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Dolphins and Jets fans: The love affair

The Dolphins versus the Jets. It's a wonderful day that comes twice a year. It's a time for the locals in Miami or the Meadowlands to open their hearts and minds to their neighbors and show them grace and respect.

Yeah, not really.

It's go-time for some folks. It's a time to lay your heart on the line and hold your head high -- at least until the clock reads 0:00. (How's this for prose, eh?). This rivalry is a classic in the AFC East.

The New Yawkas think they own that new $1.4 billion place up in New Jersey. And they think they own the Dolphins old place down in Miami Gardens, too.

They're wrong, of course.

That place up north belongs to the Giants -- still, and if you don't believe it, count the Super Bowl trophies. And the place in South Florida is a stepchild that nobody really wants to own but we use because it didn't cost us any tax dollars.  

Anyway, it is always special when the Dolphins and Jets play. And it is always special when Dolphins fans and Jets fans gather for the event.

I thought today-- with all the schemes drawn, all the injuries reported and all the practices complete -- would be a good day to simply prepare fans for each other.

Dolphins fans, meet the Jets fans:


Dolphins fans? This is what they are when they have a good team for cheer for: 



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The Guy even went after Ireland's Family. Yet, U want Ireland to play Jesus?

Posted by: Dashi (MHM I BE) | September 22, 2012 at 12:42 PM


Well, Dez Bryant's reaction was more mature then Irescum's.

Dont understand you guys,

Complain about the troll thing(negativity), attack each other(negativity), and spen an intire blog on Ireland(negativity).

Do you see where Im going with this?(negativity). Everyone here complains about "NEGATIVITY". Yet seems drawn to "NEGATIVITY". While creating the perfect atmosphere for "NEGATIVITY" to thrive.

Im just not getting it. You say you hate "Negativity", yet this entire page has been about "Negativity"(Jeff Ireland". Will you guys please make up my mind already.

You're missing the boat.

He's set new records for draft busts and has buried our team 10 ft under with a total lack of talent.

Dont let a home win over lowly Oakland fool you In Irelands 5th year the team is widely rated as having the worst talent in the league. Fans have abandoned the team in droves for a reason.

Posted by: Fin 77 | September 22, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Dude what are you talking about? When have I EVER defended Irelands draft picks? Where is the objectiveness in this discussion?

Are you saying that if I stick up for Jeff calling someone an a%$hole that I also must agree with all of his free agency and draft signings?

You're missing the boat because I have done nothing but chastise Jeff for stupid moves and non moves. Don't lump me in with someone else to make a point. Lets get real here, lets stick with the facts of this whole thing. I never once have agreed with all of Jeffs moves. Some good, more bad. That's always been my stance. You guys look bad when you're debating someone and don't even understand what their position is.

And U fans Should have some Common Sense!!!!!!!!!!

U huge Pile Of Idiots!!

Starting with mando's Sweet Thang. Ignorance is a Gift only understood by a Idiot.

Well, Dez Bryant's reaction was more mature then Irescum's.

Posted by: MJ | September 22, 2012 at 12:47 PM


they simply ignore the fact that Parcells was even here, out of sight out of mind...pathetic


I think it's time for people to just move on. This Ireland bashing is just tired & boring. After spending $1.5 Billion for this team Ross has earned the right to make that call on Ireland--not us. I'm positive there are a LOT of things that have gone on behind closed doors that we are clueless about. I also believe that trading Marshall & Vontae were GREAT (not good) decisions. They both underperformed on the field & they weren't worth the headaches they brought.

We have FINALLY had what appears to be a very solid draft, I believe we might have found a legitimate QB, & we FINALLY hired a stable, consistent HC. So I believe there's cause for optimism going forward.

Right now we're 1-1. However, if we wind up finishing 1-15 or anything less than 8-8 then I don't see how Ireland can remain with this organization.

Amazing to me a week after this happened that we are even talking about this story. It made nary a ripple with the National media but people here are ready to put Ireland up on the cross. Quite comical actually.

