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The outgrowth from battedballgate

The story du jour at Dolphins camp continues to be the four batted passes the Dolphins gave up to Houston on Sunday and all the sidebars coming out of that story.

The question is not who's fault those batted passes were. Everybody was at fault. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill needs to find a passing lane. The offensive line needs to gut-punch defensive linemen to get their hands down. Maybe coaches shouldn't be calling so many slants, particularly on three-step drops.

But this much is certain: It is an issue that has dogged Tannehill and Dolphins offensive coordiantor Mike Sherman before. I was told by Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that last season the A&M offense suffered 19 batted passes.

So this has been an issue before.

It was an issue in practice today as the first play in team period was, of course, a batted pass by defensive end Cameron Wake.

Beyond that, there is a narrative out there that one reason Houston defensive end J.J. Watt was able to be so effective in batting three of the passes against the Dolphins is that he knew the snap count and that he stole the snap count by watching Hard Knocks.

Well, that's interesting. Maybe Watt did steal the snap count. But it cannot be the reason he batted the passes.

"That makes no sense whatsoever," guard Richie Incognito said of Watt's contention. "It was so loud, we couldn't even hear the snap count. There's no way he heard it. He's just blowing smoke. Me and Jake Long were talking about this. We couldn't hear the snap count. There's no way him all the way out there could hear the snap count."

And then there's this:

"We were on silent count most of the time," Incognito said. "J.J. really has no idea what he's talking about ... It's ridiculous."

Coach Joe Philbin confirmed the Dolphins used a good bit of silent count. He wasn't sure of the percentage of plays so he estimated "20 percent" conservatively.

Regardless of whether Watt stole the snap count or not, battedballgate is a big deal to the Dolphins this week.

"A lot's been made this past week about correcting tipped passes," Incognito said. "We have to stay on [the defensive linemen]. We have to hit 'em. As soon as they jump we have to attack them and make them get their hands down."