. What a sad state of affairs.

Matt Moore is FAR better then Hennehill.

My 2012 Estimate On Tannehill's Production This Season:

3,700yds 59% completion 17tds 19ints

These numbers I also base on suspect recieving corps.

Tannehill = Another Ireland bust.

Imagine that Armando - a rookie QB has not caught up to the speed of the game in his 1st game. This is not unique to Ryan. Practice and Preseason do not run at the same speed as games that count. Did you notice that he was up against one of the best defenses in the league, at their place, and on opening day to boot. All things considered, he played better than I thought he would. The high pass to Armstrong was dissapointing but I would not have been surprised if he put it on his chest and it wasn't caught. This WR group is laughable and it's crime to make Ryan absorb the kind of punishment he is going to absorb this year without having any playmakers beyond the line of scrimmage. That's the real story of the 2012 Miami Dolphins.

what do u want from a guy who was a punter and a wr in college.

if no improvement on sun. then he is a bust. onward is correct armando.
right towards barkley.


I honestly dont see us finishing any lower than 4-12. The 1-15 franchise low bottom mark should be fairly safe this season. I dont think Cam-Mueller will be popping any champagne corks this this year.

At this rate Tannehill will have 0 TD's and 48 INT's! YIKES!!

oak is no cream puff. if it weren't 4 the knuckle head long snapper.
they would have beat sd in their stadium...

And I don't think Plaxico is the answer by any means. But the guy had 8 TD's last year. We have ZERO talent at WR and all of our "supposed" developing talent has either been cut or have done squat. So we're not holding anyone back by making a move for him. If anything it may breathe some life into the fans (and maybe the offense) to have a recognizable name out there at WR. He can't be worse than Nannee. SIGN PLAX!!!

Will Tanny ever get a TD?

We have a good wide receiver on the team we drafted at number 8. Tannehhill was abetter receiver than a Q.B. The only reason he got drafted as a Q.B. was because of Sherman. Use Tannehill as a W.R. and bring back Garrard. This team is a fluster cluck.

I honestly dont see us finishing any lower than 4-12. The 1-15 franchise low bottom mark should be fairly safe this season. I dont think Cam-Mueller will be popping any champagne corks this year."

Fair statement based on a relatively easy schedule and Philbin doesn't seem to be as much of a dimwit as Cameron-squared was.

What I saw Sunday was a former wr with very limited college qb starting experience, look the part of a "starting calibre" nfl qb.

What I also saw a starting calibre rookie qb who still has a ton of a ways to go as far as "operating in the nfl pocket".

Tannehill can make all of the throws, that's no problem. His greatest task will be learning to work the nfl pocket. Not letting the nfl pocket work him.

The pocket worked Tannehill on many occasions Sunday.

clemons sux balls.
.palmer will have him wiping his sorry axx with that brillo mop he has as a an f'n hair do.

All you guys knocking Tannehill,

Are you serious? Do you understand what he is working with and how tough his circumstances are?

1. He is going NO-HUDDLE with the worst WR group in the league. They get no seperation for him to deliver a pass with accuracy. He has to throw his WRs open as opposed to them getting open so there is some of your accuracy issues Armando and company. Name one that's worse then Miami's?

2. The coaching staff decided a rookie QB on the road in his first NFL start should pass the ball 70 percent of the time. Miami ran 58 offensive plays and passed 41 of those.

3. When a QB is getting balls tipped it could be a number of things where in this case I do think it was more on Tannehill staring his WR down but again he has such a lack of options that he is staring down what he thinks is best from his pre-snap read.

4. Miami had 7 penalties for 78 yards

Look at the whole game and not just a stat line guys. It's easy to pick out one thing and just say thats the issue but use your brain and football IQ if you have any. Henne sucked before Brandon Marshall and after they got him a true #1 WR. Look what Marshall was able to do in week 1 with Chicago. Tannehill has a chance to be really good but his familiarity with this so-called system is actually the problem. Just because he knows it doesn't mean it can be executed with so little help and play makers around him. You guys have so little persepective on the entire game.


That was his first game in the NFL!!! Unbelievable....


