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Dolphins and Jets fans: The love affair

The Dolphins versus the Jets. It's a wonderful day that comes twice a year. It's a time for the locals in Miami or the Meadowlands to open their hearts and minds to their neighbors and show them grace and respect.

Yeah, not really.

It's go-time for some folks. It's a time to lay your heart on the line and hold your head high -- at least until the clock reads 0:00. (How's this for prose, eh?). This rivalry is a classic in the AFC East.

The New Yawkas think they own that new $1.4 billion place up in New Jersey. And they think they own the Dolphins old place down in Miami Gardens, too.

They're wrong, of course.

That place up north belongs to the Giants -- still, and if you don't believe it, count the Super Bowl trophies. And the place in South Florida is a stepchild that nobody really wants to own but we use because it didn't cost us any tax dollars.  

Anyway, it is always special when the Dolphins and Jets play. And it is always special when Dolphins fans and Jets fans gather for the event.

I thought today-- with all the schemes drawn, all the injuries reported and all the practices complete -- would be a good day to simply prepare fans for each other.

Dolphins fans, meet the Jets fans:


Dolphins fans? This is what they are when they have a good team for cheer for: 



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Lol I know sybil, no biggy. But you asked me to explain something about Ireland as if I was sticking up for him when I was clearly trashing him.

"Hey Ireland haters I have more fuel for your fire".

Ya see? I was trying to help the cause.

Phin78, not to be argumenative but fans especially in domes, have a lot of crowd noise and the refs don't stop games. Maybe not stopping games is what you were talking about regarding rule change?

Phins, yeah, I can accept criticism of talent acquisition from Ireland, but those other examples some use don't really matter to me. The Dez thing. Yeah, the Sparano dis when chasing Harbaugh was classless, but put yourself in his shoes, he was in CYA mode. Ross was unhappy, team was mediocre and getting worse, and Sparano was on the hot seat. Ireland could have gone down with the ship or saved himself. He chose to save himself, which yeah, was sh*tty, but look, his instinct was right, because Harbaugh looks to be a great HC in the NFL. And Sparano's now an OC. And if someone gets in my face, I'm going to respond in kind, so the a-hole comment to me was a lot of "nothing to see here."

That jets video is so stupid and proves that most of their fans are as well ... yeah go ahead a THROW UP wearing your Jets hat. i would too.

DC love your posts and please don't take this the wrong way but here goes.

Sybil stated an opinion about Ireland. Now granted it wasn't the most well thought out post and we've heard it all before but it was his/her opinion. He/she didn't say anything bad about another poster and wasn't starting a fight.

Now come on, you have to admit your post back was pretty condescending. "Squishy easily aggrieved" is what you called the poster.

I'm just saying fair is fair, these are the things that set people off. We've been yelling about attacks and trolls for how long in here? I stuck up for you guys yesterday to oscar troll saying you guys never start fights, that you only respond to those who attack you.

You just screwed me! Lol we can't say things like that to some of these people. Their feelings get hurt and then they change sign in names and stalk us. Thus leading to trolls. It's like the f&%$ing circle of life in here(que the Lion King song). :)

When, in the judgment of the Referee, the level of crowd noise prevents the offense from hearing its signals, he can institute a series of procedures which can result in a loss of team time outs or a five-yard penalty against the defensive team. - NFL Rule Digest

Maybe I was wrong.

Here's something else I found.....

y Michael McCarthy, USA TODAY
The NFL is relaxing its strict rules on crowd noise for the new season as part of an initiative to improve the in-stadium experience for millions of fans, says chief marketing officer Mark Waller.
The league will allow home clubs to incite the 12th man with visual noise meters and scoreboard messages such as "Let's Hear It!" and "Raise the Roof!" while the visiting team's call plays. Clubs must cease when the play clock hits 15 seconds. As before, fans can't use noisemakers (no vuvuzelas). And teams are not allowed to pump in artificial crowd noise.

Cocoajoe yeah there's a misunderstanding here.

My point is there is now a rule in place preventing offenses from waiting on the field for as long as they want. They have to start the next play before the time clock runs out no?

Because in the video you clearly see the offense go in and out of the huddle multiple times. You see them stand and stare into the crowd for minutes. You see the refs go over and ask Shula to quiet the fans. You see players and the coach waving their arms in an effort to quiet the fans so the Bears can run a play.

Fast forward to today or even ten years ago. Players wave their hands up, make some noise they're saying. People hold signs, "lets make some noise"! Fans try to be as loud as they can to disrupt the opposing teams play calls. Indi was accused of piping fan noise through their speakers.

