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Thursday practice report update here

The Dolphins are on the practice field. So are the Jets, presumably. And here's what's happening.

Firstly, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters cornerback Darrelle Revis, who had been nursing a concussion, has been cleard for contact. Barring a setback, Revis is expeted to play against the Dolphins. That's good for the Jets.

That's bad for the Dolphins.

I asked wide receiver Brian Hartline what happens if Revis plays Sunday and the New York coaches decide he should defene Miami's most productive receiver (so far) on every snap.

"I couldn't tell you. It depends on our game plan, it depends on what we want to do. It depends if Reggie [Bush] is running down their throat. Again, I'm going to be prepared for every situation I can be, but if he is, I'm going to look forward to it."

For the Dolphins, Kevin Burnett is not practicing at all today due to some sort of right leg issue. He has a noticeable limp as he's walking around today.  Jason Trusnick is the next man up if Burnett cannot play.

Tony McDaniel (knee) also is not practicing.

Finally, earlier today I told you the Dolphins are working in both Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller in that No. 2 running back spot.

It looks as if Thomas is the guy based on his ability to pass-block better than Miller. That doesn't mean Miller will automatically be inactive. Maybe the team can get him in some sort of package, like maybe on screens or something. But it seems Thomas is the guy.


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Posted by: Reality Check | September 20, 2012 at 05:40 PM


I know dude I repeated it. But just want to make it clear enough... But hey respect your opinion, very knowledgable. I'm not blowing smoke up your a s s either.

Coalition agreed.

If the people here are going to spew hate, at least make it believable!

Dashi said it during preseason when it didn't even look as good.


Am I wrong?

Who in the afc east has a better O-line!

While we at it who in the afc east has a better d-line!!!!!!!

We have the best line's in the division!

Dashi remembers when people were anointing the bills line like being the best!!

Hey ray, the reason some of us support Ireland is because the guy has been getting a bad rap and you and the rest of the clue-less ten year old's on this blog are too dumb to see it.

I could really try to reason with you and the rest of your blog mates but it really is no point in it, you would not understand it anyways.


Thanks! Agree with you about the whole stupid boycott talk!

Dashi man!!!!

your still hating on my son Ireland???...don't be, he will prove to you guys he is the right man for the job.

The Panthers are getting absolutely spanked tonight.

Before ESPN & the NFL Network put Cam Newton in the Hall of Hame they need to remember that this is a team game that is measured by wins & losses--not hype.

BTW--This guy Eli is pretty good.

Finally, earlier today I told you the Dolphins are working in both Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller in that No. 2 running back spot.

It looks as if Thomas is the guy based on his ability to pass-block better than Miller.

-Armando Salguero-

Tsk, tsk, tsk Mando! You might want to check your sources, as well as Yo-Self while you're at it!

From Pro Football Focus/via Adam Beasley's Miami Herald column:

Pro Football Focus, which grades each player, indicates Miller has also been a much better pass-blocker than Thomas – a bit surprising, considering that was supposedly Miller’s weakness.

“We’ll probably make that decision [Friday] p.m. or Saturday, but there’s a chance both those guys could go,” said coach Joe Philbin. “[Miller] did a nice job. We weren’t surprised he played well.”

Derek, I had the same convo with YG/DB about **Great RB's** and how their skills are utilized. He wouldn't listen of course. You can't tell that guy nothing-lol.

Despite being a Rookie, Miller did a fantastic job of blocking.

I remember Thomas' first game as a rookie, he whiffed on two pass blocking assignments and was promptly sent back to the bench.

All that aside, talking about Miller and having the "It" that you look for(esp. in QB's). In my opinion Miller has "It". I'm not just jumping on the wagon either. I have beem posting this since we drafted him and I went over the clips, filns, game highlights, etc, etc.

The "It" I see with Miller is his EYES. He has the ability to use his VISION to help out his blockers, help set up the blocks and to set up/create cutback lanes.

I see all this in addition to all of his obvious skillsets and abilities. He has the ability to combine patience, speed and vision. It's that "It" that you just can't teach. He actually CREATES favorable situations with "IT". I've been saying it for Months. But he even surprised me with his debut. Add in the unselfish job he did with blocking and he's even exceeded my expectations.

His patience, vision and overall style reminds me of a very young Thurman Thomas. No comparisons, thats just the mold I see him fitting into.

Daniel Thomas' days of being the 1 - 2 punch with Reggie are OVER. There's just no way Miller's skills can be denied.


