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Dolphins and Jets fans: The love affair

The Dolphins versus the Jets. It's a wonderful day that comes twice a year. It's a time for the locals in Miami or the Meadowlands to open their hearts and minds to their neighbors and show them grace and respect.

Yeah, not really.

It's go-time for some folks. It's a time to lay your heart on the line and hold your head high -- at least until the clock reads 0:00. (How's this for prose, eh?). This rivalry is a classic in the AFC East.

The New Yawkas think they own that new $1.4 billion place up in New Jersey. And they think they own the Dolphins old place down in Miami Gardens, too.

They're wrong, of course.

That place up north belongs to the Giants -- still, and if you don't believe it, count the Super Bowl trophies. And the place in South Florida is a stepchild that nobody really wants to own but we use because it didn't cost us any tax dollars.  

Anyway, it is always special when the Dolphins and Jets play. And it is always special when Dolphins fans and Jets fans gather for the event.

I thought today-- with all the schemes drawn, all the injuries reported and all the practices complete -- would be a good day to simply prepare fans for each other.

Dolphins fans, meet the Jets fans:


Dolphins fans? This is what they are when they have a good team for cheer for: 



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Jet fans are the skid mark of the NFL.

Nice lyrics!

I got my Jets Hat on!

Throwing Up! Up!

Throwing Up! Up!

What did you ecpect? It's PUKE GREEN!


That 3 oclock live blog was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen here. And I don't have to tell you guys, you all know we've seen some pretty pathetic things here.

The most disturbing thing by Far is Armando and the obviously false statements he made. Once again he tried that weak stuff about, "Define A Troll". He's done that before and any of you regulars that are still here no this. It's his own special little way of letting you guys know that his "Good Thang(on the side)" his "Special Friend" that racks up blog hits is going to continue to have free reign.

He was posting under Danny Whurfel today-BTW. Check out his posts during the live blog. Of all the things he was here for, racking up hits was the most obvious. Just for your info, it's none other than Pricemaster, Lincoln Continental, and many others as of late. ALoco, oscar and all the way back to the Cuban Menace. Before of course he busted himself so many times forgeting his sign in and "talking to self" to the point of no one even buying it any longer.

But thats not even the issue. The **MAIN GIVE AWAY**. The PROOF that Armando and his "Good Thang" on the side will put quanity over quality EVERYTIME when it comes to getting Blog Bragging Rights over Cote, Jackson and Beasley.

Side Note: Ole "Good Thang" ain't going to deliver you bragging rights over Darlington at least-ROTFLMAO!

You guys missed it. Just like "Good Thang" keeps busting himself here, Armando did today - BIG TIME!

He comes on here and insults all of you guys and your intelligence, buy AGAIN insinuating that there Aren't Trolls here and that it's not a Problem. OK, and a "Yeah Right" Armando. Define a Troll My A ss.

Why didn't anyone ask Armando to explain this cute little conundrum: Armando comes on here and tells you YG/DB never uses any aliases. Ok, sure Bud!

But then why in the next breath was Armando and Danny "Good Thang" Whurfel telling us that Armando is way to busy to see all the posts? If he's way too bust to see all the posts, then how can he, with any confidence or good conscience tell us that YG/DB never uses alases.

Which is it Armando? You can't have it both ways. It's obvious that you can't check all the posts. OK, but why then would you state unequivocally that you can vouch for YG? You guys can believe what you want. It's obvious to me that he was just attempting to protect "Good Thang" and another of his aliases.

He's to busy to check enough posts to realize we have a Rodent Troll Problem. But he's not to busy to come on the live blog, Off The Cuff No Less and state as a fact that YG/DB doesn't use aliases?

Come on you guys! You can't see right through that? You can't see the problems this raises and the obvious implications?

I think you need to ask Armando for a slightly better explanation than the one offered at 2:52 PM, Sept. 21.

