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The breakdown of Ryan Tannehill's first game

Before we start today, let me update you on a roster move: The Dolphins re-signed defensive lineman Ryan Baker to the 53-man roster this morning because they are seemingly concerned about the injury status of Tony McDaniel, who has been injured most of the preseason and got hurt again against Houston. With the signing the Dolphins have 53 players on the roster. Onward:

Ryan Tannehill's first outing? Not good. Not terrible.

The statistics say it was terrible because three interceptions pulsates on that stat line, demanding attention and concern. But frankly a look at the three picks reveals that indeed Tannehill threw the passes but was failed by circumstances around him, teammates around him, good opponent play against him.

It wasn't all his fault.

Believe it or not, my major concern coming out of Sunday's 30-10 loss to Houston concerning Ryan Tannehill was not his interceptions -- two of which came off tipped passes at the line of scrimmage.

My major concern is about his accuracy. The kid was off on a handful of passes, the most obvious of these was a slant pattern to Anthony Armstrong which was way high.

My secondary concern is that he doesn't often go to his secondary receiver and often locks on to his target receiver. One time when he did go through his progression he found Reggie Bush for a nice 12-yard gain on third down. 

The third concern is that he threw a couple of passes late. It's like he hasn't caught on to the speed of the game yet. The interception on a slant pass attempt to Legedu Naanee was an example of Tannehill staring down the receiver while also throwing late. It cost him as Jonathan Joseph intercepted the pass.

The manipulation of the defensive backs can be learned and accuracy can be improved some but unless it happens relatively quickly Tannehill is headed toward a tough first season given that he has practically no help around him.

Why do I say he has practically no help?

If you'll notice, there are precious few completions to wide receivers early in the montage below of every Tannehill throw. Truth is no wide receiver other than Davone Bess caught a pass in the first three quarters against Houston. That means no one was a factor other than Bess until the game was out of hand and the Texans DBs had backed off somewhat.

Not. Good.

Beyond that, you'll notice in the montage below that until Brian Hartline caught a 34-yard pass in the fourth quarter, the long gains of the day were passes to fullback Jorvorskie Lane and halfback Daniel Thomas. I'm not complaining about long gains to running backs. I am complaining that wide receivers couldn't get behind the Houston secondary until the fourth quarter and it only happened once.

Anyway, Tannehill threw 36 passes on Sunday. He completed 20, including a shovel pass to Reggie Bush for zero yards. Below are all those passes courtesy of one of my twitter followers -- slipperysoap. Yeah, that's his handle. I didn't make that up.

Check it:


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bill, you have no faith in me? I coulda made that block. Either me or Marlon Moore. Why not play him? If Nannee is such a great special teamer, keep him there. Just don't line him up on offense. He's a major liability. More of a liability than an old Asian driver on the Autoban in rush hour. More of a liability than Donald Trump in a humility contest. More of a liability than a black guy at a Klan rally.

The truth is, nobody is even overreacting. LMAO

People are simply stating the obvious. These are truths & everyone knows them. Problem is, some are afraid to acknowledge or accept them.

Any unbiased fan can tell you these Miami Dolphins, from ownership to players stink. Do any of you even realize that this franchise is in as bad of shape as it was in 2007? MAYBE it's a lil better off.

But, regardless, in 5 years, almost nothing has changed.

Terrible GM + Talentless roster + Inexperienced HC = FAILURE

This team is WORSE then the 1-15 team.

Our new logo should be Rodney Dangerfield.

Because if it wasn't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all.

Doral2, is that u.?

The franchise is the laughingstock of the league.....

hennehill should go back to college where he belongs.lol

What if we go 3-13 or even 2-14...what does Ross do?

Fire Ireland...then create instability yet again?

Then the new GM must gel with Phibin and a whole new scouting team must be assembled.

Last thing I want is another REBUILDING YEAR.

Let's just see what unfolds in 2012.

