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Wednesday afternoon practice update

Just the facts:

The first play of team drills in practice today? A tipped pass at the line of scrimmage by defensive end Cameron Wake. The pass off Ryan Tannehill's hand fell harmlessly incomplete.

This issue needs work, folks.

Former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer was just on a conference call and said the issue is not Tannehill's fault. He blamed predictability of play-calling.

Meanwhile, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said last week and repeated this week that he stole the Dolphins snap count by watching Hard Knocks. Watt had three batted passes and a sack against Miami.

Running back Daniel Thomas (suspected concussion) is not practicing today. He is, however, working on the side on the field. Lamar Miller is the next guy up, folks, if Thomas doesn't pass his battery of tests this week.

Defensive lineman Tony McDaniel, hurt most of preseason and reinjured at Houston, was neither on the field nor working on the side. As I stated in the last post, the fact the Dolphins added Ryan Baker suggests they are concerned McDaniel will not play Sunday.

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gannon didn't get it* 'till he was 38.


I'm actually picking the Dophins to win this week. I have the Dolphins winning 4 games this year and I think this be one of them. I'm not expecting it to be pretty. Raiders are a bottom 5 team in my book. They were making progress but a lot of questionable moves lately. They had the late game Monday night and have to travel to the East coast for Sunday's game. If we can't beat Oakland we are really going to struggle to win games this year. I'm expecting Bush to have a good game.

seymore himself should have 4 pix at the los.

I think the Fins will win this weekend too. Oakland is definitely a "winnable game" for us

Oakland 24 Dolphins 6

Bobbyq12, I know you were a season ticket holder for years, Did you Renew yours this year??

go finssssssssss improve, but dont win please

"J.J. Watt said last week and repeated this week that he stole the Dolphins snap count by watching Hard Knocks. Watt had three batted passes and a sack against Miami."


That's funny stuff. This makes no sense yet Mando chose to write this anyway. Batted balls are indicative of someone who is getting stoned at the line of scrimmage and puts his arms up. Someone who has the snap count should be getting penetration and therefore not be batting balls at the line of scrimmage. Batting balls down is not congruent with knowing the snap count. Also Watt's sack was a result of a horrible chip block from Reggie Bush which again has nothing to do with this.

Will someone please but a ticket?

craig bush wont do anything vs raiders front. they are very good ,seymours the man. chargers couldnt do a thing vs them. only reason raiders lost is the 3 botched punts

so true, dolphins stadium will be a ghost town very soon. so depressing

Odins liver, no I did not renew. Not when I know I can find the same tickets on StubHub for less then half the price.

Awww, how sweet. Still won't ignore me though. SHOCKER!


The trolls are no other than 2watt and two friends from another site. They change their names all of the time. They go around to different blogs and harrass people until they are kicked out. 2 watt has been kicked out of a few blogs and then he found this one. He quickly realized there are no rules and he took full advantage. Now go back to the last blog and you will see how 2watt quickly recognizes one of his troll friends from his writing style. He asks said troll "is that you" and the troll replies yes. 2watt then asks where one of their other friends is and the response is he doesn't come in here much but when he does he uses the handle Nat Moore, another name recognized for the stupid attacking nature of his posts. These are children folks, they are kids on their i-phones with nothing better to do. The losers in highschool who sat out of gym class with notes from the nurse. that is all.

Matt Barkley YOU ARE OURS!

The History with infamy rolls on this sunday as Carson Palmer and the Raiders look to give Miami more of a glimpse of their grim future for the 2012 season.

Darren Mcfadden looks to take his frustrations out on the hard knocks crew as he begins to seperate himself as premier RB in the league.

Ryan Tannehill looks to turn up the pressure as he continues his season goals of 30 picks on the season, and also, dont miss out on miamis unknown recievers as they continue to deliver the most fan favorite of friendliest drops towards ultimate ineptitude.

Whats not be excited about fans? Join us this sunday at sun life stadium as the road to 0-16 continues...

mike lets hope thill develops and we can turn that first pick into a ton of other picks


I'm not liking this at all. LV has it about 2 points Oakland favored over us. And I know LV very well.

The worst franchise in sports?

oak favored by 3, dont let that fool u. the punts they botched are whats making everyone think they are awful. that d will kill us and mcfadden should run wild. lay the points

yep = holmes... katie..

We need to fire Ireland asap get some talent on this team

Tannehill can throw 45 INT's if they dont bench him.

Bill Connors and every other name you type under you know nothing about football. You should be ashamed. The Raiders front is probably the worst in football. Constantly penalized, no push, no discipline. Everyone knows it, the commentators talked at length about it during the game. You're a fool.

@ArmandoSalguero: Problem with idea that Miami's tipped passes Sunday was a result of the 3-step drop: Three of four deflections came out of shotgun.

To Bad Bobby, I thought you'ld renew, I guess maybe we've lost the fins....
A sad day indeed when you dont renew.
Hopefully with a half empty stadium maybe idiot Ross will figure it out..
But then again he might just think "Hey, The stadiums HALF filled", Well you know where I'am going with this.

yep u cant be that dumb, or can u. seymour is a stud. chargers ran it 19 times for 34 yards. u can throw vs them but not sure we can vs anyone. def wont get much on ground.

