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The outgrowth from battedballgate

The story du jour at Dolphins camp continues to be the four batted passes the Dolphins gave up to Houston on Sunday and all the sidebars coming out of that story.

The question is not who's fault those batted passes were. Everybody was at fault. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill needs to find a passing lane. The offensive line needs to gut-punch defensive linemen to get their hands down. Maybe coaches shouldn't be calling so many slants, particularly on three-step drops.

But this much is certain: It is an issue that has dogged Tannehill and Dolphins offensive coordiantor Mike Sherman before. I was told by Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that last season the A&M offense suffered 19 batted passes.

So this has been an issue before.

It was an issue in practice today as the first play in team period was, of course, a batted pass by defensive end Cameron Wake.

Beyond that, there is a narrative out there that one reason Houston defensive end J.J. Watt was able to be so effective in batting three of the passes against the Dolphins is that he knew the snap count and that he stole the snap count by watching Hard Knocks.

Well, that's interesting. Maybe Watt did steal the snap count. But it cannot be the reason he batted the passes.

"That makes no sense whatsoever," guard Richie Incognito said of Watt's contention. "It was so loud, we couldn't even hear the snap count. There's no way he heard it. He's just blowing smoke. Me and Jake Long were talking about this. We couldn't hear the snap count. There's no way him all the way out there could hear the snap count."

And then there's this:

"We were on silent count most of the time," Incognito said. "J.J. really has no idea what he's talking about ... It's ridiculous."

Coach Joe Philbin confirmed the Dolphins used a good bit of silent count. He wasn't sure of the percentage of plays so he estimated "20 percent" conservatively.

Regardless of whether Watt stole the snap count or not, battedballgate is a big deal to the Dolphins this week.

"A lot's been made this past week about correcting tipped passes," Incognito said. "We have to stay on [the defensive linemen]. We have to hit 'em. As soon as they jump we have to attack them and make them get their hands down."


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Anybody see Revis' injury?

Just as he goes down, his head bounces back up and his teammate kicks him in the back of the head. It was a Linebacker. It doesn't look that bad at first, but slo-mo it. His heads moving/boincing backwards pretty good and the linebacker tees off on him. It looked kind of like a field goal attempt!

When Bill Walsh invented the WCO what did we see?
Swing passes to Roger Craig in the flat with Rathbone out there blocking.
After 20 of those to wear down the corners then Montana started looking for Rice.

If you do that swingpass enough early then the CB on the side the RB swings out to has to hold position which means the WR on the same side will be uncovered by CB with FS coming over to pick up coverage.
That is a BIG open window.
Even for a sidearmer.

Now we're leveraging our resources!
We don't need to copy off of other teams doing stuff we cannot do, we need to do what we do best over and over again.
If we're slow we must be big, right?

Can I get a witness?

Lots of People with "first step" Football knowledge here.


We don't even need to disguise that play.
Let's call it the "Hammer and Anvil"
Javorski is the Hammer. The other teams OLB, on both sides, are the Anvil.
And everyone in the league knows that is us. So the week before the game ESPN can ask the OLBs on the upcoming teams, "are you prepared for the beating you're about to take"?

Now this changes everything no? From right here on our own roster.
We put each team on notice: yeah we may lose but your OLBs are going to be hospitalized.

Now Dashi knows why U jets fan come to the Herald to spew hate. The NY TIMES and NY POST SUCK The BIG ONE!!!!

WOW, Dashi takes that back MAndo. U are a Great Reporter. Keep up the Good Work.

It Could be Worst we Could have James Walker, Or Omar Jelly. Or one of those dumb NY reporters.

Dashi my dear friend,
Read my previous posts.
Open your heart to our new identity.
We are no longer the fumbling losers with no skill players.
We are the "Hammer and Anvil" offense.
We have everyone one the roster we need to hospitalize OLBs and CBs every week.
And once they are softened up we can move the ball five yards at a time at will which means we will always score and never punt after about 20 minutes of the first half.



Dashi was saying this earlier.

Use Lane like Alstott!

Again we will be ok If we(Sherman) just opens up the playbook.


We must be clear though:
Phase 1 of this plan, which may take all year, is to develop that as our identity.
Everyone in America must know that when you play the Dolphins your OLBs and CBs will take a beating because we will run plays at them over and over, when they are softened up we will mix it up.


oscar and Dashi my 2 best friends,
You are so similar that sometimes I imagine that you are the same person.
Nevertheless we must spread the message:

"We do not need wins this year we need an IDENTITY"

How will 3 wins be better than 2 or 4 wins be better than 3?
Wins this year will not help us at all.

I am so excited about this idea:
"The Hammer and the Anvil".

If our main focus is putting a HARD block on the OLB and CB every single play then could we not put a G in the FB position? G's are used to pulling and getting up a head of steam before they hit, why not from the FB position? How about LB in the Wr position for the purpose of touching the CB? 10 plays in a row.

Word is bond?

Winding down here yo last word?

The worst part of this is that Ryan is still doing it. And the reason wake batted the first pass should scare us, because u better believe on every through Ryan makes this season it will be hands up after the defenses watch tape.
3 points on offense. Our receivers have had years to produce points and yards and do neither, but they are somehow now just going to get better? Gaffney would what, cost too much? Anyone out there would be an improvement. They made a mistake releasing Marshall, who had more yards than our whole core COMBINED. They made a mistake releasing ocho. Ireland cannot draft, and him and philbin don't recognize their mistakes. Sickens me.
Of the three teams who had less receiver yards, we have by far the worst core. In the whole league. Ever placed on a field actually. We could break records since the forward pass this year, and I'm not joking. Our offense could be the worst in the league. 3 points. Couldn't even get a fourth quarter gimme.

Get used to hearing this;
"The Miami Dolphins are on the clock."

The offensive line sucks. Tannehill throws flat passes six feet off the ground. Ireland has no clue. Ross looks like Howdy Doody.

Sure glad you clowns are not in our front office. I bet half of you are at home on unemployment pissing and moaning about not having a job or $. Find a better forum to complain on. What happend to genuine Finatics? We don't have the team we want and never will with all the outlandish requests yall have. For once in 7 years we have a glimpse of what could be. I remember when the Heat was a laughing stock. All in time. I put my faith in people, better at there jobs then anyone on this post. If any of us were selected to go do there jobs we'd be the new WHIPPING DOGS OF YOU CRAZY PEOPLE. I did expect our team to do better, but here we are. Bill Polian??? Are you all crazy? He would never be compatible with Ross....

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