When Armando was asked about the Troll problem during the Live Blog today, he did the exact same thing he's done in the past. He asked the Blogger(Craig M)to define Troll.

He went on to explain whats "In Bounds and Out of Bounds" and insinuated Craig M(and other long time faithful bloggers)were whinning about basically nothing. And that **THEY** should send **HIM** an E-Mail to report when a Troll(or just another ordinary blogger, according to Armando)crosses the line.

He also explained that he's way to busy to follow what all goes on here. He said He and the Herald were "Doing their best" in keeping it clean. But that it was IMPOSSIBLE to police the place.

Thats all fine and dandy. Except, how then, COULD HE POSSIBLY come to the defense today of a Blogger being accused of using multiple sign in names/impostoring people/and just generally screwing the place up with bullshyt posts aimed solely at antagonizing and inciting strife?

Armando was simply WAY to quick to defend said blogger, considering he simultaneously was claiming that it was impossible to monitor said blogger.

Hmmmmmmmmmm............seems to me like "SOMEBODY" just got caught trying to have his cake and eat it too. It's pretty obvious to me that these two statements are "Mutually Exclusive". You just can't have it both ways on this particular issue.

As Armando likes to say, let that sink in for a minute. Then..........YOU be the JUDGE!

Wow Coalition, that was longer then Armandos blog.


You guys want more proof?

Armando SUPPOSEDLY watches the blog close enough to CLAIM YG/DB doesn't use alases.

But he doesn't watch close enough to see his BOYFRIEND using aliases, impostoring people and straight up forgetting to switch his sign in name back and forth-Yet Again.

Anybody that doesn't see right through this stupid crap is a bigger Dolt than these two. I'm not trolling BTW, this is just MY OPINION of you and your Blog Hit Buddy ;)

Dr Eiske,

You want to talk about the Jets of the past?
Talk about Greg Buttle. Talk about his club Buttle's on Hempstead Turnpike. I was there. I've lived East Meadow. My children were born there.

Posted by: DumperPumper | September 22, 2012 at 01:15 AM

Aloco/Dashi/oscar canosa/Kris,
Thank you for going down on me as often as you do!

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:23 AM

Wait... Your kids were born at Buttle's? Was just referencing when my hatred of the Jets began.

Posted by: Dr Eiske | September 22, 2012 at 01:25 AM

Yo developmentally disabled,
My children were not born at Buttles.
They were born in East Meadow at NCMC.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:40 AM

Just open your mouth and close your eyes; okay?

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:41 AM

Yesterday Armando asks posters to DEFINE a Troll and claims to follow the blog closely enough to say definitively that "CERTAIN POSTERS" don't use aliases.

Yet in the next breath he claims he doesn't see things like the above and if this Troll really does **EXIST** we should report him through an E-Mail.

And what do you know? Only hours later, more of the same old garbage! Multiple sign in names, Trolling, and Sexually Offensive Gay Innuendo. Maybe this should be E-Mailed to Armando(Right, like it's done any good in the past)?

"Dumper Pumper" is talking to Dr. Eiske and tells him he lived in East Meadows.

Then "Lincoln Continental" thanks some fellow bloggers for going down on him.

Then he forgets to change his name back to "Dumper Pumper" and answers Dr. Eiske:

Yo developmentally disabled,
My children were not born at Buttles.
They were born in East Meadow at NCMC.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:40 AM

Then of course, he posts more sexually offensive garbage about BJ's BEFORE realizing his mistake.

It's pretty amazing to me how Armando can tell you at a moments notice that a specific poster isn't trolling around with aliases.

But he "SOMEHOW" NEVER manages to see this guy CONSTANTLY dragging the place down into the sewer?

I guess the Bragging Rights over Cote, Jackson and Beaseley are pretty important. More important than you decent and intelligent long time posters anyways.

Psssssssssssssfpt! If I'm wrong guys, explain it any other way.

So this guy is spamming over span posts ?