Mando, did you really post this blog... there is nothing new here. Waste of time.

publix bought up all of the tix so they can give away the throw up i mean throw back hats at the gates.

Not many renewed tickets. Ticket sales are at a 44 yr low.

Craig, I see it the same way. I agree, if we can't beat Oakland, on a SHORT week (for them), 1pm game time (hope it's hot as h#ll), them coming cross-country...then it's trouble in sunny Miami.

But I can't see how we lose. Tannehill will play better, Sherman sees some of the plays that worked well last week (the rollout to Lane, AWESOME), and we still have Thigpen (CFL player, we got 2 ballers from your way). Spells win!

Hey 2watt and his butt buddies are liking eachothers posts. "post of the century"! remarks on posts like this one;

"Wouldn't be a Herald blog without Craig M rushing to the defense of his state recognized civil union partner, Jeff Ireland.

Give it a rest already! You & maybe 2 other fans think Ireland is worth more than the shi* you took this morning."

Truly these kids are mentally challenged. Craig M. said nothing about Ireland. He was trying to debate a different subject all together. Except these tweens don't have the mental capacity to have a rational conversation so they revert back to LOLS AND ROFLMAO'S AND SMH'S AND exclamation points and all of the other wonderful garbage they think distracts people from the fact that they are in fact quite ignorant.


The Dolphins lost at Houston because they arent used to playing in front of fans! LOL

yep = holmes... katie..

Posted by: 2 watt

Case in point. This was probably written from the boys bathroom stall while he waits for the bigger kids to leave. Hiding with his feet on the toilet so he doesn't receive a swirly. It's all becoming clear now.

yep u care so much about these "boys" why not just talk football or go to a different blog

I see the game Fins 9 Raiders 3, What's Vegas got the over/under at?,20 points?
These two teams score less then Odin during his "Heyday's", (Sorry Odin, Could'nt help myself, Havent had a Anti-Odin post all day"..

And whenever a troll shows up, Oscar Canosa is not far behind.

ill go oakland 23-13

Irescum needs to read the book "GM for Dummies"

what does vegas have 4 tannes tipped paxxes at los.?.. +/- 6

ireland is gone in january. ross should make sure though that ireland cannot make anymore moves till then to try and save his ass

Homers are extinct with this garbage team.

Probably the almost 3 margin for Okland over us by LV is due to the loss of D. Thomas(and that was some pretty nasty knockout), one of our 3 strenghts, RBs.

no oscar. oak normally would be a bigger favorite but they know not all the public actually watched the raiders game and saw the special teams lose the gAme for them. the defense was awesome in that game. palmer is horrible but mcfadden is great

since when is the d allowed to hit the rb's.?

palmers quick fix = the phins db's...

Probably the almost 3 margin for Okland over us by LV is due to the loss of D. Thomas(and that was some pretty nasty knockout), one of our 3 strenghts, RBs.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 12, 2012 at 03:13 PM

D Thomas?? Sure LOL

So Bill since you know so much about Oakland I guess you knew Ryan Matthews didn't play Monday and instead SD went with a guy named Brinkley and Ronnie Brown? And how is Oakland's front 5 good when they were 29th in the league last year in team defense and 27th in rushing defense? You want to explain that one? They added no one but are now better than the crap they produced last year. Yeah, okay pal, learn the game a little.

D Thomas carried one time, took a blow to the head and proved like Pat White that he has no place in NFL.

Not only did Pat White outrush D Thomas and CJ Spiller in college he threw 6000 yards on top of that.

However 1 helmet to helmet concussion was all it took to prove that neither Pat White nor Daniel Thomas belong in game. They belong in KFC Management Trainee program or operating vacuum at car wash.

I know most of you here bet on Football Games. The strategy here now that the Season has commenced, is to get you thinking and place the wrong bet. So, don't even think. Why? It is my pleasure.

3 picks for D Thomas. YIKES!!

Jeff Ireland has to be the unluckiest person in the world.

It was one game Bill C and now you're looking at the stats sheet and proclaiming a crappy defense from last year, a great one this year, because of one game. A divisional game that has a well known history for being a big rivalry and the games are always a battle. This has been going on for years, no matter how bad one of the teams is they always give each other fits. But I'm sure you know all of this. I would love to talk football but that's not what most of you do. Shall I repost the hundreds of posts that are repetitive and/or have nothing to do with football?

Irescum has never drafted a DECENT playmaker in his life!!

Irescum has never drafted a DECENT playmaker in his life!!

Posted by: Phinmanski | September 12, 2012 at 03:31 PM


You're forgetting Pat White.


Oscar the Troll, you were outed by Kris last week. Busted and everyone agreed. Every time there is a troll you are either in the blog or not far away. Make all the excuses you want, you are a MAJOR Troll.

Odins Liver, it just made sense not to renew.i knew this team would struggle and why pay all that money when I know damn well I will save a lot by going to StubHub.I will renew when I feel this team will be competitive. I will still go to most of the games though

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