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Wednesday afternoon update: Bush sits out practice

Reggie Bush is fine. Really.

But the Dolphins are being cautious and so he is not practicing today in the wake of Sunday's injury scare. Bush suffered a minor knee injury against the Jets but the team believed, and MRI tests confirmed, the injury should not keep Bush out a significant amount of time.

Bush will practice as soon as the swelling and stiffness are gone from his left knee. That could be by the end of this week. And if that happens, Bush might be able to play against Arizona on Sunday. The Dolphins don't expect Bush to miss more than one game at most, as I've reported previously.

With Bush out today, the Dolphins did a lot of work with Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller. In that order. Still.

Despite evidence that Miller is the more explosive back and the fact the rookie is averaging 5.9 yards per carry to 3.6 yards per carry for Thomas, the second-year player remains ahead on the depth chart. Thomas would probably be the starter and get more carries if Bush cannot play.

Obviously, the issue remains whether Miller is capable of adequately protecting the passer on passing downs. He also could stand to learn the playbook better.

Linebacker Austin Spitler and defensive lineman Tony McDaniel also did not practice today.


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TGH, so tell me what makes you think Thomas is a bust. I bet you said Pouncy was a bust, Tanny was a bust, Hartline a 4th rounder was a bust, that Wake was a bust, that Martin was a bust. Really. Not very smart.

Mark prob would

Mark, we better not stick with Tannehill as long as we did with Henne. And Matt Barkley is the real deal IMO.

it's going to be ugly folks.this is a bad football team.lol

agree, dont get how Thomas is considered by some as a bust--gets positive yards, sometimes in good chunks, almost every time he runs the ball---give the dude a little time.....

BPA, I don't think so. Wilson has been fine but I see a lot of things I don't like about him - especially physically. His intangibles seem fine though. I just have a gut feeling he won't last. I know it won't be popular opinion but only time will tell.

I'm very confident in Tannehill but unfortunately rookie QBs 99% of the time don't come ready out of the box. And it often takes more than a year for them to be fully functional.

I must admit that the FOOTBALL discussion being moved forward by Tim Couch and BPH is far superior to reading about Kris/Aloco/Dashi/oscar canosa playing 'Submarine Periscopes' as they hottub togther naked.

So when Tannehill currently has 1 TD to 4 pick in 3 games. Will you guys still say he had a "good season" when he thows 8 TDs and 16 picks at the end of the season? LOL

Posted by: Clue | September 26, 2012 at 02:49 PM

The mindless homers and Tanny's mom will!

I wish someone would put up 1 great big giant post that would summarize all of the Phins problems and offer thoughful solutions to all of them.

agree Mark......but gotta admit that Wilson is intriguing at this point, and more so considering where he was drafted......if he's even close to what Tannehill is in a few years he'll be a steal in the 3rd round......big time.

I understand that this doesn't represent the entire fan-base, but since when does expecting a rookie QB with limited college playing time to just come in and have a pro-bowl game make ANy sense WHATSOEVER? It really is beyond me how anyone with a measurable amount of brain matter can have those expectations!

lc, get rid of ireland.there.

Clue, still haven't addressed how Weeden is the man but the fact is that in overall passing Tannehill has not been a disaster. The Dolphins are 25th in passing yardage - Miami was 23rd with vets Moore and Henne last year. And they will get better this year.

And three of those picks were in about 5 minutes in his first NFL game in a very hostile environment against the best defense in the NFL. I know you can't erase that but keep it in perspective.

When I saw Wilson without his helmet on I could tell his ancestry is from the islands.

Wilson > Tannehill. Looks like a Dree Brees with rope for an arm.

Tanny's delivery results in way too many batted balls when he throws over the middle. Thats why he's now throwing only sideline patterns. Why no one on the Dolphins noticed this BEFORE the draft is mind boggling.

they need to add alot more talent/playmakers to offense before you can evaluate Tannehill fairly at all.....like him or not, doesnt matter......the dude has got squat to work with on offense, outside of Bush--a few guys are promising, but right now, its pretty lean.

I understand that this doesn't represent the entire fan-base, but since when does expecting a rookie QB with limited college playing time to just come in and have a pro-bowl game make ANy sense WHATSOEVER? It really is beyond me how anyone with a measurable amount of brain matter can have those expectations!

Posted by: navydolfaninva | September 26, 2012 at 02:55 PM


Some people have zero perspective, less patience, and even less sense....