I can't believe I just watched watched 3 minutes of "got my Jets hat on" repeated over and over with absolutely no musical talent what-so-ever. That was just terrible

I don't know what you're getting at Jimmy.

Yesterday Armando asked a poster to define a Troll in regards to this guy that constantly posts the stuff above.

He also asked people to report the guy.

Despite whatever **YOU** might want to call it, I'm reporting the guy in the hopes that this blog will be a better place for serious Fin Fans to talk some serious Football.

You got a problem with that?

If so, why? Please do explain?

It is just sports, not life. Trolls and otherwise, get a life.

This blog has been a mess since it's inception. I doubt you're going to get it cleaned up.

Art,Jimmy, Promenade Queen, I don't really car what you call yourself, I just Love pointing out the Troll to people.

It's just sports not life, like you say fella. So your life is so paheic you're going to but in? If none of this matters, why are **YOU** bothering to comment?

And you are going to tell soeone else to get a life? ROTFLMFAO - Thats Rich ;)

Man.. the good ol days. Would be awesome to see a full rockin stadium like that again.

Jimmy, you are probably right.

But it just seems its worse than ever right now and it's most likely just a very few that are ruining it.

I'm just saying, I can remember before the internet age. I know what a blessing a place like this is. It's a shame because it wouldn't take much to drastically improve the place.


That clip brought back some awesome memories!

I know we won't even come close to that kind of intensity on Sunday. But a Good Curb Stomping on the wets will be a step in the right direction.

We're ALL long overdue for a little "Return To Glory"!

Has Ireland been fired yet?

I think we shock the NFL World Sunday by soundly beating the jets.

No runaway blowout or anything. Just a good solid game in which we take control early and never let go. We won't have to score much because SpOrano will be lucky to get 3 fist pumps!

Soon to be 2-1 and Cruising!


C'mon Man! Thats what I'm talking about. Thats like something you would read on the bathroom wall of a Junior High School.

If Ireland gets the axe, it won't be until seasons end. There's NO REASONS to fire him between now and then.

(Oh Brother....)

Y hear they're flying the fire Ireland plane sign over the stadium again tomorrow.


Video of Bears game brought back good memories too bad we didn't get to face them in the Super Bowl

It isn't much of a rivalry this year. The Jets and Dolphins are battling for last place in the AFC East in 2012.

Everyone laughs at us as we keep jeff Ireland as our GM. That guy is so pathetic at his job. Win will the joke be over.

Ireland should know better then to call a customer(fan) an A-Hole. Dissapointing how classless he is as well as incompetent.

Perfect,well said.

I'm all in on the boycott till Ireland is fired but if I saw him anywhere I'd ask HIM if his momma's a hooka.

It isn't much of a rivalry this year. The Jets and Dolphins are battling for last place in the AFC East in 2012.

Posted by: DavidR | September 22, 2012 at 08:17 AM


The Jets have passed us by and they're more rivals with the Pats then with us now. Seems its the Bills we're battling with every year to stay out of the cellar.

TYPO at 8:17 Post, Need Coffee. ( When)

Is it basketball season yet?

Ross needs to give out barf bags to any remaining Dolphin fans at every home game lol

I actually love two things. Jets fans, of course, and Jeff Ireland.

Actually, I'm afraid the Jets have got our number tomorrow... they've finally figured out why they didn't beat Pittsburgh last week...

I hate the Jets and the horse they rode in.

I actually love two things. Jets fans, of course, and Jeff Ireland.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | September 22, 2012 at 09:15 AM

The Jests fans love Jeff Ireland.

I think you should ban these sissys argueing back and forth on this blog.I dont like their stupidity over and over besides I got banned for stepping on another one like them a TEXASCOWPUNK little toes on Yahoo.There is no such thing as justice but I VOTE TO BAN

Okay I remember watching that Dolphins Bears game. What I didn't remember was the crowd noise and what a great stadium that was.

