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The breakdown of Ryan Tannehill's first game

Before we start today, let me update you on a roster move: The Dolphins re-signed defensive lineman Ryan Baker to the 53-man roster this morning because they are seemingly concerned about the injury status of Tony McDaniel, who has been injured most of the preseason and got hurt again against Houston. With the signing the Dolphins have 53 players on the roster. Onward:

Ryan Tannehill's first outing? Not good. Not terrible.

The statistics say it was terrible because three interceptions pulsates on that stat line, demanding attention and concern. But frankly a look at the three picks reveals that indeed Tannehill threw the passes but was failed by circumstances around him, teammates around him, good opponent play against him.

It wasn't all his fault.

Believe it or not, my major concern coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston concerning Ryan Tannehill was not his interceptions -- two of which came off tipped passes at the line of scrimmage.

My major concern is about his accuracy. The kid was off on a handful of passes, the most obvious of these was a slant pattern to Anthony Armstrong which was way high.

My secondary concern is that he doesn't often go to his secondary receiver and often locks on to his target receiver. One time when he did go through his progression he found Reggie Bush for a nice 12-yard gain on third down. 

The third concern is that he threw a couple of passes late. It's like he hasn't caught on to the speed of the game yet. The interception on a slant pass attempt to Legedu Naanee was an example of Tannehill staring down the receiver while also throwing late. It cost him as Jonathan Joseph intercepted the pass.

The manipulation of the defensive backs can be learned and accuracy can be improved some but unless it happens relatively quickly Tannehill is headed toward a tough first season given that he has practically no help around him.

Why do I say he has practically no help?

If you'll notice, there are precious few completions to wide receivers early in the montage below of every Tannehill throw. Truth is no wide receiver other than Davone Bess caught a pass in the first three quarters against Houston. That means no one was a factor other than Bess until the game was out of hand and the Texans DBs had backed off somewhat.

Not. Good.

Beyond that, you'll notice in the montage below that until Brian Hartline caught a 34-yard pass in the fourth quarter, the long gains of the day were passes to fullback Jorvorskie Lane and halfback Daniel Thomas. I'm not complaining about long gains to running backs. I am complaining that wide receivers couldn't get behind the Houston secondary until the fourth quarter and it only happened once.

Anyway, Tannehill threw 36 passes on Sunday. He completed 20, including a shovel pass to Reggie Bush for zero yards. Below are all those passes courtesy of one of my twitter followers -- slipperysoap. Yeah, that's his handle. I didn't make that up.

Check it:


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During the game you harped we still had the te coverage issue. Here's what you didnt consider:

1. The Texans are such a well-balanced offense, thier very difficult to diagnose. You have to respect every aspect of thier offensive arsenal.

2. They do have one of the best rb's in the league, so you have to respect the play-action pass. This alone makes it even more difficult to cover thier te. Btw, thier te is at least one of the nfl's 10 best.

3. Pick your poison. As a dc, which do you want to choose to shutdown. The wr's, running game, or te position? To choose to shutdown one means to overexpose yourself to another.

4. You greatly have to consider our defense played against one of the most balanced offenses in the entire league. You're going to get gashed somewhere.

The last 7mins of the 2nd qtr proved that even if you do contain them. They can erupt and do major damage at any point during the game. Not only against our defense, but any defense in the league, no matter the calibre.

Sorry Clay dropped the pass before 2nd pick

Not equipping Tanny, or any QB on this team, with at LEAST 1 NFL caliber WR is grounds enough to be fired.

Add the TERRIBLE FA signings, even from the beginning

Add the line changes every year & never got it right

Add all the flop draft picks

How people regard Ireland as anything but a miserable piece of cow dung is beyond me.

Tannehill was just another bad draft pick for Ireland. Using your first rounder on a project QB when you have so many other needs is just absurd. We all know this is going to be a bad year, so maybe Ireland actually gets fired, and we bring in another GM, who can actually make good use of the draft picks and salary cap room this team will have next year.


I said it before and my eyes have confirmed it. Tannehill will never be better then Matt Moore.