Dashi is 60/40 on Ireland this week. I'll give him til week 8 before I make my decision on him. If this team looks like it's on the right track. Then yes, keep Ireland for one more year.

But like I said, Dashi can't be extra critical of Spo and not of Jeff Ireland.

I love how the diva wanna be receiver Santonio starts stuff with his mouth....All the ammunition the Fins need this week. I see a blowout for the Fins and a total meltdown for the Jets. No way the Jets do anything running the ball this week against our front. The key will be if Odrick can finally bring some pressure to help Wake and Starks and force Sanchez into picks. Does anyone on the Jets offense really scare anyone? The jets "D " is probably shaking with the thought of chasing down Bush this week. If they have a conservative game plan we win easily. You know Fields will deliver the difference in field position with his punting.

They're going to end up cutting D Thomas but they're dragging it out so Ireland doesnt appear as stupid as he is.

Posted by: Monte | September 20, 2012 at 09:43 PM

This is ridiculous. C'Mon Monte, you're better than this.

Ireland slightly over-paid for a very good looking Daniel Thomas. Could he have gotten Demarco Murray? Yeah, but 31 other GM's made the same mistake at least once.

Hindsight is great. Unfortunately, it's for Armchair Fans like us to waste our time with. Ridiculous.

Thomas is a good fit for the WCO and showed some skills when not injured.

But to use hindsight/and second guess Ireland and call him stupid for having the guts to draft another VERY GOOD LOOKING running back in Miller? No offense Monte, but thats pretty lame!

There's enough things to rail Ireland over. Getting us Bush, Thomas and now what appears to be one of the biggest steals in draft in Miller? Ah, this ain't one of them.

Whether you like it or not, Ireland DESERVES some BIG TIME props in making the Running Back position a Team Strength here in MIAMI!

PS: Also, Thomas' cap numbers are so cap friendly, there is a very realistic chance we keep all three for the next 3 to 5 years. Nobody complained when we had Csonka, Kiick and Morris! While these 3 certainly aren't on that level, I'm still not going to complain! I love the fact that we're now loaded at the Running Back position.

Thomas is a three pick bust, i cant understand why some people here still defend him. if you look at his numbers and injury history they are terrible. Maybe we will be able to get something in return for him before we cut him.

By the way, reality check: you must be an idiot to not realize Dashi and Odin are the same person. Who else writes pages that no one wants to read talking about nothing of importance, the only difference is Dashi talks in the third person. LOL

I agree Coalition. Love the Running Backs! How bout adding the up and comer Javorskie "Nighty Night Train" Lane to the mix. Sherman knows talent when he sees it. It's gonna be fun seeing him knock some Jets out on Sunday


Thaniks for the shout out Bro!

So what do you think of Newton now that he's starting his second season?

Despite the 3 int's(so far), I myself still think he's the real deal.

I see him having somewhat of a sophmore slump. But I think it has more to do with DC's having more film and actually studying him/game planning for him MORE this year.

I think Newton ends up being the real deal. But for him, I see this season being more about learning what you CAN and CAN'T get away with at this level. Another good to great season. But not quite making them a serious Challenger...........YET-lol. 1 more year of building aroung this guy and 1 more year of developing continuity with the playmakers and they could be close to being perrenial challengers!

Coalition I too always said Lamar Miller greatest asset is his vision. The ability to use his blockers find a hole and zip through is amazing. I question if he's big enough to with stand the punishment a NFL RB takes. The guy doesn't look much more bigger than 190 - 200 pds. Can he hold up? Will he replace Reggie next year

Dolphins really need to give Bush and Starks 3 more years ASAP. Bush has turned into the face of the franchise and he deserves to be with his production and work ethic. Eventhough he is our most recognizable name, it's funny how he is probably the most underrated player in the NFL.


Some of these guys might not appreciate Thurman. He never looked like he was working, but still ended up with 100yds rushing. He had excellent vision, plus he was an all around back. How I hated Thurman growing up! Even down to the ugly face mask! I had one of those with the bar down the middle. One of the ugliest mask u can wear. U can lay the wood though without getting anything in ur face.

If Dashi were to compare miller to a um running back it's Clinton portis. But bigger.

Miller surprised me when I looked up he weighs 218! For a speed back that's pretty big!

Again miller and martin were listed in the top 32 pre draft! Not far behind T-Hill! Remember he got no respect pre draft!

So we were able to get 3 of the top 32 prospects in the draft!

Not bad. That's a step in the right direction!