But here's what struck me funny. They actually let the opposing teams wait as long as they wanted for the crowd noise to go down. They even asked Shula to quiet them down! WTF we're the twelfth man! They don't do that now, if you can't hear the snap count you had better damned well have a backup plan or the clock will run out. What a joke that is asking the coach to help quiet thousands of drunk fans!

Do any of the older fans who might have followed the NFL more closely (I was only 13) remember when and why they changed the rules prohibiting teams from waiting out crowd noise?

Odin is such a delusional fool that you can't help feeling sorry for the old drunk.

The fact of the matter is if Salguero starts banning accounts, HIS will be the first to go. Armando has even been on here WARNING him, specifically, to stop his juvenile nonsense.

Yet in Bizarro World, he's the one crusading to "clean things up."

Odin, YOU are the problem here. And have been for a long time.

I will be joining others in petitioning Armando to remove you so this can be a football talk site instead of your toilet.

Hey Ireland haters I have more fuel for your fire.

Mike Sherman had to BEG Jeff Ireland to work out Javorski Lane. So how many other players signed this year were because of our new coaches? It could turn out that Sherman is the one to bring in Lane and Tannehill, arguably our two best signings.

While Jeff brought Egnew, Vernon,Miller and Martin and all the receivers who aren't good enough and/ or were cut. These are the guys Jeff can hang his hat on. We can't give him full blame for the time Parcells was here just like he can't get full credit for T-hill and Lane. I hope Ross takes this into account when making his decision.

Why did you make us help his ratings?
Please don't click on that video! It's stupid!

I happen to think Odin is exactly right in his observations. Sometimes, you need to fight fire with fire, and get in the dirt with the scumbag trolls. Experience, however, tells me that's exactly where they want you to be, and therefore in the end it's pointless.

But frankly, Mando talks about his "faith" and goodness all the time, but all he is is a journalist, trying to get a nut (paycheck). In the end, that's his right (anybody's right) and you just need to understand that when visiting the blog.

I'll choose to talk to those I respect or want to have a football conversation with, and those that just want to throw insults and epithets can go fukk themselves. Easy.


I agree....

insulting to say the least....a jets video on a FINS blog....we could have gotten a 15-30 min. sample and gotten the gist of it....

Leave it to Armando to FIND a way to post a video of our RIVAL....


Ok man I'll give you that. But try to explain:

- the lame comment about asking Dez Bryants mom if she is a prostitute. (Would you say those are the words of a GM or classless GM?)

Not done yet:

- what about the fiasco between him and Tony Sporano? (Neither of us will ever know the story behind that one.)

- All of Jeffs lame interviews

and last but not least:

-the one most recent where he calls a fan an Ahole! (Does he not know it's the fans who brings in the revenue?)

Is there another GM like this in the NFL? My answer to that is NO! We have him!

Sybil says,

And I have to take acception with something Armando wrote yesterday.

He wrote that if Ireland has a rough year and gets fired that Philbin will have had a bad year as well and will be on shaky ground.

I understand how the dots were connected but I hate the fact that there is this shortsighted view out there amongst some fans and media members and I truly hope Ross doesn't feel the same way.

The reason Ireland would be fired is because he was so bad at his job that he couldn't bring in or identify talented players. So those same players are the ones Philbin was asked to coach. And before Philbin even got here the talent on this team was suspect. Ireland did nothing to change that perception. How can you hold him accountable for that?

If anything Joe will be owed an apology and a restart with a GM of his choosing.

And why not let him pick his own GM? A GMs job is to get good players and keep them. Why can't Philbin and Sherm get together and find someone that will help keep this thing moving forward? A GM with intimate knowledge of the west coast offense who will be able to scout the right players who fit into the new Dolphins philosophy.

Enough with this giving up on Philbin already crap, I'm sick of it! We gave f#$%ing Sparano 4 years and the guy was not even in the same league with Philbin as a strategist and was barely a coach. The guy was a glorified cheer leader. We have a real coach now and people need to start recognizing it before we lose him.

