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The Tony Sparano factor in Jets-Dolphins matchup

Tony Sparano was not a big Rex Ryan fan when he coached the Dolphins and Ryan was leading the Jets. Ryan was admittedly not a big Sparano fan, either.

"It's funny because I never liked him," Ryan said moments ago on a conference call with the South Florida media. "It was the same way. My big thing is he thought he was tougher than me. He thought his team was tougher than mine and I thought mine was tougher than his and I was tougher than him."

So why did Ryan hire the former Dolphins coach to be his offensive coordinator this year?

"One thing I did is I always respected him," Ryan said. "I recognize him being an outstanding football coach and his teams played hard and cared about him. He's passionate about the game so that was why it was easy for me when we had the job as offensive coordinator open, that's the first guy I went to."

Ryan knows that Sunday's game against the Dolphins is special for Sparano. How can it not be? He coached the Dolphins four seasons and built relationships with players and assistants. 

"Anytime you go against a group or a team you used to coach -- with me I spent 10 years in Baltimore and I know how special it is," Ryan said. "Those players, I promise you, he cares about them a great deal. Without question. Without question.

"He has great memories from coaching there and people and the organization and all that. There might be some people in the organization he doesn't care for but I can tell you this: I know how special it is competing against the players and the guys you care about. Those guys have bled for you and things and that's something you'll never forget."

Although Sparano is familiar with much of the talent, particualarly on defense, he will have no direct pipeline to Miami's scheme because the Dolphins have changed on both offense as well as the defense he will face.


The Dolphins are practicing today. Daniel Thomas (concussion) is working at least on a limited basis. Anthony Armstrong (hamstring) is working at least on a limited basis.

Tony McDaniel (knee) is not practicing.


Reggie Bush, who gained 172 rushing yards and 197 total yards against Oakland last week, was today named the AFC player of the week.


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I have the Jets winning this weekend something like 24-13. Just doesn't feel like we're going to win this week. Not sure why. Jets aren't a great team. I just feel they maybe have a few less question marks going into this one than we do. Seems like a weird thing to say after a 35-13 victory. Just how I fee, I guess.

I already told you:

1. Mark Sanchez is a girl and a loser
2. Fins win 24-9
3. Reggie Bush = Michael Jordan

What more do you want from me???!!!?!!??????


I'm still reeling from Mando's last post. It all rests on Darrelle Revis? PUHLEAZE!

My God, let's anoint the guy Man Among Boys why don't we. Look, I agree, Revis is good, d*mned good, agreed, probably best in the game. But I tell you this, he couldn't check Ted Ginn, Jr.

I don't believe he "totally shuts down Hartline" if he plays. And who's to say they don't move Hartline over to the other side? And lest we forget Bess was the man in Game 1. How about Fasano? Did we forget we have the best RB in the NFL (or what is he, #2 right now)?

Please Mando, the Jets just aren't that GOOD for you to put it all on 1 guy. Their defense isn't as good as it used to be. And neither is their offense. In PreSeason they looked worse than us (and that's saying something).

My prediction, tight, close game, 3 points either way (I'm picking Miami, but could easily see them squeaking it out).

What an unfair article!

Things have not gone very well for the Miami Dolphins since Jeff Ireland took over as the team's general manager in 2008. That first Wildcat-inspired winning season, in which the Fins took the AFC East in a surprise coup, has been followed by three full seasons with a total of 20 wins.

In that time, Ireland has become "famous" for asking current Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute in a pre-draft interview, botching the team's quarterback situation so badly that Peyton Manning didn't even want to visit Miami in the 2012 offseason, and looking like quite the goof in the the most recent edition of "Hard Knocks" that featured the team.

Fans have been apoplectic for a while now, and a few organized a "Fireland" protest in March, but Ireland has managed to keep his job. That may change if Ireland keeps going after the fans, though -- owner Steve Ross seems PR-conscious enough to take what recently happened between Ireland and one fan pretty seriously.

[More: NFL owner admits that the confidence in replacement officials is eroding]

That fan caught Ireland in the concourse of Miami's Sun Life Stadium during the Dolphins' 35-13 win over the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. After Ireland signed autographs and took pictures with fans, "Sean" told Ireland, "We need you to fire yourself." Ireland patted the fan on the shoulder, said "Good one," and called him an "ass----" as he walked away.