Anybody read anything about this in Peter King's column this week? Was it all over the NFL Network? Did Football Night in America have even two words on the story. Pretty ridiculous that we're even talking about it really.

The TMZ of the NFL, right here, 24/7.



Fin 77,

'He's set new records for draft busts and has buried our team 10 ft under with a total lack of talent'.

Dude, you do realize the team was 1-15 when he got here, right? Strong starting QBs in Cleo Lemon and John Beck. Last last in the league.

You also realize, he's had TWO drafts, right? Time for a little perspective, my friend. It's clear that Y2K was just a made up story and the Mayans were wrong.



there is a time and place for everything.....

Ireland should NEVER insult.....or get in to a verbal altercation with the customer.....


Okay I guess I'm not done. Kris, I have already agreed with you on this point. My stance is that the fan was childish in the way he went about confronting Ireland. Period. I don't agree with a lot of Jeff's moves either but I would be an adult when confronting him, not just hurl insults. It's the intelligent and civil thing to do


...Craig..Just my opinion. Here is the thing. As the owner of a buisness..Or even better. One of the faces people associate with the buisness. You would have no idea ho many times I have had to bite my toungue hen it would have been easy to go off.. Seriously. The only appropriate time to get your hackles up is when someone threatens an employee or customer with violence, or in a sexual conitation. You have to be above the little things. And this fans comment was not a big deal. Yes Ireland should be ashamed. It is no different then when Rex Ryan flipped off the camera...Remember that one? I know you had an opinion about that.

Also this has nothing to do with how I feel about Ireland, or an opportunity to take a shot. It is how i feel about it. I wrote that post a couple of days ago where I said I thought it was in the best interest of the blof to let this season play out before anymore comments about Irelands personel choices. It was going to be a weekly fire Ireland if we lose, or See suck Ireland haters when we win. At least at the end of the year we can have a real debate about him..

But this is different. And although I have has strong opinions about Ireland..This to me has nothing to do with this team performing this year.


All very good points. I'm guilty of trying to dismiss his behavior which I really shouldn't. He's a GM not a beer vendor(nothing against beer vendors btw) & he should conduct himself like a professional.

3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!!




How is asking a Question the Same as someone stopping u in the middle of a game and just going in on U?

Hey if ur mom is not a LAdy of the Night that Question is not offensive.

It's like asking someone if ur a Fruit Cake.

If u have nothing to hide, U have nothing to be afraid of. Plain and Simple.

Ireland didn't tell Dez that his mom was a StreetWalker. He asked.

If ur Mom is not someone's bottom B'Tch U have nothing to be ashamed of or scared to answer.


any little thing U guys will ride it forever.

Take'em out to the woodshed Dolphins!!


By YOUR logic.....

If Ireland DOESN't feel he should fire himself....

then the statement isn't offensive.....

BY YOUR LOGIC @ 1:01.......

turd ferguson,

Thanks man, finally a "POSITVE POST" today. You restored my faith in this blog today. There's hope yet.

Beat the hell out of those Jets Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig Kris is gone but he did answer that. He said he holds the players and management to different standards.

He's okay with players beating their wives and al that other stuff because they are just players but a gm, coach, owner should be above these things.

I'm not okay with what Ireland did. I thought he should have asked the fan why he felt that way. He should have had a friendly little debate with him. Kris is right and the act was a bit unprofessional, I can understand where he was coming from nut he didn't respnd the right way.

But for the love of God the people actually defending the fan for acting like a child are driving me crazy. Why can't people just accept that in one way or other they both were wrong?

I don't like Ireland either but I'm objective and can see that they were both wrong so wtf? Why is this so hard. It seems pretty cut and dry.

Quick, raise your hands if you ever were in someones place of business and told them they should fire themselves. If you think that is acceptable behavior in our society then imo you are part of the reason our society struggles so mightily at being civil toward one another.


This has NOTHING to do with LIKE or DISLIKE of Ireland....

it has EVERYTHING to do with professional vs. unprofessional behavior....

