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Dolphins and Jets fans: The love affair

The Dolphins versus the Jets. It's a wonderful day that comes twice a year. It's a time for the locals in Miami or the Meadowlands to open their hearts and minds to their neighbors and show them grace and respect.

Yeah, not really.

It's go-time for some folks. It's a time to lay your heart on the line and hold your head high -- at least until the clock reads 0:00. (How's this for prose, eh?). This rivalry is a classic in the AFC East.

The New Yawkas think they own that new $1.4 billion place up in New Jersey. And they think they own the Dolphins old place down in Miami Gardens, too.

They're wrong, of course.

That place up north belongs to the Giants -- still, and if you don't believe it, count the Super Bowl trophies. And the place in South Florida is a stepchild that nobody really wants to own but we use because it didn't cost us any tax dollars.  

Anyway, it is always special when the Dolphins and Jets play. And it is always special when Dolphins fans and Jets fans gather for the event.

I thought today-- with all the schemes drawn, all the injuries reported and all the practices complete -- would be a good day to simply prepare fans for each other.

Dolphins fans, meet the Jets fans:


Dolphins fans? This is what they are when they have a good team for cheer for: 



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Jets Passing Game vs Ours

I rate Carson Palmer slightly higher than Sanchez as a qb. Therfore I see difficulty for Sanchez putting up anymore than 13pts against our D. But turnovers will play a huge part in it too. The offense cant turn the ball over and give Sanchez a short field.

The Jets run game is nothing to be feared. Therefore, barring turnovers and giving the Jets offense a "sort field", I like the Dolphins to win this one by at least:

Fins 17 Jets 13

Yesterday, I believe the Jets are very beatable as well...But in reality, it all comes down to turnovers. The Dolphins don't have the offense to score 4 TDs a game...They need to pound the ball, no turnovers, take the lead and let their defense take care of business...If Tannehill turns it over like he did against the Texans, forget it...We'll be 1 and 2...

Agreed YG. The Coaching Staff doesn't want to Subject T-Hill to DIVA WR's.

Like he told Chad, It's not U it's US.

Hopefully the Insight Helps.

Will be back later to finish it Off.

Dashi Out.


I believe this may be the most decisive matchup of all:

Jets HC/OC vs Fins HC/OC

Here we have the innovative defensive hc vs the innovative offensive hc. Again, the innovative Fins oc vs the not so innovative Jets oc(Sparano).

This is the matchup I believe could favor us most of all.


A little productivity from Bess and Armstrong would be great for Miami...But Revis is the best CB in the league and Cromartie ALWAYS plays well against the Dolphins...So I'm not really counting on that...

The timing would be great for Clay to have a MONSTER game...



The Coaching Staff's is the Deciding factor in this Game.

Our Offense Vs Their Defense

Sporano doesn't scare Dashi, He is to Predictable.

Rex Ryan vs M-Shizzle

Oh, Good news for fin fans.

DUSTIN KELLER IS OUT. HE didn't even make the Trip!!!!

Yes. Fins 24-3

Ok, Now Dashi Out. Just had to drop that 1 little Piece.

That vid actually makes me feel sorry for Jet fans

Uff, we dodged a bullet in Dustin Keller not playing. He's always brought trouble for us.

These Jets Fans down here are also Yawkas. Which reminds me of a name sometimes used to describe some of us down here, YUCCAS, Young Upper Class Cuban Americans.(of course, not me at all).

Prediction: Ireland will NEVER have a winning season.

Of course not me at all, but my younger Son, some of these Med Rep chicks that don't know what to do with their Time, in general, the Crowd that attends Heat Games now and help to support Mickey Arinson.


Prediction: Ireland will NEVER have a winning season.
Posted by: Phinmanski | September 22, 2012 at 02:50 PM

We'll just remove that 11-5 season from his resume

11-5 was Parcells

Wow.did that video bring back some memories...there actually was a time when coming to Miami was intimidating for opposing teams. That was a special night when the Phins against all odds defeated the Bears, arguably one of the best teams ever. I have forgotten how great the homecrowd advantage was at one time. "Miami dolphins...if you win they will come!"

I just wasted two minutes of my life watching that dirty jets fan video

Armando you should put a warning up about how bad that jet video is... May cause seizures or death by retardation

Prediction: Ireland will NEVER have a winning season.
Posted by: Phinmanski | September 22, 2012 at 02:50 PM

We'll just remove that 11-5 season from his resume

Posted by: MiamiD20 | September 22, 2012 at 03:02 PM
11-5 was Parcells

Posted by: Phinmanski | September 22, 2012 at 03:10 PM

Phinmanski that's all well and good as long as you're not one of the people who blame Ireland fully for the draft picks those three years that Parcells was here. Can't have it both ways, can't say the drafts were all on Ireland but the winning was Parcells. Can't say anything good that happened was Parcells and anything bad was Ireland. Doesn't work that way. I'm assuming you're one of the people who also blames Parcells for the pi%$ poor signings and draft picks (Wilford, White, etc.)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh how I remember the days on the Yankees blog. Listening to one liners like that, "Ireland will never have a winning record". Love those predictions because they usually back fire.

Here's what we heard from one guy every day before the Yankees won their last world series,,," THE YANKEES WILL NEVER WIN A WORLD SERIES AS LONG AS A-ROD IS ON THE TEAM"!