Yes 2 watt

start moore at qb and start rt at wr.there,2 problems solved.

Wow, Good one. U even Copied the (Fire Ireland) this time.

Hey as long as it's not negative about the fins. Dashi is Ok.

But ur still soiling Dashi's Name. We don't have it as fact. Now if it's fact it will happen on Friday, Then YES!!!! (In a Marv Albert Voice)

Corners @9:57

Agreed. Great Point. Everyone is a Guru. A 3 step Drop really doesn't give u time to scan the Field.

Now Sherman made it a point about the Passing Lanes. It's on him, but he definitely won't pull a Philbin and Blame himself. Integrity

Sherman should've changed up the playcalling. 3,5,7-Step Drop. Rollout left, Rollout right. Draw, Play-Action. Spread-Option.

Sherman should Use Mr. Lane and Bush in the Backfield Like Alstott and Dunn in the Day, or Csonka and Mercury for U old Folks.

Ricky and Ronnie, But Ricky was thunder and Lightning.

1st down and 2nd/3rd and Short, Smash Mouth and Pound the Middle with the MACK Truck at the beginning of Games. Use the No Huddleto their advantage. Give the ball to bush when U want to get a big gain. That way U have a Fresh Bush in the 4th qtr. Believe me every team will want a Fresh Bush going into the 4th.

Ricky just had a Switch. The 4th qtr hit something just took over for Ricky. I don'y know if he saw the other team was winded, or he just got his 2nd wind? But ricky had a Switch. Ronnie didn't have it. But Ricky had that Switch.

This week the Playcalling needs to be less predictable. Sherman has over 700 Plays, Allegedly. Use at least 50 different ones next week. Sherman needs to unleash T-Hill

Tannehill missed badly on that Armstrong play down the field that could easly have gone for over 20 yards. His touch pass down the middle to Fasano could have been a little better but you'd rather he throw it a bit longer than throw it short and as an interception.

Tannehill didn't make any rash or poor decisions. He actually played quite nicely for his 20th overall game at QB. He needed to be roughed up this game. He saw what a top-notch defense could do. He's smart....he'll learn to no longer stare down his 1st target and to go thru his progressions more. He was fine on those short in's/slant routes, but those are only going to get you so many yards. Lets see how he does against Oakland -- I think this was a very good test for him opening week, he could (well: should) only get better

They are not rebuilding. Ireland is still destroying.

where have u been doral.?
go find jjsnake and have him join us on here.

Things don't turn around in 1 game, you need a clue. Very time you switch coaches it takes to to rebuild team, get their plan in place. "10 years" of losing doesn't excuse anything. Week 1 and now your saying new coach is on the hit seat! Omg you guys are dumb. The thing you guys are a fan of is your own bitterness. Relax !

NH, I'd LOVE another rebuilding year. It would be much better than this rebuilding DECADE we've had.

What are we exactly rebuilding? There's nothing to start with in the first place. This is a total demolition project, then a brand new building from the ground up.

We need an engineer on the roster. This has been an excavation project.

2 watt,

JJ has been on here as Tony Nathan.

NH, this team has been rebuilding for the last 5 years. What difference would 1 more make?

At least we'd have a new GM, HOPEFULLY a compotent 1, to do it RIGHT. Not the same guy getting a mulligan every year.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY. It's time the Dolphins hold people ACCOUNTABLE for their job performance.

we want to get better but no way do we want to win games. the 6-10 garbage has killed us for years. time to go 2-14 and get first pick so we hold the power come april

MD20, I agree Tannehill threw it a bit high on that one, but watch the play again. Armstrong didn't fully extend. The ball hit him in the MIDDLE of his fingers, not the tips. He was scared of taking the hit.

This is the one-on-one plays we talk about that NEED TO BE MADE. WRs with heart make that play.

I agree that wasn't a perfect ball, but I'm looking more towards the VETS to help the ROOKIE than the other way around.

