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Without getting too crazy, things are looking up

When it was over Joe Philbin was dancing. And owner Stephen Ross was sort of dancing.

The Dolphins won their home opener for the first time since 2005 on Sunday and it should be a feeling worthy of being savored, as I write in my column today, because the Dolphins have been losing way too many home games in recent years and this was a departure from that.

So walk around with your head held high today, Dolphins fan. Feel good about this one.

But remember ... just as last week's opening loss was not the end of the season, Sunday's victory was not its culmination. This season is a process and Sunday was a step.

It was a nice step. A fun step. A feel-good step.

But only one step.

So please, all of you sending me e-mails or tweets that Miami is playoff-bound because it is tied for the AFC East lead at 1-1, you need to stop.

The Dolphins merely did what they were supposed to do. Remember that. Even I picked Miami to win this game and I stink at picking games. The Dolphins beat a team that had one less day to prepare after playing on Monday night, then had to travel across the entire country and play in black uniforms in temperatures that took a toll in the second half.

As one Dolphins official put it, "A decade ago this victory would have been overlooked because we would win games like this all the time."

How times have changed when some fans think beating Oakland is a huge deal. The truth is the Dolphins have pretty much blown out the Raiders each of their last three games. So again, this was good. But it wasn't the defining moment of the season. So tap the brakes a little bit.

I will say this:

The game offered positive signs.

Ryan Tannehill continues to impress because he continues to improve. He's playing like a solid game-manager quarterback right now. That's a compliment because, remember, the guy is a rookie. He's not making mistakes. He's not costing his team turnovers. He is making some plays that are helping the cause. That's really quite good for a rookie at this stage.

The defense is playing very stout against the run. The offensive push is very good in the running game to the point Reggie Bush is second in the NFL in rushing today behind only Buffalo's C.J. Spiller.

So there are good signs. There is progress.

Again, that doesn't mean this team is going to the playoffs. Sunday was one day, one game. 

But it does mean that good things seem to be happening for the Dolphins. Finally. 



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'Tannehill was a no brainer'? He was? Is that why Cleveland passed on him at 4? Is that why many critics spoke oout about the pick?

See the reality is tvegas897, most of us have NO CLUE what Ireland did when Parcells was here. It's completely naive to think Ireland was over-ruling a guy like Parcells while Parcells was here. It's not how Parcells does business. He's a pupper to no one. So Ireland gets a pass on his time with Parcells. We judge on his time post Parcells and I think we'd agree he's done a pretty nice job. 'Tool'? Isn't that a good thing? Useful.

Tha pages after pages of insults about this guy are clueless. Most of you wouldn;t even no where to start when looking for a GM. But it's fashionable to criticize, so let's all do it. If enough people do it, it must be right, right?

What say you Jesus? You can speak to this subject, no?

Remember when we used to OWN teams on home 1pm games in Sept/Oct? Think retro, that's what might be coming back to Miami.


If you haven't noticed, this is a 'Dolphin' blog. THAT's why I come here. Jets blog is around the corner and to the left.


...How about this...Can we put or differences about Ireland aside until the end of the year..Then revisit? I can't stand the guy..Think he is garbage...But I have always been willing to give him the chance to prove what all who support him see.(not that my opinion changes a thing)

It is the second game of the season.. We have no idea how these players will look at the end of the season. at least give it a chance to come into form, or melt away before anymore comments..I'm as guilty as any. But the daily Ireland stinks, or see Ireland knows what he is doing comments get old. He is what he is, he isn't going anywhere today, and both sides have already made their points..Lets see how we do, then revisit.

Well put Darryl. Need to make Sanchez uncomfortable in the podket and he folds like a house of cards.

Keys to Fins improvement this year are (in no particular order)

1) Better pass rush
2) Secondary needs to continue evolving (better QB's will expose them)
3) Need other weapons at Wideout. Unfortunately, this was not addressed in the offseason and will be a weak spot all year
4)Protect the ball and win the turnover battle- Tannehill will need to keep progressing

Pretty obvious observations but that's what I have seen in games 1 and 2

Did Jesus leave?