And not one time is the game stopped or are fans asked to quiet down. Its part of the game now.

My question was when did that change? When did the league tell the refs to stop holding up play when its loud, to just keep the play clock rolling?

DC I only judge Jeff for the job he does, you have no disagreement from me on that front.

All that other bullcrap is for fans who read the enquirer and watch reality tv. The he said she said garbage that has nothing to do with football.

I couldn't care less about what Jeff says to people. He could call us all a$#holes and ask every player if their moms are whores as long as the team is winning.

That's what Im looking for now, results. This is and should be the only thing the man is judged on.

I have no idea why people feel the need to talk about the other things and I agree it's tiring.

I'd rather have Dez Bryant on our team then Jeff Irescum.

Irescum thinks the fans are A-Holes but the feeling is mutual. LOL

Wow cocoajoe. Is that from the current rule book? Ive never seen a ref take away a timeout because of crowd noise.

A perfect example was the Houston game. Incognito said" how could Watts hear the signals when we couldn't even hear them."

Seems like if there was a rule in place that allows the offense a quiet environment to work in every team in the league would be insisting on it's use ya know?

Coaches would be on the sideline screaming to the refs," it's too loud and my guys can't hear the signals, you have to stop the play clock"! Never happens though.


Naw...not all fans are a-holes to 'Judas' Ireland...just the ones that don't kiss his butt.

However, if you don't kiss his butt when you meet him and tell him how great he is...then yeah your an a-hole and he will 'mutter under his breath' just loud enough for you to hear it after you and him have already turned around because of course he's too much of a puss to tell it to you in your face.

For some time, I have been reading the attacks made on Armando Salguero. I would like to comment.

Salguero has this column because he has a proven track record in sports journalism but some are unable to comprehend that. This is because it is much easier to be jealous of someone else than it is to earn an education and pay your dues to the profession through your employment history.

The offenders have no background in either Journalism or Public Relations and it makes me sick to read their comments.

John, its embarrassing to have Ireland as GM. If we had a GM with some class(and some smarts) we could atract better FA's and coaches.

Buffalo, Armando is very objective and tells it like it is. Some of the homer fans dont always like that. Especially lately with the team in disaray the truth hurts


Phins 78....

this wasn't addressed to you...but IT should have been....

Naw...not all fans are a-holes to 'Judas' Ireland...just the ones that don't kiss his butt.

However, if you don't kiss his butt when you meet him and tell him how great he is...then yeah your an a-hole and he will 'mutter under his breath' just loud enough for you to hear it after you and him have already turned around because of course he's too much of a puss to tell it to you in your face.

Posted by: john | September 22, 2012 at 11:39 AM

Love the post.....and describes the situation perfectly...in my opinion....

Armando isnt afraid to call a spade a spade like some writers at the SS.

Being respectful isn't kissing someones butt. It's showing that you can disagree with someone without being childish and calling that person names.

There is nothing wrong with differing opinions, everyone has them. It's how you go about expressing those opinions that defines you as a civil human being.

The fan attacked Jeff verbally and he defended himself verbally. Cause and effect. Both were wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that the fan instigated the confrontation by calling him over under false pretenses.

He smiled at Jeff and waved, come here buddy, and now WHACK! F%$k you I just stuck a knife in your back.

The fan is the pu%&y for not only doing that but for also saying something like that when he knew the person couldn't retaliate.

He could have had a pleasent conversation, told Jeff he disagreed with his moves and asked a few questions why he made them. That's what a rationale adult would do because after all it is just a game. You can disagree with what the guy does but the level of hate a small fraction of fans have speaks to a larger problem in our society. It doesn't add up. To have that much hate for someone as they walk from hugging their kids is just ridiculous.

Did the man kill your family member? Steal your pension? Kick your dog? Sleep with your wife?

No, he picked some questionable players for a team you watch on tv.

Lets get some perspective here.

Parcells and Ireland have always despised the fans and media. Thats not good for business unless they are extroidinary winners.

Taje it down about 10 NOTCHES Phins 78...

He told Ireland he should "fire himself".....

Whats the great INSULT or attack....

I am quite sure you have written far worse on this blog....or Ohio's.....

Any attempt @ defending Ireland for such a mild statement come off as hypocritical to me.....


Buffalo dolphan Armandos job is to criticize. Yes he's a reporter and he reports in the paper but this is a blog that is based on his opinions. A place where he can openly trash or make a hero out of anyone he wants.

Surely he is not immune from some criticism about his work? I would bet he's fine with it.

No curse words....or threats....

just a suggestion....

its Ireland who showed his lack of decor...and unprofessionalism.....

