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Without getting too crazy, things are looking up

When it was over Joe Philbin was dancing. And owner Stephen Ross was sort of dancing.

The Dolphins won their home opener for the first time since 2005 on Sunday and it should be a feeling worthy of being savored, as I write in my column today, because the Dolphins have been losing way too many home games in recent years and this was a departure from that.

So walk around with your head held high today, Dolphins fan. Feel good about this one.

But remember ... just as last week's opening loss was not the end of the season, Sunday's victory was not its culmination. This season is a process and Sunday was a step.

It was a nice step. A fun step. A feel-good step.

But only one step.

So please, all of you sending me e-mails or tweets that Miami is playoff-bound because it is tied for the AFC East lead at 1-1, you need to stop.

The Dolphins merely did what they were supposed to do. Remember that. Even I picked Miami to win this game and I stink at picking games. The Dolphins beat a team that had one less day to prepare after playing on Monday night, then had to travel across the entire country and play in black uniforms in temperatures that took a toll in the second half.

As one Dolphins official put it, "A decade ago this victory would have been overlooked because we would win games like this all the time."

How times have changed when some fans think beating Oakland is a huge deal. The truth is the Dolphins have pretty much blown out the Raiders each of their last three games. So again, this was good. But it wasn't the defining moment of the season. So tap the brakes a little bit.

I will say this:

The game offered positive signs.

Ryan Tannehill continues to impress because he continues to improve. He's playing like a solid game-manager quarterback right now. That's a compliment because, remember, the guy is a rookie. He's not making mistakes. He's not costing his team turnovers. He is making some plays that are helping the cause. That's really quite good for a rookie at this stage.

The defense is playing very stout against the run. The offensive push is very good in the running game to the point Reggie Bush is second in the NFL in rushing today behind only Buffalo's C.J. Spiller.

So there are good signs. There is progress.

Again, that doesn't mean this team is going to the playoffs. Sunday was one day, one game. 

But it does mean that good things seem to be happening for the Dolphins. Finally. 



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Btw, Realist, we don't like Jets or Pats fans. Go hang with them this morning if you don't like it. They have the same sh*tty attitude as you this morning, after their teams lost yesterday. I'm sure the Dolphins losing would have made you happier, so you can spout your usual venom on here this morning....not going to work today bud, so go find something else to do. CLEAR?....

I got some posts deleted last night(as probably everybody else here did) and I don't like it. Not one bit.

What is this, some fuc-ing Torquemada black In quisition sh-t?

Craig, it's a Dolphin's fan hung on all that negative pride he showed during the offseason. Now that we have an exciting victory he has to nitpick on how negative he has to be so he doesn't look like a hypocrite. If you're a Dolphins fan you can't be anything BUT excited after yesterday's game!

Before getting back to Football, be clear that TMH has less positive than negative repercutions, (economical, racial, political) in the Miami Community and We have dead aim on It.

Cheers MiamiD20!! You get it!

We all know this team isn't going anywhere this year but I'll be damned if I'm going to let some moron take our fun away. We have to listen to those guys all year wrong....this isn't their time!

I almost forgot how much fun & pep-in-my-step exuberance comes from convincingly beating a rival.

I am so glad I remained positive & did not fall victim to the gloom 'n' doom that so many here espouse.

Now beat the stinkin' Jets!!

The road to 11 wins just started surveying the land......

Now, let's get to Kris. You said you don't hate me but you are certainly Black.


I have been reading post after post for weeks now on how Miller didn't have this...and he doesn't have a burst...and blah...blah...freaking blah....

Miller looked pretty good to me YESTERDAY....

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. That's what I'm interested in. Always have been.

Miller is a bust. Philbin is a terrible HC. We have no playmakers. Bush is too old. Tannehill is a garbage QB. Vernon is a bust. Blah blah blah....that's all I heard. Took 2 games to change their minds.

Like the real fans have been saying: LET THE SEASON PLAY OUT! It's about progress, yesterday was some good progess

I had the Dolphins winning 5 games this year. Still sticking with that. This game shoulda been a W. That's actually not being pessimistic. We're actually gonna have some decent Cap room next year and 5 picks in the first 70 spots of the Draft. All positive things. If Ireland (or hopefully someone else) can make some solid selections with those picks, as well as 2-3 impact players from FA...the Dolphins have the potential to make a fairly big leap next year. But this year....I still think 5 wins is a resonanble estimate.

jiji(there are no genes to snip out on my Internet Child, Despertad.)

Proof positive that Jeff Ireland is a genius.
Case closed.

Rob M,

I have them winning FOUR games this year. But I'm enjoying yesterday and I'm going to live in that glow for a few days.

Where's all the negative knobs this morning? No Ireland bashing? No Miller bashing? How about some 'Tann-Henne' comments? Where is everyone? Come on....come out, come out, wherever you are?

bill connors, how did your Raider fron seven do against shutting Bush down? You know, all thos monsters they have etc...where did you go?

eggdrop inactive again.!. wtf?

