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The Tony Sparano factor in Jets-Dolphins matchup

Tony Sparano was not a big Rex Ryan fan when he coached the Dolphins and Ryan was leading the Jets. Ryan was admittedly not a big Sparano fan, either.

"It's funny because I never liked him," Ryan said moments ago on a conference call with the South Florida media. "It was the same way. My big thing is he thought he was tougher than me. He thought his team was tougher than mine and I thought mine was tougher than his and I was tougher than him."

So why did Ryan hire the former Dolphins coach to be his offensive coordinator this year?

"One thing I did is I always respected him," Ryan said. "I recognize him being an outstanding football coach and his teams played hard and cared about him. He's passionate about the game so that was why it was easy for me when we had the job as offensive coordinator open, that's the first guy I went to."

Ryan knows that Sunday's game against the Dolphins is special for Sparano. How can it not be? He coached the Dolphins four seasons and built relationships with players and assistants. 

"Anytime you go against a group or a team you used to coach -- with me I spent 10 years in Baltimore and I know how special it is," Ryan said. "Those players, I promise you, he cares about them a great deal. Without question. Without question.

"He has great memories from coaching there and people and the organization and all that. There might be some people in the organization he doesn't care for but I can tell you this: I know how special it is competing against the players and the guys you care about. Those guys have bled for you and things and that's something you'll never forget."

Although Sparano is familiar with much of the talent, particualarly on defense, he will have no direct pipeline to Miami's scheme because the Dolphins have changed on both offense as well as the defense he will face.


The Dolphins are practicing today. Daniel Thomas (concussion) is working at least on a limited basis. Anthony Armstrong (hamstring) is working at least on a limited basis.

Tony McDaniel (knee) is not practicing.


Reggie Bush, who gained 172 rushing yards and 197 total yards against Oakland last week, was today named the AFC player of the week.


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Win this 1 For Sporano!!!

Fist Pump ! Miami 35, Jets 3.


Not quite what I asked for....but i apperciate the effort...


Tony is not a bad guy and given the TIME I think he would have turned around the franchise. Unfortunately the current demand for satisfaction and for immediate satisfaction made Tony the fall guy. The "Cocaine Mentality" is impossible to satisfy in an organization like the NFL when everything is so heavily regulated. Putting together a winning NFL team is like building a house of cards. One injury, one contract that can't be met or simply a run of bad luck could easily derail an otherwise excellent plan on paper. This should be recognized by the current fans when Philbin runs into a bump in the road...the man needs time to succeed!

Get pressure on Sanchez & I like our chances. If not we'll be 1-2.

Rex Ryan sounds so innocent when talking about the Dolphins.....but god do I still hate his guts and hope he crashes and burns against us sunday

If the Fans Dislike Ireland, We Hate Sporano. The Man was to predictable never Adjusted. U think Sporano makes those adjustments to T-Hill? Doubt it What U see is What U Get. Nothing Special.

Even the WildCat. What Defense did he use to Practice his plays against the last 4 years. They Know as well as he knows what his Offense is Trying to do. What the Blocks Set up.

Now this is a Totally different Scheme than when he was here. We are running more of a 4-3 Tampa Cover 2.

Agreed, Dansby is a Good LB, but he is playing out of position on this Defense. He is a OLB.

Dashi can see Dansby and Misi being our OLB and Te'o as Our Rookie MLB, next year. That Can Work. Till then this will be a long season when ever we play a team with a TE.

Keller is still recovering from a hamstring injury. So he won't be that big of a Issue.

Again 21-3 Dolphins. I'll give Sporano a FG.

U guys are Telling me the Jets are as Potent as the Texans! Give me a Break. Other than those 6 minutes of Hell by JJ Watt's And Company. The Texans only had 6 Pts all Game.

The Raiders only put up 13. Ur telling me the Jets!!! are Going to Score more than 17 Pts! Ok!

U can see who are the JETS Fan. Specially the One's Picking the JEt's. The Most optimistic Fan. Yeah, Right. REREAD the Definition.


I agree with you 100%. Tony is a good guy and a good coach. I also believe in time he would of done good here. Unfortunately the state of sports talk radio and blogs, such as this, thrive on negativity and lack of patience which I believe influence ownership in making quick decisions.

Sparano is/was a stooge. Couldn't adjust at halftime, couldn't handle clock managment. Played favorites for his Dallas players i.e. Columbo and also couldn't coach a OL to save his life. FIST PUMP.

Tony Morano will be a non-factor in this game other than a few emphatic fist pumps from insignificant field goals. His offense when with the Fins was one of the worst in the league---why would you expect that to change?

We win big against the Wets 35 to 13. Mark it down!

Tony fist pumping field goal Sparano.

