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Wednesday afternoon update: Bush sits out practice

Reggie Bush is fine. Really.

But the Dolphins are being cautious and so he is not practicing today in the wake of Sunday's injury scare. Bush suffered a minor knee injury against the Jets but the team believed, and MRI tests confirmed, the injury should not keep Bush out a significant amount of time.

Bush will practice as soon as the swelling and stiffness are gone from his left knee. That could be by the end of this week. And if that happens, Bush might be able to play against Arizona on Sunday. The Dolphins don't expect Bush to miss more than one game at most, as I've reported previously.

With Bush out today, the Dolphins did a lot of work with Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller. In that order. Still.

Despite evidence that Miller is the more explosive back and the fact the rookie is averaging 5.9 yards per carry to 3.6 yards per carry for Thomas, the second-year player remains ahead on the depth chart. Thomas would probably be the starter and get more carries if Bush cannot play.

Obviously, the issue remains whether Miller is capable of adequately protecting the passer on passing downs. He also could stand to learn the playbook better.

Linebacker Austin Spitler and defensive lineman Tony McDaniel also did not practice today.


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That is just depressing, Miller has shown flashes of being a dynamite type player. While Thomas runs like a cow, he doesn't look for holes he just plows ahead and HOPES something happens...sigh I feel like every coaching staff of the past 10 years just keeps hitting replay

I'm starting Arizona D/ST on my fantasy team this week.

Joey, don't get too depressed, every team in the NFL uses a 2-back system nowadays. And that one play last week Miller fouled up hurt him in the Coach's eyes. Especially since it almost got Tannehill killed. They (the Coaches) want perfection when it comes to knowledge of the playbook and blocking assignments. And after that hit that ended Romo's Season last year (or the year before, can't remember), I don't blame them.

A few more long runs and Miller will be fully ensconced in the offense. I looked at Conference leaders, and Miller on the board (for rushing yardage). Not too shabby for a 3rd-string rookie. He'll be a star sooner rather than later.

Im sure when Lamar Miller fumbles everyone will be clamoring back for me.

They should have packages designed where both Thomas and Miller are in the backfield...that's only if Reggie is injured. I guess having Miller alone in the backfield probably broadcasts the play type to the defense, however this kid needs to be on the field somehow. No doubt about it.


No depth on the team. Thanks again Ireland.

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Word is the real refs and the NFL has come to an agreement. Whoohooo the real refs are coming back

Thomas cant run and Miller cant block.

Instead of criticizing the coaching for not playing Miller more, maybe we should criticize Miller for not taking blocking more seriously or learning the playbook to the level a professional requires. It's not like the coaches don't want the better player in there but they also want the more responsible player in there to help out the line and the QB.

It's not like this is the first RB ever that runs well but is a liability in other areas and consequently had his playing time cut down.

Pick it up, Lamar!


Just so you know, Your a total ASS-WIPE..

There, I feel better now.

I'm in on the boycott.

BREAKING NEWS! Belicheck fined 50 thousand for making contact with offical.`

Mark in Toronto,

good point on Miller, we automatically blame the GM or the coaches when players don't performed but many, many time it should fall on the player, Lamar is a rookie but he has to take responsibility for not knowing the playbook.


If you are in on the boycott too then you're also and ass-wipe.

People need to relax with the Thomas/Miller debate. With a rookie QB and a Rookie right guard - you need a blocking back ... Miller isn't quite there yet. Kid shows a lot of promise, so fans should be happy -- but I have faith in this Coaching staff. Philbin's doing a good job maximizing the limited talent on the roster - and he's a rookie too.

Daniel Thomas has shown flashes of promise too. He is a power back that is meant to plow through people. Remember Larry Csonka?

Miller and Reggie are the same cut, finesse runners.

You also have Jorvoskie who can run hard. I just think Daniel Thomas is WAY better than what he has shown this year.

For Dolphans it was tough last Sunday, but what are the chances Carpenter will ever have another off day like that again ? We will be better as the season moves on

Just remember, in the Phins first 2 games, Thomas had 200 yards.

That was last year, I should add, 107 and 96 yards rushing.

Please move Miller to WR, Armstrong to the application department at McDonalds and keep Charles Clay in to block.
I have no other requests at this time.

I sure hope the coaches teach Thomas how to hold on to to the ball.

Last time I saw you was on the set of NYPD Blue.
Glad you finally moved on.

The Marino curse continues.LMAO

D. Thomas = another Ireland bust

millers' blocking did not* lose the game...

D Thomas = 3 Irescum busts

eggnew = aib.

how come nobody poaches the phins' p/s.?

people r gonna think the hof moved to davie with all of irelands busts.

2 watt = 2 chaniz

It kills me when people say Tannehill is doing a good job when he has the NFL worst rated QB ratings at 58.3. Lower than Luck, RG3, Weeden, and Wilson who was a 4th round draft pick. In game 8 many of you will be wishing for Henne again. LOL

Arz. 35 miami 14!