Phins 78...

had a few more minutes (wife) getting dressed)....heading out now.....

cocoajoe you're the best man! I'm going to check it out, thanks.

YG King TRoll!!

We are tired of the Troll's Ignorance!!

We can all be Critical(Negative in ur World) of our team.


That's why us TROLLBUSTERS (Dashi, Odin, and Many Others) write more than 1 Corny line in our Post.

The First half Correcting Ur Ignorance and in Dashi's and Odin's Case Laying the Smackdown on ur Corny MonkeyAs*.

And then 2nd half of our post talking about Football.

Yet U sir spend 1001 Post talking about other Bloggers and very Little about Miami Dolphin Football!!!!!!

2 Questions U ask religiously to the Dashi

The Size of my Member


What is The Dashi's Relationship Status

Again, Dashi only cares about ur Football opinion


I dont understand why you guys dont understand, when you spend an "entire day" using this blog as your "personal crapper", how is it any different than trolls taking it over.

I can understand talking about Ireland, but do it and move on. What new can you add that's never been said before? Both pro and con?

An entire day on Ireland, are you freaking kidding me? Your turning to this blog intop "your own personal crapper" with Ireland as your "false excuse".

..Kris @ 1:08..well said.


I rad your comments at 12:58pm. i understand your position a little better now. I don't think it's right how Ireland handle the situation either but none of us know what it's like to walk in his shoes. Maybe a few times a year I'll fly a plane over your place of business for a few hours with a banner that reads 'Fire Darryl' so you can see what it's like.

It would have been better if he'd said nothing but he didn't. We ALL have our breaking points. People push and push and at some point we break. He broke. I'm sure he's not proud of his actions and he did apologize but for people to say h's 'classless' and a 'poor representation of the organization' and 'he should be ashamed' are all a bit overboard in my opinion. The punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Phin78, you might have missed it....look on pg. 2 of this blog. Seems to be a pretty good site for rules.


Yesterday I vowed not to insult or attack any other posters here. So Im not going to take your bait either. Im speaking of so much time spent on a negative subject(Ireland). Heck, if you want to create negativity here, we all know as dolfans here, all needed is to bring up Ireland's name.

You dont need a doctorate in psychology to figure this. I only post what Ive posted today because its Jets week and I would like to see the blog turn to a more positive subject. Like kick Jets asss!

If something's wrong with that, I humbly appologize to the entire blog.

YGs right. The only thing I will say YG about judging Ireland using Tannehill as a gauge is can we really do that?

I mean Sherman is the one who really pushed for his former qb. I don't believe for a second that Irleand pulls the trigger at #8 on Tannehill if he doesn't have Sherman telling him to do it. We would have ended up with another lineman or something.

I don't even truly believe that was his call, call me paranoid. But I just read an article that states Sherman had to beg Ireland to give Javorski Lane a workout. So there's another great talent brought in with the help of Sherman.

Calling a guy an a-hole= DON'T CARE.

Not being able to pick talented players= that's a problem

Pouncey, awesome as well as a few others Jeff picked that I think will work out great.

But it's the thing's he doesn't do.

1. He is horrible at recognizing wr talent and that is huge in today's game.

2. No plan to replace Marshall's production.

3. Jury still out on Jerry but how long has it been since we have been competent on the right side of the line?

4. Our SS will be exposed soon enough in my opinion. Jones may be a keeper but IrelAnd did nothing about addressing the glaring weakness at SS. AND WE STILL CAN'T COVER TE'S!

5. Speaking of TEs, we still don't have ONE GUY who puts any fear in opposing defenses.

Brandon Marshall for Eggnew was MORONIC!!


All I have to say, without spending a prolong period of time on it, is Ireland will be judged by both past and present by season's end. Basically if this tyeam sucks this year, the past and present will get Ireland kicked out of here. Plain and simple, two basic facts.

If the team has a winning record or miraculously makes the playoffs. Ireland will retain is job. We have absolutely no control over this. Now, please guys, lets talk about kicking some Jet asss!Q

YG read the posts again.