LOOK AT THESE TWO! they even talk to themselves and agree so they appear right and sensible LOL

"Miller surprised me when I looked up he weighs 218! For a speed back that's pretty big!"
Dashi @ 10:45 PM

Bahahahaha! LOLOL hey dashi, you said Miller surprised "me" when "I" looked up he weighs 218. Someone forgot to say Miller surprised "dashi" when "dashi" looked up...you are losing it bud!

why can't you reason with us! 80% of the fans that want a change, we all love our dolphins you know that you love them too, I'm not going to explain my self why FZB
It just takes too much energy and time and than I get upset all over again, it's not about being ten years old. I'm not disrespecting you at all just your boy JI, again FZB I love my PHINS and I will support them because it's not the players fault or Ross or the new coaching staff, it's just JI that we want out of town. I don't know why you get so upset at us when we talk smack about JI are you related, but I don't want any beef with anyone here I just want to talk PHINS ball, for now on, but when I see the players that were here producing some where else or players we could of drafted or players than got drafted highly and now not on the team, I will question those moves or reason's. But there are players he pick that are ok players some might turn out to be great players but I don't see it right now, but there has been more bust than good players, There is no disputing that, I dont have anything against you or anybody else on this blog, if you like JI well good luck I hope you right about him and I'm wrong for the team I love sake! GO PHINS LET'S KILL THOSE JETS AND TS. YEAHHH!

Delusional fan(reality check)

Ur still with the ignorant d.Thomas is a bust and we wasted 3 picks!!

Is that the only thing u talk about fool. Never nothing of substance. Always with the personal attacks.

Dang Dashi didn't know I had a fan.

If my post are so idiotic why do u base all ur opinions off of it?

Who dropped the Forbes list today?

When has Dashi just make a asinine comment out of left field like u do everyday!

3 picks, henne's 2nd start, etc. Etc.

Fool take this is as a last warning.


U have nothing to say. EVER!!!!!!!

Ur worst than Oscar.

Because at least when Mr.1001 wants to talk football he can. He just like's to hide it.

U sir are a retarded moron! U are even to stupid for the stupid people, genius!

Get off Dashi's Goldman Sach's!! What's ur love affair with the great one.

Again, how much of an imbecile u must be for another persons shtick to bother U?

U think The Great Magnificent Glorious Dashi cares about ur feelings towards his persona, u bottom b!tch !!!

Dashi doesn't criticize u for ur blasphemous ways and U still have the nerve to call urself reality check!

Look in the mirror fool!

Ur Corny and a Liar! Grow up and stick to the script!

Why u Mad at dashi?

Yg aka realty phony

Dashi doesn't have to drop Dashi everytime!

That's just one clown that is infatuated with it.

I don't use the 3rd person thing all the time. Look up all my post. It's a natural thing.

Dashi never comes out forced. It just happens. Sorry if Dashi is not Narcissistic enough for u.

Again, the Dashi is my title not my name. The clown is just mad because the only thing Google gives him is Soup stock! Ha Ha

Tell him to stop worrying about the dashi, and start worrying about dropping knowledge!

He can hate all he wants but Dashi speaks with logic and common sense. Yes, with a little dolphin bias. But it's still a opinion based on facts. Dashi doesn't talk to just belittle or berate people.

Now excuse me as the Dashi gets enlightened. The giants game is over and this was a spanking. They just recovered a punt and are about to score again. 33-7.

Cam threw 3 picks and got his passes tipped. Yet, I bet the Charlotte media won't tear him a new one like the Sfla media would.

We have the best line's in the division!

Dashi remembers when people were anointing the bills line like being the best!!

Posted by: Dashi | September 20, 2012 at 10:10 PM

To behonest, I have been focused on our Lines. But I wasn't really thinking in terms of who had the best. I was just hoping we could get ours together enough to be at least adequate.

Also, you can't really blame anyone for thinking the Bills D-line would be very good. After all the money and everything, I even EXPECTED as much. I have to say, after two games I'm not impressed with anything Buffalo not named CJ Spiller.

Having said all that, and after acknowledging that YES, it's early in the Season, I do agree with "The Dashi". I believe that we have an O-Line and D-Line, that's as good as ANYONES in the AFC East(and then some-lol).

The good thing.......or great thing......or the MOST IMPORTANT thing-LOL. Our lines are relatively young, will show lots of improvement and at least on defense, we have the depth that other coaches drool over.

On Defense hands down, we have the best D-Line with great quality depth. And the three rookies(Vernon, Randall and Shelby), get out of town! This will be one of the better D-Lines for the next Decade.