Clue, it's called confidence building. We say he's doing a good job now, because he can't do anything but get better. Then we'll say he's doing a great job. Just like I say our secondary is second to none. Of course, I mean second WORSE to none, but I conveniently left out the "worse." It's Gangham Style!

Thomas is a fumbler. Fumblers are fumblers; they never improve. Fumbles lose football games. Can't have fumbles. Period.

Clue, you can't have it both ways. Tanne has no WRs to throw to. Remember all the talk about that before the year started? Hartline and Bess are decent. After that? Nobody.

Also O line has not done very well on pass protection. Good on run blocking but Tanne is harrassed instantly on almost every pass play.

At least we are not stuck with Mike Vick.

2 watt, i know you like chiming in with a bunch of smart a** comments but if you pay attention there are quite a few former dolphins scattered around the NFL.

You may continue being an a** clown now...

DC, Lets hope so because in 4 games Ive seen very little "flashes" of a franchise QB where as Luck, RG3, Wilson and Weedon has def showed more.

LincolnContinental, I usually agree with you but please stop saying to move Miller to WR! He's shown he can be a *great* 1200 yard rusher. Plus he's short and stocky. He's got a Barry Sanders type body. He's a half back all the way. He's not a WR.

What I think we should do if we are talking about moving people's positions is move THOMAS to TE. He's got the size to be a receiving TE and he does have good hands and he's a great runner *for a TE*.

I think Thomas is a TE.

Leave Miller at HB and let him run the ball.


I was in the process of a rebuttal....but accidentally erased my response....

It's almost quitting time now....i'll re-write it after I get to the house....


So I guess you rather have Weeden who was really our only other option in the draft and his extra 6 years in age just to get those extra 2 points in QB rating??

In addition, the kid is 3 games into his NFL career. last year, Ponder was a bottom rated QB, now, he is over 100.

I think it's time to bring back NF Fin Fan's Moron post of the day. We have a lot of top contenders for that award.

Tim Couch, agreed the Talent around Tannehill isnt great, so until then I guess I'll reserve my judgement on him. But RG3 throwing to Pierre Garcon, Wilson to an overrated Sydney Rice, and Weed to god knows who. Not what you call all pros.

I guess Irescum thought he was Mike Ditka and D Thomas was Ricky Williams when he squandered 3 picks on the friggin lousy backup.

Weeden has shown more?? Really????

He has 60 more passing yards, an extra 3 points on his rating, and 2 more interceptions and is almost 30.


RG3 and Luck, fine but those two were considered sure shot franchise picks and would've been far and away #1 overall picks in any draft year except the ones they both were in.

Weeden > Hennehill

Mark, Im simply stating my opinions theres no need to respond with you usual douchbaggery posts. If you dont like my opinions fine, but there no need to insult me.

BPA--the sub par blocking ability of Miller is not a small issue, same with not knowing the playbook well--he'll get there and I agree that he's the more explosive back, but I'm still not sure why Thomas isn't viewed in a better light--his average/carry is solid, still only early in his second year and injuries have held him back (and the concussion this year was more unlucky than anything.....hard to fault him for that)--also, his 1 fumble this year came on the carry when he got the concussion.....again, hard to fault him for fumbling in that situation.


Tim Couch,
I never said he couldn't be moved back later.
And if Bush misses this Sunday the point is moot.
However when all three are healthy we can get Miller more touches by putting him in the pattern.

Tremendous article regarding the Daniel Thomas versus Lamar Miller question:


This is a further indictment of Jeff Ireland's failure as a talent evaluator. 'The eye in the sky tells no lie'!

I'm feeling really good right now. I mean really, really good.

Fins 38
Cardinals 24


Tim Couch...
Not true. I submit to you Arian Foster... being a UT fan, I watched Foster suffering from fumbleitis on many occasions. He seems to have gotten over it in the NFL.

AZ is tough, but still beatable, I maintain. We'll see.

Tannehill's pass protectiom has been super. If they didnt think he could perform with this cast they shouldnt have started him. I think its pretty clear that Moore should be the starter but Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did not starting Moore from game 1. I have a feeling we'll be drafting another QB next April.

Ok, I'm giving you a chance for me to back off ... explain how Weeden should've been the pick over Tannehill ... or has been better. At least six years better. I'd like to hear this ...

Plus everyone should understand that Bush's contract is up at the end of the year so he could easily be gone, unfortunately.......so there is more than a decent chance that Thomas and Miller will be your backfield next year and beyond--not a bad combo by the way.....

Mark, and others......forget Weeden......should Russell Wilson have been the pick?--coulda had him in Rd 2 or 3

Here in Blacksburg-Roanoke

Russel Wilson > Hennehill

Monte, there isn't a 1st round QB available this year that is a superior talent to Tannehill. There is no Andrew Luck or RG3. Sooo... get used to Tannehill .. he will be our Qb for at least 3 years.

And you will love him when he catches up. he's already light years ahead of where the "experts" thought he would be.

So when Tannehill currently has 1 TD to 4 pick in 3 games. Will you guys still say he had a "good season" when he thows 8 TDs and 16 picks at the end of the season? LOL

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