Posted by: Monte | September 12, 2012 at 09:30 AM

Uh... The same Matt Moore that "LOST" the starting qb derby to Tannehill? Better make your lying-asss eyes tell you the truth. LOL

The fin fans are the second worst fans in football, trailing only the Miami Hurricane fans. Must be the water. I mean what a bunch of losers - you don't see the fans in Indy ripping Luck's lackluster performance. There's a reason why they call them ROOKIES. Take a chill pill - give Philbin the time to make the change to the WC as we happily leave the Tuna's mess behind us. Hopefully, we can trade Long for some more draft picks and build ourselves a real team for the long haul.

Marsha is talented. fin 77

Dashi only disrespects marsha with his name. Cause he's a Punk. But Dashi knows talent.

Why do u think? Dashi keeps saying Moore Sucks!!!!!!!

People on the Moore bandwagon, FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!

MOORE USE TO STARE DOWN MARSHA EVERY PLAY!!!!!!(1st & 2nd read) It took Moore 6 games to Realize Bess is a Good WR.

Matt Moore without an Alpha Wr Sucks!!!!!!!!!

Marsha would've been great but he was a headcase. Dashi would've liked Marsha's talent still on the Team. At 1st Dashi thought they did that to Appease Peyton, but later Dashi figured out Philbin did this for the Sake of T-Hill.

Marsha Ruined Chad Henne. Chad could never be taken Serious as the QB if Marsha was still on the Team. A Qb can't be ruled by his WR!! Why Ocho had to go, He didn't fit what Philbin is trying to do here.

Ryan is a talented young QB. All rookie QB's will struggle and we need to accept that. Marino was the exception. The problem is Ireland. The worst GM in football. Nobody wants to come to Miami and he dumped Marshall. This team will be bad until he is gone. Bottom line.

Uh... The same Matt Moore that "LOST" the starting qb derby to Tannehill? Better make your lying-asss eyes tell you the truth. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 12, 2012 at 09:44 AM

I'm not saying I agree with the other guys comment about how will be better but, how gullable are you?

As soon as Garrard went down, there was NO derby. It was going to be Tanny no matter what. He didn't win a QB competition. If you believe that, I have some ocean view property in New Orleans I'd like to sell you!

He is the future. He was the high draft pick. He's the guy fans wanted to see, whether he was ready or not. He would not lose or win more games than Matt Moore so there was no reason to delay his development. That's why he starts. Not because he outplayed anyone.

DON'T BE NAIVE! He was the obvious choice for obvious reasons.

Phil Phin,

Good point! Finally someone who sees the domino effect of plays and game in it's totality. If it's 3rd and 2 instead of 3rd and long the call could be a draw, play action, run, pass, but on 3rd and long odds are it's a pass every single time.

It goes back to my point earlier in a 3-3 game the run should be first and foremost option on the road vs a very good defense. When its 10-3 the run still should be your primary option. when its 17-3 again its the first half and still a game, ok now its 24-3 and its pass, pass, pass. The biggest problem is that Miami has not a single WR that can beat coverages consistently enough for Tannehill to succeed.

Run first, run 2nd, get into manageable downs should be the objective. Philbin needs to check himself and his staff before he becomes Cam Cameron and is 1 and done.

That's right I hated that kind of talk before the season but after watching how bad the coaching was in that game both Philbin and Ireland could be goners at seasons end.

It almost seem as if Miamis media actually convince our rookie qb's they have a staring problem. If something gets said enough people believe it after a while,even that qb.

First its Henne, now Tanny stares 1 game in.

Matt Moore is a top 10-12 QB. Tannehill is another Henne. A Bust.

Armando!! C'MAN This is Tannehill first game. I rememeber when Manning had 28 int's in his first year in the NFL and the Colts when 3-13 just cool it bro.

Leggo Noname should of been cut yesterday. Did he record one catch in the Texans game? What did Ireland see in this guy to sign him, how is he starting in the NFL? Reggie Wayane, Pierre Garcon were FA, and we end up with the worst rated WR according to Pro Football.


Philbin is certainly part of the problem. He should slow the game down for Tanny. Not speed it up.

Why on Earth would he insist on running a high tempo passing offense with no WR's.

Talk about counter productive!

Dashi hears Ireland will be fired by Friday.

This is the best news we can get.

Moore looks better then Tannehill right now.