The offensive line isn't far behind in my opinion either. I'm MORE than happy with Long, Cogs and Pouncey(2, possibly 3 pro-bowlers right there). Then with Jerry and Martin responding to Turner and improving like they have? I'm sold. The rookie Samuda looks like he'll offer good depth, but we need a little more. Also, with all the upcoming picks and cap space next year, who knows? We could be over the top very easily and very soon.

They say the battles are won and lost in the trenches! Well, I LOVE the Warriors we got lining up for us right now. It's early on for sure, but my best guess is that it only gets better!


Well said Ray. Total agreement from me. Ireland needs to go! He has had his chances. Way to many. Our lines should be dominant since he has invested half our picks on the lines. We need someone who can identify skill guys. Ireland has failed miserably on that. His Bush deal was good but if you look at his free agent signings over the years, just horrid.


I thought Cam played great last week Vs. the Saints and the numbers weren't nearly as indicative. Tonight though he's seeing his comfort zone taken away, last Yr. you waited for a team to cut off those wide option lanes the Panthers used given it was like the old College wishbone, very vanilla but were Newton killed everybody was with his ability as a passer which kept alot of players out of the box or froze people in their lanes.

Like in the old wishbone the Panthers would basically stretch the D's perimeters with Newton holding a toss wide or vertical option and it seemed to freeze people because of the passing factor but the Giants are throwing him his 1st monkey wrench which others will look to copy. The Giants basically have the DE's attacking Cam as soon as he rolls toward a sideline the option be damned and it seems to be forcing quicker decisions and mistakes out of him.

Of course very few if any team can match the athletic play at DE the G-Men have but I doubt you'll see many more DE's or LB's waiting for Newton to react into the option mode and just basically zeroing in on him forcing a quicker decision. The Giant Def. game plan this evening in a nutshell has been to have the front 7 key on Newton as soon as he rolls the pocket basically ignoring the option back forcing him into quicker reads and it has stumped the hell out of Superman throwing him out of any rhythm.

I expect everybody will try it know until he can pick up the speed of his downfield reads which was key tonight. If you've watched Cam play you know he likes making the read in the roll out taking the ball usually very close to the line of scrimmage before making his progression and that was taken away tonight. Like you said I believe him the real deal but he was a bit exposed tonight when forced into quick reads and teams will hit him there now until he proves otherwise again like you said a learning curve for him now that there's video to see.

They say the battles are won and lost in the trenches! Well, I LOVE the Warriors we got lining up for us right now. It's early on for sure, but my best guess is that it only gets better!


Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 20, 2012 at 11:16 PM


Gave this alot of thought after the Dashi post and we have a better OL right now than every team in the AFC East, easily! Brady is being crucified with the switch from RT to LT by Solder with the same big ?'s on the rightside the Jets have. The Bills spent a ton on DL in the off-season but if memory serves it was you odin who asked me one day this last off-season who was going to block in Buff. and we are all still waiting on that answer, there a mess. Our DL is young and has potential but I'd like to see more weight on our DE's and better perimeter play that said there isn't much arguing with the Dashi's post!

Good night all!

Odrick needs to step it up! He was a 1st round pick! He needs to earn that! He is 3 years into it and needs to help the team! He just isn't a difference maker and needs to be!

I could really try to reason with you and the rest of your blog mates but it really is no point in it, you would not understand it anyways.

Posted by: FZB | September 20, 2012 at 10:11 PM


I'm not going to back up any ignorant trolling. But there are some legitimate posters that have any number of legitimate gripes about Ireland.

Looking at **Almost Anything** objectively, people can make their arguments fit their feelings. With Ireland it's easy to find fault. Especially if you want to lump in the Parcellian years.

Having said that though, I'm here to tell you. I'm starting to agree with some of the stuff posted by these Pro-Ireland Posters. It seems to me, as quickly as Philbin, Sherman and Coyle have turned things around, Ireland has been turning **SOME THINGS** around as well.

Without going into tons of details, he made some good moves last year in trying to shore up the Ground and Pound(of SpOrano's)and the 3-4 of Nolans.

Bush being a Big Time Free Agent aquisition. Pouncey being a 1st rounder is now starting to look like a perrenial Pro-Bowler. I'm not completely sold on Jimmy Wilson or Charles Clay, but they are both nice additions that have contributed very well.

Then with this years draft class? Ireland's **FIRST** while working FOR/WITH Philbin? His **FIRST** lokking to solidify the WCO and the 4-3 defense? Even though I didn't think so **AT THE TIME**, I have to say, if current trends continue, he DID nail it.

Tannehill, Martin and Miller? So far these guys have looked FANTASTIC. Especially when you consider their Rookies!