Is he off performing miracles somewhere, like how to turn Sparano drives into TDs?

YG stop hating and enjoy the win. Are you not a Dolphins fan?

jj,is that u.?

WHRB, I definitely meant this most recent draft. Not a big fan of the Pouncey/Thomas draft. I think they are/can be good players but I didn't think a team missing skill players like Miami should have drafted an interior offensive lineman in the first round. For teh record I like Kerrigan and Solder more at that slot. But whatever, what's done is done - I definitely liked this draft. QB, OT, DE in the first three picks - all premium positions. Great value in Miller in the fourth where I think is a fine place to pick a RB in today's NFL.

If we carry forward the formula of picking players that improve the passing game and turnover ratio then we will get there.


YOu can forget about 1, 2 and 3. The talent's not good enough. Improved pass rush? From where? Wake's been pretty much invisible and while Starks has been great, he can't do it every game. This is the team we've got. I believe pass rush is one of the biggest areas on the team, followed by secondary and WR, your 2 and 3. Not much going to change in these areas until the offseason.

Tannehill can and will need to work on protecting the ball. Good job of this yesterday.

Like Dashi Said Last Week.

Mike Sherman will keep opening up the Playbook this Week.

We Will see The Unvieling of the T-$izzle Package. We Don't Need 2 1st Rd Qb's To Run One Offense. Mike Sherman will Unveil His WildCat Offense. With a WR as the Trigger Man, Oh and he's more accurate and has a Bigger Arm than The Both of them Combined. He's Bigger Too, The FB is Just Heavier. T-Sizzle is 6'5" 235. Not A Small QB (Henne 6'1" 220).

We Will See Tears Coming Down Sporano's Eye's!!

Remember Sherman has over 700+ plays "Allegedly". That's basically Every Play in the Book On Offense. No Wonder he Doesn't Know Defense. He would Go Crazy if he Had to Run Both Playbooks. He would want his D To run all the Formations.

But I Feel Sherman is bringing him along nicely. Dashi Agrees with the Jake Lockler Comparisons. I had him sitting til Week 8. Our 2nd game against the Jets. After Little Hands Stunk it up the 1st 6 Weeks.

T-Hill is Way ahead of what Anyone Expected. Nobody had him Starting Week 1. We wanted for him to Start week 1. And Then to see he Actually he Gets in week 2 and his daddy(Sherm) didn't try to reel him in like the old regimen and Took Blame on Himself(Sherm will never admit this) He opened a couple more Chapters in the Playbook this Week.

That's the one advantage Sherman has. He Already knows what T-Hill can Do. HE WAS JUST TO CONSERVATIVE WEEK 1.

Hopefully we see the Spread Option this Week a Little More.

Also, Are We Running a Cover 2?

We have Big LB's but It Looks like A Cover 2 to me Most the Time with The MLB Falling Back in the Middle of the Field.

WE NEED FASTER LB's. Misi can Work Because of his Age. He Could be a Good #3. We Need a Young Dynamic MLB!! The Kid From ND. THE GUY"S A BEAST! But that would Mean Using Our 1st Rd Pick on Him.

And the Fans Want a Wr!!!!

Craig M,

I've been here before to tell these guys that Parcells ran and made ALL PERSONNEL DECISIONS while he was here, Ireland was named GM but in reality he was Parcells right hand man but never had the power to over rule Parcells, you simply don't pay anyone 5 mil per year to sit and do nothing.

these hater's here really can't remember what they had for breakfast this morning let alone what happened back 5 years ago, Parcells was here 2008,2009 and 2010 and left Ireland a mess to clean, from a team that had a messy cap situation to very questionable trades and very questionable draft picks, Ireland has done a very good job cleaning up the cap (we will have 60 mil available next year) and his last two draft's and only drafts have been very good, these guys don't get it and will never get it.