Matt Moore is garbage. I'd rather morgage this season on Tannehill than waste time with Matt Moore. The most we'd accomplish is another average season and Tannehill wouldn't learn or progress in the slightest. Moore proved with his 5-15 performances during the preseason that he was incapable of leading the team to a TD drive against 2nd & 3rd string defenses but had no trouble throwing interceptions. The lack of WRs help that cause, but that goes for both QBs. I'd rather have the rookie start, and if they bench him for Moore this season it better be so he can study the game from a different standpoint and not because they want to have the best chance of winning

After this week's game you can stop calling him Hennehill.
In Henne's 2nd start he threw the ball 60 yards in the air into Ginn's arms in the endzone between 2 defenders as time expired to beat the Jets on Monday Night Football to win the game and restore manhood to the fans of this team.
Yes that's right Henne resored the manhood that was forfeited when the BACKDOOR wildcat was invented to cover up for the NoodleArm.

Tannehill has never done anything like that and never will and doesn't expect to and neither do his parents or his coaches especially Mike Sherman whom Tannehill got fired at Texas A&M last season.

it's on,i've been saying that all week, if he/they improve, ok let them continue 2 grow.
if they don't improve from that slobber fest of a last game,
then he is a bust and the team f'n blows and the phins will be 1 more season behind the rebuilding process...

doral. on this blog? which 1?

By the way, Dan Fouts said the receiver MUST come down with that ball. If that isn't God saying "let there be light" then I don't know what is.

Once again there are 2 people posting in here: almando and I.
I use my handle only.
You are every other handle in here. That is because you are on disability, you have no where to go, no one to talk to and no future other than this.

The team MVP is garbage??? MiamiD20 needs a labotomy.

its on, your the dumb one here. nobody is saying hes on hot seat cause hes done a bad job, everyone knows when a new gm comes in most of the time they want there own guy

JJ was on this blog on rare occasions as Tony Nathan. He doesnt come on often.

scotty yes moore is garbage, we couldnt even find a team to give up a 6th rd pick for him. team mvp? nobody cares about the garbage 6-10 season of last year

DC Dolphan: I noticed that Armstrong could have tried a bit harder on that play (even if it was a bit high) and I also noticed that Nannee let the CB (Joseph?) outwrestle him for that 1st interception. It was thrown a bit towards the inner part of the field which made it easier for Joseph to run into, but how/why is Nannee getting pushed out of the way that easily. He should have extended his arms and swatted the ball down or he could have at least thrown his body towards it and knocked Joseph to the side making it a more 50/50 ball. I can't really blame that INT on Tannehill; his WR needs to help him out.

As for the other INTs, it's something he can learn and fix. He didn't throw the balls poorly. It's not like his INTs were awful throws, they were tipped. He needs to not throw the ball downward (meaning his release point is high, since he's tall, and to get it to his WR he throws it in a line -- albeit, with a cannon -- downward. That's why he has so many low balls. It's something that can be coached though).

ok got yah.
how 'bout these phins, same chit since wanny.?

And almando,
Stop making excuses for Tanne.
Tanne is getting paid above his worth to be a scapegoat for Sherman.
Sherman is getting paid above his worth to be a scapegoat for Philbin.
Philbin is getting paid above his worth to be a scapegoat for Ireland.
Ireland is getting paid above his worth to be a scapegoat for Ross.
Ross is using the operating loss, depreciation and profit sharing to make money hand over fist in Miami.

Well, if Moore is garbage , Tannehill is PIG VOMIT! LOL

scotty i refuse to believe u are that dumb. thill is a rookie starting from day one. moore has been in league for years

Yup, terrible hires have made this a laughingstock for years.