Then rookie Defensive Lineman Vernon and Randall? You have to love these guys and they have NOTHING BUT upside.

Don't forget the undrafted free agent rookies either. DE Derrick Shelby, FB Javorski "Night Train" Lane? I love these guys and all their potential as well.

The really kool thing is that ALL of these Guys mentioned are already contributing in very good ways.

And Free Agent Corner Richard Marshall is another one. Originally brought in to be a nickle, he proved even better. He played so well, Vontae became expendable. And that brings up ANOTHER thing Ireland has managed to do very well. He has stock piled draft picks and dropped our cap levels for next year. Thats Freaking Huge!

The point is, if you want to look for negatives with Ireland and find fault, you wont have much difficulty. On the opposite side of the coin, if you want to look for some positives, Ireland has finally managed to tgive us quite a few of those too lately. At least since he's been working FOR/with Coach Philbin.

Take an OBJECTIVE look at all the things Ireland has accomplished this year. Now times that by the next 3 years! Are you kidding me? At this rate, we could get VERY good, VERY quickly.

I'm not sold on Ireland. Matter of fact, a few short months ago, I was threatening to PERSONALLY assassinate him! But since bringing Philbin on board, Jeffy has pulled off a complete 180! And whether we like it or not(depending on this years progress of course), he has probably earned at least one more chance to use up all those picks that HE HIMSELF managed to stockpile for us.

Thats all I got Man, I don't know how else to say it.

Hey I want Miller to shine as much as any Fins fan but I am not ready to "Crown his ass" after one game vs the lowly 0-2 Raiders.

If he does well in 6 more games I will start hoisting an "atta boy" award for him.

Reggie Bush is carrying the load so far and Miller seems to be a nice compliment. I DEFINITELY like Miller over Thomas (especially at the price Ireland paid! argued ad nausea). I was never a Thomas guy (wanted Mallet!) and have the posts before and after that draft to prove it. It's not just armchair GMing after the fact with hindsight as a guide.

Look, just like Henne, Sparano, Crowder and others have their fans (some still believe them to be future stars in the NFL hehe) we all have our cup of tea players. Thomas runs to high, seems injury prone and won't ever be the player that Reggie is and I think Miller will be. Just one man's humble opinion.


Ha Ha!

In my post above, at one point I actually said: "Without going into tons of details...."

As soon as you read THAT, you should've known ;)

LOL... Odin on a roll!

Cheers, Valhalla!!!

I'm out...cheers y'all

Before ESPN & the NFL Network put Cam Newton in the Hall of Hame they need to remember that this is a team game that is measured by wins & losses--not hype.
BTW--This guy Eli is pretty good.

Posted by: We Have RB's | September 20, 2012 at 10:16 PM

Nice post. Actually, this is a Great Post. Short and right to a very important point.

These guys do this stuff over and over again to the Zillionth Degree. It's gotten to the point where your average fans pay little attention, realizing they're just swinging off the nads of the latest "Flavor Of the Week"(month, year, etc, etc.)

They might even be too stupid to realize it, but ever so slowly and in the long run, they're just eroding their own credibility.

I know they have a job to do, I just wish they could do it without exposing their biases and short-sighted Modus Operandi.

It's easy to forget Ireland's ineptitude because we are all so excited over a win last week. Our coaching staff needs all the credit for that win. Philbin has adjusted to our strengths because he has to. He knows Bush has so much talent and he is gonna feed him. Why wouldn't you? Ireland has had top picks for the past few years and hasn't made it happen. I agree that Pouncey is great and I think T-Hill is gonna be special. Anyone could get a few high picks right. Ireland has failed the Dolphins in free agency. Starks was good, signing Fields long term was good, Bush trade was good and we all love Wake. Everyone is pissed with Dansby and Burnett and they should be. Just look back at the Wilfords, Chad Johnson's etc..he just doesn't get it right. If Odrick gets 3 sacks on Sunday I may change my opinion but not likely.

BTW - We Have RB's,

We haven't talked before, but I read alot of your posts. Good Stuff Man, keep it up, we need all the Good (and REAL) Posters we can get around here.

-Odin- ;)

By the way, reality check you must be an idiot to not realize Dashi and Odin are the same person. Who else writes pages that no one wants to read talking about nothing of importance, the only difference is Dashi talks in the third person. LOL

Posted by: Reality Check | September 20, 2012 at 10:35 PM

I tried to take the high road and ignore this at first. But I had a couple of drinks and just can't resist point out **ANOTHER** of Monkey Boys "Snafu's".

