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Another free agent cut adding to unimpressive record

The Dolphins quietly terminated the contract of guard Artis Hicks this week. Hicks had been on injured reserve with what was supposedly a neck injury but this is something of a mysterious episode because the club cited "a failure to disclose a physical condition" in jettisoning the veteran.

So Hicks and his one-year, $2 million contract are gone.

And that leads me to updating the work done in free agency by this team last spring and summer. It doesn't look good.

Artis Hicks -- contract terminated off injured reserve.

Tyrell Johnson -- cut.

Richard Marshall -- starting CB.

David Garrard -- cut.

Legedu Naanee -- Reserve WR.

Gary Guyton -- cut.

Jamaal Westerman -- cut.

Chad Johnson -- cut.

Eric Steinbach -- retired.

The score card reads that Miami signed nine players as veteran free agents. Seven were cut. Only two of those additions -- Marshall and Naanee -- remain on the team.

Marshall is a starter and the star of Miami's free agent class. But even he has been inconsistent at cornerback and had a tough day against the Jets last Sunday.

Naanee is a backup who has zero receptions for zero yards this season. His biggest contribution has come on special teams.

It should also be noted that Miami re-signed restricted free agents Phillip Merling and Lydon Murtha in the offseason and also eventually cut both.

So let me put this in perspective: By any measure, the Dolphins didn't maximize free agency. Obviously, they didn't spend a lot of money so their investment wasn't high. But it is fair to say the Dolphins are basically getting what they paid for.

If this is going to be the approach and typical of the results in free agency going forward, the next time the Dolphins will have a good opportunity to improve their team will come in the 2013 draft. 



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Brandon Marshall for Eggnew?? Are U kidding me?

You forgot Ocho Stinko or whatever it calls itself.

clue bowe, and he is a classy dude 2.

Everything they do is unimpressive. Especially drafting another qb bust with the 8th pick!


Marshall got beat like a drum by Holmes and Naanee should have been cut.....who should we blame for this horrible record?

gas up the banner plane 4 aib.

sherman is old and does not care no mo.
he is just hangn' around to cash in ross' $$$$ like henning did.

stupid football players.

Good call! You forgot Chad "Headbutt" Johnson!

hennehill looked lost out there.
he looked over whelmed, in over his head.
he looked out of his league.
uh oh.
stay tuned, same bat time,same bat channel.
tune in next week and see if hennehill is that big bust.

Bring back Dan Henning!!!!

Actually, headbutt is already on the list.

We knew the goal in signing these guys was only to provide depth. But, Ireland couldn't even get that right.

So, on top of needing to acquire starters at DE, CB, Safety, WR & TE, we still need depth.

What kind of loser spends countless hours every day obsessing over a children's game?

Look outside your windows, folks. That's life passing you by.

I am going in for a soak,who is with me.?

as the phins turn.


Jeff Ireland is placing all his acorns in the 2013 basket. What other excuse could he have other than not being serious about winning this season even though Ross has expressed that he wants to win this season.

Clue you are right. Henne had much more playing time in college, and had a year to sit. That said, Henne was drafted in the 2nd round. Do you think Tannehill was worth the #8 overall selection in the draft? Really? If you were GM would you have drafted a guy like Tannehill with the #8 pick?

"a failure to disclose a physical condition"

So the team doctor got fired also? What kind of team signs a multi million dollar contract with a player and not give him a COMPLETE physical.

Whatever it is, it can't be that bad if the team doctor missed it.

I think it's worth mentioning that they resigned a lot of there own F/A's Solia was huge.. He came here below market value..

the only positive with all of ireland's moves is that sparano's firing has now ruined the jets offense. oh, and ireland should have taken the fan's frustration like a man. after all it is a sign of his poor job performance with the fins.

Well, since Tanne is here to stay. That means drafting a WR next year.

I don't see ANY superstar WR's in their prime wanting to come to Miami. The hasbeens are the only ones who would want to come here.

Hasbeens and Brokendowns.

Rhino, I dont think Ireland had a choice, We needed a QB and Tannehill was that QB so happen to shoot up everyone draft board. Ponder and Gabbart did it in previous years. If I was GM I doubt I'd take a project with the 8th pick. Ireland knows that his career is depending on Tannehill success.

