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October 04, 2012

Every throw Ryan Tannehill made against Arizona

Ryan Tannehill's performance against the Cardinals didn't finish the way a Dolphins fans would want.

It included a fumble late in regulation that allowed Arizona to tie it. It included an interception in overtime that allowed Arizona to win it.

So why did I just watch his 41 throws in the video below courtesy Joe Alvarez and feel good about things?

Well, because Tannehill showed great, great, great accuracy this game and I had been concerned the past couple of weeks about his accuracy.

Because the Cardinals brought the house in blitzes against Tannehill and he showed ability to move in the pocket and find lanes to throw.

Because the Cardinals brought the house in blitzes and Tannehill did a fine job connecting anyway.

Because the Dolphins had very little in the way of a running game and Tannehill simply put the offense on his back -- and after a 431-yard passing day, the offense didn't seem to heavy for him.

And, because the guy is still just a rookie and time promises he will continue to get better. And hopefully the Dolphins will be able to give him more weapons -- like a tight end to threaten a defense down the seam -- to make Tannehill even more lethal.

So was this a victory?


Did Tannehill get lucky on a couple of throws that might have been intercepted?


Did he make other mistakes?


But should you be encouraged?