He forgot what sign in name he was using above and ended up "Talking To Self" - ROTFLMAO!

Nice try Goofy, but guess what? BUSTED - AGAIN!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Those pesky sign in names ;)

Now go ahead, Twist and Spin goofball and "Explain" yet ANOTHER one away.

Have you guys supporting the offensive line watched them TRYING to pass block? Horrific. Jake Long getting beat. T-ranny was running all day or there would have been many more sacks. He still took some big hits trying to get out of bounds on that broken play and when he barely got the ball out while going down to Bush being 2 primary examples. They better improve exponentially faster if you want to see T-ranny finish the season.

I agree Coalition. Love the Running Backs! How bout adding the up and comer Javorskie "Nighty Night Train" Lane to the mix. Sherman knows talent when he sees it. It's gonna be fun seeing him knock some Jets out on Sunday

Posted by: Jake in Pa | September 20, 2012 at 10:36 PM

Exactly Bro.

I hate to say it for the Haters Sake, but yet Another good free agent pick up by Ireland.

Now, these guys will have you believe that Ireland picked him up because Philbin told him too and Sherman told Philbin too.

OK, and I'm sure there is a certain amount of truth to this. But isn't this just more proof that Ireland is willing to work with Philbin and Sherman?

Isn't this PROOF that Ireland can and will swallow his pride when need be? Proof that he will listen to the good football minds that are available to him.

Somehow, the Haters try and twist this into a negative or like there is something wrong with it.

NOT THE CASE! On the contrary, Ireland has been night and day better since cooperating and working with Philbin and Crew. Thats the way I want it. Thats the way I like it. And that the way it SHOULD BE!

It's OBVIOUSLY already paying big dividends!

ValHalla MIAMI!!!!

Odin,It's "Nighty Night Train" Lane. i will take credit for that nickname. And remember, Sherman pushed for his tryout. Haha. By the way, Lovin your Dolphin talk the last couple days... Keep it up and less fueding. Your insight is good

Not bad. That's a step in the right direction!

Posted by: Dashi | September 20, 2012 at 10:45 PM


If I try to answer all the things you mention in this post, I KNOW I will end up writing ANOTHER novel and there will be complaints-LOL.

So just let say:

1. I HATED, HATED and HATED Thurman Thomas. But man did I respect how he played the game and what he did for his team.

2. I had the same facemask in Pop Warner and Jr. High - LOL! I got mine because of Mercury Morris(same jersey number two).

3. That post was a Good Read.

Ha ha. You were giving me credit while I was typing...Thanks. Lane was a Sherman Acorn....I agree that Ireland is listening. I hope he continues to

PS: Dashi, did you know that you were me?

Yeah, I didn't know I was you either.

It must be like that Shcitzo Jim Carey movie 13.


Or like Fight Club.

My bad For not responding but Dashi was writing his Daily Dolphin Manifesto.

Todays topic on why the O-Line Makes Me feel fuzzy.

Ok here it is.

Odrick needs to step it up! He was a 1st round pick! He needs to earn that! He is 3 years into it and needs to help the team! He just isn't a difference maker and needs to be!

Posted by: Jake in Pa | September 20, 2012 at 11:44 PM

I hear you. It would be nice if Odrick develops into "That Guy". Also, like Fin 4 mentions, Wake and Vernon are both smallish, even for the 4-3, which generally uses smaller Ends(BTW-I have no problems with Wake at either end. Philbin has even gushed over how well Wake has played the run so far). But to have both ends undersized? It doesn't sound good.

Odrick has the size and plays the run really good. Check out how he sheds blockers when he's out at end(not so much inside, but still good). He's definitely improved at shedding blockers and setting the edge.

But I haven't seen/noticed any improvement in his pass rushing skills. I hope like hell I'm wrong, but I don't see Odrick ever becoming a pass rushing threat.

Not to say we shouldn't keep him because he's looking more and more dominant against the run. Whether he's playing inside or out. But the fact is, I see him as a very valuable situational player. Outside on early downs and even possibly developing into a guy that can get pressure up the middle. Either way, a great asset to the rotation and overall depth. I just don't see the mad pass rushing skills you look for in a defensive end.

Watchout for Derrick Shelby though. He has gotten very limited snaps, but is always getting pressure and getting close to the QB on passing downs.

Also, I think he has the perfect size/speed and skills ratio for a 4-3 defensive end. And his Run D skills are very good as well. Shelby's 23, 6'-2" 270.

