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A quickie look at the week past, present and future

Joe Philbin is a structured man with rules he likes followed. It is the reason everyone on the Dolphins traveling party -- players, coaches, even staffers -- have a curfew on road trips. It is the reason he changed the timing of the weekly press conferences for coordinators Kevin Coyle and Mike Sherman.

While practically every other team in the NFL makes their coordinators available on Thursdays, the Dolphins typically do it on Mondays because Philbin has a 24-hour rule and doesn't want his assistants answering questions about last week's game four days after it ended.

The point is Philbin likes his team focused on one game -- the one coming up next.

As we are not burdened here by those rules, I want to look at the broader landscape of three weeks -- last week, this one, and the one ahead.

The impetus for this view was Thursday night's game between the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals -- the opponent the Dolphins just played (Arizona) and the one they will play after Sunday's game at Cincinnati.

I watched that game and, frankly, became a little annoyed.

I was annoyed that Arizona could be defeated seemingly so easily by the Rams, 17-3.

I was annoyed that St. Louis did pretty much what the Dolphins did to the Cardinals offensive line, with nine sacks to Miami's eight, and that pretty much was the ballgame. The Cardinals did not, could not attack the Rams secondary like they did Miami's.

I was annoyed that the Rams won despite making very few big plays on offense. Yes, Sam Bradford connected on a  51-yard touchdown pass. But he completed only seven passes all game. Seven! The Rams threw for a total of 141 yards. And they still won.

Meanwhile the Dolphins completed 26 passes for 431 yards and still lost.

I was annoyed that Miami basically played better on offense than St. Louis, produced as much in the front seven defensively, and still lost. I can't escape the feeling that such a major effort was wasted.

Looking ahead, meanwhile, the Rams concern me now. Jeff Fisher, who turned down the Dolphins coaching job last winter, is getting a lot out of a team that doesn't seem all that talented. The Rams are 3-2.

And it is troubling that having defeated the Cardinals, the Rams now have 10 days to rest and prepare for the Dolphins on Oct. 14.

I will say that the Rams do not have a very good wide receiver corps and it is about to get worse. Danny Amendola sustained what the Rams called a shoulder injury during the game and did not return. I saw on the sideline when he was talking to trainers and it looked like they were looking at his collarbone.

Judging that and how Amendola reacted after the injury -- throwing his helmet as if something terribly serious had happened -- I would not be surprised if he has some sort of fracture that will keep him from playing against Miami. It may also keep him out much, much longer than that.

Never want a player injured, but that injury is a plus for Miami.

And what about this week?

One thing that has slipped under the radar the past couple of weeks is the injury to cornerback Richard Marshall. The starter has not practiced so far this week and I would not be surprised if he misses practice Friday.

Frankly, I would not be surprised if he misses the game against Cincinnati Sunday.

Marshall is severely limited and even painkillers haven't helped him from playing at a subpar level the past couple of weeks.

The Dolphins may decide they need to shut him down for a week or that he is too much of a liability to put on the field against Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. Even if Marshall is active, it is clear he is diminished. It's been that way for a couple of weeks.

That means Nolan Carroll will have to perform at a higher level. That means RJ Stanford may actually have to get significant playing time. And heaven forbid if the Achilles' injury that has hampered Carroll the past two weeks -- limiting him in practice -- rears up during the game.

None of this gives me a good feel about Sunday.

And that too annoys me.


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Cardinals off an emotional win, short week, traveling on the road for a divisional game.

They were set up for a loss.

I wouldn't read anything more into it than that.

And the Blog Hit Trolls are now cranking up their efforts for the day. A ton of nonsensical one liners in an attempt to guarantee "We" stay "AHEAD" of any other blogs at the Herald.

Is it REALLY needed Armando? And even if it is, are the Blog Hit Totals REALLY worth **YOUR** integrity?

Define INTEGRITY Armando!

Posted By: odinseye ] October 04, 2012 at 09:35 AM

How prophetic I've become.
Shortly after having made this post, "Cartman" showed up.

