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The Tony Sparano factor in Jets-Dolphins matchup

Tony Sparano was not a big Rex Ryan fan when he coached the Dolphins and Ryan was leading the Jets. Ryan was admittedly not a big Sparano fan, either.

"It's funny because I never liked him," Ryan said moments ago on a conference call with the South Florida media. "It was the same way. My big thing is he thought he was tougher than me. He thought his team was tougher than mine and I thought mine was tougher than his and I was tougher than him."

So why did Ryan hire the former Dolphins coach to be his offensive coordinator this year?

"One thing I did is I always respected him," Ryan said. "I recognize him being an outstanding football coach and his teams played hard and cared about him. He's passionate about the game so that was why it was easy for me when we had the job as offensive coordinator open, that's the first guy I went to."

Ryan knows that Sunday's game against the Dolphins is special for Sparano. How can it not be? He coached the Dolphins four seasons and built relationships with players and assistants. 

"Anytime you go against a group or a team you used to coach -- with me I spent 10 years in Baltimore and I know how special it is," Ryan said. "Those players, I promise you, he cares about them a great deal. Without question. Without question.

"He has great memories from coaching there and people and the organization and all that. There might be some people in the organization he doesn't care for but I can tell you this: I know how special it is competing against the players and the guys you care about. Those guys have bled for you and things and that's something you'll never forget."

Although Sparano is familiar with much of the talent, particualarly on defense, he will have no direct pipeline to Miami's scheme because the Dolphins have changed on both offense as well as the defense he will face.


The Dolphins are practicing today. Daniel Thomas (concussion) is working at least on a limited basis. Anthony Armstrong (hamstring) is working at least on a limited basis.

Tony McDaniel (knee) is not practicing.


Reggie Bush, who gained 172 rushing yards and 197 total yards against Oakland last week, was today named the AFC player of the week.


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One thing I know for sure, Rex Ryan will be trying to come after Tannehill from every conceivable angle. It's Ryan's job and he's good at it. Thats what you're supposed to do when facing a Rookie QB. So, expect mainly man coverages, with every kind of blitz you can dream up.

On the other hand, we are starting our Rookie QB. So were supposed to support him with strong D and a Strong Run Game.

So, it seems our strategy plays right into theirs or their strategy plays right into ours! Hmmmmmmm.......does that make sense?

Sherman's just going to have to be creative and pick his spots wisely. I would guess our offensive game plan will include alot of 2nd down play action passes and screens. Regular and perimeter. A moving pocket and Rollouts too.

Just don't make Tannehill a sitting duck. I don't care if they have to install the spread option to counter this week. Do whatever you have to do to get it done.

PS: Expecting Rex's D to be very aggressive this week. I would even insert some designed QB draws. When successful, these kinds of plays really take the wind out of defenses.

We can beat the jets. We just have to play solid, error free football for a full 60 minutes.

Final Thought: Our Home Field(weather)advantage should be even more effective against Rex's undisciplined Northerners. Oakland hung in there for awhile, but it eventually got to them. And there somewhat used to the warmer weather. Rex's bunch......not so much.

We got to get this one, then we're on our way!

Dolphins are better than the Jets. Better stopping the run. Better running the ball better kicking game. Ok probably even only thing is Experience at QB! And of course coaching we have the edge, Sherman way better than TS. D line coach better than the jets. Dolphins just better team! Call me a homer it's true. Jets suck badly!


Posted by: ALoco | September 19, 2012 at 08:42 PM


I have said it MANY times.....DUH...

Sparno was not a nice guy!Comon fellow Dolphins fans where has your memory's gone? The print press along with the NFL media did not thing he was a great guy. He hardly ever signed autographs or talked to the fans.He was a typical New Jersey Parcells guy type of guy.

Maybe you prefer....


how's that....


Who was it that tromped the jets this year?


How do you keep track of all the multiples...each with their own personality and niches.....





