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Wednesday afternoon update: Bush sits out practice

Reggie Bush is fine. Really.

But the Dolphins are being cautious and so he is not practicing today in the wake of Sunday's injury scare. Bush suffered a minor knee injury against the Jets but the team believed, and MRI tests confirmed, the injury should not keep Bush out a significant amount of time.

Bush will practice as soon as the swelling and stiffness are gone from his left knee. That could be by the end of this week. And if that happens, Bush might be able to play against Arizona on Sunday. The Dolphins don't expect Bush to miss more than one game at most, as I've reported previously.

With Bush out today, the Dolphins did a lot of work with Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller. In that order. Still.

Despite evidence that Miller is the more explosive back and the fact the rookie is averaging 5.9 yards per carry to 3.6 yards per carry for Thomas, the second-year player remains ahead on the depth chart. Thomas would probably be the starter and get more carries if Bush cannot play.

Obviously, the issue remains whether Miller is capable of adequately protecting the passer on passing downs. He also could stand to learn the playbook better.

Linebacker Austin Spitler and defensive lineman Tony McDaniel also did not practice today.


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Thats probably why they didnt play L Miller more in the Jets game eventhough he was CLearly effective running the ball.Some fans posted their displeasure about this same thing on the blogs that I read.He can run and catch but Tannehill is the Dolphins number one pick and businesswise if you miss blocking assignments, Sherman is going to sit you and remind him that he is getting paid now, and we pay Tannehill a lot more and we cant afford for him to be injured.Lets see if Bush does not play how effective Tannehill will be.IMO Bush was their MVP last season because Moore was not effective unless they could run,but the QB gets all the attention I guess.Marino packed the stadium for years because of HIS ability to lead the offense to score points on a Dolphin team that lacked many strengths.

How bout offering Tannehill for Tim Tebow? He's a proven winner with a ton of heart. And he'd sell a ton of tickets for Ross.

How bout offering Tannehill for Tim Tebow? He's a proven winner with a ton of heart. And he'd sell a ton of tickets for Ross.

Posted by: Scotty | September 26, 2012 at 03:53 PM

He'd also lose a ton of games. Brilliant idea!

Why do we stop at "football?" Why don't we say he's the "worst athlete ever of all time?" Or that's he's the worst HUMAN BEING who's ever roamed the face of the Earth?

Forget Legadu "What Do You Do With a Football" Naanee, forget Richard "Let Me Get Suckered By a Double Move" Marshall, forget Chris "Did You Say Keep Everything Behind Me" Clemons, forget Dan "I've Never Met a 50 Yard FG I Made and I Rarely Send Kickoffs Out of the Endzone" Carpenter, forget all of them. Forget every veteran on this team. NO! That's not right, let's put it ALL, EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF WEIGHT, on the rookie QB in his THIRD GAME! It's HIS fault. Nanny nanny boo boo.

You want the Truth? You can't HANDLE the Truth!

Tebow would pack the stadium.

Knock Tebow all you want but he did take Denver to the playoffs. And won a playoff game. Doesnt look like Peyton Manning will take them that far.


If we wanted to run an option offense he'd be GREAT!

He'll pack the stands allright! For a whole 2 losses & then caput!

Fans wanna see wins. Not some biblical virgin who wears football pads & pretends to be a QB.

Wanna see a worse passing game than ours? Bring in Tebow!

Play Miller , Tannihill will get better

If Bush plays 27 to 13 fins if not 20 to 13 fins we will be cadinals this week mark it down

It's becoming apparent to me the Dolphins are kicking the tires hard on Daniel Thomas. Now that Philbin is in the mix, Jeff Ireland, his free agent signings and his draft picks are under heavy scrutiny. The reality is the Dolphins can't compete for a Championship this year so it's time to find out who's in next year and who's out.

beat cardinals this week is what i meant

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