Sorry , exception.


Odin's post is merely a RE-CAP of what I wrote during the "live" blog....

notice I was never addressed directly.....there was a reason for that...Armando KNOWS I have the ability to cross him up.....therefore...rather than confront...he chose to ignore me....

but strangely enough....he takes on Craig M....when Craig M brings up the SAME points....

If you have EYES...and HALF A BRAIN....it easy to see and understand....

those were real fans!!!! not the crab that we have now

some of the trolls are the regulars i have noticed

Sybil you very badly misread my post. Read it again, I'm putting Jeff down. Not sure how that got misconstrued. :-/

Phin78, I don't know that they changed the rules. Teams got smarter and practiced with 'crowd noise' and silent count. Could be wrong tho.

I did enjoy the '85 Bears game clip. Maybe the next stadium (will I live that long?) will be built football and only football in mind.

The jet clip was laughable. Some gumba doin' a madeup jet rap BS. Typical.

I have no problem what-so-ever with coach Philbin. In fact, he is head and shoulders above former coach Sporano. My take on Sporano is this, he is a real good person but an idiot as a head coach. His interviews remind me of former head coach Raheem Morris in Tampa Bay. (Did anybody catch his interview?) One word discribed his tinure: sad!

As far as GM, just read my last post. I think if coach Philbin keeps his job and gets a real GM, we are set to go fellas.

Sybil says

Sybil, what a joke, you talk about reason Ireland's horrible, and NONE of your examples are about his main purpose as a GM, talent acquisition. You squishy, easily-aggrieved fans are hilarious. "Oh my, he asked Dez Bryant is his Mom's a prostitute." Really? That's what's wrong with Ireland? A question he asked a draft possibility years ago, who's now comfortably ensconced in the NFL, and oh by the way was forced to accept a list of rules of conduct this year, including having a bodyguard and not being allowed to go into stripclubs? That's the guy you want to hang your hat on?

I won't even get started on Sparano. Look, if you don't like Ireland, fine, but let me give you some constructive criticism, the best line of attack vs. Ireland is the quality (or lack thereof) of talent after 4 years to do something about it.

And also, while Im not an Ireland fan sybil I absolutely 100% applaud him for calling the fan an a%$hole because he was an a&%hole and if I was standing next to him I would have told him myself.

The clip was cool....

b ut if were doing videos...WHY NOT one of FINS HIGHLIGHTS against the jets....

we got the crappy jets song...why not counter that with Marino to DUPER and CLAYTON.....Ken Obrien being picked off....

JT and ZT HIGHlights against the jets....

the FAKE SPIKE....

so many ways to go.....


No big fella, I wasn't throwing a dart at you, I was simply venting about Jeff Ireland.

Sybil says

Cocoajoe they definitely changed the rule because teams aren't allowed to stand on the field for any amount of time while the crowd quiets down. The refs actually stopped the play clock to tell the fans to be quiet. That never ever never happens in todays game. The play clock starts at the end of the last play and that's how much time you have to get your next play off, crowd noise and all.

Can anyone else jump in here? Now two of us are curious! :)

Kris, I caught that. Also, Mando's quick to yuck it up with ALoco. And then when trolls chirp up, during the time he's on the blog, he acts as if he doesn't see them.

But that's why I'm not expecting him to do anything about it. It's either a wink-and-nod situation, or a unfortunate but necessary byproduct of his ambition. Either way, we are on our own.

DC Dolphin,

Ok, thanks for your opinion.


Also, thank you for your opinion.

And lastly, I respect all opinions here. Nice job guys.

Sybil says

Excellent observation's DC.....

and like you....I have come to the realization that...this is how it's gonna be...

DC if we're talking about headcase Bryant don't forget that the Mothers good name he was so intent on protecting is the same Mother he just punched at a family event. POS he is

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