Just to make a point, I counted the posts begining with this new title. I shyt you NOT! With only his "Cartman" persona today, he has accounted for 87% percent of the posts made today.

I'm sure he's posted under some of his "other aliases" today as well. One being "LOL" and the absolutely ridiculous "Dummy". "Dummy" was the one trying to argue that Americans don't speak Canadian-LOL(He was serious you guys. This guy is **THAT** Fvcking retarded).

Anywhoo.....I digress. If you want to throw in his aliases, he easily accounted for 90% of the posts today(just as I predicted. Simple minds are NOTHING if not predictable).

I saw so many "Cartmans(Troll Hits and more than usual)" and I thought why is this guy going so overboard? He's obviously running up Blog Hit Totals, but he's over the top! I did the count **AND** the math - 87 Freaking Percent of the hits today! I thought about it and it really picked up **EARLY** in the year. Then from Draft Day on, Monkey Bu-oy has been OFF The Freaking Hook with his Trolling Fetish.

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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For YOU!

Ask what YOU can DO for Armando's Blog Ratings ;)

(PS: This post will probably get deleted because it hits a little too close to home. But who cares? It'll count as a Blog Hit - Cha-Ching!!!!)

APPARENTLY, thats ALL that MATTERS around here!

Well said Armando!

Can you hear that? Thats the sounds of my Hopes and Dreams crashing back down to earth after having read this piece!

It is what it is! I just hope they're resting Marshall so he can play.

I don't even like Nolan Carroll being on the Roster let alone the field. As a Starter? With RJ Stanford behind him? I'm afraid Mando......VERY AFRAID!

Thankls for waiting this late in the week to post this. At least I had time to dream there for a second!


The Dolphins next two opponents now have winning records.IMO they are more likely to win ONE of these games than both.They just lost BOTH overtime games,a winning team would have won at least one if not two.

Ha!, Armando came up with a quickie here. He up at this time? What time he wakes up? You know, the Circadian rythm....

Agreed Eric. I won't read anything at all into it. I will say that they should have two losses in a row though.

Like Armando said, we beat up on them alot better than the Rams did, regardless of the score/outcome.

This is why I think we can handle the rams in short order. I'm alot more worried about the Bengals and Marshall's injury status.

I think Jeffy needs to make another move, like RIGHT NOW! RJ Stanford or the other new CB plays and all bets are off.

Odin. You're just fueling the fire man...ignore them!

The Rams player great D.

Destrution will rain upon Cincinnati and Odin's momma.

I do Marc. I ignore..........then I ignore some more.........then ignore.........then BAM!

The Post above.

There's only so much I can take before I have to let a little out.

Feeling pretty good right about now though. Hope you are too ;)

I'm posting this for the Morning Guys!

We all know about Hartlines 455 yards, but there's a couple of nuggets you might not have known. Check out Hartlines Yards Per.

Compliments of Adam Beasley:

Fresh off his team-record, 253-yard day against the Cardinals, Brian Hartline leads the entire NFL with 455 receiving yards. Hartline averages an eye-popping 18.2 yards per catch.

Then there’s Davone Bess, who ranks in the top-five league-wide in third-down receiving yards (142) and third-down catches (nine).

Hartline and Bess are listed among the league’s 10 best receivers by Pro Football Focus, ahead of superstars Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and, yes, Brandon Marshall, the ex-Dolphin now in Chicago.

The seasons still young, but so are our players and this offense. Impressive stuff, now lets take the next step and put up a Win at Cinci!

God Almighty, Is it me or has OdinStank now been posting since 1pm wed.???
Over 37 stright hours of posting.