"I don't begrudge the guy for not appreciating what I had to say," Sean told a Miami radio station. "I can't tell you I wouldn't respond any differently if someone said I should fire myself. By the same token, I'm not the general manager of a professional football team.

"I feel like I expressed an opinion he probably needed to hear."

Once that story broke, Ireland called Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and gave his side of the story.

"It did happen at halftime and I was going back to my booth after seeing my wife and I did talk to several fans that were very nice," Ireland said. "But as I'm walking back this guy introduces himself to me and says I should fire myself.

"It caught me off-guard. I just turned and walked away, but I did say the word. I regret I used the word I used. I thought I was using it under my breath. I guess I kind of said it loud enough that he could hear it. I literally said it under my breath. At the time I felt I handled the situation pretty good. Probably muttered it a little too loud. I regret that I said anything."

Per our friends at CBS Sports' Eye on Football, one enterprising soul has turned the entire episode into a fun little T-shirt:

We doubt Ross is laughing about the whole thing. Perhaps Ireland can excuse himself to the team's owner by claiming that the incident happened at halftime, and the Dolphins did come back from a 10-7 deficit after the fact.

LJM • 6 minutes ago
You mean a Phin fan wants his 15mins of fame? Like the MIA fan base isn't fickle enough, now we have them out searching for fame.

Fair weather fans in South Beach are the norm. As for Ireland. He was brought in as a understudy to Parcells'. He didn't have FULL control until Parcells'. Something this writer failed to mention.

The Ole' Nevada Cowb ... • 5 hours ago
Face the facts, Jeff Ireland was not prepared when he became the Dolphins GM. He came with Bill Parcells. He came from the Cowboy organization, where everyone is a "yes" man to Jerry Jones, as is everyone form that organization. Ireland figured his job was to bless eveything Parcells did. It didn't work out so well in Miami. Parcell is gone. The question is whether Jeff can sucessfully lead the Dolphins back to respectability. To date, it's not working for the Miami Dolphins.

1. Nobody shuts down Hartline. Hartline is a beast. And you better recognize.

2. Hey Dolphins, what are you doing?

"Um..... #WINNING!!! Duh."

Fins 24
Wets 9

#winning Heisman style.

R Bush for President.


Aw yeah I'm fired up right now.

Get me another red bull, honey.

God damn it I'm so fired up I'm going down to the stadium right now to run some stairs.


I must have a god damned IQ of 160.

Hey Reggie Bush, what are you doing, bro?

Bush: "Um.... #WINNING. Duh."

Some stats from this Sunday vs Wets:

Hartline: 8 for 90 and 1 TD
Bess: 7 for 75
Bush: 8 catches for 125 and 2 TDs; 15 rushes for 66 yards
Miller: 8 rushes for 70 yards, 1 TD
Fasano: 2 for 45 and 1 TD
Lane: 5 touches for 25 yards; 7 pancake blocks

Girly Sanchez: 2 gallons of tears from crying

Fins: #winning 49-9

You guys sure talk smack about a QB who took his team to 2 AFC CGs......when was the last time the Fish went to the AFC CG ????

It has become painfully obvious that none of you can match my posting proficiency or accuracy.

#winning the Heisman way.




Mark Sanchez paints his toe nails pink.

"Jets rule" just last year in the last game of the year the Jets were playing for a playoff chance and the Fins, out of it with an interim coach, beat Sanchez to eliminate any chance the Jets had.

That was one on one.

I PROMISE you that you will never see Mark Sanchez on a super bowl team unless it's as the backup who never played.

Can we put Lane at linebacker and let him blitz just so he can smack Sanchez in the mouth?

Craig, you've been beaten down by the last few years or so. It's hard for us Dolfans to be confident.

But come on. Sanchez is horrible and they refuse to play Tebow.

We will win.

Jets will be 1-6 before they finally start playing Tebow. Just like Broncos last year.

Jets Rule, you're cute. When's the last time you won a SuperBowl? 1968? LOL! You're too cute.

My confidence grows by the minute

Fins 45
Jets 6

I figured it out.

I'm going to go ahead and guarantee you that we will see Tannehill and Philbin win a super bowl in the next 5 years.

You will NEVER see Girly Sanchez win a super bowl.