Call me an optimist but from what i saw, it looked to me like several of the passes he had "accuracy issues" with he just plain threw away because he didnt have any open player. Most of the pass plays were 3/4 step drops so there is no time to go through any progression, the one int looked to me like it was on Nanee (however you spell his name) he is worthless and should be cut immediatly. Tanny had pressure in his face all day. Here are a few questions I have.

Why did the coaches call so many short passes to the RBs? Perhaps the only receiver they trust is Bess? How is that Tannehills fault? I assume he didnt have anything to do with roster moves made by the fins over the last 4 years(thank tuna and his helper). Just for the record I think Ireland is a better Personnel man than Tuna.

Why didnt they call any QB bootleg/pass option type plays which is supposedly a Tannehill strength? I think the coaches were extremely conservative in their first game.

If everyone knows he's taking a 3 step drop how much easier does that make it on not only the DB's but also the D-line? Predictability in the NFL will kill ya.

Oakland is no Houston. If there is going to be a September W on the schedule this should be it.

you don't fire your GM after the first week....Dashi is dumb.


Oakland 24 Miami 6

How do you figure that the throw to Naanee was late? As soon as his back foot hit the ground on the last step, the ball was out. If anything, it was a bit of a lazy route by Naanee.

Posted by: rsmith | September 12, 2012 at 09:23 AM


Watch that play again. Nannee basically runs a few choppy steps, then gives away his cut, is too slow turning his head around, and gets out-hussled for the ball. Great play by the defender, based on the HORRIBLE play by the WR. ZERO SEPARATION.

I said it from the first throw to Nannee, he's a liability on the field for the offense. Get him off. Take off the jersey, they helmet, the pads. I've never done this, but I'm hoping to God Nannee gets injured, so he can't hurt the team anymore than he already has. This guy is the absolute, 100% WORST WR IN THE LEAGUE!

The best time to fire Ireland is now.

T-Hill looked "rushed" on Sunday and I agree with all who posted here saying he has trouble with the speed of the game.

Opposing D-Line's will watch week one video and continue to bat balls down at the line of scrimmage.

Did anyone else notice that he runs SLOW when flushed from the pocket?

Kid has a steep learning curve ahead of him.

The sooner Ireland is fired the sooner the destruction stops.

The best time to fire Ireland was when Ross wanted to hire Harbaugh! We would have been 2 years into the re-rebuild by now.

Nannee will hurt the team during the Season MUCH MORE than Ireland. Everyone calling for Ireland to be fired should first be calling for Nannee to be cut. This would be the classic case of addition by subtraction.

he tried for harbaugh. but he turned us down. he had the right man just couldnt convince him to come to florida

I guess Ross. Should have hired you to save the team with all you knowledge of the game.

Ireland is too blame for NaaaaaNayyyyyy
Philbin is double complicit in that he plays him
Tanny is triple complicit in throwing to him

Maybe we should fire em all? I can't wait for ppl to miss the sarcastic tone of this post.

Still pissed Garcon wasn't signed down here...

I would take ANY blogger here over Ireland as a GM. Really.

garcon didnt want to come here. ireland will be fired in january and our new gm will have a ton of picks to work with and will have to decide if he should take barkley or trade the first pick and then decide if he should fire philbin and hire his own guy or keep him

bill, no one with a choice joins the hapless Fins.

this is a bad football team.
hennehill is lost out there. low passes and behind the wr's. and he is not accuarte.
there will be no yac because the wr's get pummeled as soon as they/if they catch a catchable ball.
it's gonna be a long season folks.lol

The fact that all the same peole say bust all the time says their not fans. And marshal had so many drops in end zone that last two years it is funny that people forget that, he will blow up with the bears, give it til week 6 or 8 and he cry about not getting the ball enough. It's funny every time I read blogs here there is only 1 or 2 real fans the others just like to cry and sound like they know what they are talking about. Laughable.

truth is,

exactly on your point about regarding slowing the game down for him. Philbin is really starting to make me wonder. I think if he goes 3-13 or worse there is a real possibility that Ireland gets fired and if that's the case the next GM may tell Ross that Philbin doesn't fit his mold. To me the worse case scenario is that Ireland keeps his job and Philbin goes. I'd much rather see Philbin stay and Ireland go but if Philbin keeps up this 70/30 ratio then a clean sweep might be needed.