Ultimately, we are talking about problems here. But in my opinion, these are GOOD problems to have ;)

-Odin- ;)

Agreed, with Coalition and fin4Life. The Line's Looks Amazing.

Hopefully no O-linemen high for the next Couple Years. Doesn't mean we can't use a 4th or lower on 1 or 2 as Projects. Would love to see what the Drill Sargent Will do with his own project. We have P-Head (Samunda), that's a good starting point. Next year add 1 or 2 Acorns. That would fill out the O-Line.

Again, Long isn't going No Where!!! Stop dreaming Undercover Patriot Fans! He's the only player that will have his Number in the Ring of Honor and still be playing in the NFL. The Next 5-7 Years are going to be the best years of Jake's Career!! Use it Up. This Coaching staff will finally get Jake Healthy. Back at the top of his game.

Remember it was the Shoulders. Big Man couldn't bench all off Season. He has J.Martin Strength Right Now. Wait till he get his punch back! After the Bye! By Week 8, Jake should be back to being the Most Dominant LT in Football. Let's not forget he is playing for Possibly his Last Contract? Jake wants to be Considered as the Best in the Game.

And We all know what that Magic Number is $100 Million. 8Yrs/$100 or 7Yrs/$88. Either or Get it Done Miami!

My original point at the time was that we had the best D-Line and O-Line because we have better Players.

On the O-Line. Who in the Division has at least 3 good O-Linemen as Long, Pouncey and Incognito. Martin was still suspect, Plus he was a Rookie. And Hicks was Schooling Fatboy. Still we had 4 good linemen with a chance for a Complete line if Martin got it.

Dashi has always been a Fan of Jerry, but always wondered if him or Gates will finally get it(Yes, Dashi thought Gates had Potential). Jerry finally seem to get it after the Coach made him go all Out and Embarrassed His Fat As* on TV!!

Now tell me who in the Division has at least 3 Good Linemen. The Jets have 2, The Bills have 0, and the PAtriots got 1(Volmer got resigned).

We had at least 3, maybe 4 at the Time. Now We have the Starting 5. Samunda and Hicks will be coming back after week 6.

Hicks will be gone next year, but hopefully jeff doesn't go all out and Spend Free Agent Money on a OG or a High Pick(First 3 rounds) on a Linemen. Just Do his thing and Find us another Acorn!

On the D-Line!

Dashi stated at the Time we have 3 real Good D-Linemen and 1 Good Up and Coming Players. Basically we have 4 Good D-linemen. With Some Ok Depth being McDaniels and Vernon.

Who in the AFC EAST has 4 Good D-Linemen. The Bills have 3 with No Depth. The Patriots have Wilfork and Nobody else. And The Jets Have Who? Oh, yeah it's the Scheme with them!! Give me a Break.

We had 4 Good Linemen and 2 players for Depth. 1 Being a Rookie.


WE HAVE 8 D-Linemen 4 Really Good Players and 4 Good Players. We basically have 2 Units. The Starters are Great. Soliai Solidifies the first 2 downs(Reason we have #2 Rush D). And Wake, Starks, and Odrick can Play All 3-Downs! All Game!

Shelby has been the one of the most pleasant Surprise of the Rookie's. Him on D, and J.Lane on O. He came out of nowhere. Then that kid Randall followed Suit. And Vernon is just Raw, but is a Freak Athlete and U have to love his potential. If he can turn out to be a Mini-Cam Wake? Can't Wait. And McDanniel's was are Sure Veteran Backup for Starks and Soliai. Which seems expendable after this Season.

The Only Thing the D-Line Needs is 1 More Great Pass Rusher and the Line will be Complete. A Franchise DE!!! If we get a Top 5 Pick this is where Dashi will go. If it's a Top 10. Te'O from ND!!!

Again, We should get our WR from Free Agency! The Worst thing to do is to Pick a WR in the 1st Round! U have a Better Chance of hitting on a QB!

And U all know Ireland SAFETY FIRST! So he should go Defense Early(Safety or MLB) and Maybe use both 2nd rd picks on Wr's. If Philbin really does control the Personnel and we are going to be building thru the Draft!

Then we won't be signing any high Priced FA's. Just our Own and Drafting Good Players to Develop!!!

Again Next Year Ireland Doesn't have to Worry about the Line's Except for 1 Player. Pass Rush DE. All our Picks should go to getting WR's, LB's, DB's, and 1 TE. We have 5 really good Picks to maybe answer 3 of these Questions. WR, LB, and FS.

Ireland's Job should be Easier this year coming up. He doesn't have to Scout all the Positions!! Just 2 or 3. And Each Position is being Guarded by a Position of Need, Jeff can kill 2 birds with 1 Stone. WR's vs DB's and TE's vs LB's.