Instead of commenting on these incompetent players strenghts and weaknesses ( mostly weaknesses ) all miserable season why don't write about the changes we need in G.M and ownership. Write about Ross' lack of footbal knowledge. Write about his lack of history when it comes to this franchise. Write about the fact he needs to carry is sorry but back to N.Y. Why don't you write about how incompetent Ireland is and the only reason he's there is that he did a stellar job at kissing King Parcell's butt. Wee all know the plater's short comings--Hell half the people on this blog can do better than Philbin and Sparano.

One of the most heard quotes in sports made by coaches is --" I am going with that guy because right now he gives us the best chance to win."

This team needs an enema!

The Guy completed over 55% without including 3-4 dropped passes.

The Armstrong pass? If armstrong was Brian HArtline's height he would've caught it. And If Naanee would actually play WR, T-hill will definitely be over 60% witrh only 2 picks. Not 3.(Also, Any body thinks that maybe Armstrong ran the Route Short or Wrong Route? He has been on the Team for less than a week?!) Why did they bench Armstrong after the Play? For Naanee of all People? U know he did something Wrong.

Again even the Armstrong pass!! "Pressure" forces T-hill to Short arm passes. Meaning he tries to squeeze it in there. Favre and Marino use to do this, but their WR's Actually caught the Ball.

If T-hill relaxes and just plays his game he will be fine. He will come around he is a Rookie.

Yes, The speed of the Game is going to take a Bit to Adjust. But T-hill only got sacked once and he was in the Pocket all Day. Not a Bad Job by the Rookie or the Line. Just Saying.

"All you guys knocking Tannehill,

Are you serious? Do you understand what he is working with and how tough his circumstances are?"


It's a joke. He has by far the worst WR's & pass catching TE's in the NFL & then people expect him to light up the scoreboard against one of the best defenses in the NFL in his first game??? Get a grip people.

I wonder if Miami uses the GB connection to fill roster spots now instead of Dallas.


Im not going to make any excuses for Tannehill. I saw good and bad. "ALL" of the bad was mostly due to he still has a ton of work to do as far as working the pocket and not letting it work him.

Its not like "ALL" of his issues would completely vanish even if he a premium recieving corps. But it would do a lot to mask it.

Tannehill actually looks the same aa Henne when he started. What good did that do us?

Truth is...
Bill Parcells is still pulling the strings!

Tannehill looks like another John Beck....

Matt Moore Sucks!!!!!!!!!!

MAtt Moore has little Hands!!!!!(Remember the preseason game in the Rain? Or The Fumbles just going thru a Pump Fake!! Moore has to pump fake with 2 hands!!)

Fumble Moore is not better than T-Hill!!!!!!!

Again, Clowns Moore didn't do anything this Year!!!!!

Give Philbin thanks for keeping the Scrub. But look at Moore's record. Once people figure him out he's done. Look at 2nd year in Carolina.

Moore only use to throw to 1 wr!!!!! And that WR is Long Gone.

Let me Guess the Same Clowns who want Moore think "Matt Barkley is a 1st rd pick"!!

Give it up!!!!!

Moore can't even beat Pat Dashi for 3rd String!!

And MAtt Barkley is a 2nd rd pick!!

We have RBs,

Send an email to the coaching staff with just your screen name and maybe the light bulb will go off. Maybe I will change my name to "We have no WRs" and we both can email them. It's a joke bro.

I mean Tannehill wasn't perfect but what rookie QB is. Ok RG3 looked great but again did any of you actually see his first 9 passes they weren't further then 10 yards, any of them! His first pass should have been picked off, his TD to Garcon was VERY HIGH (Armando) but not only did Garcon stretch his frame and make a tough catch he also took it to the house after that running by 4 guys. Name 1 Miami WR who can get seperation and run by guys like that? Maybe Bush but that's it and he's not even a WR.

That Naanee pass everyone keeps referring to, wasnt gross inaccuracy bt Tannehill. Naanee's supposed to be able to help his qb out on passes like that. Thats what the great pass catching wr's do.

As fror 6 highly inaccurate passes? Hell, Tom Brady, Manning, and any other supposed highly accurate qb. All have at least 4-6 very inaccurate throws per game. Except for the times they get into that "well chronicled zone". Even this only happens usually 6 to 8 games a year.

Just that when the great qb's arent in "the zone" theyre usually consistently above average the rest of the way. With may be 1-2 stinker games a year.

How do you figure that the throw to Naanee was late? As soon as his back foot hit the ground on the last step, the ball was out. If anything, it was a bit of a lazy route by Naanee.