I think we havent seen Armstrong yet because he continues to try and get up to speed with the offense here in Miami. Hope we can see an unvailing against the Jets. I believe Bess, Hartline, and Arstrong could give this wr corps a huge shot in the arm.

Another pleasant surprise yesterday was the relief pitching Lamarr Miller provided to the running attack yesterday. Ive been one of the biggest bashers of this guy, but, yesterday he made me proud.

I would love to see Miller continue to emerge. For one, we need him should Bush go down. Two, D Thomas hasnt proved to be as reliable as I would like to see healthwise. However, D Thomas should be back against the Jets(from concussion) and it could give us the best 3-back attack ground gain in the league.

This is very important because right now our rookie qb Ryan Tannehill needs all of the help and support we can provide. It will speed up, not hamper his development.

Don't use Cleveland as a benchmark. They kind of suck :) And I think they grabbed a pretty good RB at #4, don't you? Yes, Tannehill was a no brainer because the Fins were DESPERATE for a QB, and couldn't be faulted for drafting one. It's fortunate that Tannehill could work out because it's probably the only thing that will save Ireland's job. Do your research. The Fins have done some pretty stupid things on his watch, like whiff on coaches, then rewarding Sparano for the inconvenience. And many around the NFL have questioned his ability to get things done, as well as the "likeability" factor.

He gets this year IMO. A win agains the Raiders ain't gonna cut it. If he fails, you can go follow him somewhere else and critcize those that despise him there.

Jesus isn't angry, he's realistic. Craig is a homer living in a fantasy land. That's the difference.

Armando pleaded with you all to not take things out of proprotion. But, Craig did. Why? because he just wants to tell you how wrong you've been about his man partner, Ireland. Textbook - homer.

He doesn't wanna talk football with you. He wants to tell you how dumb you are.

THAT'S BEEN HIS ENTIRE FOCUS TODAY! Look at how he waddled onto the blog this morning & what he had to say!

Craig, you're high. 1 win over a lousy team in no way vindicates anything Jeff ireland has done the last 4+ years. The dog shines on a dogs as* every now n then.

There is a FINE line between having faith & being delusional.

By your reasoning, we should be happy 4 or 5 times a year for Ireland having us 4-12 or 5-11. You are as retarded as your sound.

But, Jesus accepts all his children, imperfect as they may be.

One chance Ireland took that paid off was Reggie Bush (Sparano too I guess). They said he could be an every down back, league resisted. Ireland was right. Reggie Bush is the MAN!!!

Wow, did I just read that tannehill was a no brainer? Really, that pick showed a lot of guts actually as it was the most criticized of all first picks. I'm not the biggest Ireland booster but definitely think he is not the devil many people here think he is but give him props for Tannehill and Miller and getting Bush for a what 4th, fifth??? The guy is a true leader and workhorse. That was an amazing move.

he also may not have selected many pro bowlers but collectively Long, Smith, Odrick, Misi, Pouncey, thomas, Tannehill, and Martin. he's got more first and 2nd picks right than not. About as much contribution as anyone has got during the same five year span. Top ten in the league for sure. If you don't believe me, look up other team's drafts. You'd be surprised . The Dolphins are not ready to contend because they have a young QB and very few vet contributors (o/s of Soliai, Incognito, Starks, Burnett,a nd Dansby). This is a pup of a team, folks.

IMO, the absolute sweetest deal of all was to actually see a coaching staff make "HALFTIME ADJUSTMENTS".

Never seemed Sparano made them. The first most noticeble halftime adjustment was made on defense. Can you actually believe Im saying this? Yes defense. After being carved up by Palmer for the tune of over 230tds passing. Oakland's 1st 2 possessions in the 2nd half began with two straight 3 and outs. Then Bush erupted for the 23yd td to put us ahead 14-10.

The rest was, well, why we're all pretty elated right now. Big cudos to to McCoy and his halftime defensive adjustments. This kind of got lost in the 2nd half offensive explosion.

