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Thursday practice report update here

The Dolphins are on the practice field. So are the Jets, presumably. And here's what's happening.

Firstly, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters cornerback Darrelle Revis, who had been nursing a concussion, has been cleard for contact. Barring a setback, Revis is expeted to play against the Dolphins. That's good for the Jets.

That's bad for the Dolphins.

I asked wide receiver Brian Hartline what happens if Revis plays Sunday and the New York coaches decide he should defene Miami's most productive receiver (so far) on every snap.

"I couldn't tell you. It depends on our game plan, it depends on what we want to do. It depends if Reggie [Bush] is running down their throat. Again, I'm going to be prepared for every situation I can be, but if he is, I'm going to look forward to it."

For the Dolphins, Kevin Burnett is not practicing at all today due to some sort of right leg issue. He has a noticeable limp as he's walking around today.  Jason Trusnick is the next man up if Burnett cannot play.

Tony McDaniel (knee) also is not practicing.

Finally, earlier today I told you the Dolphins are working in both Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller in that No. 2 running back spot.

It looks as if Thomas is the guy based on his ability to pass-block better than Miller. That doesn't mean Miller will automatically be inactive. Maybe the team can get him in some sort of package, like maybe on screens or something. But it seems Thomas is the guy.


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"Maybe the team can get him in some sort of package, like maybe on screens or something."

Jesus H........ how do you keep your job? Servicing the Herald editors, I imagine. You make Omar Kelly look like Walter Cronkite.

NMark In Toronto-less,

I scrolled up to the top of comments on page 1. See you didnt get the memo. Troll oscar hijacked my screen name and I hijacked his.

If anything's ghey here it's you for responding to oscar's fake post(YG). LOL


Thought I'd toss it out there and see who actually remembered or understood were the year round League we watch today actually started. The impact can't be understated, you remember those loooooooooong off-seasons! Plus then FOX jumps in and Murdoch dropped that cool Billion a Yr. for NFC Football and the whole thing blew up into another stratosphere much to our delight (the hardcore fan who experienced the growth)

I'm just going to say what all of us are thinking:

If you like the Jets, your ghey!

Revis is not as good as he is hyped up to be, hence our record against the Jests since he has been aboard. My concern is more in our LB's. Trusnik is bad news my friends. Either way, it will be noce to see Sparano fist pump every field goal the Jests might get, he won't be pumping any TD's, know that.

Mark In Toronto-less,

Oscar can fake my screen name but cant fake making a "real football post".

Oscar's using my screen name to right with you fools but hasnt used it to make a coherent football post yet. Wonder why idiot? He cant fake football knowledge.

Sure Os-car!, sure.





sanchez meet randy

What are the chances we can smuggle Ireland on to the Jests plane for their ride back after they lose? That way he can finish ruining their franchise and it may not be too late to save ours.

Mark In Toronto-less,

I have strong feelings you are one of oscar's 1001 aliases too. Its been years and youve yet to make a coherent football related post, just like oscar.

Maybe you should 1001 aliases to the end of your screen name oscar. LOL

Bill, do you know how the NFL works? There is a certain "courtesy" seniority system whereby QBs who suck (e.g., Sanchez; Gabbert; Orton) are *given* the job for 5 or 6 weeks to start a season before the new guy who was obviously brought in to replace them is finally allowed to come in, after said terrible QB is about 1-5 or so (see, e.g., Orton, Sanchez this year, Gabbert this year).

Have you watched football in your lifetime?

If so, you know that at about week 6 or 7 there will be a whole new crop of starting QBs. Among them are Tim Tebow and Chad Henne, who will replace Sanchez and Gabbert respectively.

In other words, Gabbert did not beat out Henne. Henne was not given a chance because there was no competition. Couldn't hurt widdle Gabby's feewings like that.

Same with sissy boy Mark always loses Sanchez and Tebow. There was no competition.

One thing I like about our new coach is he conducted a real competition and allowed our new stud rookie QB to win the job.

Chad Henne is a 4,000 yard passer in this league. Watch and learn.

Sun Sentinel Dolphins: Dolphins-Jets local telecast in jeopardy due to lagging ticket sales http://bit.ly/PLM6Ks | Txt STOP FINS 2quit

Flipper, O-SCAR - whichever queerbox you feel like being right now, I've shamed you time and again on this blog - don't make me do it again.


How's that low bench press for long arms theory working for you, you dummfukk??

Never thought the Jets would be a problem selling out

Fins 24
Jets 9

barkley i refuse to believe that u are that dumb, quit taking money from the govt

I don't be likin' white peoples not one bit.

Chad Henne, from a real school, is a real NFL starter. You idiots who ran him out of town will see.

gonna get real ugly bobbyd, main reason ireland is def fired

Chad Henne is almost as good as the god tebow.

Well tebow is the better backup.

What the heck has this turned into. Talking Henne?? Really The starting backup on one of the worst teams in the NFL. A grizzled vteran who cannot beat out slinky arm?

