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Thomas cleared for activity but no contact yet

Running back Daniel Thomas is suffering from a concussion and while he had been cleared for physical activity by Wednesday, he was not cleared for contact thus had to sit out practice.

As part of the NFL's concussion guidelines, Thomas must undergo and pass a baseline test clearing him to return to practice and game action. He must get the clearance from an independent neurologist so it's not really the Dolphins' or Thomas' call when he will return.

[Update: Thomas is not practicing on Thursday.]

And that means that, suddenly, Reggie Bush might get more of a load on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders and rookie Lamar Miller might get his NFL debut.

Bush getting work is not an issue. He's in great shape. He's been holding up very well during his time with the Dolphins the past 18 months -- that contrary to a previous reputation for getting hurt.

Miller is another story.

For him it's not so much being ready to carry the football. He's ready for that. For the rookie the concern is whether he's ready to do good work in blitz protection on passing plays.

“I think one of the hardest things, I think the transition from college to the NFL is pass protection because those guys they don’t just run at you anymore," Bush said. "They’re moving around. They’re giving you different looks, different blitzes, different schemes and then, on top of that, you get some of these linebackers and safeties who just, they’re not just coming right at you any more, they’re moving around. I think that is the biggest transition, but Lamar’s done a great job this year, so I don’t think we’ll be worried about him too much.”

Miller has shown no obvious pass protection deficiencies in the practice time the media is able to watch. But privately, coaches are hoping he isn't pressed into a situation where Oakland -- this week's opponent -- decides his entrance into the game becomes a signal to come after Ryan Tannehill. 



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Miller is (hopefully) Bush 2.0 -- if both can stay healthy than their elusive frame would help Tannehill a lot and keep the defense on their toes. But the focus isn't on these guys, Ryan still has the spotlight.

Ah..... Care???


I'm not too concerned as we also have Lane who is built more like a lineman than a full back.

We're going to need a full 60min effort from the defense Sunday no matter what happens. This isnt an offense thats going to score very many points this year.

We'll still struggle with redzone unless we get some 1st and goal to go's from the 5yd line on in. The recievings coprps can not be counted upon.


Thomas will play.

If not hand the ball off to Lane. The Real Thunder And Lightning.

Has Hartline already replaced Naanee? (More Important)

I think Lane should be in on every play for two reasons:

1. Protect T-Hill against the blitz
2. Option #1 on screen pass

If he's not blocking a blitzing LB, he's swinging out into the flat and snagging a quick screen pass for an easy gain.

I'm excited to see if Miller is "as advertised" and worth the investment.

Remember this: "Great talent shows up early and often".

Dolphins 20 Raiders 10

You heard it here first!

I don't know.

NH, Lane is trending as my favorite Dolphin this year. Great pickup.

Ryan Tannehill will have the highest QB rating in Week 2. It's been written...

Wow, DC!! You must be drinking some awfully good coffee this morning. The HIGHEST rating? That's high praise indeed. I see the Dolphins winning the game but it will be awfully close. The defence will win it for us. I'm thinking something like 17-13 or 23-20. 23 points might be a bit high for this team but I think it'll be Reggie Bush leading the way for this team.

Yea DC...I love your confidence in T-Hill, but "highest rated" QB of the week...that's pushing it a bit.

I watched the SD/OAK game on Monday night and granted it was an AFC West showdown, there was some SERIOUS hitting going on in that game. If the OAK defense goes after T-Hill with the same "crazed dog" attitude that Lawrence Taylor coined, then I predict Tannehill has another below average game.

James Walker seems to be FOS gathered at Temple U.

Guys, it's a state of mind. The problem with the typical Dolphins fan is they need to learn how to ride the wave. Like a surfer.

Tues - Dawn, sun is rising in the sky, no clouds, waves look heavenly.

Wed - Get up on that board, first wave, exhilaration

Thurs - Getting pumped up, back out for more fun

Fri - Heart racing, just went through a rip curl

Sat - Feel like you're riding God's board, at one with the Earth

Sun - crash on the rocks, all cut up and scraped

Mon - sore, down, depressed, watching from shore

It's Thursday, so getting pumped up, ready for the rip curl. LET'S GO!!!!

oscar...please unencrypt your post please.

Also, my Nationals are still #1. Strasburg might come back for the Playoffs. #1 in one of my Fantasy leagues. It's good to be alive!