B.I.M. 14
Jets 10

Jets suck jets suck jets suck jets suck. PHINS are going to hurt them bad! The players. Ate going to make TS look more stupid than he looks. TS sucks and always will! Only a foul and idiot like Rex hires a OL / HC wannabe to be a offense coordinator, that's is just laughable, thanks Rex that is the best coaching decision you have made in your coaching career! LMAO!!

Does he fistpump when the Jets get a field goal?

Tony was scape goated for Ireland's failings. How you can judge a coach without the horses is beyond me. Everything Ryan said about Sporano is true... his players played hard for him... he had their respect and loved them like his own... and he NEVER lost the locker room even at 0-7. I lived through Ross' bumbling and embarrassing him with his coaching search and Irelands one pick worse than the last but never lost the respect of his players and that says more about him that his record ever did.

My favorite Rex Ryan line... "I've stepped over tougher guys than Channing Crowder to get GET to a fight."

The players didn't play hard for him.

This team will fold like a 2 dollar wallet during crunch time. How many times did the hard playing team give up a lead in the 4th qtr? Or how about comeback?

Sporano wasn't a motivator!

Also like mike said tony was a prick! Was a liar! Had no integrity and was more paranoid than Oscar!

*his team

Tony Sparano's / Nick Saban's press conference = psycho babble.

will our owner do a half time show honoring both tebow and sporano this year?

Daniel Thomas is soft and not a Ronnie Brown clone. It's just dumb to say. DT doesn t even know how to drop his shoulders and never ran over Anyone. Reggie Bush broke 4 tackles on one of his TD runs vs the Raiders. Take notes DT. He's going to give himself Dementia with that running style. 2 concussions already. Seriously? Don't let Ireland draft, just let him find free agents.

I noticed a couple of things about the jets so far this year.

A good Steelers team beat them SOUNDLY 27-10. The jets scored one TD and were never in the game.

Their trouncing of the Bills was an aberation due to the 4 turnovers. The TOP was almost even and Buffalo actually out gained them in total yards. 384 to 390 for the Bills.

Buffalo beat KC but it took 3 turnovers and another great day by CJ Spiller(128 yards). Fitz only completed 10 total passes on 19 tries. KC put up 422 total yards to Buff. 379.

Whats all this mean?

To me it says the jets couldn't compete against a good team. Then they got out played by Buffalo and needed 4 turnovers to get a win. Buffalo themslves got out played by lowly KC and needed the 3 turnovers to pull that one off.

Reevis or no Reevis, toe to toe, we should be able to beat the jets!

Nahh, the Jets can't run on Miami with any degree of consistency, nobody can, so the LBs are free to roam.

Craig monkey
You and I are are part of the 90% of the fans that think JI is a idiot and does IMO which I'm entitle to, poor a s s job drafting players, but you and I according to at least 4 regulars on here think we are stupid idiots fans that don't know crap! Maybe they are right, but the record speaks for him self, in four years direct or indirect JI has failed in the draft and F/A. Just like Obama!

Problem: Rex is very wily and will try to confuse RT by disguising coverages. We'll see.

LV= Jets by 3. Sure, they have home field advantage.

The Jets own the mental edge in this one...Miami's progress is fragile and the Jets have the more seasoned team. It's going to take an amazing game to win this one, especially after Sparano hypes the cause of whipping Ireland's butt.

DOLPHINS ARE GOING TO KILL THE FAKE AS JETS!! TS will flop like the loser that he is!!

Here, a little bit. When we Cubans arrived in Miami, most Anglos moved out, either North or South of the City. The worst mistake that Joe Robbie commited in building his Stadium north of Miami, was assuming that the majority of Football lovers had moved north of the City. Not so. We are in the South(Anglos, Blacks and Latins).

Jets 27 Dolphins 10

As a matter of fact, most Football Fans are South of North.

Cheese 'n' Crackers.

Got all Muddy!

Spa Fon!

Also, everybody knows that most Cubans in Miami are not your typical Latins. They are here for the wrong reasons.