We are having a heated debate but everyone has been respectful of each other.

No one is calling each other stupid or moron. No one is condescending to another. It's a debate and this is what debates look like when they are addressed in an adult manner.

It's okay that we all have different opinions, it's what makes this country great. We are all entitled to those opinions.

The only thing people in here object to is when someone gets mad that another doesn't agree with their opinions and starts calling them names. They usually change sign in names to do it. That's all. The rest of it is in good fun. We can get heated and have fun debated while still respecting each other as individuals.

This isn't the republican and democrats here. We don't have to hate on each other because we don't agree.

I was never a big fan of Ireland...But having said that, I think he may have struck gold with Ryan Tannehill...If that's the case, he's not going anywhere. I LOVE Joe Philbin, been saying it since day 1. I love his demeanor, love his approach, I think the Dolphins finally found themselves a real NFL coach, one who could be on board for a while. We can't just get rid of our coaches year in and year out. Tomorrow will be a big test for the Dolphins, it would be a good time to make a statement and show we are finally going forward, not backwards. I hope I'm wrong but I have a feeling Tannehill will struggle against Rex's defense...Maybe our "D" can get us a big win this weekend...

Good Phin 78, thought you had missed it. Maybe we all learned something today. Just thinking it's a rare ocassion that I find this blog not so polluted with mindless BS....that fans can talk football and actually learn something. I know I did and thanks for questioning me.

Sorry about the horrible grammar. lol, typing fast and furious because I have to go real soon!


I rad your comments on Lane and the fact that it was Sherman who begged Ireland to bring him in. I have another slant on the situation. Isn't it a testament to the fact that Ireland isn't set in stone and the Parcells ways that he is open to what Sherman and Phiblin want. Isn't that the sign of a good GM. Wasn't part of the problem when Parcells was here that it was his way or no way. To me Ireland being flexible is what we want to see. No more of this 'there's only one way' stuff. That has we got into trouble in the first place.

Im sure we all have some things in all of our pasts we arent very proud of. Though the past track record is important, it's even more important how we roll forward in both the present and future.

We're all "HUMAN". We all make mistakes and slip ups on a continuing basis. What more important is we have to recognize our mistakes, make ammends, and continue to positively move forward. Making mistakes at times, is just a part of "being human". Like'em or not.


It wasn't Egnew for Marshall. It was Marshall for TWO third round picks. Your boy Marshall looked REALLY good last week against GB. You must be so proud! Team was 7-9 and 6-10 when he was here. Made a huge difference! I'll miss that.

Can we let Egnew BREATH before we write him off. He's 23 years old. Jimmy Graham didn't light it up right away either when he came into the league. I know....you KNEW he'd be a HUGE star. You should have let the other 32 GMS know. Do that next time, please.

Enjoy the day guys....I have lots to enjoy!


By Dashi's Logic.

No one is going to call somebody an A-Hole for being Courteous and stating their Opinion of their job.

Also, Wasn't the Fan the one that Came out in Defense of IReland First?

Who has the Guilty Conscience? Who leaked out this NON-STORY!!! (How does this affect the Team on the Field?)

Ireland actually showed Professionalism. U think Management and Players Apologize? Not in the NFL.

Heck, U must hate Sporano or Bart Scott. Because those guys are real pricks. Ask Mando, Who has a better attitude toward the Press. Oh, that's right Mando hates every fin Coach.

Specially after Saban lied to him.

Look at Bart Scott, He just got into a Confrontation with a Reporter over a Picture being taken for a Article!

We are talking about a half-Drunk Miami Fan(If Ur from Miami or have been to a Game U know we are Ready to Go in a Second. Yeah, We have a Beautiful beach and Weather year round. But Cross that Bridge and U have the Real Miami. The One with the Zombies and Bums).

Who saw Ireland and Thought???

Wait til the guys hear this back in the Seats. The man went in until he was blue in the Face. Ireland Shakes the Guys hand(Read what Really Happened) and starts to walk away. He turns to the guy next to him and Says A-Hole out loud.