I guarantee these things.

Again...Jets rule is a dolphins fan trying to stir the pot, just like Texans Fan was. My lord how can you not see that.

You cannot stop Hartline. You can only hope to contain him.


Sanchez is my love buddy. Tight anus he has. Bean burrito its so tasty.

playing rail him in the turd cutter is so fun....

I like football

Dolphins 38 Jets 0

Jets 35
Dolphins 3

Ryan is sick of losing to the Dolphins and he's been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time.

As for the people here who are claiming the Jets will be limited to 3 points, that's about as likely as Miami going to the Super Bowl.

FIRE JEFF IRELAND.................

The Dolphin players will be way pumped up for this game!

I'm sorry but the Jets don't scare me in any way!

After the big high from this past win, we need to come out firing!!

This will show a lot about this coaching staff.

Actually, Jets fan since 1967.

All I know is Sanchez is 4-2 in the playoffs -- all on the road -- and played well in both AFC CG. It was Rex Ryan's defense that killed us in both games.

35 to 3 Jets??


The Jets won't even score 13 points! We ain't the Bills!

The Sanchez-Tebow combo will pick apart the Dolphin D.


Mando a jets fan??¿¿ Shame on u…trader, You shall to burn and rot bwahahahaha

sanchez might but tebow is beyond awful. complete garbage

NY Jets = S Florida's team

Will there be any Dullfin fans at the game? LMAO!


U people wit the fire Ireland posts ....would b happy if we one 3 bowls n a row u would still complain and complain and complain and complain and complain and complain......hey the jets r in town perfect timing jump ship already ur whining is way tired n dated ......

Wouldn't b happy ......stupit auto correct..

Yo Jeffy is your momma a hooka?

We all get brain farts on occassion but Irescum has a permanent brain fart. lol

Im just happy Peyton Manning decided not to come here. Monday Night's game shows he's fast becoming Chad "Noodled-arm" Pennington.

What a $100 million mistake that would have been. After Monday night's noodle arm performance, dc's will now began flooding the short and intermediate areas of the passing field. Like Pennington, they wont be concerned with Manning beating them deep.

Boy did we escape the bullet this offseason with Manning. Ross needs to demand the gas money for the helicopter back from Mr Manning.



I love my Fins but I think the J-E-T-S will win this game 24-13


I got a feeling too... It ain't losing. I think this staff will be difference.

Side note. This offense has been so not typical West Coast. When did GB use a FullBack? They are taking the best talent and putting on the field in stops to be successful.

If Miami plays with the same energy and execution, they are not losing.

Yep, Another one Bites the Dust.

Peyton is done. Horrible to see it happen. But Peyton loss his Arm. Even his Accuracy.

I've never seen Peyton throw so many Lame Ducks.


Danny Whuerfel is a better Qb Now than the JEts have.

Really, Mark Took the Jets to the Playoff's? Not the Defense or The Running game they had?

Also, Ur just proving he has gotten Worst not BETTER!!!

How many Playoff wins do they have in the last 2 years? Zero

Those are Team Stats!

WHAT HAS MARCOS SANCHEZ DONE? Nothing. It's bad when The only Qb Sanchez can compare to Stat for Stat is Chad Henne. And Henne Fumbled alot less than Sanchez.




24-3 Fins!!

The funny thing is people keep talking about Jeff's draft picks, but never mentions Tannehill in the conversation.

Ah.. News flash. A lot for people didn't think much of him, and the pick was too early.

How does that look now?

Home burned his bridges and denounced Miami, Philbin, Ross and the like.

Now he try sneaking back on board under the goofy name above.

Home is not mentaly balanced.

Danny W what you think of Home?

I am glad Rex is Tony is a great coach, this only helps our situation, but this will most likely be a tough game.
Like someone said earlier get pressure on Sanchez and the game will be ours.

Dolphins 20. JETS. 17. Close game hard fault defensive battle. Sanchez. Like long hot dogs! He likes it anywhere he can get it!

Rex thinks Tony is a great coach is what I meant

Sherman Philbin. Thanks for drafting Tannehill! Because JI would have drafted a offense lineman. LETS GO PHINS. LETS STUMP THOSE SORRY A S S AIR HEADS JETS suck suck suck!

You can say Tony SpOrano is this, SpOrano is that. He does this, he does that.