I'm not just impressed with Reggie's play on the field. I'm impressed with his professionalism, his dedication, his work ethic, his leadership skills. I liked him before, but since he's been here and I've seen him up close, this guy is really a great pro. Like Ray Lewis. Like Peyton. He's the real deal folks.

Craig M, why do you care where Jesus is? Are you bored with spamming the board about what a great GM Ireland is?

Find a new hobby perhaps.

You appear to be jealous that I am loved by all & you are loved by few. Why such concern my child? I stress Child.

Or are you just upset that I struck a nerve pointing out what an egotistcial, arrogant as* you are?

Don't worrry about all the miracles I can conure up & all the people I can heal.

Your main focus should continue to be defending Ireland to anyone & everyone because we beat the lowly Raiders.

That is a tough task & I'm sure you will continue to fight the good fight.


'Whiff on coaches?' Are you talking about Harbaugh? Do you mean the guy who coached at Stanford, who's family lived in and enjoyed living in California and who had an offer in hand to coach SF. Is that the coach you are talking about? Seems like he made the right decision, no? Or are you talking about Jeff Fisher, the guy who wanted and demanded final control on all personnel decisions?

So if I've to understand you correctly, it's Ireland's fault that they never got these two coaches? Which part of those two was Ireland's fault. You're going to make up some crap now that these two guys didn't want to work with Ireland, right? Because that's what someone in the media said, right? But if you'd alredy made up your mind you didn't want to work with someone, why would you spend all that time and effort interviewing for the job? Doesn't make sense, does it?

Are you talking about Cowher, who's never given any indication he wants to coach again? Gruden? Same thing. So what you are saying is, theese guys REALLY want to coach and it's Ireland's fault they aren't here. Is that what you are saying? Sorry man, I don't get your logic.

Lastly, your quote to me was 'Tannehill at 8 was no brainer'. I'm saying, it was? Browns need a QB in the worst way possible at the most important position on the team and they pass on him. Think Tannehill will still be playing when Richardson's done? Then they draft a 29 year old guy at 22. Media ALL OVER the place rip the team for the pick. But you're going to stick to your story that 'Tannehill at 8 was a no brainer'. Yeah OK man....stick with it.

I am out for the day. Enjoy the scripture readings & preaching our beloved Craig M will bless you with for the remainder of theday.

But, fear not, these will be few & far between this season. By his own admission, we will only have to deal with him 4-5 times.

Let us pray!

For the still doubters:

The biggest thing you failed to see yesterday was the halftime adjustments made on both sides of the ball. Been a very long time since Ive ever been able to say this about a fins coaching staff. It was great.

The 1st half we began to run stale on both sides of the ball. Halftime adjustments on defense led to consecutive 3 and outs on Palmer's 1st two 3rd qtrs possessions. Then Bush erupted for a 14-10 fins 3rd qtr lead.

On offense, the greatest adjustment I saw were the "rollout passes" that made the Tannehill to Hartline combo unstoppable by the Raiders D. Tannehill is a very accurate passer throwing on the run. I give Sherman big props for that adjustment too.

Anywho lets move on to the Jets, forget about the Raiders the Dolphins are better than them. I honestly think we should beat the Jets by at least 10 pts this week. There offense is terrible and with the run defense that we have, the Jets should turn into a one dimensional passing team which we all know there not great at. I would love to stick it up Sparano a** this week, whos with me?

Hey you know what, you don't ACTUALLY sound like Jesus. You know you can get banned from this site for doing that right. Yep, even Jesus impersonators can get banned from this site.

Someone here claiming to be Jesus, Armando. Surely THAT is grounds for dismissal from this blog, no? I mean come on, what EXACTLY does a guy have to do to get banned from this blog. Does it get any lower than to impersonate Jesus. And all this time I thought I thought he had risen again and was talking to us on this blog. All very distressing....

So does this mean that Jesus doesn't ACTUALLY exist? That part I'm having trouble believing.

