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Dolphins and Jets fans: The love affair

The Dolphins versus the Jets. It's a wonderful day that comes twice a year. It's a time for the locals in Miami or the Meadowlands to open their hearts and minds to their neighbors and show them grace and respect.

Yeah, not really.

It's go-time for some folks. It's a time to lay your heart on the line and hold your head high -- at least until the clock reads 0:00. (How's this for prose, eh?). This rivalry is a classic in the AFC East.

The New Yawkas think they own that new $1.4 billion place up in New Jersey. And they think they own the Dolphins old place down in Miami Gardens, too.

They're wrong, of course.

That place up north belongs to the Giants -- still, and if you don't believe it, count the Super Bowl trophies. And the place in South Florida is a stepchild that nobody really wants to own but we use because it didn't cost us any tax dollars.  

Anyway, it is always special when the Dolphins and Jets play. And it is always special when Dolphins fans and Jets fans gather for the event.

I thought today-- with all the schemes drawn, all the injuries reported and all the practices complete -- would be a good day to simply prepare fans for each other.

Dolphins fans, meet the Jets fans:


Dolphins fans? This is what they are when they have a good team for cheer for: 



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Just Passin,
You were about 50% right.

*PriceMaster has only been seen posting Jacksonville these past 6 months.

That's dumb my message cut off.
It should say, "...PhucYu=CadillacDeville=CashMoney=YoMomma...".

Just Passin,
Dude let's face it: there are 2 people in here - you & me. We are all of the posters. Time to face it.

Armando ban this sicko. He's giving us all a bad name.

This is the same fool that claimed to have had consenual sex with a 13 year old boy.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

*PriceMaster has only been seen posting Jacksonville these past 6 months.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 11:36 PM

And you know this how? Because you're him.

What a Dolt.

Trolls Inc.,
It's still just the 2 of us.

Lincoln why were you talking to yourself as Dr. Dumper Pumper?

Why do you use any alias?

Does it have anything to do with that guy you doinked "ACCIDENTALLY(as you CLAIM)"on your couch?

Just Passin,

Dude let's face it: there are 2 people in here - you & me. We are all of the posters. Time to face it.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 11:41 PM

Correction, theres one person here and then theres one sick piece of shyt.

I know you know your place. Boy.

Continental how many times were you beat up robbed and left in the alley behind the gay bar?

Why do you keep going back?

LMFAO @ Just Passing By.

i am not hear to read about trolls but i will tell you that i looked at the video and man wont shut up makes me proud i remember that night like it was yesturday forgot about those stoppage in play. I wish we the fans could make enough noise again to inturupt the play caling than again we are too far from the field to do that. Brings back great memories and what this team use ot stand for

Just the 2 of us yo.
You know what that means :D :D :D :D

I-78 @ Deleware River

Just us darling

Whack it hard yo

I think it time for a lengthy explanation of where we stand by one of the Odins or Coalitions.

Were there any circumstances 2 Phins fans could agree on an alternate path;
Could Coalition believe in 1 outcome and LincolnContinental believe in another and they both co-exist in the same hotel?
In the same bar?
With the same hookers?
Searching for the same weed?

At least we are getting support from a few of the media:


I know you are standing by right there! Good for you.

It's you and me.
Let's hold hands and stand close to each other.

No freakin way!
No freakin way!
No freakin way!

At 2:12am yo

Felipe says, " ...yo let's go....".
His birth cert says his name is Phillip but he likes to go by Felipe.

No freakin way!!!
Nice and comfy!!!!
I love you!

My fart smells like ham AND it smells like eggs!

Jive MF's

Jive MF's

Jive MF's

Jive MF's

Are you all right?


Do You Need Me To Call 911?

In my opinion the most likely reason for you to be here is kick someone's ass!

Dear Lord.........Almighty God in Heaven!

I'm saying a Prayer for Mankind tonight Lord. Bless us in our Endeavors and Bless those that Truly seek Peace, Love and Happiness!

Bless Don Shula, Mad Dog Mandich and Jarvis Williams too Dear God!

Most of all God, Please-PLEASE Bless the Warriors that will put on the Aqua and Orange later today.

Bless their Spirits that they may stay Strong and Healthy.

Bless their Minds that they will be Quicker and Sharper than thy enemies.

Almighty God in Heaven above Please be with us as we utterly Destroy the Plague Ridden Vermin known as the New York Wets!!!!



2 posters, multiple personalities!

Posted by: Phins78 | September 22, 2012 at 09:53 AM

I believe it was when the NFL discovered that the Vikings (among others including the old Oilers) were "pumping in" pre-recorded crowd noise.

Kris | September 22, 2012 at 10:40 AM


Todays Canes game the same thing.
Love my Canes.

Wow!!!! Seems like 2 lifetimes ago that the fan base was that pumped for Fins football. If you woulda asked someone back then if you would believe they have half empty stadiums nowadays they would never believe it.

I can only hope that if they ever get a new stadium...it is designed specifically to amplify crowd noise. That way if there are only light crowds it will still help Home field advantage style.


As for the Jest hat on...throwing up geek...my oh my.

If he is not an audio lacking, wanna be wrapper with the skillz of William Hung. It was almost painful to watch as he didn't know what to do with his arms so he just "aped" it.

If any of you post a vid like that I will be taking your man card. (Or woman card *equal opportunity!)

I haven't wanted a win so bad in a long time...just to see the NYC/Jests in panic mode disarray.

Fins for the win!


If he turned the bill forward we would see the Lucky Charms logo!


That broght back a lot of memories.Those fans were nuts for the Phins and we beat the unbeatable Bears. We need to hear this again.

Good Morning All,

It's Game Day!!!!!!!!

Damn, my post didnt post, dont think I put in any cuss words. LOL

Go Fish! Now Im sure that'll post. LOL

Ryan Tannehill has a secret weapon today, and it wont even be on the playing field. Whom you ask?

Matt Moore! Yes Matt Moore. Moore's beaten the Jets twice last year. Im sure he was instrumental in helping Tannehill prepare for the Jets defensive schemes. He'll also be instrumental in helping Tannehill digest what he's seeing from the Jet defense from the sidelines today.

Yes, Matt Moore is familiar in how to beat the Jets. He did it twice last year. We own those clogged jettie tailpipes!

Im now beginning to believe, one of the things that played into keeping Matt Moore over David Garrard, if his familiarity with our afc east opponents. Aftyer all, that does make sense. He can better help Tannehill prepare for those games and he more familiar with the defensive schemes our afc east opponents like to play.

All of this is invaluable when Tannehill's on the sidelines conversing with Matt Moore, instead of David Garrard. Not only is David Garrard not as familiar as Matt Moore with our afc east opponents, he also spent an entire season out of football in 2011.

As a jettie(Bart Scott) once said:

"CAN'T WAIT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if Egnew is ready or if he will ever be ready but we could sure use him Today.

You remember how well the passing Game clicked in 2008 when we had a stretch-the-field TE in David Martin? Ireland knows this and that's why he drafted Michael Egnew.

Jets are going down!! Let's beat those sorry
A s s. Jets suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suckvsuck suck suck suckvsuckvsuck suck suck suck suck duck suck suckvsuck suck duck suck suck!!!!

Nahh, you can't wear anything green in the Stadium. It's either white, orange or aqua.


If you're going to bring out a handkerchief it'd better be green. White is our property.

We will make it as uncomfortable as possible for you retired Yawkas. Guaranteed.

- This is section 35? - Yes. - I can see nuthing. - Yeah, well, that's our Stadium.

ray, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with you on that one. It's upset day today, we win this today. Love our Dolphins.

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