I feel that Tony's biggest advantage will be knowing the players. What is Starks weaknes. What type of blocking does Wade have problems getting around. If anyone knows it is Tony. After 4 years of watching these players on film and seeing when and how they failed. It could be a big advantage. It doesnt matter the schema they are in.

You are god damned right Reggie Bush was player of the week. Whoever made that decision must be a god damned genius. He must have a god damned IQ of 160!!!

I hope the players want to beat the cr ap out of the sparano's offense. Go Phins!

Forget Revis. Who's covering Holmes? SEAN SMITH?

If the Wets continue to sit Tebow:

Fins 24
Wets 9

If the Wets have Tebow at QB by the start of the 3rd quarter:

Jets 25
Fins 24

Hey marc, what's up? Nice reading a post by one of the "old schoolers". I know you know your stuff and you are not sold on Sean Smith? I've always liked him (then again I liked Channing Crowder too) and I think he's solidifying one corner. I don't fear this Jet offense at all.

Congrats to Reggie on winning player of the week. Well deserved, that was as exiting a performance by a phin in a while.

And yeah, the guys played hard for Sparano but he was a freaking moron.

All coaches have game film, so this, he knows the players line coming from the media is silly. Everyone knows all the players warts from watching the film, film don't lie.

The facts are Sparano has never shown the ability to game plan or adjust. Miami has his playbook, it's actually Dan Hennings and is as old as the dinosaurs.

So Fist Pump for Miami's sure win !!!

PS I also liked Ted Ginn. he was a Jet destroyer!!!

Seriously. The Jets were crazy to extend that little girl metrofag Sanchez and give him the starter job. Dude is terrible.

The Jets can win if they let Tebow play. Did anyone watch the Broncos last year?

Mark Sanchez is a little girl. That is all.

I said



We could bring back Tedd Ginn Jr and play him at QB and beat the Jets as long as the Jets play Sanchez and sit Tebow.

Sanchez is terrible and a loser. Sparano owned Sanchez when he was our coach. Henne owned Sanchez.

Sanchez is a bottom 3 QB in the league.

Is anybody here? Jeezous kris it's like I'm playin' poker with my brothers' kids or something!

Big up to my fellow Heisman winner, Reggie Bush.

I have informed you that Marcito Felipe Sanchez is a little niña.

Now what are you going to do about it?

Danny Whuerfel, just wondering, do you play shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays?

MarK...Yes, i don't get around here too often anymore. It's always the same 5 guys bickering. I'll never be sold on SEAN SMITH. I was a Crowder and Ginn fan as well. Brown too. Honestly these days I wouldn't buy a jersey. I love the team as always, but the players? Not so much. VD and Marshall.would have been my picks before this season...Bush maybe, but knowing this team they won't re-sign

Disagree on all the Sparano accolades.
He was supposed to be an O-Line guru but the O-line was always in flux and being churned and the problems were never resolved.
Don't think think would have ever turned the Dolphins into a perennial contender.

Should've fired Ireland instead of Sparano.

Dashi your writting is incoherent so how can anyone take what you say with any credence.

Just step up Fins if we keep 'em out of the endzone Sparano will "settle for 3" just like he did here!!!

I disagree with those who say sparano will have little to do with the outcome of the game.

I think he'll play a prominent role in a Miami victory on Sunday.

thank you.

@ Blog Fodder

Great post!


Shouldnt the blog title have been "The Tony Sparano Non-Factor In Jets-Dolphins Matchup".

To factor in anything you first have to be a part of or have a great effect upon. Sparano is no longer a part of the Dolphins, he's apart from. You said it yourself, both our offensive and defensive schemes have change since last season.

Unless our current players decide to throw the game because of Sparano he's truly a non-factor.

However, Tony Sparano is a factor, but not the way this title seems to indicate. He only factors in as th oc of our Sunday opponent. Exatly the same as 15 other opposition oc's on our current our past 2012 regular season schedule.

A better topic concerning Sunday's game, could have been:

"Will There Be Ross/Ireland Emnity In Sparano's Return"?

Fire Jeff Ireland Watch: Let The Countdown Commence!


Snippet: "What Should the Dolphins Do About It (But Probably Won't?) I don't know ... FIRE HIS ASS?! Fire him so hard that Vontae's grandmother calls him up to check in on him. Fire him so hard he learns some f***ing manners..."

This game reminds me of Culpeper coming back to town with the Raiders. We all remember how that went down, right?

Dashi your writting is incoherent so how can anyone take what you say with any credence.

Posted by: Nathan22 | September 19, 2012 at 02:27 PM

If its incoherent..... its usually an odindouche alias

I disagree, Culpepper w/Raiders, not even in the same context. Culpepper was acutually on the playing field. Sparano's on the sidelines.