Mark, only stat that's important to me is the record. And in my "unofficial" book, Tannehill is 2-1 (I'm not putting the Jets loss on him). I really don't care if he can't throw more than 200 yds/game. If he gets a "W", that's all that matters (ask Eli).

2 watt,
That is a fine solution but it was delivered in a very short post.
What we need in here is an enormous post that lists in detail every single problem and then offers very in depth, thoughtful solutions to each problem.

Mark, No way I would pick Weeden over Tannehill simple fact is hes about to be 30. But is Weeden CURRENTLY better than Tannheill? YES. Hes had a 300 yard game in one of his game. Tannehill can barley break 210. I dont expect him to come in and be all pro like navydolfan stated. Just not continuing to be the WORST rated QB in the NFL. Rookie or no rookie.

I hear you BPA but I wanted the tannehill pick in March and it's even turned out better than I would've thought at this point. I didn't even think he could get on the field right now but he embarassed Moore in the preseason and the job is rightfully his .. although I would concede that Garrard would've been the better starter this year if he was healthy. But Moore?? Tannehill's passing offense is already as good as Moore's last year (23rd v 25th rank) and he doesn't have Brandon marshall's 1,000 yards to work with either.

Tannehill would've been a 3rd or 4th rd project any other year but the Dolphins were desperate to sell some tickets. I think his top upside is as a game manager... not the franchise QB many were hoping for.

I think Tannehill has actually matured in his first 3 games. I posted before, there's a night/day difference between the Houston game and the Jets game. He'll only get better.

Tannehill < Fiedler

navydolfaninva ,

Tannehill cant get any worse! He's just terrible.

Tannehill < Henne

DC, I guess your favorite QB was Fielder, he won all the time but was a game manager for a QB. DO you want a game manager for QB that wins or a franchice QB that wins?

Clue, last I checked over 3 games, Weeden and Tannehill are just about even - sure someone has to be last in rating but the spread is what, 2 Qb rating? Tannehill has lead at least three TD drives that resulted in rushing touchdowns that doesn't factor into QB rating. Fact of the matter is, Cleveland leads Miami by 50 passing yards - hardly a platform to claim that Weeden is better than Tannehill. Not a strong argument.

Also did you know that Miami is 12th overall in offense right now?? That is mighty impressive with a rookie Qb leading the way. You may say it's because of the rushing offense and that's true but that also speaks to Tannehill's ability to read defenses. How many times has he changed the play at the line. Very few rookies do that. The fact that the Dolphins sit so respectfully in overall offense should in part be attributed to how effective he's been in managing the game.

he also lead Miami to a game tying and what should've been a game winning drive in the last game. The kid is legit. But if you want to keep harping on rating that is so heavily impacted by a five minute span in his first game - that's your perogative. But it's completely superficial analysis.

And DC, you're right - tannehill has managed the games quite well so far. The stats will come in time.

lc, phins need a 1 and 2 wr 1st and foremost. that will help rt out lots. pass rushers db's safeties lb's that can cover and a te who can catch and get down field and then the phins can compete with the pats.
should happen around the 2019 season.

Clue, really, you want a gunslinger 3 games into his career. Which other Qb was that - ever? newton?? He's the only one I can think of.

Navy, you are quite correct, sir. He has shown a lot of poise. he has the skills to be a very good qb and I am very disappointed in some of the fan abse to not give the kid a chance to develop.

Mark, speaking of superficial analysis, you post the Dolphins are rated 12th best offense and say a rookie QB is leading the way. You can pull Dan Marino off of the CBS desk and have him hand the ball off to Bush and we'll still have the 12th best offense.

Yeah and Tannehill changed the play 3 consecutive times to throw the ball deep to Hartline in OT at the 38 yard line instead of trying to pick up 10 yards for a FG. How that work out?

Since when does a QB that lost 6 games as a college senior(and had 19 batte balls) get picked at #8 in the 1st rd?? WTF Ireland??

Clue, besides Marino, yes, I do think Fiedler was the best QB Miami's seen. And that's very depressing and part of the reason I'm in anger management.

But to answer your question, I want a QB who can get us into the Playoffs and beyond at this point. I don't have ANY faith that the Miami Dolphins organization will EVER be able to pick an elite QB. Maybe Tannehill is the guy, maybe not. But based on the past, I'm not holding my breath. So, I need to hope for 2nd best now, which would be an Alex Smith-style game manager.

Unfortunately, I can't hold out any more. My crack fix is the Playoffs, and I'm hurting right now. Got the shakes, need a bump. Pennington was able to tide me over for a couple years, but it's fading (or should I say faded last Season). I think Tannehill can get me my fix, not this year, maybe next.