Tannehill's accuracy on those rollout passes(back shoulder fades) were an absolute clinic and totally unstoppable. There are very few nfl qb's that can throw that back shouilder fade on the run with the consistency and accuracy Tannehill exibited time after during the 2nd half yesterday.

Oh, how sweet it is, and I nope continues to be.

Yep, for a team that hasn't drafted a franchise QB since Marino retired, I would would say Tannehill was a no brainer. There were just as many analysts saying it was the right and only choice for the Dolphins as those questioning whether Tanny deserved to go that high. Ireland and company couldn't land the big one in the offseason, so there really was little choice unless they wanted an entourage of pissed off fans at Dolphins HQ's. I would say that's a no brainer.

And for those (like Craig) that want to praise Ireland, let's review his first draft:

1) Pouncey- Solid, not sexy, pick. Gotta have those sometimes
2) Thomas- Traded a 3, 5, and 7 to move up to get this guy. And that's VALUE? Guy is slow and can't stay on the field. Lost our 3rd for this dude
4) Gates- Enough said. Jets can have him
5) Clay- Jury's out but we're still waiting on the hype
7) Kearse- Gone
7) Jimmy Wilson- Well, he's starting so not a bad pick.. but it might speak to how thin the Fins are in the secondary.

So this draft ranks as one of our all time best, right Craig?


Yes, the defense did a great job stopping the run. However, during the 1st half Palmer had so much success against the secondary, he ate us up with playaction passing too. You dont truly make an offense one dimensional until get double digit leads.

Double digit leads makes defense not have to any longer seriously honor the run and playaction passing. They just pin thier ears back and come after the passer. This is when an offense truly becomes one dimensional. Then in the final 5min of the 4th qtr, on both sides of the ball you just "close the deal".


So to quote you, 'there were as many analysts saying ti was the right and only choice for the Dolphins as those questioning', that would imply about 50/50 right. So in your mind 50/50 equates to 'no-brainer'?

Geez man, you've got a very interesting understanding of the English language. Flip a coin is the same as 'no brainer'. Hmm....I'll have to look that one up.

Also, you take a look at ONE draft a year ago and fry Ireland as a GM. Interesting. How do you feel about Bellichick or Polian or Ted Thompson, cause those are the guys that get it right ALL the time, right?

You strike me as a young guy, early 20's, am I right? Bit gullible. Let's the media influence how you think? How am I doing so far?

Also, as much as the national media and fellow dolfans had trashed our wr corps coming into the season. It was great to see Brian Hartline play at a pro bowl level(9 catches 111yds) even if only for one day. LOL

Reggie keep playing like this, we might get 2 sixth round picks for him next year.

Can't be a good player and stay on this team.

How sad...

Beating the Raiders at home is the highlight of Ireland's career.

Look nincompoops, even a dog catches its own tail from time to time.


You'll have to show me where I said, last year's draft was 'one of our all time best'. Don't quite remember saying that. I will say that it's pretty remarkable that Pouncey has started at centre in the NFL from day one and has GREATLY solidified the line. There is NO question Bush wouldn't have had 178 yards rushing yesterday if the NT had been all over him. So I say GREAT pick! Too early to tell on Thomas but i'd do that move again in a heartbeat. Running back was a huge need at the time. Oh yeah, we could have had Demarco Murray and while that's true, what if we'd waited and not got him? Isn't that what happened supposedly with Mallett? We waited too long, right? Running back was a big need and to give up a 3,5, and 7 is nothing. If he hadn't of done that, you'd be criticizing him for sitting on his hands. The Clay and Wilson picks look like good value where he got them.

YG, I just was watching Tannehill's presser, and he was saying he wasn't comfortable with him (because he didn't practice all PreSeason). But he's starting to get comfortable with him.

So, this is Hartline's breakout year. He can be Jordy Nelson, or just an ok #2-3 WR. It's up to him. But looking at yesterday, he's definitely on the bubble of stepping his game up. You're right, that back shoulder fade is almost unstoppable (unless you double-team).

Who would have thunk we'd have a WR to double-team this year?