The team MVP is garbage??? MiamiD20 needs a labotomy.
Posted by: Scotty | September 12, 2012 at 10:56 AM

I'm sorry, he's trash. Moore looked good (above-average may be a better adjective) against sub-par (under .500%) teams and lose every game he played against teams with .500% or above winning records. His accuracy is worse than Tannehill. His leadership skills are worse than Tannehill (Tannehill looks like he can command a huddle and the line of scrimmage). And his potential is far less than Tannehill's. If both QBs played out this 16 game season Moore would PROBABLY do better. He would lead us to an 8-8 record with this easy schedule. But is that what we really want? Let the rookie have his bumps, let him learn, and then watch him grow to be more than a perenial backup quarterback, which is what Matt Moore is: a solid backup.

If anyone actually thinks Matt Moore is a good quarterback than what would you consider quarterbacks like: Derek Anderson, David Carr, Vince Young, Charlie Batch, and the like? They all started on football teams, performed "solidly" but have never done anything in the grand scheme of the NFL. They are solid backups, nothing more. Would you want either of those 3 QBs leading your team? If not, then why would you want Matt Moore leading your team?

bill, Moore looked like Joe Montana last year compared to Henne. He single handedly turned the team around. The players voted him MVP. He had the highest QB rating since Marino. He finished 12th in the league in QB rating. Dont forget he is learning a new system. And he's always been a bad practice player. Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did not starting him.


Scotty, Moore is a "gamer" right? How did he look in this year's preseason GAMES. How did he perform against teams of Houston's caliber last season? He outperformed Henne, duh....that's why Henne is gone and Moore is here. His QBR is a little bloated because of the lack of talent he had and to say he had the best QBR since Marino is saying he's better than AJ Feely, Jay Fiedler, Trent Green, and Daunte Culpepper; not saying much

lack of talented teams he played against*

scotty he didnt do anything for us last year, lost the games vs good teams. beat a few bad ones, congrats. just ruined our draft is all. why would i want to play a backup qb who is gone after the season instead of a rookie we are trying to develop. your problem is like many here, your still wanting to win a few games this year instead of thinking of the future. no difference between 2 and 7 wins except the 7 will kill u in draft. think big picture man

Dashi does his Christmas Shopping Early.

Ben Volin ‏@BenVolinPBP
Tannehill just left CoaCh Philbins office and asked if he could switch back to being a WR.

MiamiD20, you convienently left out Chad Pennington and Gus ferrotte to suit your agenda? Yes?

2 watt


Tannehill at WR and Moore at QB gives us the best chance to win , WITHOUT A DOUBT.

The Truth is.....says:

God forbid Ireland tried to acquire a potential #1 WR.

It's better to build through the draft but with Ireland's reputation coming from the infamous, "Was your Mother a prostitute". Most free agents do not want Miami unless they went to college in Florida.

I sleep better at night knowing that the steady hand of Jeff Ireland is guiding the Dolphins' personnel decisions. Be patient, in a few years the team will be better.

Tanny is done at QB?

no scotty.

I would burn that video, Mando. Makes Tannehill look a lot more worse than just bad.

Tanne is the kid who started in the neighborhood football games. He was the best QB on the his block. Now he's having fun in the Pro's.

This guy is not the future of this team folks. He is a sideshow attraction.


I did leave out Frerotte who didnt accomplish much. And Pennington who had a full 16 game schedule against harder teams than what Moore went up against. I'm sure his QBR wasn't much lower than Moore's if you were to look it up. Why don't you comment on any of the other points I made instead of commenting on something that fits your agenda?

really wish ireland would just quit

miamid20 just let it go, scotty doesnt get the fact that there is zero reason to play moore.

On a 6-10 team, there is no MVP, unless a guy makes the pro bowl.

That means only Long, Soliai, and Marshall could have even been considered as a MVP on a 6-10 team.

BTW, did team mvp Moore make the probowl?

Irescum wont quit. He wont be able to find another job .

On a 6-10 team, there is no MVP, unless a guy makes the pro bowl.

That means only Long, Soliai, and Marshall could have even been considered as a MVP on a 6-10 team.

BTW, did team mvp Moore make the pro bowl?

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