Also, looking at it another way, I think Tannehill + a TRUE #1 WR (a la Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald) + a true pass-catching TE (a la Gronk, Antonio Gates) + Lamar Miller WOULD equal franchise QB. So there's more than 1 way to skin a cat.

Fire Ireland,
I don't know... You're living proof that no matter how bad someone is, they can always get worse.

Im giving Tannehill a chance this year, Im just saying in his first 3 games Ive been more impressed with Luck, RG3, Weeden and Wilson.

I think its safe to say they never would've drafted Tannehill if they knew he'd be DEAD LAST in the QB rankings!

Do you really think that 3 games is enough of a baseline to predict how a rookie QB is ultimately add up? Time may prove you right, but I think saying that Tannehill is the worst of all the rookie QBs right now is an empty statement.

Clue, I love your selective play selection. Love that you don't bring up how in those two drives, there was no run game to speak of at all. it was all him. You pick the incompletion, I pick the long completion and the long pass resultiung in pass interference.

It all comes down to you want this guy to be 5th year Drew Brees in his first three games I am happy waiting on him and see some signs for optimism.

Maybe you lack patience, maybe you don't realize that it takes time ... I don't know ...

I remember a guy saying that this franchise has been cursed sinced Shula left it, unfournelty Im starting to believe this.

Starting with 05 draft. Ronnie Freaking Browwn as a number 2 pick, he didnt even start full time at Auburn.

Then 2008 Bill Parcells decides to come here and brown the the 3 stooges with him.

Also in 2008 we draft Jake Long instead of a top 10 QB in Matt Ryan.

Havent found a franchise QB since Dan the Man hung his cleats up.

Currently still limited in talent and 1 stooge left over (Ireland).

When will this curse end?

Mark the freaking Dolphins havent been relavent for the more than a decade? I would like for them to make the playoffs before Im wearing adult diapers.

I don't know... no matter how bad someone is, they can always get worse

.Posted by: navydolfaninva | September 26, 2012 at 03:21 PM

Hennehill can get WORSE? YIKES!

So to answer your question, yes my patience is low..

Fire Ireland.

Nice selective editing of my post. Not that I blame you...truth hurts like a b!tch, doesn't it. You have nothing to offer except childish rants.

Clue, my suggestion, eastern meditation. It will help with patience.

Maybe you lack patience, maybe you don't realize that it takes time ... I don't know ...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 26, 2012 at 03:22 PM

Takes time?? 40 years since we won a SB. 4th consecutive losing season. It takes time when clowns are running the circus. IDIOT!!

I wish someone would put up 1 great big giant post that would summarize all of the Phins problems and offer thoughful solutions to all of them.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 26, 2012 at 02:55 PM

No need for a long post, it's actually quite simple.

Problem = Ireland
Solution = Fire Ireland

You're Welcome!

The only eatern meditation I know is Mary Jane and I gladly partake in that :)

2 watt,
Again I agree that you offer fine solutions.
However I heard a rumor that there was wise, thoughtful, well-written sage that would appear here from time to time and layout enormous 10,000 word rants explaining in detail every problem and every solution in the longest number of words possible.
That is what we need today.
1 great big one rather than a number of small to average ones.

Tannehill is not the worst QB in the NFL.
That distinction belongs to Blaine Gabbert. What's worse is that the whole organization and press that follows the team is afraid to admit that the 'Emporer has no clothes'.

Three games is not enough to evaluate a rookie QB who is surrounded with no talent. I'm NOT saying he is going to be the franchise quarterback everyone is hoping for, but I'm not saying he WON'T be either. Although we as fans have no more patience with this Dolphins franchise, this guy needs time to develop. Maybe he will improve. Maybe we are stuck with another decade of horrible football...

Get a real GM.

Gabbert is far better then Tabbehill. Heck, even Henne is better then Tannehill.

Rick in Rio,
Have you seen my 4 best friends Aloco/Kris/Dashi and oscar canosa?
I saw them earlier playing 'submarine periscopes' naked in the hottub.
They said something about Rio.
Do you know my friends?

Trade Hennehill for Tyrod Taylor.

Tyrod Taylor is a better athlete than anyone on our team.
In fact Jayron Hosely CB, the 3rd pick of the Jets this draft is better than anyone on our team.

Look guys, right now Tannehill is the worst QB in football. Anyone claiming otherwise(blind homers) is ignoring the facts. Hopefully that will change.

Thats why I say trade hennehill for him

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