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Thursday practice report update here

The Dolphins are on the practice field. So are the Jets, presumably. And here's what's happening.

Firstly, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters cornerback Darrelle Revis, who had been nursing a concussion, has been cleard for contact. Barring a setback, Revis is expeted to play against the Dolphins. That's good for the Jets.

That's bad for the Dolphins.

I asked wide receiver Brian Hartline what happens if Revis plays Sunday and the New York coaches decide he should defene Miami's most productive receiver (so far) on every snap.

"I couldn't tell you. It depends on our game plan, it depends on what we want to do. It depends if Reggie [Bush] is running down their throat. Again, I'm going to be prepared for every situation I can be, but if he is, I'm going to look forward to it."

For the Dolphins, Kevin Burnett is not practicing at all today due to some sort of right leg issue. He has a noticeable limp as he's walking around today.  Jason Trusnick is the next man up if Burnett cannot play.

Tony McDaniel (knee) also is not practicing.

Finally, earlier today I told you the Dolphins are working in both Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller in that No. 2 running back spot.

It looks as if Thomas is the guy based on his ability to pass-block better than Miller. That doesn't mean Miller will automatically be inactive. Maybe the team can get him in some sort of package, like maybe on screens or something. But it seems Thomas is the guy.


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Please destroy the Jets.


hey oscar how many of these posts are you under one of your 1001 aliases, i thought you had dinner to make. Get a clue! LOL you scared all the real posters away with your constant bullshyt and posting under what like 6 different names in the past hour. and you have the nerve to yell at me? LOL woooooooow

hey mark f uck off canadian.

thomas is a 3 pick bust, where is irelands republic army defending this one. just gets hurt, miller is already better than him. trade or cut him next season or this cause he isnt worth the hassle anymore

burnett = bust.
no loss, he sux anyways.

Miami must've forgot about Revis when they went 2-2 vs Jets the last two years. What's that, Miami won when he played, how can that be, media says we're doomed with him playing.

the new york roaches.
f'n new york sux axx, all of it.

I'm only half-way thru preparing my dinner, YG. Later.

If Sun Tzu or Machiavelli were the Dolphins head coach, they'd tell you that the solution to Revis being in the game is to run right at him. Have him go mano-e-mano against an offensive lineman and see how eager he is to make contact.

christ mando, it's not the end of the world if revis plays. He takes away one receiver. We'll manage. We won last year with revis playing.
Are you a writer for the phins or some other team?
It must be hard for you to write about a team that you clearly hate so much. Move to New Jersey and then you can root for your beloved jets all you want.

THE WR'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mando. Who is playing? is Naanee getting Phased Out?

We could care less about our RB's. We are Stacked and Whoever plays will do a Good Job.

And What's With the D.Thomas Love. Dashi thought u didn't like him?

And YG really still with the 3 pick thing? They wasted 2 extra Low Low Round picks to Move up 1 Whole Round. Not Spots!!!

When U think about it that was a Good Trade for a Guy who outrushed a 1st RD Pick U all were Clamoring about!!

Get over it!! U want to look at former 2nd rd Dolphin RB's or The Patriots last year!!! Who wasted 2-2nd rd Picks On RB's the Same Year D.Murray and D.Thomas still on the Board!!!!!!!!! Yet Belichek is GREAT!!

Blow Off!!

Who has better WR's NOW? The Fins or the Patriots? Who is talking about brandon Lloyd? What about ur boy Welker?

Also, Didn't the Pat's Bring in 50 Veteran TE's this Preseason and They still had to go out and Sign Winslow? What Happen to all those TE's?

At Least all our Wr's were Nobody!! Only Chad Was a proven Commodity. But Brandon Lloyd is no better than Naanee right Now!

Frank has it right. Let's see if Revis is recovered, do some sweeps to his side and lay some wood on 'em.

The pats will be 1-2 after Sunday night.

So will the Jets.

The Bills might win.

Miami & Buffalo tied for 1st place?

Stranger things have...or have they?

Armando puts roaches in a blender with ice and beet juice and makes a protein shake from it.

which kind of roach?

Dashi is correct again:
If Revis is covering Hartline then Tanne will hit NayNay with frozen ropes.
Tanne is in control.
Do not worry.





Hopefully Sherman Tests Revis Early!

Screens to Mr. Lane!!! Break his will early!!

Punk him and Punk him Often. And then whoever is Being Gaurded by him Run Wind Sprints the 1st Qtr. Believe me that Head will start to hurt after the 1st Qtr. It was a Mild Concussion and Revis Has a History. The Heat should play a Factor with him.

The Reason Mando and all the Jets fan hang on Revis's Sach is because he is their only Defensive Player.

Name 1 Player on the Jets D-Line? And then if U can Name 1 who is a Pass Rusher?

Name the JETS best Pass Rusher? Yeah, Scheme is Nice but Nobody on the Jets D scares me to beat J.Long or J.Martin!!