No need to look at the Linemen BallBoy!! Look at the Playmakers!

Does no one agree that Odrick needs to step it up? Come on guys! His play is the key to our D this year. If he doesn't get more pressure our secondary gets worked. Jones has played well and we all know that Clemons is a liability. If Odrick plays as well as the rest of the D-line our secondary is much better.

Look, just like Henne, Sparano, Crowder and others have their fans (some still believe them to be future stars in the NFL hehe) we all have our cup of tea players.

Posted by: Rob in OC | September 20, 2012 at 11:44 PM

Hey! Was Rob just taking a shot at me?

Henne will TOO be a STAR! Just you wait and SEE!

What? Yes he is..........DAMMIT!

A STAR I tell Ya..........A STAR!

-Odin- ;p

Dashi and Odin, I agree with your assessments. Shelby does have a world of potential and I love our lines. Just don't think Odrick will be the player he needs to be and wish we would have got more impact offensive players in the last few drafts. McDaniel, when healthy can do what Odrick has done. Lankford was his equal when he was in town.

Jake if Odrick Steps it up. It will take away the Need for that Pass Rush DE!!!

Hopefully Ur right. That's why Dashi was on here Screaming Sign JT!!!!!!!!

Because yes we have Rookies and they need to develop, But JT would've Solidified that Line While Teaching the Rookies a couple tricks of the Trade.

But Dashi can also see it as Let's see what we got in Odrick and Vernon. And Now Shelby to make a Sound Decision Going Forward.

Next Year Do we Draft a Franchise DE Early? Or Take a Kid With Raw Talent Late that we can develop?

Again Jake U bring up a Good Point. Odrick is the X-Factor of this Line. Will he develop into a Player that will let us not have to overpay Soliai or Starks just to keep them.

Dashi believes Odrick is A DT, Not a DE. The thing was we were running a 3-4.

But Notice our best D-line is when Starks and Wake are our DE's and Soliai and Odrick are the DT's. This seems to work great on 1st & 2nd!

Odin,It's "Nighty Night Train" Lane. i will take credit for that nickname.

-Duly Noted! I like that!

And remember, Sherman pushed for his tryout. Haha.

-Again, Duly Noted. I really liked that particular segment on hard Knocks too. It's one of those "Feel Good" stories that make MY Miami Dolphins a better team.

It also gives me a confidence boost in Sherman. Just knowing that he(and Philbin apparently)prefer that type of Fullback. A West Coast Offense with some Smash Mouth Capabilities! I LOVE IT!

By the way, Lovin your Dolphin talk the last couple days... Keep it up and less fueding. Your insight is good
Posted by: Jake in Pa | September 21, 2012 at 12:29 AM

Thank You and one more time - Duly Noted.

I try Bro, believe me........I TRY-lol!

Night all. It's been fun talkin' football and not, who is who, and aliases and all that stupid stuff. Please continue this trend. Much more enjoyable. Thank You

Agreed Jake.

But If we lose this Blog will be Polluted again.

TomorrowS Topic

What is up with one of the most over-paid/Over-Rated Players in the NFL. No, Not Dansby. Santonio Holmes and His Absurd Comments!!

Dashi Out

Well, this was a really good night of football conversations.

Somethings wrong. I can just tell. SOMETING just doesn't feel right.

I got it! I figured it out.

Monkey Boy, you're in Jail.......aren't you?

I TOLD YOU! I TOLD you, you better change your ways!

How much is your BOND(indignant SIGH)?

You want me to call your Mom or your Sister?

-Odin- ;)


Well homers, this will be the game that reveals who Tanne is as a QB.

That Jets front line is not going to let reggie bush account for half of the offense on the ground.

Miami is going to have to beat the Jets by throwing the ball.

Tannegarbage will have to beat the Jets.

Same ole talk, The Jets this and that. The Dolphins have beaten the Jets using Henne and he played against Revis and Holmes. If you listen to the media this game is a wrap. Win the Dolphins win Sunday all of us will hear about the melt-down in the locker room, namely from Holmes.

Put Miller back there, he had a great day against Oakland. Why not consider him and Bush back there together. It would be like Rickey & Ronnie all over again, a double threat in the backfield would certainly allow us the opportunity to throw the ball as defenses start to stack the line.

completely disagree about dansby being overpaid and burnett being mentioned in the same breath as crowder

those guys are the real deal and it's really cool as a phins fan as a football fan to watch them go to work

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