One of the best ways to become immune to disappointment is to laugh at it. Another way is to Win.

dc, he has 2 get the ball passed the dl 1st.and not 2 the black jersey's.

@DC Dolfan...love the enthusiasm!!!... Reality check though our defense needs to work on Mcfadden and the TE this week because they have Derek Hagan who most Phans will remember him as a nobody. From watching the TExans game in the first quarter I thought we were going to blow them out until that freakish some odd minutes that went by where T-Hill couldn't get those short throws in. Then the third quarter came and went and offense never made the field. By then we lost. Against the Raiders we should be able to blow them out after being able to contain Texans early we just have to finish them out. If we give the offense the ball near their goal-line then we lose like Week 1 but we should dominate now that our QB found out that Hartline can actually play( he's not a beast but he can play kinda like a faster Camarillo). Maybe we should have Bess and Hartline start since Naanee is big for nothing. Anyways Dolphins 24 Raiders 10. GO DOLPHINS!!!

blow out.???
the phins have not scored an o td yet.so thigpen will have 6 return td's.?

JP, I'm worried about McFadden too. I think he was hurt last time we played them. Hopefully the run defense steps up.


I think our DLine can hold down McFadden and their WRs aren't anything to really fear. Palmer is a gunslinger and will make risky/bad throws. Let's see if our secondary can capitalize on *gasp* interceptions!

Let's see if Dansby/Burrnett can stop Kevin Boss....not the hardest task of all the TEs can face

Dansby/Burnett was able to hold down Daniels whose supposed to be pretty good but Eli made Boss seem pretty good so lets hope they can contain Bawse as well. Our secondary is more disciplined this year obviously not against Andre Johnson but against Raiders WR's we should be fine...mark this down they will try to exploit our secondary with deep passes thinking Smith won't keep up with Heyward-Bey. But Sean Smith will get two ints this game not being optimistic just realistic.

We need a blocking fullback.

Guys I'm probably the most optimistic guy on here but I don't think there's a team in the league we could blow out. With this offence? I just don't see it. Where have we seen it so far this season that gets us axcited about what we've seen on offence? It's a small glimmer here and bit of optimism there. It's just not there with this offence. I think we're capable of winning 3-5 games this year but by no means do I see a blowout in the works. I hope I have to eat my words.

DC great Analogy

Don't know about highest rated QB this Week, But T-Hill will have a Good Game. Dashi Expects for Sherman to call a Better Game. 24-13. Remember they have as good a Kick game as Us.

Dashi Would like for the Defense to lock down and throw a Shutout. But Dashi is giving them 13 until this Defense STOPS SOMEBODY ON 3RD DOWN!! and T-Hill doesn't have a Quick MElt Down.

Would love to See Philbin continue to Punk Jeff Ireland's Decision. Bench Naanee since Ireland won't cut him. Start Hartline. If Hartline Starts Dashi can see the Fins throwing for over 300yds. But Start NoNo and we can even get blown-out. (Again, Can't believe Dashi is saying this about BRIAN HARTLINE!!) We need hartline to start.

Which brings me to my point of every post from now on, FIRE IRELAND!!!!!!!!!

Problem is Heyward-Bay has height and other than Sean Smith bring deceptively tall the rest of our secondary is small so touch passes may be an issue. I really don't think it'd be an issue covering RBs and TEs and WRs. This should be an easy game for our defense. It would be exciting to see some turnovers that go our way. It's been missing for years. Help our offense out.

I love when this people try to make this more than it could be, if Thomas can't play just run "LANE UP THE MIDDLE"!! this 257 pounds dude can do the job just feed the rock to LANE THE TRAIN.

Hell, I'm no assasin, I just want to Win. Anybody interferes with my aim, I'll take them out.

It's called competitiveness and there hasn't been a great QB around that doesn't possess that trait to a high degree. Go ask Marino and Peyton. Does RT has that It? Nobody knows(now).

Craig M


U SIRE ARE FULL OF IT!!! To the Top!

Optimism means U don't see any Negative. Read this line again and then read Ur Post.

"Guys I'm probably the most optimistic guy on here but I don't think there's a team in the league we could blow out. With this offence? I just don't see it."

The Most Optimist Fan, Will See Us Blowing out Several Teams. WITH THIS OFFENSE!!