I am more than two decades younger than than you.
But deep down inside..........I'm 769 years old!
Posted by: odinseye | October 05, 2012 at 12:36 AM

Well. redsky, I'm 65 y/o going on 250 due to what I have gone through in my Life and also by listening to severe Horrors everyday due to my profession.
Posted by: oscar canosa | October 04, 2012 at 11:57 PM

And I came accross this exchange from OdinStank, Now lets see, Odin Stank Swears he "Jammed" With Duane Allmen who passed away back in 1968.HUMMMM, Odin claims he's only 45 but "JAMMED" with a guy that died 44 years ago??, Odin, Your a eather a great guitar player who at age 2 "Jammed" With duane allmen or your just passing more B.S like when you post about your "HOTTIES"...
Which one is it?

I'll bet the latter.

we need to make some kinda move with our secondary asap we would be sitting at 3-1 if we had better. personal back there how can Mr Ireland not see that we need a real gm now i mean we have only been rebuilding since marino left real fans care about this team enough to speak out when we see our dolphins going in the wrong direction sadly its been far to long. So keep speaking out true dolphin fans change won't come if we keep our mouths close

It's annoying how much smith, marshall, carroll, really really suck!

Rams also have a kicker who nails 50 yard or better field goals down the middle. Arizona played on the road 4 days after an OT game. Rams didn't have a rookie qb starting his 3rd game leading to crucial turnovers. Steven Jackson was healthy. Reggie Bush was not. If Miami can learn "how to win" and continue to run the ball effictively I think they can get on a roll.

Loose this one, loose the next, and we're 1-5. Another doomed season. Ross BETTER wake up! Eans need to stop buying tickets period!

Armando, if we had a better field goal kicker we would be 3-1 instead of 1-3, time to start looking for another kicker he really cost us these 2 games, he missed 3 kicks even if he hits just one of those we are standing at 2-2

Mando-agree....so annoyed watching that AZ game that I switched over and watched my boys fr SC get it together and close out the Utes--yeah, you dont get as many sacks as MIA had or career efforts from Hartline and your rookie QB, and score 21 pts against one of the better defenses in the league, yet still lose......without feeling it was a wasted effort-as good as our D is, it has to overcome our turnovers and come up with big stops......same story as last year unfortunately--and still dont understand what Sherman was thinking, passing on 2nd down with 3 minutes left (Tanneh fumble)--awful.

Armando says,

I was annoyed that St. Louis did pretty much what the Dolphins did to the Cardinals offensive line, with nine sacks to Miami's eight, and that pretty much was the ballgame. The Cardinals did not, could not attack the Rams secondary like they did Miami's.
Armando, the Dolphins are weak at corner and will
now be weaker if Marshall can't play. Some of the 'wanna be GM's' on this site feel Marshall had been playing good against the Jets etc. They are all drinking the same Kool Aid. Miami may need to draft a corner in the first round instead of a WR but certainly need to go after one with their first pick in the second round. Moreover perhaps go after a good free agent. The Dolphins also need a safety to help their weak secondary.

The Dolphins were not prepared to win today and tommorow like Mr.Ireland stated to the press as his goal for the team.If that was the case he wouldnt have traded a former 1st round pick Davis a week and a half before the season started.They lost two starters over the offseason in the defensive backfield Bell and Davis.It makes it very difficult for a team being lead by a rookie QB to win when they also traded B Marshall for FUTURE picks before the season started.The Dolphins are in a season where it should be obvious to ANY of you on here that frequent this board on a daily basis that from a GMs moves made before the season started and the rookie being made the starter that this was going to be a transitional year for the team.Remember that Garrard had won the job in camp but was injured before the first pre-season game.Its allright to be optimistic but when you are managing your roster for future draft picks and have a rookie QB that will be prone to mistakes it will make it a lot harder for the team to end with a winning record.To be honest they had a chance with the last two games that went into overtime,but they failed to win either.The NFL season is only 16 games you dont get any better chances to win games then the team had the last two weeks.

BTW I am a Dolphin fan but I am not so naive to believe something that is said when the actions prove otherwise.

The fins beat the cardinals offensive line up and the rams benefited from it.This R.J.Stanford kid is very quick and I hope that translates into great coverage and an interception or two. You never know who might step their game up. I expect Charles Clay will be given some more chances this week. I hope he's ready or we may be saying bye bye to him sooner than later.