I forgot Hicks was even on the team. However, the point behind Mando's post is valid. Ireland did nothing to improve the team from last year. He traded away our best WR and CB and whatdayaknow...thos two positions are exacty what we need to be semi-competitive this year.

I know, I know...locker room cancer, underacheivers. Whatever. I also know the argument that maybe having Davis and Marshall would only account for a couple more wins and in the big picture it's not worth the headache.

But the thing is at least we'd be able to see how THill would develop with an Alpha receiver that demands double coverage thus freeing up some opportunities for both Tanne as well as maybe some of the rookies WR's to display their skills.

On defense we could focus on getting a stud LB and FS. Those moves really screwed us, in my opinion. I am not an Ireland hater-but I think he is not a very good GM.


It's clear FA was a bust. But given the cap space the team had at the time who was available that YOU feel they should have brought aboard as true impact players? Are any suggestions you offer now really "Monday Morning QB" material? Or, did you offer that specific guidance/recommendation during FA?

And despite these continued goofy observations they gave Houston a hard time, whipped Oakland and if not for Carpenter's missess, would have beaten the Jets.

With a rookie QB who's played 22 games
And a poor secondary.
And a rookie coach.
And new systems on offense and defense.

Huh. Looks like they're doing pretty well to me. It looks like they got rid of free agents who didn't pan out...just like every other team does. Except we have 5 picks in the first three rounds and about $60 million in cap space for next year.

How come we never hear about how those *good* moves?

Armstrong and Naanee need to go. It's time for the rookies. I wanna see Matthews and Fuller. Whatever happened to BJ Cunningham?

Davis and Marshall are doing exactly what we didn't want... They were additions by subtractions.


most of you guys are too stupid to even know what's going on, sure is so much easier to blame Ireland after all he's been here for 5 years and the guy is clue-less right?

never mind we had no cap space to sign any of the good free agents because of all the mistakes that Parcells had made but Ireland is getting blame for plus the team is being rebuilt through the draft which is the right way of doing it.

don't be afraid to use your brains every once in a while...


I didn;t realize how much dead money from players no loger on the team. his is fom a Sep 4 article on CBS Miami-

Part of the problem for the Dolphins is the so-called “dead money” that counts against the cap for players that are no longer with the team.

For example, former Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall counts $5.55 million against the 2012 salary cap. Former offensive lineman Vernon Carey, who isn’t even in the NFL anymore, counts $4.8 million against the cap.

Former cornerback Vontae Davis, who is now an Indianapolis Colt, counts $1.1 million against the cap and current New York Jets safety Yeremiah Bell counts $1.85 million against the 2012 cap

Do your homework. The fins will have approximately 50 - 60 million in free cap space next year to go along with the 5 picks in the first three rounds.

And it says something about how good this team really is. Everyone claims their rebuilding...yet they've been in every game they've played.

How does a team that's rebuilding with a rookie QB also be capable of winning their games unless they are a pretty good team in spite of the pieces they lack?
It says something that their close enough to winning those games that fans EXPECT them to win.

Do you have a clue what you're talking about? Do you talk to multiple FA's that come in and leave without signing? Because if all you're going off of is what Clark from Pitt said then please don't post again. Ignorance breeds ignorance and stupidity spreads like wild fire. We should really look at the first amendmant again lol

Exactly FZB,
We didnt have cap space to sign big FA in the offseason due to stupid deals etc from Bill Parcells. Jeff Ireland gets a pass from me this year, like it really matters, but next year if things dont pan out then it might be time to start heating up that seat. If we have as many picks in the first round and that much cap space and things dont pan out then its the GM. Be wary of signing big time free agents because that wasnt the greenbay way and the head coach is from GB..

Maybe the owner of the team perceives all of these free agency moves to be a "good effort", whether any of them work out or not. The problem is that the last time I checked, running in place was not an olympic sport - there are no gold/silver/bronze medals for doing a good job running in place. The RESULTS speak for themselves and I can't believe that it keeps happening without any accountability or consequences to the 'Personnel Dept". The owner is a wealthy man who knows the difference betwen good results and bad results. They stink.

And despite these continued goofy observations they gave Houston a hard time, whipped Oakland and if not for Carpenter's missess, would have beaten the Jets.