Also, The Jets only have 2 CB's. Don't tell me Landry and Bell are BallHawks!

Last Week was needed. This Week let's See if we are for Real!!

Because next week is a Real Test!

Let's Whoop the Jets! 24-3!!

The new Channing Crowder is...Kevin Burnett. Is he injured or hurt? If you're a marginal player and not on the field a majority of the time, what's the purpose of keeping you on the team?

Dashi, did you just say on the last blog or so that you thought Vernon Davis is overpaid? Explain to me how the best tight end in the game is overpaid, please. Apparently this guy has true WR skills at the position and is a very dedicated player now unlike his early days. I'm eager to hear this ...

DC, wwasn't Burnett brought in to replace Channing? Karma ...

PS - I liked Channing.

Burnett is a waste of money. He was suppose to give us such a one-two knockout punch with Dansby at LB and frankly Misi has probably been more reliable than him, and that isn't saying much. Can we please cut him at the end of the season, maybe along with Dansby and their bloated contracts. Use that money to resign our own and on players that are healthy and can contain TEs. Burrnett (money included) has been a bigger bust than Thomas

Please terminate Burnett's contract ala Matt Roth

Mark, exactly. Another FA signing gone wrong. The guy should be replaced by next Season.

Please sign the acorn Crowder to replace Burnett.
Thank you.

Not too worried about our D against the Jets offense. More worried that they are going to put 8 in the box for sure and challenge us to throw it. That's what I would do if I were them, anyways.

The Fins Have BookEnd Tackle's!!!!!


Sorry but everytime Dashi thinks about how our O-line is Looking On the Field! I just get that little Warm Fuzzy Feeling inside.

Philbin Deserves Credit. But that O-Line Coach is the Truth! He has everyone playing up to their potential. He made the Martin thing Work(It helps Martin is a Smart Kid). He Fixed the conundrum that is John Jerry!

We have a Young Solid O-line. The Fins are set up front for Years!! Let's just hope they get better as a unit throughout the Year! Continuity!! Let them Play together! No musical Chairs. Put Jerry at RG and MArtin at RT and leave them there they need to play as a Unit. Like Long and Incognito! If Jerry and Martin Develop Chemistry? What!!

But yes! We even have a back up Center!

This Offense is Set Up to Grow!! It can only Get Better! We have our QB, and he already knows the Plays. He's just working on learning Defenses and Getting His Overall game Polished. WE HAVE RB'S AND FB'S!!! So Our Running Game is Set for The Future!

We just need Wr's Next Year! And 1 Real Good TE!

This Offense is Looking like it will be Dynamic!!

Ryan tannehill is a QB he throws the ball far with his eyes closed I saw his picture

if we want to win for the rest of the year miller should be playing. thomas blows. you can just tell that miller is the better runner

Since mando did not mention it here it is the


includes pre-snap reads:

Soap is slippery when it gets wet that is why I use a soap on a rope when showering with other men.

Yes. That very good Vernon TE looks like that gorilla-like announcer on TV now was, whst's his name...

In 6 tries the Dolphins are 4-2 against the Jets. All; with Revis at cornerback.

If they lose the game it's not because of Revis alone, that was a shortsighted argument.

All Dolphins fans stupid. This is stupid acorn team.

Henne beat Revis and Jets 3 out of 4 attempts. That is higher than anyone else in NFL. We should not aim that high.


Forbes List. Not Dashi's List.

Dashi Just put up the Top 10 From the Forbes Site. Not my Personal Opinion.

I agree with U V.Davis is a Top 5 TE in the NFL. I guess they just don't look at it that Way. He probably gets double what any other TE is Getting paid. Even the Other Top 5. Gronk, Witten, Graham, Gonzalez, and Gates. (Vernon Replaces Gates on Dashi's List)

Hope that Explains it?


Sorry but Channing Crowder Sucks and Real Bad. The Man Played next to Zack his first 4 years and he didn't learn anything!!

The 1 stat everyone has on Crowder is he doesn't make impact Plays. No INT's, No Fumble's, No Sacks!

Burnett is Good ILB for a 3-4, Not a OLB in 4-3.

Next Year, The LB's Should be replaced and Coyle should be able to get himself a Safety and maybe a CB to play With. Misi might Stick, but we need to find Dansby and Burnett's Replacement. ASAP!!

I am currently in a training meeting where we are switching from drive based datebase to web-based system. Training is breaking down into bs questions and so I have turned my ateention to this blog while all those around me waste time on business process.

DC, not saying we should terminate Burnett or get rid of him but I thought we were ok with Crowder there and maybe that extra money should've been used elsewhere at positions of need. Face it, our linebackers would've been fine this year with Crowder in the middle and Karlos outside. But whatever ...

Oh, yes. The Cloud will be where most of Us will reside.