Here's How!! Bench Naanee, Start The Secret Weapon(Hartline),Run the Hammer and Anvil/Aka Thunder and Lightning/Bka The Truck and the Ferrari, and Unleash T-hill(Bootleg's, Spread Option, 3-5-7 step Drop, Let him Scramble).

Not that difficult. If this Offense can Click on all Cylinders Ain't No reason not to score 30 With Naanee on the Bench!!

Oh yeah, It's Implied already.

But in case U forgot FIRE IRELAND!!

Now, competitiveness does NOT necessarily mean knowing how to methodically put an opponent away. As a matter of fact, the great Competitors like the Game close and sometimes let the opponent get away.

There are reasons to believe Miami should win this week.

Our special teams appear to be very good.

The defense did a decent job considering they were forced to play almost every snap during a 22 minute stretch from about 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter through the entire 3rd quarter. I think the defense will improve throughout the year and will benefit two-fold from an improving offense.

Our C, RG, RT are probably the youngest combination in the league and now they have the benefit of a full game together. They could become a very good unit. Game 2 should be much better.

Tannehill will have had another week with Armstrong & Hartline.

Also, Oakland is not Houston, and, will be traveling coast to coast after a Monday night game.

I'm optimistic.

Why would I play a Game without any hope of Winning? Makes no sense at all. Ask the Football Gamblers.

Nobody knows.

Thomas = Bust.

Coulda gotten equal or better talent in rounds 6, 7, or UFA. Waste of a 2nd round pick.

u play 2 win the game.
playoffs,r u kidding me,playoffs.
there is an obvious stench of cow manure emanating from the performance by the dolphins today.

After reviewing our offense in the first half of the Texan game last night, there are many reasons to be optimistic. Overall, the line play, even the right side was good. I especially focused on our rookie right tackle and must say, he is making the adjustment to the speed of the NFL. If these guys can stay healthy, the run game is going to flourish. The guards and center were getting to the second level and Bush is making the right cuts. I wish they would have run the ball a little more but the coaching staff seems to have a lot of confidence in RT, maybe a little too much confidence at this point in his growth. If we can avoid the turnovers Sunday, I think we win the game. the Raiders are banged up after playing a Monday night game, traveling to the east coast. I just hope Sherman and Philbin put RT in a position to flourish. Let him throw on the move some, especially in the red zone and run the ball more. The defense should be ok and our special teams is definitely better than the Raiders.

I believe there is somewhat of a conspiracy here involving Jeff Ireland. He must be getting greased on the side by someone. It doesn't take a rocket scientist-why don't they get rid of Naanee and bring in Gaffney? Something! If defenses are moving around then counter that by changing plays at the line. Something!


Not even sure who you are. Don't believe me on the optimistic comment ask some of the other guys here. What we're faced with a case of realism. How many games is the team going to be capable of scoring 30 points then smart guy. Let me know. I say they'll be lucky to have one game. What say you? Let me know and let's see who's closer. I'm saying ONE.

To close, I AM optimistic about this team. I'm not on the fire Ireland bandwagon because you guys can't name one guy who'd be better. Don't say 'anyone'. Actually give me names. Don't say POLIAN. He's 70 years old and his track record over the last five years is abysmal....and he wants his son to be GM....no thanks.

The Dolphins must stop Darren McFadden if they want to beat the Raiders, check out how the Dolphins Defense has fared against run DMC in the past at

Four minutes at the end of the 2nd quarter cost us the Texan game. RT was playing in his first game in a hostile environment. He's supposed to be a quick study. If he can make the necessary adjustments with his eyes, add some pump fakes and use his feet, I really think he can be an excellent quarterback. I know we havent seen much of him yet, but he doesnt look like he gets rattled easily. Can we score 30 points a game? Doubtful, however I think we win this Sunday and I think McFadden will be stopped.

Next three weeks:

Raiders, Jets and Cardinals

Next five weeks:

Above three, Bengals and Rams

If this team can't make some hay against these teams there is NO hope for this season. The hope is that the offence comes to life as we go.

"Optimism means U don't see any Negative."

Speaking of full of it. Optimism means you are optimistic something good can or will happen. You can be optimistic while still being logical. 'I'm optimistic something good can happen but I'm worried our receiving corp could screw it up'. That's being optimistic while still understanding there are negatives in the world and things don't always go the way you hope they will. Enough with these all or nothing statements.