Guys, this and Im out:

If Anthony Armstrong comes in and becomes the real deal as a deepthreat. We're a legit playoff offense and team this year.

Remember, Im not predicting sb championship, but we will be a wildcard playoof team.


Also interesting that you selectively left picking Bush up for a 5th of your list of Bush acquisitions. Convenient. But let's not be balanced in our assessment of Ireland, let's focus on the negativity and what the media says, cause God knows they couldn't have agendas or be wrong. Must be true if the media mentions it.

"Hartline is an average receiver"..the same people were saying the same thing about Welker a few years ago..now they say "management were stupid to get rid of Welker"...


I kept posting after preseason I didnt think our wr corps was as shotty as many think. I kept posting Hartline hadnt play the entire preseason. Bess was clearly our best to that point. Now Hartline and Bess gives us two.

What Im really waiting to see(especially after Hartline's performance yesterday and the run game) is Anthony Armstrong's contribution as a legit deepthreat and defense stretcher. If he proves to be the real deal. it'll make the run game even more lethal and open up wider passing lanes for Bess and Hartline to be open too.

It will also open up the seam passes and also give Fasano more operating room. Im hoping Armstrong can have the effect he had in Washington a couple seasons ago. A seemingly hapless recieving corps to end preseason could suddendly become one of the most solid in the league.

With a great run game(Bush) this recieving corps doesnt have to be a league top 5. But they do have to be extremely solid. I believe once Armstrong hits the playing field he could instantly make us that.

Hartline was facing nobody CB's yesterday against Oakland, let him do it against Revis before saying he's pro bowl caliber

i is YG, i suddenly switch sides nd b happy cuz i want to fit in but when everyone is negative i is negative cuz thats how i fit in. Win-win LOL

Hartline didnt look average yesterday. The "back shoulder fade" takes impeccable timing. The qb has to get rid of the ball well before the reciever comes out of his break. The reciever has to know exactly when to get his head spinned around.

The backshoulder fade is design so only the qb and reciever knows the ball is in the air. Thats why the reciever cant tip off the corner the ball's in the air until its time to make the catch. If not, the corner will drive on the ball too. Or the missed timing causes an incomplete.

Agreed YG.

Dolphins win, Dolphins lose. At least one thing stays consistent...HATERS HATE!!!

DC, you forgot that I was a hater too. But ill keep talking like a champ cause no one will be able to tell the difference. Let them hate! Just dont include me or anything i said for the past few months.


Did not Joe Philbin say the wco was all about exploiting matchup mismatches? Well, the Raiders had a replacement corner covering Hartline. Thier dc was trying to takeaway Bess with thier best corner on the field yesterday.

Why do you want to complain about what was absolutely right and Philbin plainly stated as a wco philosophy. EXPLOIT THE MATCHUP WEAKNESS.

Finally we seem to have bright coaching and still we find ways to belittle it? Im not getting it.


There artent many legit haters. Just a few trolls here who's only purpose is to get blog hits. Just like the troll who now stalks and imitated me @12:43 PM.

I just choose to ignore the cowardly trolls who are afraid to use thier own screen names. LOL

What's next? A ticker tape parade for beating the Bills?

The heavy weight of reality will come crashing down next week.

The irony is this. Jeff Ireland stays another 5 years because he beat a dysfunctional Raiders team.

Can we please stop the Nanuu (spelling) non sense. He is not only wasting a roster spot, he wasting a spot on the 53 man roster, he is wasting a spot on the starting 11 on offense. May as well. Let a young guy get those snaps in a game. Ever notice how he catches with his stomach and shoulder pads and not his hands ??

When did Ireland draft Reggie?

Reggie accounted for almost half of the offense.

Where are Jeff's draft picks?

Tanne: 1 TD and 200 yards. That's henne numbers two games in a row.

Some slap me...I'm as giddy as a little girl!


your lack of football knowledge is truly impressive, you said and I quote "Ireland and CO couldn't land the big one in the off season"..meaning a franchise QB..