I'm not syaing Crowder was as good as Zach, Offerdahl, or Bryan Cox - but one thing for sure - the Dolphins were a way better run defense with him in there. Once out, it was painful watching Reggie Torbor, Akin Ayodele, and company chase RBs down teh field.


Burnett is a MUCH better cover LB than Crowder was. Crowder could only play the run & that's when he was healthy enough to play.

BTW--Do you see Crowder playing in the NFL??? His body is done football wise.

Henne threw the game-winning bomb to Tedd Ginn on MNF against Revis. That was in his second pro start.
I expect more from Tanne!

Bottom line--We need Burnett to play in this game & we need him to play well. Same goes for Dansby.

Crowder is unemployed that means he is an acorn


WHRBs, I agree with your points, I never said otherwise but just saying that I wouldn't be spending all this money on LBs. And nobody knows if Crowder can still play or not - that's speculation.

"And nobody knows if Crowder can still play or not - that's speculation."

Speculation??? He's 28 years old & isn't on an NFL roster. Same goes for Vernon Carey. If someone wanted these guys on their team don't you think they'd be playing???

Now that I have read Mando's professionally written post, I am done here, other than to so inform you. I will not waste my time reading the posts of you idiot "fans." That is all.

Fins 24
Jets 9

Wasn't Crowder healthy when he was cut? How did he get injured all of a sudden? Your questions and my questions are ones we don't have enough information to answer. All speculation.

Reggie Bush all by himself: 12
Jets: 9

Forbes just released a "10 Most Overpaid Nfl Players List". Guess who's #2 on that list?

1. David Harris LB Jets
2. Karlos Dansby LB Dolphins

That's right, Karlos Dansby!

Mando, as long as Bush is healthy, there is not a team in this league that can even stay in the game with us.

Fins 38
Jets 12

Henne starting for Jax in 3 weeks.

Haven't been on for a few a days but had to throw a R.I.P. to Steve Sabol. I thought it sad that outside NFL Net. nobody really made any big thing about his passing. I guess the NFL fans of my generation forgot what it was like before ESPN came along around 82 and started playing those awesome videos Sabol would put together about every team, best players and my personal fav. fantastic finishes which for those that remember back in the day every week during the Season Alcoa can't wait fantastic finishes always had a play for you straight out of NFL films.

NFL Films is older than 82 when founded by his dad but Steve really pulled a Luke Skywalker on the old man taking it were he did. The opera style music with alot of slow motion action and of course the voice of John Facenda was the stuff of legend and gave you a different look at the game during those long off-seasons back then which stuck with you, it use to give me goose bumps, still does and gave the League a sense of drama and show it didn't have before, back then you were a fan and got the game or you simply were not!!.

I grew up on the game and was already a fan but remember humming those songs to the videos and how many baseball loving friends I had getting into them and becoming fans as well. I talked to one yesterday and he told me, man remember at your house growing up watching those videos which I use to actually record on my VCR for my off-season Football jones. You add ESPN handing the highlight gig (NFL PRIMETIME) to Chris Berman who threw a comedic spin on it everybody has tried to imitate since and you realize that the NFL is what it is today in large part DUE to the marriage of NFL Films and ESPN back when you didn't hear any Football news after the S.B. all the way until Training camp. Then later came the TV contracts and the NFL we know year round today but credit should be given were it's due and it wouldn't be what it is today without Sabol, again R.I.P.!!!!

have they signed a free agent yet that has been any good at all? maybe richie i guess

The List:

#1.) David Harris of the New York Jets, $12 million

#2.) Karlos Dansby of the Miami Dolphins, $10.7 million

#3.) Johnathan Joseph of the Houston Texans, $9.75 million

#4.) Marcedes Lewis of the Jacksonville Jaguars, $9.6 million

#5.) Santonio Holmes of the New York Jets, $9.25 million

#6.) DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers, $8.7 million

#7.) Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets, $8.25 million

#8.) Sidney Rice of the Seattle Seahawks, $8.2 million

#9.) Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, $8 million

#10.) Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders, $7.8 million

3 Jets, Harris, Holmes, and Cromartie make this list.

henne, lol guy is horrible. that would be awesome if he started for jacksonville. they would get even worse but guy cant even beat out gabbert

Forbes NFL 10 Most Overpaid Players List

#1.) David Harris of the New York Jets, $12 million

#2.) Karlos Dansby of the Miami Dolphins, $10.7 million

#3.) Johnathan Joseph of the Houston Texans, $9.75 million

#4.) Marcedes Lewis of the Jacksonville Jaguars, $9.6 million

#5.) Santonio Holmes of the New York Jets, $9.25 million

#6.) DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers, $8.7 million

#7.) Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets, $8.25 million

#8.) Sidney Rice of the Seattle Seahawks, $8.2 million

#9.) Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, $8 million

#10.) Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders, $7.8 million

KARLOS DANSBY AT #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said, F4L, well said indeed.

The Dolphins could use #s 8 and 9 on that list BTW.

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