The Guy goes on the radio the next day and says Ireland Called him that. When they Question him some More he Said, IF I Was Ireland I would've called me a A-Hole too. So the guy admits he was in the Wrong.

Ireland to Calm the Crazy Sports Paparazzi Miami Media. Had to Apologize.

It's one thing to bash Ireland for his bad moves, but you also have to give him credit for the good ones...Reggie Bush was an amazing trade...Mike Pouncey was a good draft pick, although I'm still convinced he'd be a better RG than C...Tannehill and Martin look like very good picks...Cameron Wake is another very good player...Odrick is coming along nicely...I just wish he would of had a plan B when he traded Marshall...I really don't get that one...


I respect that no one's being disrespectful towards anyone, but have you noticed, neither am I? Im only stating that IMO, Ireland's such a negative taboo subject, just the mention of his name instantyly creates a storm og negativity all of its own.

So, I guess if "I" feel this way, what's best for "ME" is to respectfully leave. You guys have a great day.

Craig that is another way to look at it and thank you for pointing it out. I'm still not an Ireland fan but I don't hate the guy. I will let the season play out but if I don't see progress from players coming out of last years draft I'm done with him.

The non moves are just baffling to me. Look at the list I wrote of non moves. If I was that fan those are the questions I would have asked him. I wonder if he has any semblance of a reasonable explanation.

If he had made even half the moves I listed as obvious weakness's that were obvious before the offseason I would give him another year on last years draft choices. He didn't address those weakness instead opting to let his young guys prove themselves. He obviously had faith in them. Gates , Wallace, and a couple others have been cut. He created this situation now by staying with the unproven guys and saying they would step up.

If they don't imo it's on him.

YG if Dashi Offends

I apologize.

What I was refering to is that as long as no one is going back and forth with the Childish antics.

Like U said, King Troll took over Ur name a Couple days ago. That Comment was to him not U. U have to admit it almost sounds like u are defending the Troll, YG.

Disclaimer: Any Comment That Dashi said about Ignorant and Idiot fan was to the Troll and His Friends. Not to the Real fans that Come on here and Share a Intelligent Opinion.

Yesterday I have to go too but I HAVE NOTICED you are being awesome. Are you kidding me?! I see it, I know you want to say some stuff but are holding back! lol

And I appreciate it as I'm sure everyone else does. You kept it very civil today indeed, kudos sir. I look forward to having some fun (respectful :) discussions together. Have a great day everyone, I'm out.


thx man.

Phins 78, that's what I don't get either. No plan B after trading our best WR. I don't have a problem if you want to trade Marshall, they probably know things about him that we don't. That's fine. But you have to replace his productivity. No disrespect to the other guys, but none of them are in the same league as Marshall. I know that and all of the other GMs know it as well...Evidently Ireland didn't...


We can talk about how we will dismantle the Jets tomorrow.

But Quick question? How come the only real Article about this game this week is "If Revis Plays the Fins Will LOSE"

Really that's the Best the SFla Media can come up with?

Dashi will help breakdown the Jets for U and the rest of the Dolphins. (Ur input is appreciated)

..I'm out too..Big game today. Bigger game tommorow. should be sweet. Have a good feeling we will get to 2-1. Have a good one fellas.

I think I get it with the Marshall thing. Maybe the plan was, not only eliminate a potential growth stopper by having the rookie qb paired with Marshall, but to "draft" a #1 wr whom Tannehill could grow into the future "together" with.

Let's face it, Marshall isnt getting any younger. He would only have two years remaining on his current conmtract anyway, with both sides having an opt out for the final year.

Think about it. "THE PLAN" maybe to draft a #1 wr that both he and Tannehill can grow into the future together, plus eliminate the potential Marshall headache and young qb killer. Marshall would demand the ball, creating potential "bad habits" brewing within our "young qb".

Im sure in 2013, we'll see "Ireland's Plan, has been to draft a young #1 wr in whom Tannehill moves into "the future" with. If we dont see this in the draft, then this move become the "ultimate headscratcher".