Its HenneHill...Craig M....get it right...HENNEHILL.....

dansby still trying 2 tackle that te.?

coach phil, play that giant whiff by pilsbury dough boy on an endless loop during film 2day.

and Craig M....

Let's be REALISTIC....

YOU yourself have them winning ONLY 4 GAMES....that means YOU think the team SUCKS....that has to mean that YOU think IRELAND SUCKS....because he put this 4 ein team together...right.....

People have a RIGHT to comment on what they see....

and they have a RIGHT to bask "in the GLOW"....just like yourself....


Well all I can said to all you guys and must agree with me is the coach Philbin tie ex-coach Cameron in the winning column (1 win)

What i'm saying Craig....is that your antics are equally as bad AND one-sided as those you despise.....

Got it Kris,

Sorry. Hoping you are right about the 11 wins. I'd like to do this at least ten more times this season. Too much fun!

Where is everybody? Where's greg z? Tell me how Ireland has taken this once proud franchise and put it in the dumper. How he's a 'scout' and 'ball boy' and in 'over his head'. You know, the '4th round bust' Hartline. How the 4th round pick from this year, Miller 'is a bust because he never plays'. Come on, man....show your face......you coward!

rt took some lix yday.

when r they going to resign Reggie Bush?

Sorry Kris,

We don't get a chance to celebrate and I'm celebrating! And unlike them, I show up to face the music, not hide like cowards!

I don't think Ireland sucks, Kris....never have. If someone can show me a clear cut upgrade then I'll listen but nobody has one. Polian's sucked the last five years. BB, constantly misses. Holmgren's become dumb all of a sudden. SD fans want rid of AJ Smith. Genius Scott Pioli's teams have been pummelled the best two weeks.

This team has a plan and while it's going to take a bit, they ARE on the way back.

I hate Ireland's work....but we STILL get to 11 wins....

I don't know if that is good or bad... :)

And I apologize for NONE of it, Kris. Going to enjoy this while it lasts, however small a victory it is at the end of the day.

Agree Craig....

But I wish they would enact PLAN B....that's the one were they re-build with a new GM....


12-4 easy schedule



Wouldn't be a Herald Blog if Craig M didn't pull his usual Ireland defense or call out every blogger he disagrees with.

Go find yourself a spin cycle!

I'm more worried about Arizona they always shalack us when their at home


I didn't see the NE game yesterday. How the heck did they lose to Arizona at home? Did they under-estimate them? Not play hard enough? Is Arizona that good? NE has Baltimore this week. Are they in trouble? I heard Welker didn't start and Hernandez might be out for 6 weeks. What's going on?


Nice to hear from you. I usually only talk to you on Sunday's. Thanks for your help yesterday. Be nice if you could help us out a little more this year the rest of the way.

By the way, any way you can make some of these trolls on here a little more human?

These are good pieces I'm writing. Some will remain and some will not. But be sure that if you delete them you fully understand their content, will you?

who would have thunk that hartline is the real deal.?
i take back that he is a 4. on the phins, he is actually a 1.5.

Craig M....

I didn't see it either (Pats).....and I'm just not buying into AZ....so I will guess that perhaps they under estimated them....

Either way....we need to study that tape for DEC....

Also...Baltimore will NEED that win as bad as NE....should be a really good game....

Gotta give you one thing Craig M....

AFTER a loss.....we would have 10 pages of negativity....

AFTER a win.....only on page 2.....

You might be on to something....

We, have more beauty than any Lily of the Fields and more Wisdom than King Solomon to several orders of magnitude. Now. don't Us?


I'm sticking with 11-5....but anything extra wins is a HUGE Bonus....

Just to be CLEAR, Realist. I'm CONSTANTLY going to do it. Maybe you should find another blog, no? This is a blog for Dolphin fans after all. Not sure what you are, other than some pr*ck that likes to shoot his mouth off.
Posted by: Craig M | September 17, 2012 at 08:21 AM

You want everyone to talk about football and yet YOU are ther prime opffender of a guy who doesn't practice what he preaches.


You are an egotistical loud mouthed jerk!

no clemons and a benched legadasux = win.

Like I said I will not post Until I can say positive things, Well It waS A GREAT VICTORY for our guys on both sides of the ball.Let's now go on and beat the Dunkin dought poster boy rex ryan and his arrogant Jets.

Craig, my contention is most of our trolls are non-Dolphins fans anyway, so that's why you're probably hearing crickets.

Anyway, what this bolsters for me is that Joe Philbin is (FINALLY) the right HC for this team at this time. He implemented a system that's geared to win in THIS league, in THIS city, at THIS time. WC, fast-paced offense is PERFECT for the Miami heat, especially against teams traveling cross-country.

Also, when we were up in the 3rd quarter, other regimes might have gone into prevent mode. Try to win by 3 points. Not Philbin, he kept pressing. Love to see that. Philbin and his staff continue to show me what we've been missing in Miami for a long time.