Really ?..tell me which franchise QB was out there to be had?

P Manning?..never considered us, he wanted to go were he felt comfortable for him and his family, if it was only about going to the best team he would have chosen the 49rs instead.

Kyle Orton ?..Smith form the 49rs?..the guy just played us..M Flynn?..ah yes, Matt Flynn, Philbin didn't want him at all, look at what his doing now, back up in Seattle.

you sir are clueless..

by the way, you're saying that D Thomas is a bust?, that he is slow etc, do you know that it usually takes three years to know wherether a player is a bust or not? and it is usually wise to wait on a player?..I'll give you a perfect example.

Paul Solia stud DT now, first 4 years a total bust..

Saban won a game or two also, folks. So did Tony.

What is Philbin going to do now? Everyone will game plan for Bush. Hartline was a fluke day.

JakeSparrow, seems like you could be a great Jet fan, we won't miss you, enjoy New Jersey. Bill

You couldn't be more wrong. Been a Dolphins fan since the glory years in the 70's. Does that tell you anything? I remember when this organization was viewed as the model for all others to follow. Kind of like the Patriots in the modern age.

You can back Ireland and Ross, and all the others that have helped make this franchise a laughing stock. Keep blaming the media because you strike me as one of those guys that thinks the media is evil and clueless, and you know more than they do, and everyone else for that matter. I'm hopeful that things turn around, as I have been for the last 15 years. You can keep being delusional and make excuses for an organization that has fallen mightily. That doesn't make the frustrated fans "anti-fans." It makes the dreamers look foolish.. which is what you appear to a lot of people. Let's re-vist this at the end of the season. If I'm wrong, I will be happy to admit it. If the Dolphins have another subpar year, you can stop making excuses for Ireland and the rest of the front office. Deal?

You're a funny guy. Right up there with your buddy Craig. So you think it is a coincidence that the Dolphins haven't landed a high profile coach since Jimmy Johnson? And you think high profile, quality FA's like Manning have every other reason to choose someone else over the Dolphins? After trading Brandon Marshall, do you think the FO's complete lack of urgeny to bring in a receiver (FA or the draft) was a good thing for Ryan Tannehill? Or did you think re-treads like Naanee are the answer. Let's see how this scenario plays out this season.

The Bills landed one of the biggest FA's, Mario Williams- that's in Buffalo, NY, in case you forgot.
I appreciate that we're rebuilding under a new regime and we need to cut everyone slack. How many regimes have we said this about over the past 10+ Years? But here's one constant. Jeff Ireland has been a big part of this mess since 2008. But let's blame it all on Parcells because Ireland had NOTHING to do with personnel decisions, insulting interviews with college players, and failure to bring in the right personnel or Coaching staff. (let's erase Reggie Bush, the ONE guy who has made a difference doesn't make a franchise).

You rose colored glasses guys make me laugh. Do you think the Fins failure over the last decade has had nothing to do with the mismanagement of this franchise? I get it now... I know nothing about football... so I will keep hoping for the Fins to be relevant again while every other team gets another turn at the Super Bowl. You must have been a Saints fan when they were the Aint's!

Please don't question my football knowledge, or maturity or age. We can have a discussion, unless, of course, you always need to be right. Your analysis of the draft is about on par with your constant defense of Ireland. You would do the Thomas pick all over again? Trading away 3 picks in a draft (and especially a 3 and a 5) doesn't look wise when you need to fill as many holes as the Fins did last year. And, let's face it, Thomas was not a must have.. and many thought that he would slip to the Fins in the 3rd. As you said, DeMarco Murray could have been a Fin.. enough said there. I'll give you the Wilson pick (serviceable player for now) in the 7th but Clay looks like another high potential guy that needs to start proving it on the field. It wasn't a great draft by any means, especially when the Fins needed impact players and got none. They have done a decent job of stockpiling picks through wholesale inventory cleanout this year. Let's see what Ireland does with them.. if he's still around.

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