You guys that have a hatred on for Ireland need t do a lot better with your stance. Seriously, the best you can do is hang onto this stuff about Ireland and Dez Bryant and Ireland calling some fan an a-hole. REALLY weak stuff guys.

Only thing that matters is how the team does on the field, and to the haters, your're going to be awfully disappointed because it looks like he's putting a really nice nucleus together. I know it burns a lot of you guys up inside but even the guy most of you wrote off and called 'another Ireland bust', John Jerry, has looked very good in the first two games!

I'll let you guys get back your TMZ world....

Well I didn't like the post and not only do I disagree but I stated my opinion on the matter very clearly.

To each his own.

No, he picked some questionable players for a team you watch on tv.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 22, 2012 at 12:07 PM


You're missing the boat. He's also alienated many fans, players and coaches with his racist reputation and total lack of any class. He's set new records for draft busts and has buried our team 10 ft under with a total lack of talent. Dont let a home win over lowly Oakland fool you In Irelands 5th year the team is widely rated as having the worst talent in the league. Fans have abandoned the team in droves for a reason.

Kris I agree, Ireland shouldn't have reacted that way, like Ozzie Guillen, Rex Ryan, Buddy Ryan, and on and on, it was unprofessional.

But you're saying what the fan said was okay with you? You condone that sort of behavior even while admonishing people in here for condescending attacks?

Craig M.....

I think what you fail to understand is that a GM on an NFL TEAM showed a LACK OF CLASS....and POOR JUDGEMENT when dealing with a simple statement from a NFL FAN....

it could ALSO mean that his POOR JUDGEMENT has played a role in in the POOR product we have seen the last 3 years...

and BTW......

I credit PHILBIN with coaching them....more than I credit Ireland....


I don't agree. If you attack me, I'll attack you and vice-versa. We would have done the exact same thing as Ireland and we both know it. I don't get the sense that you would let people walk all over you and I'm the same way. It's how we were raised and how we run our life. Not sure what you do for a living, but it's how I am in business too. I'll be the most cordial guy to those that deserve it but if you want to challenge me and do think I take to be impeding me right to make a living I'll let you know about it. I trust you're the same way.

I think you would have FAR less respect for Ireland if he didn't stand up for himself, the little bit I know about you. And let's be completely clear here, Ireland did not cause a huge scene a berate the guy in front of everyone, as perhaps a guy like Rex Ryan might have. He simply turned away and called the guy an a-hole UNDER his breath. I don't see anything wrong with that. I think Rex Ryan giving Dolphin fans the finger at an MMA even is FAR less professional. Agreed? Why don't we keep talking about that one? How about the owner of the titans givng the finger to Bills fans in his private box after a comeback. Worse? YEAH...far worse!


the DUDE got a chance to SPEAK HIS MIND....to Ireland's face.....

WAY DIFFERENT than somebody hiding behind multiple screen names..and a keyboard...WAY DIFFERENT.....

I would except that if you got the chance...you would give Ireland a piece of your man as well....

and remember....he didn't INSULT...or THREATEN HIM.....

and besides....how much time did you think IRELAND was going to give him .....

he got in...and got out....

good job to the fan...

You dont curse at your paying customers, PERIOD! BUSINESS 101

Anyone defending Ireland's action is just as dumb as he is.

Kris do you have a job that you are passionate about?

I own a construction company and take great pride in my work. If someone doesn't like what I built that's fine. They can come up to me tell me what they don't like and ask me to change it.

What I would not tolerate is someone not giving me the benefit of explaining myself and fixing the problem. They just walk up to me the first time we ever talk ant tell me "you should fire yourself".

So in your job if someone said this to you it would be perfectly fine? Meaning you wouln't have a reaction either way?

@Zong ...you can curse at your paying customers, if you have plenty of them and don't care if that customer doesn't came back or not. some customers are more of a headache than they are worth!

Craig M....

If I were Ireland...I would almost have to EXPECT that kind of thing from a fan....the SURPRISE should be the fans who were cordial...and wanted autographs.....

It's no secret how this fan base feels about Ireland....

and its his JOB to represent this ORGANIZATION in a positive light @ ALL TIMES...not just when somebody wants to kiss his but.....


We don't agree on this subject, even a little bit. Sorry, bud. I think you're make a huge moountain out of a mole hile. Not sure why, because you've usually been quite fair when it comes to evaluating Ireland.

The fan got in face and Ireland actually reacted in a professional manner. Unprofessional would have been to lose it on the guy or hit him. To walk away calling him an a-hole is something we both likely would have done. I've done it my job before and I consider myself to be professional.