Surround Tannehill with great WR's and just like Henne IT WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We need Matt Barkley!

In watching those plays repeatedly, the one thing that strikes me is how rarely anyone seemed to be open. Not only did the receivers seem slow of the line, but the designed routes just seemed really lame. I guess it can also be chalked up to good defense as the Texans seemed to constantly be in perfect position, even on our good plays.

Tannehill should never have gone in the 1st rd. Any other year he's a 3rd or 4th rd project.

I'm usually very impatient with this team.... BUT Damn, even I know to give the kid a chance.. 1 start after only 19 in college?... C'mon Man!!... Everyone settle down... Sad thing is, I bet u 75% of fans expected a game like this and stil want to B$@CH about it... If its still lookin like this in week 12 then u guys can get worried. GEEZ!!!

Fin 77

We can't surround Tannehill with great wide receivers, Ireland doesn't know what one looks like. Ireland thinks a wide recver is someone who bends over and takes for Parcells (for a job) is a wide receiver.

Yesterdays Gone says:

The reason you dont go back to Moore at this point is because at best he only offers the absolute slimmest of upside. It isnt even significant enough to justify playing him over Tannehill.
Yesterdays Gone,

Read my comments again, I was not advocating making a change unless the same problems happen over and over again. Henne had a strong arm but was inaccurate. It's way to early to make a change now.

I said it before and my eyes have confirmed it. Tannehill will never be better then Matt Moore.


The fact thatTannahill only started 19 college games and 1 pro should tell you right there he shouldn't be on the field right now!

That would be "from" Parcells

Fin-ality , yeah nothing will improve until years after Ireland's fired.

I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds me, because I enjoyed that, but whoever made that video--if he was not paid for it--has way too much time on his hands.

That was a great catch by Hartline. Pause it.

I know woulda shoulda coulda but I feel a little bit better with some time. We "coulda" easily had 3 TDs in the 2nd half. Game was closer than the score indicated. We beat them in 3 of 4 quarters.

Fin 77,
Who were the great receivers that Henne was surrounded with?
He put up 3200 yards in 2009 13 starts throwing to Ginn, Camarillo and Bess
He put up 3200 yards in 2010 13 starts throwing to Bess, Hartline and Marshall. And Marshall dropped 8 td passes to lead the league again.
That's why Philbin got rid of Marshall.

The pass to armstrong was very catchable and the second pick was set up by a dropped pass by lane on the previous play that set up 3rd and 10 instead of 3rd and 2.

I agree play the kid the whole year. Were not going anywhere this year. If the team sucks that may be a blessing. We can get rid of the g. m. and then go get matt barkley

We need a USC WR, not the Garbage QB.

Name 1 Decent USC QB in the NFL?

USC QB's are like Florida Gators Qb's!! System Qb!

like Weeden and all those Spread Option Qb.

Yes, Barkley runs a Pro System, but he also doesn't make his players better. It's the other way around. The other Players on USC make Barkley better. Specially them 2 Wr's!!!!!!!!!

Does Barkley even throw it to anyone else? Looks like the 2 wr's will have 100 catches each!! Again!!


And hellll yea it would mask the problems that's what playmakers do!

It's no coincidence guys get better when they have players around them that can turn a simple 5 yard gain into a 15 yard gain and a 10 yard pass into a long TD.

Elite QB's

1. Brady - Gronk, Hernandez, Welker
2. Brees - Graham, Colston, Sproles
3. Rodgers - Jennings, Nelson, Driver, Finley
4. Manning - Cruz, Nicks, Manningham (2011)
5. Old Peyton Manning - Harrison, Wayne, Clark

Good QBs

1. Stafford - Calvin Johnson, Burleson, Pettigrew
2. Flacco - T. Smith, Boldin, Rice, Pitta
3. Rivers - Gates, Vincent Jackson, Sproles (both previously)
4. Romo - Witten, Austin, Bryant
5. Vick - McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, Celek

The orignator of the WC offense Bill Walsh obviously didn't even believe in this offense you don't need a true #1 because he had Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig.

Until Miami gets Tannehill help stop with the ridiculous comments guys. If in you're job they didn't give you an air conditioned building you would be crying you can't perform so be objective about his performances and not with so little perspective.


Marshall is a top 5 WR. Dont judge him from the garbage QB's he had in Miami.

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