Dont get crazy is right. The Dolphins managed to beat a team even worse then they are, is all that happened yesterday. Didnt watch myself but I know the Raiders are a terrible team on par with the mighty Fish. And Mondo your right the heat was a big factor. And yes Jeffery still sucks at evaluating talent.
I dont get excited beating an elementry school football team. I remember what a good football team did to the Dolphins last week,,,Houston.

They are saying that the 65 yd. run by Reggie was called jointly by Long and Tannehill. Apparently, Jake saw something weak there and told Tannehill about it.

j. long over paid and over rated. that's 2 sub par games 4 him in a row...

People yesterday were saying better teams will shut down the Hartline connection. I disagree. Those are timing throws (thanks WCO). Very difficult to intercept that kind of throw because it's made when the defender is still turned around. So he can't see the pass when it's let go and make a break on the ball. Only thing you can really do is double-team Hartline to prevent it, and when that happens it should open up opportunities for the TE or slot receiver or even RB out of the backfield.

But this is what happens when you play your rookie. He can start getting experience and learning how to beat defenses and gel with his own players. Great to see Tannehill making adjustments from last game. Great to see the Coaches not wait until 0-6 to make adjustments. Regardless of being a game that we should have won, we won it (unlike the Pats, Skins and other teams who didn't win games they should have won). And won it convincingly. If that doesn't impress you, you're probably not a real fan.

Talk about a glass half-full crowd... don't overlook that we're also tied for LAST in the division!

Still, it felt good to be a Dolphins fan in a bar full of Pats fans yesterday... not many times in the last decade I could say that!

Where is everybody? Where's greg z? Tell me how Ireland has taken this once proud franchise and put it in the dumper.


How he's a 'scout' and 'ball boy' and in 'over his head'.
-----------------------------------HE STILL IS YOU DOLT!! 1 win against a winless team proves NOTHING!

Posted by: Craig M | September 17, 2012 at 09:04 AM

I'll stop there. 4 of 5 losing seasons is Irelands record you big mouthed jerk! You focus on 1 game LMAO

This is why you are irrelevant here. You don't come here to talk football. You come here to try to call people out daily. You're a narcissitci arrogant pee-on homer.

1 game vs. 5 seasons & you have the audacity to call people out? LMAO Have you no respect for yourself? No shame? You're embarassing!

Do we REALLY need to endure another 3 days like this from you after Miami wins their 4 games? Will you REALLY be defending Ireland after every win in a 4 win season?

LMAO That would prove, as today does, just what an ignorant homer you are.


Thats why I was screaming if you draft him @ # 8...then play him right away....

Never brought in to this bruised ego crap....

Lets see if the kid can play...NOW...


I've got to hand it to you. You're on a bit of a roll right now. You said yesterday's game would be a romp by the Dolphins and I didn't see it. Any chance you have any hot stock tips right now?...LOL.

You've also been calling for faster-paced, offensive football and while we didn't see a wide-open passing game, and we may not until Tannehill has better weapons, you're dead right in saying the team didn't sit back on their lead, whereas under Sparano they would have. Nice to see.

It's very clear to all of us that this blog isn't for Dolphin fans....it's for haters, and non-fans. When there's nobody here celebrating a Dolphin victory it's clear who these people are.

Reality check! The O line was horrible! Tannehill was average at best. Take out Reggie Bush and the team had a good chance to lose! The play calling is horrible. Not a lot of throws in the middle of the field for 20 yards. Mainly because the O line was leaking like the titanic!

DragonFly, the most important thing you said is you didn't watch the game. First off, this is a parity league. And it's a short Season. That means, EVERY game is important. You SHOULD get excited your team won a game. That was a veteran QB out there on their team. And an elite-level RB. And some damn speedy receivers. And a pretty good defense.

Secondly, yes, we were slated to win. Should have won. But nothing you or me saw before says we should have put up 35 points. Nothing. That should impress you. Rookie QB had 2 TDs, Bush had 2, that's nothing to sneeze at. Miami doesn't regularly score that many points, and to do it with a QB in his 2nd start with a brand new team is pretty impressive to me.

Also, since you didn't see it, let me tell you how their offense was pretty much doing what they wanted to us first half. Only problem was execution, but they left plays on the field. Could have continued into 2nd half. But we shut them down. Our defense bent, but didn't break. Dansby played like a man possessed. Smith looked good, Odrick, Wake, Starks.

Lastly, we CLOSED THE GAME OUT. It wasn't a nail biter, we didn't let them back in to the game, we broke their back. They were basically playing out the clock end of game.

All that is stuff a young, growing team needs to learn. Not sure how you say that doesn't excite you as a fan.

Craig M, you are funny man! On a Support Ireland tour over 1 win. Over a shyttier team than ours. I gotta say you lack real life perspective.

Find another battle to wage. You'll never win that one. In part because, Ireland is a f-ing bum!


I hate to burst your bubble, buddy but if no one has told you yet, you've become kind of irrelevant yourself. See our world is kind of messed up and religion has a lot to do with it. You've got your non-believers and your believers in other Gods and religion all together. Many have even turned their backs on you, if you can believe it. You may be hearing this for the first time but I'd be careful about coming on a football blog and calling other 'irrelevant'.

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