LOL!!!! They gave Houston a hard time in a blowout loss? Beat one of the worst team in the NFL. And lost a division game, AT HOME, to the WETS??!??!?!?!?!?!1

Yeah, real good team there.

totally agree w formfactor. nice post

Everyone is talking about all the cap space we have.

What good is that if we are signing castoffs and brokendowns?

No legit (primetime) player is coming to Miami. Ireland is a racist first and an idiot second. No one wants to come here that's worth a darn.

Again asinine comments from people that think they know what they're talking about. Jacksparrow has must be in contact with players to confirm they think he is a racist.. who all have you talked to Sparrow?

they signed castoffs and brokendowns as you put it because they didnt have cap space.. is it that hard to realize that.

Sparrow: with a rookie QB they played the BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE to a standstill for almost a half. Peyton Manning and Blaine Gabbert didn't beat them either.

Also, you're an idiot. That is all. Please return to your fry station. Be sure to not over-salt them.

Free agent signings not mentioned in this column:

Karlos Dansby
Matt Moore
Richie Incognito
Paul Solai
Cameron Wake
Jorvorski Lane
Kevin Burnett
Randy Starks

And, of course, there are the free agents the media and fans wanted that they DID NOT sigh:

Matt Flynn
Kyle Orton

Thank you. That is all.

This piece is almost laughable. Mondo, you have to ask if this is Jefferys plan going into 2013? The only free agent still here is Dansby maybe one or two other punks, but thats it. Come on man,,,

Hey Rhino, your QB comparison between Henne and Tannehill means nothing Elway and Aikman's QB rating in first 3 starts.

Elway 0.0, 58.8, 56.8
Aikman 40.2, 71.1, 4.0

There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Tannehill passes the eye test, he looks and acts like an NFL QB unlike Henne who had no leadership skills and made the same mistakes over and over again. Tannehill might not have impressive QB rating numbers but he has looked poised and in command on the field. He still could turn into Henne but at this point cut the kid some slack, he has started 3 NFL games and only started 3 in college. Henne sat behind Pennington for a year and started 4 years at Michigan.

don't be afraid to use your brains every once in a while...

Posted by: FZB | September 27, 2012 at 12:29 PM
How can you refute the facts Mando presented?
As mentioned, Javorski Lane is the only FA Mando forgot. Somewhat significant addition, I'd say.
But to be fair, next year you may have to add Daniel Thomas and Egnew.
Not mentioned 7-11, that TE experiment out of football for 7 years, and prolly several others who ate free food for several weeks.

Ireland won't sign Plax because Plax played for the Cowboys nemesis, the Giants.
How can Plax be any worse than Naanee? You don't think think Plax is a bigger better target in the red zone than Brian? I can't imagine Philbin would have a problem with another possible weapon. I really like Hartline, but the smaller the field, the less significant he becomes.

BTW, I listen via iHeart to Miami stations QAM and WINZ. Seems like nearly everyone finish their calls with the stupid "I'm out."
Half the commercials are for strip joints and gambling casinos.
I grew up in Miami in the 50's and 60's.
No wonder there is such a "who cares" attitude. Why go to a game when you can spend far less and get a lap dance while you lose at blackjack. LOL

Another BTW, the legendary Omar Kelly expressed that the reason Lamar ain't on the field is Tannehill is in mortal danger, as Lamar can't block.
This is somewhat obvious, and teams must know when Miller's on the field, there is a 75% or more chance he's running it.
we have Mr Potato Head ar RB. Thomas can block, but not consistently run (when he's not fumbling), an Lamar can't block but can run it.
Time for that machine in "The Fly."

The Pats start 11 white guys on offense.


Intelligence matters.

Don't draft neanderthals like Egnew.

Posted by: Truth | September 27, 2012 at 10:31 AM

Seriously? Richard Cranium. Do you still have the hood in the closet? Truth is that is an ignorant statement.
You are better than that.

Back to Lamar. It's hard to imagine the lack of blocking skill would be the only reason he fell so far.
For his sake and ours, I hope thats the ONLY reason. Perhaps the injury history his final year?
Whatever the case, he's better than 50% of the starting backs in the league as it is.
You'd hope he can be taught blocking skills, but your HEART has to be in it.
I think folks forget how scary fast he is.

Sports writers are like pesky little brothers

And then you edit posts to protect your sensitive egos

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