Fins 24
Jets 9

I hate to burst everybody's bubble but was listening to the Dan Sileo show on 560 AM (old glory days UM player great show) this morning and he had on the voice of the Jets (forget the hacks name) Their conversation cordial and the guy told Sileo that this game is VERY IMPORTANT to the Jets only because they play the 49ers and Texans after and are scared and weary of hitting the bye week after week 5 at 1-4 or something like that.

He said he wasn't stirring anything just speaking facts, saying the games they circle when the schedule comes out is their Pats games. He asked when was the last time we were actually relevant for a few consecutive Seasons and that Miami fans should remember back when they had a 20 game win streak Vs. Buffalo in the late 70's into the 80's if anybody outside Buffalo really gave the game the hype they would have given an early 90's Bills Vs. Fins game.

Without a doubt our biggest rivals for a long time but the fan base in N.Y. doesn't give it the same zeal we do anymore. They like everybody else set their sights on the big boys and we just haven't been that relevant anymore. I believe he is over selling his World beaters and the Jets take it more seriously than he thinks but the man made a good point as well regarding what we've become in NFL circles, sad!!

Say where da white women at?

fin what the hell did that post say, this game is important but its not. HUH??

Henne's QB rating this year is 114.6.

He will start for Jax in Miami to extract his revenge on us on December 16, just in time to ruin our Festivous, probably the game that knocks us out of playoff contention for good.

In said game Henne will pass for 300 yards and 3 TDs.

criiky | September 20, 2012 at 03:47 PM

Read it again, the Jets find it important because if they loose they play the 49ers and Texans after us maybe hitting their bye at 1-5 or something while for us it's a mini-S.B. given how irrelevant a franchise we've become. I think he was over selling the Jets given there not much better across the board at many positions but the point had to do with just how huge a game they thought it was (N.Y. fans) compared to Miami fans and he had a point which peeved me off because it's true outside of us not many teams get that up about playing Miami today given the state of the franchise. You will find no bigger fan of the Miami Dolphins on this or any other blog and someday I will be vindicated but the fact is were not anything anybody gets excited about anymore and it's been that way for a while now.

dont forget 3 pick 6's and 2 fumbles.

Charles Barkley your son Matt is over-rated

For me jets game is 50/50 I think they are indeed nervous we are getting better.

Says which?

IF....IF...the Fins win this game....I don't want to hear anymore whining from Dolphans about Ireland, Coaching Staff, THill, WR's, etc.

If we start this season 2-1 with a new coaching staff, new Offensive and Defensive systms and new rookie QB then I think ALL Dolphans would agree that we are 'on the right track' and 'achieving more than expected.'

yippers they can easily lose a game in arizona, that d is fantastic

don't get all the dislike for Burnett. It's not like they broke the bank bringing this guy in. Wasn't it like $17 mil over 4 years? Are we saying that's big money? Don't think so. Isn't Dansby something like $11 mil this year? It's disappointing that Burnett is a bit banged up right now but when he's played he's been solid. I don't get all the love for Crowder. Guy was on the sidelines injured more than in there playing and when he did play he contributed little. He was going against the run but he played so little and was use in pass plays and then has the nerve to shoot of his mouth. Team is far better without him, as evidenced by the fact nobody bothered to even pick him up at any point.

Why did they delete my post pointing out that we are 8-2 against the jets in the last 5 years?

Dashi, first off, youre writing style is completely over the top gay & obnoxious!

Secondly, you continue to make yourself look like a fool! Regarding your post at 1:04

Based on your comment, you were probably referring to Mark Ingram as the 1st round pick you mentioned.

Well, if you must know, since you apparently dont't because you're too busy being a homer, Ingram only played in 10 games last year & had more TD's & a better ypc.

He also had only 107 less yards on 41 fewer carries than Thomas.

Let's not forget he also played on a HEAVY pass team.

Try using OBJECTIVITY when posting & not just your dumb, homer, 3rd person, factually void baby talk.


Ingram - 10 games 122 Carries 474 yds 3.9 ypc 5 td's

Thomas - 13 games 165 carries 581 yds 3.5 ypc 0 Td's

By the way, for what it's worth, I have the Dolphins losing to the Jets this weekend in a letdown game for the team. I'm saying 24-13 Jets. So keep that in mind next time someone one here decides they want to call me a homer.

Maria in Toronto--

I don't like to see you get so upset (even if it is kind of sexy).

Please, darling, do not pay any attention to these rude and dull-witted people. We shall walk along the Lake Ontario shoreline with a bottle of fine Malbec later, my dear.

Craig, no, I'll call you what you are: overly earnest and amazingly wrong much of the time despite how hard you try.

This weekend's results are easy to predict:

Fins 24
Jets 9

Jets are horrible and have no chance.

I predicted 24-13 Jets 2 days ago.

Best thing that can come from this game, if it's a loss, is that Tanny handles the Ryan blitz packages & doesn't look lost or confused.

That would be a big step. Still hoping we can stick it to fat Rex.