Here's the Deal. SpOrano is from the Parcellian Tree. Philosophically speaking, so is Rex Ryan. Power running, tough D, field position and don't turn the ball over.

This is a bland brand of football. Almost, if not, to the point of predictability. It is what it is. If thats what you're looking for, then SpOrano is your guy. Thats what Rex was looking for and now they'll live or die with it - Together.

If SpOrano has the personel and theri firing on all cylinders, look out. They'll grind you up, demoralize you and then spit you out.

But here lies the problem. Ryan and SpOrano do not have the personel to make this offensive philosophy work. The main component for an offense like this is a Big Monstrous O-line that gets it's DONE! Unfortunately for them, this is their biggest short coming.

In this case, that means big, slow and predictable(sound familiar anyone?). It also means that the kind of tean they don't want to play is a team that can run the ball down their throats. A team that can run a no-huddle/hurry up, but one that can also burn the clock when necessary.

Even if Revis can shut down Hartline, it just won't be enough. That just opens it up for Bess, Fasano, Clay and Bush. Provided Tannehill plays the way he's already proven he can play, the will simply be picking their poison.

Other than Hartline-Revis, we much up pretty good with them. Sherman knows all about Revis and he'll know how to find the mismatches too.

Barring any meltdowns, implosions or 4 turnover quarters, I say we handle the jets with relative ease. I'm not predicting a blow out, but a Sound Victory seems to be in order!

If we have any issues running the ball, we might not be able to score. Hartline and our other below average receivers will not be getting open against Revis and Cromartie. So, Reggie having 100 plus yards is absolutely critical. I agree that Dirty Sanchez stinks...but if you look at his history against us, it's usually feast or famine. Big game or he throws for 118 yards and 3 picks. We'll see. I think it's a coinflip game

Danny, inventive spelling of your last name. Didn't used to be "Wuerffel."
So far, many of your posts are "woeful."
But I mean that in the kindest way possible, though using gay slurs to make a point is really juvenile, and unworthy of your truly mind boggling intellect.

How About THIS:
Fins must stop the Jets TE, and eliminate the turnovers.

Thinking Fins by 10 in a low scoring game.

Interestingly, for once I believe a high scoring game would in our favor. Gotta hope Revis Island is deserted.

I'm trying to recruit some fellow bloggers here to help me out with this great idea I thought of.

It's sort of like an incentive program for our guys. Particularly our front 4. But everybody will be included.

See, I figure if we all pitch in we can raise a kitty(I'll start off. I pledge a Pint Of Jack, 4 Vicodins and a little "White Widow" ;) We offer it to any of our players that make any jet players cry(Coach Ryan included of course). Our intent isn't to injure(Wink, wink). We just want to reward good, solid, fundamental "Executions"(wink, wink).

And to PROVE we're good sports with no Ill-Intentions, Mark Sanchez will be deemed strictly **Off Limits**.

(Besides, If we knock Sanchez out.....I mean, make a good Legal play on Sanchez(wink, wink), it would'nt hurt the wets. It would help them).

Anywhoo.......this idea took alot of hard work. I'm going to have to cut my pledge back to a Half Pint of Jack, Two Vicodins and yeah..........The White Widow is pretty much GONE ;)


..Odin. I'm in but don't ask me to share any of my painpills..Those are for me!

..I hope we get another crack at Tebow. I have a feeling in some form we will. The worst case scenario would be a Sparano led offense coming in here and causing a ruccous. The issue I see is that even without Revis. Another reciever is going to have to step up. I would imagine that the jets are going to roll some coverages Hart, or lines way. I think we can try to exploit the middle of the park as the jet linebackers are not the quickest bunch. Will this be the week the running backs become a bigger target in the pass game? Will they be stuck in pass pro, or can the line handle the pressure? To me this is the biggest question..Can we protect Tannehill this week, or will it be a massacre?


I guess this topic isn't as hot as I thought it would be....

Sorry... :)

maybe a real interview with Sporano would get the conversation going....

on 2nd thought...who wants to read that gibberish....

this is good enough....

Anywhoo? Only lesbians talk like that. Any coach who starts Colombo is out of his mind.

we'll get another crack @ Tebow....DD.....

October 28th...we'll be cracking his skull again....


11 WINS...

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