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Today could set a course for the next few months

Good morning to everyone. It is game day and that means a live blog here starting at kickoff. Before then, there will be posts with updates on the active roster and so forth.

You already know Daniel Thomas and Tony McDaniel aren't playing. So Lamar Miller is up on offense. Keheeston Randall is up on defense.

This game is important and I say that with caution because it is only the second game of the season. But here's the play:

I write in my column that today's outcome will determine how Raiders and Dolphins fans will feel about their team and what direction those teams are headed for perhaps the rest of the season.

Too much, you say?

For the Dolphins a victory would pave the way for success the next two months. Think about that. And check out why that is true.




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I'm so sure we'll win this week I'm looking past the Raiders to the next game.

However Mando, I just wanted to dispute your article. I think this is like '08, it's an aberration (not a sign of things to come). In '08, our winning didn't foretell anything, it was simply a matter of the ball bouncing our way and the events that gave us the edge to win in a league of parity (weak schedule, few injuries, etc).

Same with this game. Remember, this is a league of parity. Small advantages play huge roles in games in today's NFL. We have 3 not so small and insignificant advantages today. That's why we'll win. That's also why it won't define our Season or predict what we might do in the future.

Today will be a much needed win, stabilizing the team for 1 week, until they come back next week to see what they do with it.

Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm looking to see Tannehill's progression in this game more than a win or loss. Obviously I'd like to see a win but if we lose and Tannehill plays lights out or at least throws a TD or two (or three) and cuts down on the INTs then I'll be happy. I believe he didn't throw an INT in the preseason so I'm glad he learned a hard lesson in the NFL week 1

Fins 16 Raiders 10. No way they lose this game!

offensive game plan last week was faulty; 3 step drops while starring down receivers is reason enough for tipped passes. this wont cut it in the NFL;defenses read the QB's eyes. lets hope we allow tanne 5 or 7 step drops, go thru progressions and throw downfield without locking on to target early.

Odds have come down somewhat to -2. Apparently some $ coming in on Miami probably from Vegas Mike.

Armando....right on....

the road to 11 WINS starts today @ SUN LIFE....BTW...that is a HUGE illuminate reference....but...we'll save that for another blog...

What will really change from last week to this? Does anyone honestly believe Tanny will improve dramatically to cut out *all* of the bad tendencies? Will the right side of the line just miraculously get better? Will the secondary start pulling down INTs? Come on and please! It'll be a tight game and bad teams have ways of losing tight games.

link to the game today?


Commander TipBall Jr., III.

Ryan "Batted Down" Tannehill

Matt Morre will be starting by week Five.

Same Ol' Joke Franchise.

Fins 17
Raiders 16


Not sure if you're still around or not...

I see this as a victory for the 'Phins also but as much as neither one of us rate the Raiders, where we disagree is if the 'Phins show up FLAT for this game or take the Raiders too lightly, they will lose. Couple of people mentioned the Browns game last year and that's a good comparison. If this team is flat they will lose. I don't think there's a team in this league we can say this team 'absolutely should beat'. Make no mistake about it, we don't have a good team. There's many ways would could lose this team. If Tannehill plays poorly. If we can't stop McFadden. If our defence plays soft. SO many ways we can blow this game. Keep in mind, we have won under Philbin yet. Time to stop the bleeding and get this thing moving in the right direction. It starts today...

Craig and DC:

Fins 17
Raiders 16

My pleasure.

I don't think this game will define the season but it's one of a half dozen or so that we could/should win. Realistically though it's doubtful QB play will be good enough on either of these teams in 2012 to make them playoff contenders. Hopefully Tannehill will show continued improvement and we can talk playoffs in 2013.

tanny will lite up oak town.....go phins

Get Lane 20 touches. Do it.

Going for 6th loss in a row and we should get it. Pathetic.

anybody have a link to the game Today?

I'm pretty sure this is not a primetime game. LMAO!!

Kris is Black. I can feel the Hate.









I predict Raiders will win, 35-10.

I predict this cause any time I bet on Miami, they lose.

Is that like reverse psychology on myself?

If ya wanna see NFL talent......watch any other game.

Thanks Mr. Ross and Mr.Ireland for this MESS........