Craig, I have a new, old dislike for ALL PLAYERS who spend too much time in the training room. So, that's why I was ready to say goodbye to Crowder, and why I'm now ready to say goodbye to Burnett. Injury-prone athletes have no business on a team trying to rise in the ranks. Burnett missed a bunch of key games last year (and he seems to always get hurt when Dansby's hurt). Actually, Dansby's next up (cause he gets hurt too much too). At least Long plays through his injuries (unless it's almost fatal). These other guys (by the way, Hartline's on that list too), they need to play or be ghey!

Miami 20
Jets 17

Lake Ontario shoreline with a bottle of Malbec.

Pretty funny there Bradley.


The problem is most of us feel that Dansby won't be here next year either. So are we looking to replace BOTH of our middle linebackers next year, on top of everything else we have to do. I'm not certain of what the cap ramifications are but to me you're creating too many holes by doing that. I'd get rid of Clemmoms too and who knows what happens with Smith and Starks. So to me it's a bad thing to change too many pieces. I couldn't care less that Burnett missed time in the preseason. I believe he played in most of the games last year, so I think for what he does, he's pretty solid at that price. Hard to get upset with Ireland for this signing.


I'm consistently amazed at how fans can view the same team so differently. Burnett is a VERY solid player & is an extremely good LB in pass protection. If he doesn't play Sunday that's a problem.

I'm still scratching my head on the Sean Smith supporters out there....We're 31st in the NFL against the pass!!! So sure we should definitely re-sign Smith. Might as well pay him Darrelle Revis money while we're at it right??? I'm sorry but some of the people on here are just f#cking clueless.

DC @ 4:24. LMAO

WRONG! Burnett missed a bunch of key games last year? NOT! I guess you didn't know he played in all 16. Oh, btw, he played in all 16 the year before also.

Do you people fact check yourselves before you post? You people will say anything to validate what you think, even it's it's untrue!

This blog is full of disinformation. Would explain the homers!

WHRB's, you're absolutely right.

Being 31st pass D really doesn't have anything to do with it though. S. Smith gives up play after play. Never comes up with a key stop when needed.

The TD to Johnson at the end of the 1st half. Then 2 consecutive 3rd down completions at him for in the 3rd quarter for first downs. He doesn't play big in big spots.

He is not a #1 CB. If Ireland had ANY brains, he'd let Smith walk. He is a decent #2 DB. In no way, shape or form does he deserve the kind of money he's going to be asking.

We Have RB's,

Yeah it's funny how people have completely different viewpoints on players. I totally agree with you on your comments on Burnett. To me he's solidified the position. He's a guy you can count on game in and game out. I think people forget just how unreliable Crowder was. Don't know what the deal was with him. Struck me as a guy who couldn't or wouldn't play through the pain. Haven't missed him one bit. Greatly over-rated!

Never should of gave away Brandon Marshall. We have nobody to challege the Jets Cornerbacks.

Maybe he started those games, but I remember him being out (so maybe he didn't finish games). I will go fact-check myself (even though 99.99% of what I say is directly from God's lips, so I don't know how I can be wrong).

With Revis & Cromartie playing....maybe Fasano could get open? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Afterall, Y. Bell will be covering him!

Off to play golf for the next two days and then driving across South FL to see the game at the stadium.

I hope for...

Hot Weather,
THill making the right calls at the line of scrimmage,
No Fins turnovers,
Min of 3 sacks of Sanchez,
Holding them to < 40% 3rd down conversions.

If that plays out...Fins Win!! 17-10. Gonna go down to the 4th QTR wire.

Found this so far:

"Linebackers Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett have not a single fumble recovery in a combined 46 games with the Dolphins."

"The problem is most of us feel that Dansby won't be here next year either. So are we looking to replace BOTH of our middle linebackers next year, on top of everything else we have to do. I'm not certain of what the cap ramifications are but to me you're creating too many holes by doing that. I'd get rid of Clemmoms too and who knows what happens with Smith and Starks. So to me it's a bad thing to change too many pieces. I couldn't care less that Burnett missed time in the preseason. I believe he played in most of the games last year, so I think for what he does, he's pretty solid at that price. Hard to get upset with Ireland for this signing."


Dansby is going to be 31 years old this year & it's impossible at this point to justify the money he is making at this point so he won't be back unless he restructured his contract. However, I think it's WAY too early to say what will happen with Burnett.

BTW--There is NO player on this roster that has earned an extension more than Starks & he's the perfect fit as a DT in a 4-3 so I'd be shocked if we don't re-sign him.

Maybe Long or Bush gets franchised, we'll see how Hartline continues to play, & re-signing Smith after paying Richard Marshall would be a mistake. The last thing we need to do waste money on a CB that is soft & doesn't force TO's.

Found this so far:
"Linebackers Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett have not a single fumble recovery in a combined 46 games with the Dolphins."
Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 20, 2012 at 04:43 PM

This doesn't have anything to do with fact checking your claim that Burnett missed games or left games.

Focus! It'll be nice to see someone finally admit how dead wrong they are here.

We Have RB's,

I'm undecided on Smith. I think he's recieved very poor coaching since he's been in the league. I agree he's a poor tackler but for the most part he's a good cover corner. I don't think it would take huge money to bring him back. I like his size and his athleticism. I'd like to see how the year goes before making a decision on him.

I cut my dreads but, I still suck!

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