Not sure why you're hanging onto to this one Kris, but it's clear I'm not going to change your opinion on it. Fair enough.

Kris, great post 12:27


Yes, I means playoffs! Here why:

It's only game 2 and game 2 of rookie qb Ryan Tannehill's career. Yet, thus far its the "BIGGEST" game of our young future franchise qb's career. This game gives a "FUTURE SNEAK PEAK" of what we can expect of our young qb with "PLAYOFFS" on the line.

There's a current logjam for "FIRSTPLACE" in the afc east. Its "A VERY IMPORTANT" divisional game. Loser gets first opportunity to begin "FADE" from "PLAYOFF PICTURE".

Yes, its early(GAME 2), but there's also "LOTS" at stake. IMO, its a "SNEAK PREVIEW" of if Ryan Tannehill will show he is indeed "THE REAL DEAL" from this point moving forward. "REAL DEALS" find a way to win these kind of game no matter how early in thier careers.

Whem they do, thats how they let the fans know, that "INDEED" they are the "REAL DEALS". A win here could begin the chase for a "LEGIT PLAYOFF" run.


you are one of the few here that makes sense on this Ireland thing, unfortunately too many other posters are too childish or clue-less to state their opinions based on facts.

people like MJ, burger305 etc, look its ok to have a different opinion but is way easier to insult someone and just say I hate Ireland than to think and ask yourself why you hate the guy, and if they had a semblance of a brain then they would realize that Ireland is not doing a bad job since he took over the team.

I keep harping on this because is the truth, in their mind Ireland made all those bad decisions but guess what guys, reality doesn't work that way, the facts are that Parcells was the president and Ireland was the vice president but Ireland was the one to blame?...so what was Parcells doing to earn his 5 mil dollar salary?...

they simply ignore the fact that Parcells was even here, out of sight out of mind...pathetic

Craig M...and PHINS....

there is a time and place for everything.....

Ireland should NEVER insult.....or get in to a verbal altercation with the customer.....

RACIST REPUTATION? THE RACE CARD NOW? Classic. And I'm missing the boat? Pffffttttttt.

What racist reputation, the one you made up? How many black guys are on the team and how many white?

Why the f&%k would any black athlete willingly play for a racist. Sorry, couldn't disagree more about this.


Craig M.....

You know I am a BIG PICTURE kinda guy......but its the details that make up the BIG PICTURE....

displays like that to "random fan" make me wonder about Ireland's character.....


Last comment from me on this one. I find it very interesting that you hold a guy like Ireland to a different standard than you hold some of the players. I've seen you make comments where you say things like 'what he did wasn't that bad' and 'nothing wrong with having guys like that on the team'. Are you actually saying that players don't need to be professional in representing the organization on and off the field? Is it OK for a guy like Marshall to make an ass of himself and on off the field but not OK for Ireland to call a guy an a-hole under his breath. I guess I'm seeing a bit of a doube standard here Kris and I'm wondering if it's predicated for your dislike for Ireland.

"The New Yawkas...."


Really??? Only the low-life degenerates who are uneducated & uncultured speak like that. In short rebid Jet fans like Fireman Ed.

As someone who lives in NYC & has spent the majority of their life in NY--I truly hate the Jets & their fans more than anything. I hate Rex Ryan's guts, I hate Sanchez b/c he's a cissy, I hate Bart Scott b/c he's a moron, I hate Santonio b/c he's an immature diva, & there are few things in life sweeter than watching them gets their a##es kicked in like last week against the Steelers.

Sure I have friends that are Jet fans but I hate them too whenever we are losing to them. If we're beating them or we win then everything is cool. I really don't know what our record is against them over the last ten years. What I do know is that for most of those seasons we have been a very sorry team. While I want us to win this game I care more about us building a team that can consistently take the field against them (like the Patriots have done over the last ten years)& know that they are the superior team.

The ultimate satisfaction which I haven't enjoyed for a long time is to consistently be a playoff team & watch the Jets flounder in misery.

No doubts about it, this needs to be Ryan Tannehill's best game yet as a Dolphin. He doesnt need to throw for 500yds and 5tds, but, he does need to come out of this ohs important divisional game with a "W".

Especially since we're playing this game "in our own backyard". That just magnifies the importance.

Craig M.....

I believe players are Labor....

and FO is management....

and I do have different standards for each....

gotta roll....

...Kris..you are 100 percent correct about how poorly Ireland handled the situation with that fan. It is inexcusable. Sorry fellas. But the argument that Ireland did what any of us would do is just pathetic. He should be held to a higher standard as one of the faces of this franchise.