Miami 35 Raiders 3

Hank, Reggie Bush is NFL talent.

...Armando. Hyperbole is a great thing eh???

What do you mean this game is going to set a tone for the rest of the season? Did the second game last year mean that much? This season will not be defined for weeks. If this was a team that was a division rival, and it propelled us to an unexpected playoof birth...I would agree with you. But as it is this is about as meaningless a week 2 game as any other(i get it all games count, but to say this is the table turner is obsurd)..Ask the empty seats today how they feel about the importance on of this game.

"For the Dolphins a victory would pave the way for success the next two months. Think about that. And check out why that is true."

It's true. Philbin & the rest of the coaching staff would have the team believing in themselves thus perhaps having the players overachieve & win more games than they should. However, this is not the answer to the team's problems b/c then Ireland would keep his job & we would not have a top five pick which we need more than wins this season.

As a fan that may sound terrible BUT bear in mind that Jake Long, Randy Starks, & Hartline are all going to be Free Agents. Now while I believe that NOT re-signing Starks would be a terrible decision I'm in between on Long & Hartline. With the fact that Long's body has been breaking down is he really worth $10 Million plus a year??? I'd say no. And how much money is Hartline worth??? Hard to say...Pretty good player but certainly not good enough to start on most NFL teams.

Oscar I don't hate you....

I'm just waiting for you to die....so the blog will be FREE of YOU and ALL your aliases.....thats all....

From the stuff you posted....and your fond memories of the 70's FINS...i estimate that you are late 60's early 70's....

Your chances for having complications that lead to your demise are OFF THE CHART.....

I'm just waiting for that to happen....


better sit down and take it easy...lest you have a stroke :)

Oh & Reggie Bush is going to be Free Agent as well.

exactly miamid, no reason to win this game. just want thill and company to show they are making strides toward next season. solid post from a fan with a brain

Hey Oscar I didn't predict a score, and if you actually read my posts from the other blog I'm skeptical of this being such an easy win. So if you're going to put a score with mindless homer miamid20 at the end of it you should get it more accurate.

"...Ask the empty seats today how they feel about the importance on of this game."


The empty seats tell a story of a much larger problem than one win or one loss. The empty seats & the lack of interest from South Florida's fan base are in response to a dysfunctional franchise that continues to flounder year after year. A MAJOR change in the way players are evaluated (in the draft & in FA) must come in the form of a competent GM.

The ineptness of the front office has left this team out to dry on the cloths line of hell.

Drafting Tannehill with the 8th overall pick will go down as fast as woody drinking a bottle of ripple.

A player who in the games as a senior, had 18, count them 18 balls tipped or batted down. How can

you NOT see this. Hell, I have a plethora of reading glass’s in my drawer Ireland, you need a couple?

I can only imagine how many of his pass’s will be tipped or batted down in the pro’s. Now all we have

to do is to get Tannehill enlisted in the navy, then we can bury him at sea.

Thanks bill, but careful, people are going to start accusing us of being the same person :o ...yeah, I could care less too.

by the way WR Jacoby Ford is out for the Raiders, this game may have just gotten a bit easier.

...Craig M..I don't know if the term blow the game is appropriate here. It isn't like we are miles better, even inches better then the Raiders. I know we have had their number of late so it feels like we should win this game. Until Tannehill proves he can play like a big boy(This could happen today) then I don't think we should be to puffed up about beating anyone.

Oh before any of you get to upset that I took a dig at Tannehill..He flat out stunk last week. We all know he is a rookie, we stink at reciever, there was pressure, he didn't eat his wheaties last Sunday..we know the facts, and the built in excuses. He has to play better or we will all be back here on Monday asking the same tired questions, and making the same attacks..It would be fun to come here and celebrate..It's on you Tanny.

Kris, you must be pretty young. This is not oscar and I've never adressed you before but a word of advice. When you wish ill on others it very often comes back to slap YOU. Really does...

Is this supposed to be Tannehill's 2nd start or his 2nd year? I can't tell with all the negative nancies.

"Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm looking to see Tannehill's progression in this game more than a win or loss. Obviously I'd like to see a win but if we lose and Tannehill plays lights out or at least throws a TD or two (or three) and cuts down on the INTs then I'll be happy. I believe he didn't throw an INT in the preseason so I'm glad he learned a hard lesson in the NFL week 1."


Agreed. To me this season is about Tannehill's development as a legitimate NFL starting QB.

Mr. experience...

did I say WISH...or did i say WAITING.....

A LITTLE reading comprehension does this blog good....

No chance anybody is going to draw me into a prediction today, MiamiD20. It is my Will.

How can we possibly win without the great D Thomas?

We have RB's...Good point. I'm just saying that the fans surely do not see this game as important. And in a way it does have a small conection to how the team has evaluated players..There is no buzz, no excitment about this team except for a very small percentage. You would think that a first round quarterback being brought in would fill some seats? Especially here where it has been so long. Fans aren't buying it. Tannehill may indeed end up being the right guy for the future. But most do not buy it, and they shouldn't until the team starts winning. Do you really think today is the day everything changes here?

I'll let it lay until after the Game, Kris. But if you think I'm going to permit attacks against my Being, from anybody, you have another thing coming.

If they want more fans to show up they need to cut parking fees by atleast half 30+ dollars to park 15 min away in the grass is a total ripoff... 10 bucks plus the overpriced ticket prices is still too much money for the average fan.


WHENEVER somebody with a NAME we have NEVER seen before and says...."I'm not him"....


Whats wrong...REALITY got you thinking....maybe you wish you weren't such a DOUCHE on the net.....to bad...the book is written

and your words on this blog is how YOU will be thought of by those who had the PLEASURE of never meeting you....


I'm not as dumb as you look....

You may not be around after the game....


Kris, dont take offense. I used to make fun of bald guys...now I'm bald. A guy wished me dead and he died 2 months later...just sayin.

Game online: http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/141196/1/watch-oakland-raiders-vs-miami-dolphins.html

was so sad seeing the hurricanes play in front of 500 people yesterday

This game, even though it's only his 2nd, may show us if we have a franchise QB or not, there is no excuse for Tannehill to play poorly. Oakland doesn't have Ndamni as a CB anymore (and I couldn't tell you who their CBs are to be honest) so he should be throwing intermediate and long passes without a problem. He has the arm and probably the touch to do it, let's see if he has the balls to throw it.

Hartline should be able to get behind them, but if he keeps throwing to Bess down under we're going to see Checkdown Chad version 2 and I REALLY hope he isn't a checkdown kind of guy. That said, he doesn't make poor decisions as a QB so I'd rather he throw a checkdown pass than force something that isn't there

I'll take my chances...and again...I haven't wished anything on anybody.....

Just waiting....

...@ 11:30

Yeah this is his second start. Is it possible to support a player but be able to tell the truth? Tannehill stunk last week. I hope he will play better this week. Pretty simple. Nothing negative about that.

cut ticket prices and win or lose they'd sell out every game: FACT

yeah but d.moore back for raiders. hopefully we lose a close game and thill looks good.

If they want more fans to show up they need to FIRE IRELAND, end the boycott and acquire some talent.

...Just for fun. Anyone want to join in on an over-under passes tipped today wager? Of course this is a friendly bet(gambling is bad?)

Here it is...The line for tipped passes + 2.5
I'll take the under.

Yes he stunk so did a lot of hall of fame QBs in their first game or season for that matter. Aikman was terrible for his entire rookie season. Manning threw an average of 2 ints a game in his rookie season. Patience is a virtue. I'm not saying not to be upset but a lil support goes a long way. Not just to him but maybe even to some unintelligible fans that are incapable of making their own educated assessments. Or it could even be feeding NY trolls. DD, I know your a true fan I do not question that but How many times in the last decade have the phins stunk it up? QB play alone can't win games. They need everyone including the 12th man to beat any NFL team regardless of who it is... What makes the Raiders such pushoffs? Almost every few years some team comes out and shows it's a competitor. Oakland has been improving IMO

cut ticket prices and win or lose they'd sell out every game: FACT


Yeah, Ross is charging NFL prices for his Arena caliber team.

I'm curious... What are the lowest ticket prices for a NFL team? including parking, maybe

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