Every day he repeated the same thing. Then when they won the series and Alex was runner up in mvp voting to Matsui the guy changed his name and never commented again. Never admitted he was wrong. I just don't understand why people make such definitive predictions as if they own a crystal ball.



Ryan Tannehill will have at least two turnovers and struggle to push the ball down the field to his overmatched wide receivers against the Jets secondary. He won’t top 175 yards passing either.

Everyone knows that 11-5 was Parcells. The team has gone down hill everyday since Parcells quit.

parcells was awful here also

Ah the good ole days...,

Parcells was awful for this franchise, don't even go there. He ran away when he realized he screwed the team.

Love the article on L."Nighty Night Train" Lane. Hope he puts some Hot Sauce on Revis tomorrow.

Ireland is a terrible talent evaluator. He has had his chance. Bush deal was good, Pouncey pick was good and the Fields contract extension was good. His free agent signings have been horrid. I agree with, I think it was Phins 78, regarding Sherman bringing in their 2 best players this year in T-Hill and Lane. Maybe Sherman should be the damn GM.

Dolphins will win tomorrow. Do the Jets have anyone on Offense who scares anyone? I would bet they are more scared of Reggie than we are anyone on their team.

Going strictly on personel the fat boy will be singing with the barbershop quartet after mananas juego

Odinstank posting from 2am till 8am ranting and raving about trolls.Then I guess he must have passed out, Armando please Ban this poor old Coot.
Hey Idiot Odin, Please visit sweden, They have goverment assitted suicide.

Whatsa matter Honey? The blog hits are slowing down and this is your way of calling out to me for help?

The bloggers did real good today. You notice how when you keep your crap to a minimum, the hits do come?

Don't think we didn't see your ignorant one liners popping in every so often. BTW-you don't happen to know where "Miramar" went do you? Heh, heh.

All in all though, thanks for keeping your retarded blog pollution to a minimum today! I'm sure the rest of the guys appreciate it as well.

Good job today guys. A heads up, there are some pretty good late college games coming up soon. Should be a good night.

PS: Sanchez to Keller doesn't scare me all that much. But I'm happy about him missing the trip. We will EVENTUALLY be ready to take on any teams best. But for now, our re-build and development can use any help it can get.

Like some Good Posters said above, we HAVE to AVOID the turnovers. We avoid the implosions and turnovers and I DO NOT see the jets hanging with us.


Jets fans are like a bad case of hemorrhoids, they are chronic and they don't go away on their on

Its ALMOST like Christmas night....

j e t s....suck suck suck....

christmas eve....

Odinstank, What happend, You passed out around 8 am slept till 7ish, Woke up in a pool of urine and puke?

My youngest Son says the Jets are going to win. Hmm...

My youngest Daughter says the Dolphins are going to win. Hmm..

They give me mixed messages all the time. Hmm...

My pitbull barked the dolphins win!! WoW.
I got PHINS. 20-17. Jets suck suck suck suck!!!!!

I will blow the whole defensive line if we win

Who cares about the garbage Dolphins?

One at a time not all at the same time

L will blow all the bloggers if we win......or lose.

Yo Kris,
Keep that s hit to yourself.

Finally some respect from ESPN:



No doubt Ireland has been a continual source of embarrassment to the franchise, Why he still has his job is a total mystery to me. That being said, he is about the cheapest GM in the league so I guess cheapo Ross is getting what he paid for.....or didnt pay for. LOL



I saw kris and oscar canosa but where is Dashi?

Tell Kris to stop offering blowjobs on the site here this a family site.

ALoco, thats one of the cheapest in the NFL.

Who is pretending to be the jew Harmel?


Odins Liver = Lincoln Continental = Boycott Is On = oscar canosa = YG/DB = Pricemaster = SMF = Jack Sparrow = Phuc Yu.

This loser has to talk to self. Nobody else will.

You ruin blog so bad nobody come here night before big game. What is sadder? You burn out brain or you blown out lips?

I saw an article on this and most of the good GM's were in the 4 mill range.

Just Passing By,
You are a Liar!
You live here. You are not just passing by.

Lincoln Continental and Boycott is On = same person?

Tell Kris to stop offering blowjobs on the site here this a family site.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 11:12 PM

Aloco/Dashi/oscar canosa/Kris,
Thank you for going down on me as often as you do!

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:23 AM

Just open your mouth and close your eyes; okay?
Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:41 AM

Lincoln doesn't have nothing on Ireland. If Lincoln were to conduct himself in a professional manner, he would get down on knees and STFU.

Odindouche and Coalition and Dashi = same person

I did notice that Coaltion and Dashi never post at the same time...hmmm

Ha ha Ha Ha

Dr Eiske,

You want to talk about the Jets of the past?
Talk about Greg Buttle. Talk about his club Buttle's on Hempstead Turnpike. I was there. I've lived East Meadow. My children were born there.

Posted by: DumperPumper | September 22, 2012 at 01:15 AM

Wait... Your kids were born at Buttle's? Was just referencing when my hatred of the Jets began.

Posted by: Dr Eiske | September 22, 2012 at 01:25 AM

Yo developmentally disabled,
My children were not born at Buttles.
They were born in East Meadow at NCMC.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:40 AM

Now I'm confused. So Lincoln Continental is really Dr. Dumper Pumper?

So not only are you a Troll, you are the one spreading all the gay innuendo.

And you blame Odin and Dashi for YOUR actions?

I guess now we do know. You are the degenerate loser with nothing better to do with your life.

Just the facts man, just the facts.

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