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Today could set a course for the next few months

Good morning to everyone. It is game day and that means a live blog here starting at kickoff. Before then, there will be posts with updates on the active roster and so forth.

You already know Daniel Thomas and Tony McDaniel aren't playing. So Lamar Miller is up on offense. Keheeston Randall is up on defense.

This game is important and I say that with caution because it is only the second game of the season. But here's the play:

I write in my column that today's outcome will determine how Raiders and Dolphins fans will feel about their team and what direction those teams are headed for perhaps the rest of the season.

Too much, you say?

For the Dolphins a victory would pave the way for success the next two months. Think about that. And check out why that is true.




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What a garbage game Raiders-Dolphins.

Gentlemen, RG III or Stafford in fantasy?

I'm just trying to be clear.

Pat Devlin could win this game if he had gangrene in his left leg and crotchrot.

Get ready for Tannehill to look like a young Brett Favre.

Rams historically play the Dolphins tough for whatever reason, plus no Garcon, unfortunately, I'd go with Stafford this week (I got RG3 on the bench, starting Ryan).


The Fins stink. Stop dreaming, Mandy and the rest of you losers.

be a close boring game with d choking late as usual oak 23-13

It seems to me that who ever is drafting and picking up players have no idea about talent, here we are again with another loosing season, oh wait I forgot were rebuilding..... again.

sorry, meant Redskins, not Dolphins. I have a 1 track mind right now.

As long as we don't take Barkeley with the #1 pick bill. We need a WR, CB, or pass rushing DE.

Link for the game?

I've got stafford starting now. But really thinking i need to let RG III rip

Sorry, but there's not going to be an easy win with this team. Should they win? Probably. Will they? Who knows. But they're definitely not blowing anyone out.

I found and acorn on the street yesterday. Sent it to Ireland. Hope he can make it an oak.

No matter who is playin, I am hoping for a win. And don't discount the Raiders. They aren't that bad.

Sorry, but there's not going to be an easy win with this team. Should they win? Probably. Will they? Who knows. But they're definitely not blowing anyone out.

Posted by: navydolfaninva | September 16, 2012 at 12:08 PM

I think the only blowing out is Irescum blowing Ross.


Tanehill is another mistake, I think this game will be another disaster unless we put Matt Moore in before is too late, last season we could have been in the playoff if not for this clowns starting Henne, when we finally found a young and very good QB instead of building around him, we treat him like garbage and pick a Wide Receiver as a franchise QB, the thing that is disturbing me much is like almost everyone is jumping on the "Tanny" wagon! anyone with a little knowledge of football and follow NCAA football "have to know: that this guy is a failure, sorry.

Raiders are garbage. But so are the Fish.

Proclaiming Tannehill a mistake after one game is just dumb. Maybe you'll be proven right in time, but really, after one game?

Jay Cutler had 4 int's WHAT'S UP and he is a PRO-B

Does anyone know a link to stream the game? Thanks.

Big games from Bush and Wake today. We win as long as it doesn't comedown to a Janikowski field goal in the end.....I hope no one thinks Barkley is the answer after watchinghim last night. No thanks...

Navydolfan, welcome to the world of excess trolls

not one game, if you watched him on Texas AM, you know what im talking about, the guy doesnt have accuracy, he does NOT throw downfield, and has a problem with tipped passes SINCE college, besides it was a WR for much of his career, I hope I may wrong, but he is not a franchise QB, Matt Moore is miles ahead of him, no reason to have Moore on the sideline at all.

upps, almost forgat! he is an Ireland pick!

This game is as much on Wake and the defense as Tannehill.
Palmer can be had with a focused pass rush. However, McFadden MUST be closely covered, not that 5-10 off stuff, or it will be a long day of 8-12 yard chunks for the Raiders.

Wonder what a little Javorski in the open field will do.
We need to exploit that.
If the Raiders play as undisciplined as they did Monday night, Fins win.

Sorry, meant our db's not playing 5-10 yards off.

yes, but the defense was playing great last week until "Tanny" destroy the game!

Tanny tipped 5 times....
Yeah, i can't believe that he got tipped 5 times, despite our stellar O-Line. Oh, wait, WE DON'T HAVE ONE!
How the hell are we really going to know if he's a franchise QB after one game. BTW, how did Peyton Manning's first game go? Dan's? And,yes, he was an Ireland pick. So what? He's the GM, he kinda HAS to pick people in the draft right? I mean, I'm not sticking up for Ireland, but I'm sure there were other teams ready to take Tannehill if we hadn't. Give the guy a chance, for God's sake.

Tell you what, YOU go suit up, Mr. "GOD's gift to quarterbacking," and then feast your eyes on this blog after we critique your performance!

Peyton Manning first NFL start againts the Dolphins:

37ATT / 21COMP / 302YARDS / 42LONG / 1TD / 3INT

it does not look like "Tanny" besides he ended the season with 28INT but also 26TD and several rookie records I believe.


again, I will love to be wrong, been a long time fin fan, main thing is that we have a very good QB on the sidelines while we are throwing games away!


I was responding to DC's comments that we should win this game. I don't see it. I don't think there's a team in this league 'we should beat'. We're that bad, or that young or that inexperienced. Whatever.

I just tried to come up with reasons why we might lose. I think we're just as capable of losing this week and it could for some of the reasons I stated. I picked our team to win this week but I'm look warm on it.

Btw, I don't think Tannehill was nearly as bad as you indicated he was last week. He's a rookie and I think he played pretty much what I expected against the Texans last week. As an example, I thought Jay Cutler, an experienced vet played MUCH worse than Tannehill against a weaker GB defence. I'd give Tannehill a C on the game and take those tipped passed out of the game and it moves to a C+. Not a bad start.

Jay Cutler is overrated!

a C is very generous, he did not attempt a pass more than 15 yards, besides the one to Hartline late in the game, he was in the RED ZONE 4 times and did not throw to the endzone, twice on 4th down! what you have to lose on 4th down? just go to the endzone! 3 int, and Fasano save one more, miss a wide open Armstrong, miss a wide open Nannet, fumble, throw behind Bess twice, what else? it was an F i my opinion.

Bush is looking good. Let's keep running it.

Hartline looks great. So far so good for Tanne.

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