As a "higher up" in this franchise. It was Irelands responsibility to be above such a petty attack. Really. Did the fan really say anything offensive? Did he threaten Ireland? No across the board. Be a freekin adult, be a leader. Not a petulant little punk.

This incident has no bearing on tommorows game. It has no bearing on this year. It does make me pause and question Irelands people skills. If he can't handle a fan heckling him. How does he do in a negotiation scenario? Does he have a short fuse(I don't know if he is tolerant or not..seems the second option)and an ego that doesn't allow him to think clearly in certain situations? As a GM of a pro team he should be ashamed.

If you're defending Ireland you have to be a Jests fan

Kris your entitled to your opinion but stop telling me what you think I would do in similar situations because you don't know me.

I would NEVER tell someone at their place of business that they should fire themselves.

My waitress was God awful last night. At no time did I think about embarrassing her in front of a bunch of people by telling her to go fire herself.

My dentist routinely gouged my gums, didn't tell him to fire himself, just got a new dentist.

I'm done talking about this, we don't agree and that's fine. But we are not going to change eachothers minds so what's the point. The debate has run it's course.

Clearly, nanagement needs to set a much better example then Ireland has.

It's amazing to me the number of guys on here who criticize Ireland and company for getting rid of guys with character issues but are very quick to jump all over Ireland and hanging onto the most miniscule of issues that he has.

Marshall's a guy who hits women. Davis is a guy who shows up out of shape for camp, hungover and late for meetings. Johnson a guy who gets into altercations of the field. On an on...Ireland has a couple of misteps and he's 'CLASSLESS' and 'a bad representation of th organization'. Which is it guys? I'm having a tough time understanding what set of rules we'r playing to. Is it one set of rules for the players and another for management? Or is your opinion skewed because it's Ireland.

Kris, I just want to be clear, these comments are NOT directed at you but rather all the guys who come on a say 'can't believe they got rid of Marshall for two thirds and Davis for a second'.


Ireland never insulted the guy and called him as ass hole to his face, he was walking away and talking to himself, even the guy Sean said there was no confrontation, if that guy had said the same thing to you you would have reacted the same way, its human nature, its our defense mechanism.

Zonk, you and the rest of the Ireland haters are the morons, I could debate you all day on this subject as long as you bring something intelligent to the conversation but is obvious you can't because of your lack of intelligence.

I have stated this before, give me facts on why Ireland should be fired and don't bring any of the moves made under Parcells watch, those don't count since Parcells was running the show...

Ireland has made this franchise a laughingstock.


Time to build the "bridge over troubled waters" with the Ireland thing. Winning heals all wounds. Let's conmtinue to see how the season racks up, wins vs losses, then we can always revist this Ireland thing.

Ireland's fate at season's end will be directly linked to both, how Tannehill performs, and wins vs losses. Then of course, "EVERYTHING ELSE" that built up to his outsting moment.

Like I said, winning heals all wounds. If it becomes a successful season. The history tracking record thing on Ireland we all love to "REHASH" will be completely "NULL AND VOID". So save your breaths and aggravations for now.

Kris the Guy Actually tore into Ireland Pretty bad.


If someone calls U an A-Hole and Ur okay with it. What do u think U told him?

The Guy even went after Ireland's Family. Yet, U want Ireland to play Jesus?

Get REal. Ireland is alot of thing. But he was in the Right. He even waited till he was walking away.

Trust ME The Guy didn't just say, Hey Jeff U suck!!

The guy got personal and Disrespectful in front of everybody.

Why else say Ireland could've called Security?

Because the guy was being polite and Articulate with his Opinion of Jeff.

GM's should have SOME class! GEEZ!

Phin78, type in nfl digest of rules....if that don't work....www.nfl.comrulebook/timing

For relaxing the rule: www.usatoday.com/sports/.../nfl/2010-07-29-stadium-noise_N.htm




In my opinion you couldn't be more wrong with your comments above. I like you bud, but I think you're way off. How about I come into your restaurant and tell you in front of other people what I think of you and that 'you should fire yourself'. What would you say to me? You think I'm coming up to you to pay you a compliment and act like an a-hole in front of your guests.

First of all we weren't there, so we don't actually know what language the fan used. We don't know how much he had to drink. Regardless, it was a cheapshot. I think what Ireland did was perfectly acceptable. "As a GM of a pro team he should be ashamed". Are you kidding? Did you miss the apology afterwards? What do you think Parcells would have done? How about Rex Ryan? Ditka? 'Ashamed'? I think you're letting your bias for Ireland show, bud.

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