I also love the ignorant people who site something someone said 2 years ago, then point out they changed their minds, then call them a flip flopper. You always know those people are the dumbest of dumb. Those are the people who make their minds up about something and then even after new evidence is presented that proves their rationale to be faulty, they stick with their moronic opinion. Those people never learn because they don't allow themselves any room to challenge their beliefs. In other words, Democrats and Republicans. You're all ruining this country and now your idiot non partisan beliefs are infesting sports as well. Thank you very much for destroying what once was the greatest nation on earth.

It has been reported that Gaffney is still not 100% from his hip injury. Didn't a red flag go up for you when no other team has worked him out?


Raiders worked him out. It must have been clear to them that he wasn't healthy because they signed somebody else. Forget who it was now.

I think the Phins would like to sign Gaffney but how bad he's hurt I don't think any of us know. Can he pass a pyhsical? Probably because he passed one in NE. Can he contribute at some point. I don't think any of us know that right now.

Ok, I can't take it anymore. Here are my observations:

Craig M is sensitive
Dashi is a rambling idiot
Coalition = Blog pollution

How many posts did that ridiculous dude Coalition make on the last blog? On every blog. What a lonely worthless piece of shyte.

Why do you care about what every troll says? Is that how insignificant your life is? Do you have NOTHING more important to worry about?

I bet you're like all the liberals in America more concerned about where Romney stores his millions rather than worry about how Obama throws trillions of tax payer dollars down the toilet.

You know...PRIORITIES! Do you have any or is trolling trolls your priority?

You spend HOURS & DAYS trolling trolls. Do you have a job? What is it that you do that you get to spend all hours of every day trolling trolls?

After trolls mock you, they leave & go out to dinner or a movie with family, friends, a wife, children. You stay home at all hours talking about how you exposed them.

You view their absence as proof that you caught them red handed. LMAO! No, you poor ignorant schlep, they are living life. Mocking you can wait another day.

While they are living their lives, you're blogging to yourself. YOU ARE THE TEXTBOOK LOSER!

Keep sitting in your slum in D-town Detroit blowing up imaginary hotties, cashing your welfare checks & getting your food stamps in order for your next meal.


Some here won't agree with me but I think we're in the same class as the Raiders, Cardinals and Rams. I despise the Jets but they're a better ball club right now and Bengals too. I'm interested to see how the Jets Circus fares against a beat up Stealer team on Sunday. I have hunch they're going to look pretty pedestrian. If so, the Jet game may look more winnable.

Uncle Scam.

That's being Optimistic. Now What Craig Said "I'm The ""Most"" Optimistic Person on this Blog"

Meaning he see's no Wrong!!!!!!!!!!


U can be Casually Optimistic or Even a Realist!!!!!!!

But Not the """MOST""" OPTIMISTIC.

Also, Off the Top of my Head Dashi See's 4-6 Games we Can Score over 30!!!!!!

2 Against the Bills
1 Against The Jets
1 Against The Pat's
That's Being Optimistic!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Realistic

4-6 Games. The Fins can Score over 30!!

Specially if they get the No huddle Down.

Oops..meant to say Steelers.


I'm not sure what we're arguing about. I believe I'm being realistic saying the team will win 4 games this year. Some guys say more, some guys say less. Because I feel they will win 4 games doesn't mean I'm not optimistic about this team. I think Tannehill will be a good QB, I have a good feeling about Philbin, and I'm one of the very few that thinks Ireland will do a good job. I'm exciting about the extra picks we have next year and the $0 million of cap space we'll have next offseason. Better days are ahead. How is that not optimistic?

Way to give the other team some incite. Hey Mando why don't you just send the Raiders a Phins playbook while you're at it bro!

Dashi pick a number in terms of games that Dolphins will score 30 points. I'm saying ONE. 4-6 games isn't a number. Why don't you say 4-10? Pick a number. Let's see who's closer. I don't see this offence don't it much at all. Not with the personnel we have on the team.

Bunch of arm chair OC's, DC's, and GM's let's have them play the games. Sunday was not a very good indicator of how this team will fare. Phins biggest problem has always been loosing games they should win. Sunday we should win. Let's see how these guys come out. I say they win and go into the Jet game with a load of confidence. I'm not saying playoffs but I do see at least a 9 win team here.

JJ Watt ran around and over Colum...er,Martin AND Reggie Bush before de-cleating Tippehill. So...apparently, not a huge downgrade from RB in PP.

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