Let's start up front where it all Begins.

The Fin O-Line Vs. The JETS D-Line

To start off this O-Line is a Couple Games away from not being our little Secret anymore. We have the 2nd Best Rushing attack and have only give up 4 sacks.

The Jets D-Line is a Work in Progress. Nothing Special. Coples their 1st rd Pick still hasn't broken the Starting LineUp and They have No Depth. They have the 22nd Rush D(130yds Per Game) and have only Produced 1 Sack from the D-Line.

Advantage: Fins

Revis or no Revis, if the Dolphins don't turn the ball over and Bush can rush for over 100 yards, they'll have an excellent chance to win. One guy who we don't hear about much but doing a heck of a job is Darren Rizzi. The guy is awesome. Miami's special teams were just a joke until this guy became in charge. Philbin must of liked him because he kept him on the team. Good special teams, good defense against the run and the offense getting better and better every week. Miami may not be as bad as most people think. We'll see...

Next draft and free agency should be about two things...Wide receivers and Defensive backs...O-line and Tight End may also need a bit of depth, depending on how John Jerry and Charles Clay improve...Maybe Egnew is the answer, but so far hasn't really impressed anyone...

Whjen looking at it, actually what Ireland's done is perfect(Marshall). Got rid of the potential problematic wr whom Tannehill wont be growing into the future with ayway.

Didnt sign any other potential problematic vet wr's. TO's, Edwards, etc... Dont wanna build bad habit within the young qb with ball demanding divas who will "scold" the young qb for not throwing them the ball.

Instead, brought in vet wr's who at least wont be qb killer, at least for this 1yr until 2013 draft comes. Naanee seems to be not working out, but he isnt a qb killer either. Armstrong iosnt a qb killer.

Ireland's plan seems to be bring in a 1yr vet wr that wont breed "bad habits" into our young qb, until he can get the real #1 wr in 2013 draft, that Ryan Tannehill moves forward imto the future with. It wasnt about a short longterm fix, but a l;ong longterm fix.

Tannehill gets his #1 wr moving forward in 2013's draft.

The Jets O-Line Vs. The Miami D-Line

The JEts are in turmoil. Sporano is already playing Musical Chairs with the Line. The Jets have 1 Good linemen. Mangold. Ferguson is OK. Other than that Who do the JETS have? They Rank 17th in Rushing and have given up 2 Sacks.

The Miami D-Line where do I Begin? We have the 4th best Rush D(53yds a Game). And haven't given up a 100yd rusher in over a Year. The D-Line controls the LOS. Nobody gets anything up the Middle with Soliai in there. Plus we can actually produce a Pass Rush With our D-Line.


The real question in 2013 will Ireland move away from the "PARCELLIAN PRINCIPLE" of not drafting a wr 1st rd?

Its now just wait and see. But tannehill does need a "young" #1wr to move into the future with. This is what most gm's do when sold on theyve found thier young franchise qb. Most recently the Falcons trading the house to get Julio Jones for Matt Ryan.

Now back to the subject now at hand,

I believe the Jets are very beatable. I love the physicality of our oline at the point of attack. I believe Bush wil;l break at least 1 run for 20yds or more and at least 3 for 5yds or more. With Bush, a defense is always only 1 missed tackle from him taking one all the way to house.

The Fins TE's and RB's Vs. The JETS LB's and Safetys

We have RB's. Not so much TE's. But still this is a Spot we can Exploit. Our RB's and TE's are faster than the JETS. Our only Slow player in that Group is Fasnano and he is Probably Faster than Y.Bell. J.Lane should see some more touches. At least run him at Revis or throw to Lane in the Flat. Love what lane said the other day. He just loves to punish people.

The Jet's LB's and Safety's, Don't scare anyone. They have no pass rush from their OLB's and and Scott is getting Slower. They Are playing with 2 SS. Yes their Safety's can tackle. but they are slow and Can't Cover. Also, they have some old players at these Positions.

The Weather will wear the Old JEts OUT.

Advantage: Fins

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