We had priorities! You know: Garard, Guyton, Westerman, Chad & Tyrell Johnson!

God forbid Ireland tried to acquire a potential #1 WR.

Let's not kid ourselves. Garcon isn't all that but, he'd be our #1. HANDS DOWN!

Truth, I'm starting to agree with you Philbin is now on the clock (as far as being responsible for Nannee). If he can't see he's more of a liability than an asset to this team, then he needs to take the hit for playing him. This guy should be a special teams player ONLY! Heck, he SHOULD be in the special Olympics.

I'm telling this audience here and now, put me out on the field TODAY, and I make a bigger impact than Nannee. I guarantee it.

I mean, Cam Philbin is the only one desperate enough to work with Ireland.

It's week 1 , overreact much?

It's week 1 , overreact much?

Posted by: It's on | September 12, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Is 10 years of stinking. GET A CLUE!!


Mando breaking down film? that's hilarious.. doesn't know the difference between the a-gap and his a-hole.. if Phins don't win Sunday I see another winless Sept.

I think Armstrong should have caught that ball.

I did not know his maturation process was to last four quarters.

Andy, (Pardon the length of the post in advance)

This is Philbin's system & I know he wants his guys to learn it / run it but, you can't make this team what they're not. They can't throw effectively the way this offense requires.

HE has to adapt & make due with his personnel, not make the personnel fit the scheme. He can run his full offense when he has the pieces.

I just don't see how Ireland survives. He should be finally gone at year end. The new GM will have a choice to make.

Honestly, I don't give 2 sh*ts about Philbin or his exciting GB system he's trying to implement. To his defense he has almost zero to work with & that's not his fault. That is a direct reflection of the GM.

Maybe the next GM gives him a 1 year tryout like Holmgren did with Mangini or cleans house like Parcells did to Camoron.

Either way, it's not gonna make that big of a difference. There are hardly any pieces in place to run any system so there will be a clean slate regardless.

slow the game down 4 him huh.?
and the d will abide by this by also slowing down huh.

no chance u make that block dc on the punt return. nanee sucks but his block gave us our only td

It's on,

You're right, it's Week 1 in 2012.

However, it's also Year 5 for Ireland (how's the team looking to you in that amount of time, compared to other teams who were bad like us 5 years ago, Atlanta, Detroit, San Fran?)

It's also Year 28 since the last SB appearance.

So, in a word, no, it's not an overreaction by the fans to be upset. With that said, I understand we were always going to lose to Houston, and this was always a rebuild year. So I'm personally just having fun, the only REAL anger I have after last week is that LEGADU NANNEE is still on this team. Other than that I'm good.

bill connors,

I agree I don't see how Ross will ever save face with this franchise and fan base if Miami finishes as bad as I am thinking they will. And my thinking is 3 wins or less. In that case you have to clean house. That unexceptable. A new GM is the first order to bring in talent. As far as keeping Philbin? In all fairness he only had 1 year with so little talent but if he continues to coach this way and set Tannehill up for longer days then what is neccessary then he has to go to.

On your Matt Barkley point, I'm not sold on the guy. USC guys get to work with blue chip prospect, after blue chip prospect and it's easy to succeed just ask Sanchez and Leinart. Now not every guy is the same but name 1 thing about Barkley that says he is sure fire better over Tannehill. Tannehill has more athleticism, stronger arm and make all the throws. Barkley has higher accuracy numbers but to say he is more accurate is a tough call considering he has one of the best if not the best WR group in all of college football.

But this is crazy and I know it's 1 game but wow does this look as bad as ever in Miami.

1 mississippi 2 mississippi 3 mississippi.

It's week 1 , overreact much?

Posted by: It's on | September 12, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Guess you didint watch preseason. Or last year. Or the year before that. Or the year before that.


Its year 40 since a SB win.


This is the 4th consecutive losing season.

daviddorth....love the a-hole comment ;-)

In Ireland's 5th year the Dolphins are the equivalent of a bad expansion team........without the draft choices.

yes andy thats why i said the new gm would have to decide if he takes barkley with first pick or if he sees enough in thill to trade the first pick for a ransom

Fins are officially listed as #32 in the NFL power rankings...

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