Sparano's will factor no more than 15 other oc's the Dolphins face this year.

A factor I would like to see Sparano have is to punch Ireland in the face before he leaves. That would be hilarious. LOL

What's the over/under on Sparano fist pumps this Sunday?


Whats the over/under of Sparano fistpumping Ireland's left eye before he leaves town?

I'm going with 5.

That's 3 FG's and 2 first downs from the wildcat formation.

I dont think Sparano likes Armando either. I belive Sparano owes Armando a fistpump to left eye before he leaves town too.

Armando, remember to duck when Sparano walks towards you.

Get pressure on Sanchez & I like our chances. If not we'll be 1-2.

Posted by: We Have RB's | September 19, 2012 at 01:27 PM

Darn right. I think this game will be won on the trenches. Not a lot of accolades have been given to our D-Line. They did a really good job containing Foster (if it hadn't been for those turnovers) and they completely shut down McFadden. We've seen how bad Sanchez performs when under pressure. I hope Wake and Odrich have a great game.

Sparano will come back and beat us just like everyone else has.

I would like to see Sporano shove his pumping fist up FIRELAND'S back door.

gec (from the last blog),

Yeah in Canada it's OFFENCE. Only in the States is it OFFENSE. Last I checked we were still speaking the Queen's English, considering that's where it originated from.

But thanks for the shout out f-tard (if that's even a word. Funny that a guy would pick me up on my spelling and then through out a word that you'd never find in any dictionary. Pricless!).

Man, it seems like a MILLION years ago Sparano was HC of this team, doesn't it? Wow! Lots happened since then. I respected the man when he was here, but like Henne, he just didn't get it done.

Quote from Brandon Marshall today: 'Jay Cutler yelled at me too'.

No kidding Sherlock! You're lucky he didn't deck you after the game you played last Thursday night.

Ur understanding of the English Language is Incoherent. U pessimistic MetroFag!

Don't just spell check. Check the Definition of the Words ur trying to say. Just cause they have alot of letters doesn't Mean Ur Using them in a Eloquent Manner.

Sorry if Dashi Offends I, Will try and Double-Check My Post more often.

IT Would help with some of my best post being deleted. All Because Someone in Here has Desecrated the English language. And We Can't even Speak like Adult's Here Because someone doesn't know how to behave themselves.

Curse Words are not bad. IT's when U use them Vigorously in a Obscene Manner that It becomes Offensive U Flaming Fruit Cake. With Extra Sprinkle's U sizziling MetroFag!



U guys can't be right with the Tebow as A QB. Sanchez Sucks, But Tebow Blows. And Hard!

The JEts have no running game and a Suspect line. Plus they have Mr. Predicatable calling the Plays. Can't Wait!

Again, Sporano knows Mike Nolan's Defense. Not this Defense. This is a Completely different Defense. It's a Cover 2, not a 3-4. No SS in the Box(Y.Bell) for the Run. We have 4-Down Linemen All the Time. Dansby is usually falling into Coverage in the Middle of the Field. With 2 Safety's Covering 1/2 the Field Each. Unlike LAst Year when we Usually had 8 in the Box Most the Time. So we were always Suspect to The Bomb last year to the Opposite Side of the field the Safety was Covering. Not Saying it will happen this year. But We are More of a Bend and Don't Break type of Defense. We Usually keep Both Safeties in Zone Coverage. Let the Front 7 Handle the Running Game.

Barring a Tebow-induced miracle, I think Miami will do very well Sunday.

Anybody see the Steelers game or highlights? Holmes seemed to be getting very frustrated. I suspect it won't take much to get him off his game this week.

Also, This Pressure the JEts Produce on D. Can be neutralized with good O-line Play and Throws to the RB's and TE's in the Flat.

Also, A No-Huddle Fast Paced Zone Run WCO will wear a Blitzing Defense Down.

Whoever controls the line will WIN this GAME.

I can't believe after 5 years you guys STILL haven't learned. The ONLY way to deal with trolls is to IGNORE them. Their sole purpose in life is to get a reaction. Any reaction. If they get ignored they will eventually move on...this group of trolls has fed off of you guys for years.

Mark Sanchez is a little metro girly man. His GF is hot though. Dang that little thing must be fun in bed.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

By the way Sanchez dating that little minx means he'll be even worse now. Witness the effect of nasty women on high performing men:

1. Abe Lincoln (his crazy wife almost ruined him)
2. Tiger Woods
3. Michael Jordan
4. Dwayne Wade
5. Tony Romo (that fat white trash Jessica Simpson)
6. many others.

My name is Marc with a C instead of k how retarded is that?

Fins 34
Wets 9

#winning the Heisman way

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