Any arguments?

I dont think we're in the Jets class anymore but if its very hot on Sunday it could be a close game.

You can plainly see the power of stating the Truth on Internet using "most". Well, GN.

If Reevis is cleared to play, we need to run Lane direct at him to try and give him another concussion. Hartline can't get open against him or Cromartie. We've tried that experiment before, it didn't work. The running backs will have to carry us if he plays. Go Fins! I wan't to wake up Monday and be in 1st place. Go Fins!!

Miami 6 Jets 3

Thank you to the Cubans for building Boca Raton with all the drug money. Gracias!

Oscar, Robbie put the stadium in north Dade because that was the most affordable location, with room around it to expand, at the time. Plus county officials told him they'd run Metrorail up there, which never happened. He also hoped that it would be more accessible to Broward and Palm Beach counties. They did get an entrance/exit built off the turnpike and increased bus service but that's it.

Fins 24
Jets 23

Hey thanks for the shout out P.a yuengs-n-wings! I read your post a couple blogs ago. I try to jump in from time to time but don't contribute as much as in the past. I do read more than I post though. The blog has been more cluttered with the "other" types of posts in the last year plus.

I always look for your posts as well so keep 'em rolling in bro.

I am ecstatic over getting a win out of the way...no chasing a single victory far into a nail biting season...at least that weight is lifted from Philbin, Coyle, Tannehill, n Ross. We seem to have the Raiders number strangely enough.

Don't know what to make of this match-up. I can see it going many ways. I hope the running game stays sturdy and is at least serviceable. A one dimensional Tannehill will be mistake prone at this stage especially with a lack of firepower outside and at TE.

Let's hope for at least a slugfest...I don't want any gloating Jests fans running a muck on our blog.

Fins for the win!


Reggie Bush: 14
Jets: 13


From an earlier blog thread to Odin er, uh, Coalition. Come on as who you want to bro. The Troller's gonna troll and haters gonna hate. Might as well just go with the flagship Odinseye...RAGNOROK!


Nice to hear from you. This is Odin. I have to use this sign in or the troll imperonates me(Sigh)


How do you feel about Ireland post Parcells?

He has mixed reviews. He has done a few things right but I would lean towards finding someone that closely adheres to finding Philbin type players. Ireland grew up in the Parcell's mold of "bigger is better automatically" i.e. Sean Smith, Daniel Thomas etc. Hearing him announce two years ago that "we looked our team over and decided we need more team speed". That is an indictment right there that is takes that long to figure out. Also causes reaches like for WR Gates "just because he is fast" drafting will fail a ton. While I don't give him an F, I do feel there should be a shift as sufficient time has gone by and not enough strong players to show. I refuse to exonerate all the years with Parcells although I won't give him full blame either.

How about since Philbin, the WCO and the 4-3?

This regime is still feeling its way. New position for Philbin although I feel he very qualified with his time in the NFL. Coyle was accomplished so let's give these guys time to work. The turnstyle coaching thing is not a way to get ahead. Unless Philbin shows obvious blown time management, unmotivated teams or similar extreme failure (losing locker rooms and games like Cam Cameron) then leave him in power for at least 3-4 years to see what he can develop here in Miami. Hey if the guy is passionate enough to take on the Miami job just after losing a son I think he can teach a lot about being committed and team/self sacrifice concepts. While some make opinions based on body language of firing Chad Johnson on Hard Knocks, I say let's watch his entire body of work for a few years to draw up concrete conclusions.

How about the Cap Situation for 2013?

My last answer was long so this one will make up for it. I REALLY think Philbin will get more team concept guys and less paycheck guys as time marches forward. We are suppose to have much better cap space in 2013 but I will believe it after I see it. All really high priced guys better be performing or they will put a player there that does the same job for much less.

Have your initial impressions changed much? I really liked the fact that the guy was from Green Bay and a winning organization. While he may not command the same auto-respect as a Fisher he may end up being more of what Miami needs. An architect and builder more than a rah rah coach. He encourages as I saw him do it in the Raiders game. He is a tad quirky...like he really didn't know how to take his Gatorade bath...I was like smile coach...your players are patting you on the back. I simply want him to deliver a much better product on the field than all us die hard Fins fans have been getting pretty much since I graduated high school.

Cheers odin.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 19, 2012 at 03:09 AM

I sure can see how Ross has to be very concerned about his investment.

I don't believe I have ever seen such an empty "sold out" stadium in my life!

Wow that was tons of glaring orange empties.

Maybe they can have a call in program that when the people that have the sold seats are not coming, they can let some under privileged fans in to occupy the seats and create a better home field advantage. It may plant seeds so that if that youngster or under privileged person gets on their feet they may want to become a paying fan?

Just a thought. Fins won...that will be the true bringer of fans.



I will take any of those outcomes where the Fins beat the Jests man! :)


I'll catch up to you guys.

Fins for the win!


How can the Jets be favored at SunLife? That makes no sense.

Let the game play out. We get no respect and rightfully so.

The jets are favored and nobody likes the dolphins.

Yet, Philbin is still telling his team he needs to see improvement, screw the score. The Qb needs to play better, the Wr's also, the Oline has to block, the defense needs to make more stops. Everyone from top to bottom needs to improve. And then he will end it with he needs to coach better.

U have to like that more than the jibberish that would come out spo's mouth. Ahh, uhh, why all these questions, don't ask me about strategy. Playoffs? I'm still trying to fix this oline!! Ahh!

This team is ready. And only getting better!!!!!!!!

2 major questions Mando and every reporter and fan in town had during preseason. The run game? And the run defense?

Dashi knew the running game will be alright. Sherman is good.(Again, til this stat is burn in ya head dashi will keep repeating it, Mike Sherman has Led a Top 5 Rushing Attack and/or a Top 5 Passing Attack in diffident seasons for different teams in the last 10 years in The NFL. Keep in mind that he spent the last 4 years in college. So really in his last 5 years in the NFL he has had multiple top 5 offenses)

The defense worried me. I know we can't cover a TE. We all knew that going into the season. What we didn't know or thought we lost was our run D. People asking are we tackling in practice. Dashi questioning Coyle's playcalling, the lack of containment outside. It was looking bad, at least we never saw the run game in the preseason. The run defense was horrible, rb's running for over 100 yds on us.

Both problems seem to be fixed. Also, the o-line is fixed. I still can't believe when I say that. Now all Philbin has to concentrate on is fixing our Wr's and T-Hill's development. Even though we know t-hill's daddy won't even let Philbin mess with the way he wants to bring him along. This is Sherman's crowning jewel. He realized though that the kid can handle it and he is actually hurting him by shortening the playbook. It's the NFL and good teams adjust.

Again, 24-3 dolphins!!

Even though Dashi wants the 1st home shutout in a while.


Sparano would kick Rex Ryan's butt in a fight. Not even close. Rex is all bark. Tony's all bite.

Tony never pressed to solve the qb issue in miami. In the final tally, that above all else cost his head coaching job. As much as i love jake long, who here is foolish enough to not understand how much differeent this team would be today had miami drafted matt ryan #1 overall instead of long in 2008. Matt Ryan os just starting to hit stride in becoming an elite NFL qb. Ryan Tannehill is a fine young qb and im pleased to have him. But Ryan would have changed everything in miami. Now we are seeing the beginning of the end of some elite qb's. Brady's long ball has been non existent (he would NEVER have lost to Arizona at home 2 or 3 years ago) ... Peyton Manning will NEVER be the same as he was in 2005 - 2009. Vick is starting to fade. The NFL is now heading towards Rogers, Ryan, Flacco, Eli Manning, and Rivers. After those guys are a few "wish we could's" and a list of VERY solid young rookies and second/third year QB's.

Sporano is a complete moron that has trouble forming sentences and tying his shoes.

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