To pile on Armando, look at the Jets game last weekend...the Dolphins should have/could have won that game too - and the Niners handled them. I don't think the Jets or the Cardinal are better than the Phins. I think the Phins need to learn how to win again...yes, later this year, they'll get their wins - like they always do lately, when it doesn't matter. Right now, they are showing other teams how to beat their opponent - and the Dolphins keep beating themselves.

It all changes this week - I hope!


From the last blog...

BYE-BYE....for like the 4th time....

Geesh...I hate long good-bye's....even on the net....

Good morning guys,

I'm loving the direction this team is headed. Tannehill was very impressive vs what was a top ranked defense on the road. Tannehill has had moments where he looks lost as well like the INT vs the Jets and the debacle vs Houston but vs AZ he was insanely good for a rookie. He made picture perfect throw after throw. The fumble wasn't his fault the INT in OT was. He is learning and getting better week by week. It's not just a cliche because he has literally gotten better every week.

That does not mean that direction that I'm loving translates to W's this year. Miami is a 4-6 win team at best. They have already lost 2 chances vs bad teams. BTW both of those bad teams have major offensive problems but torched Miami's secondary for 300 yards in back to back weeks. Sanchez and Kolb, wow! The truth is Miami lost 2 games they should have won, they will be overwhelmed by opponents who simply just have more talent and they will also suffer a few losses by a rookie QB making mistakes.

The outlook is next year. Tannehill should have 16 starts under his belt in the NFL. The offense will have had another year to set in. Philbin has gotten more out of Hartline in the past 3 games then Sparano ever did. Miami has 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and although I don't expect a huge signing from here on out (build through the draft and develop players philosophy) they will be in much better cap shape as opposed to this year.

The future is bright because of Tannehill guys. He proved if you make him try to beat you that he is capable of making you pay like he did vs AZ. He hasn't given me any reason to believe he won't be a very good QB. He has only given me reason to believe he is the answer.

That said: Bengals 27 Dolphins 20

I Hope @ 8:16...

great post...imo....

Even when Dashi isn't here Dashi is here.

Stop with the corny impersonations clown.

Mando, it is very simple why the rams stop the cards and we couldn't!


If the fins can stop people on 3RD DOWN!! The pass rush wouldn't be as tired. But can sacks somebody and then the other team gets a 1st and back to zero!

Our problem is our LB's!!

The rams don't have better CB's!

They have more athletic lb's!


Meaning if it's 2&12, more than likely the lb's will allow u to complete 2-7 yd passes for a 1st down!

Happens every drive!

The LB's give up at least 2 first downs in crucial drives!

Andy, I agree 4-6 win team this year, though the important thing will be Tannehill's progression.

As far as Mando's piece, I saw some of the game, but didn't see any big turnovers by the Rams. As ALL HC's say all the time, the turnover ratio is the biggest factor in winning in the NFL.

Also, Kolb is ok, not great. Like other mediocre QBs, he's inconsistent. He played lights out against us, looking flat vs. Rams.

Last factor, Courtland Finnegan. We don't have a CB of that stature (yes, Smith played well, but he's not at that level yet IMO). That will be our problem ALL year. We don't seem to have an answer for our porous secondary as far as personnel. That's why I believe we need to use schemes to hide things. Yes, one, pressure pressure pressure. That can hide some of our problems. But we need to stop bringing the Safeties up to help with run support. Let the front 7 do that. Plus, we should be begging teams to run it on us, that's the best part of our defense. Why aren't we playing a Tampa 2-style defense and keep the safeties back to help with big plays? I know, we don't necessarily have the personnel to exactly fit that style, but for the most part they've been tackling pretty well, which is the #1 requirement.

Dashi, does that mean you'd look to upgrade from Dansby? How about Burnett? By the way, isn't that why Ireland got these guys in the first place? What about getting a true MLB, and pushing Dansby outside to his natural position? Or is he not worth the money and better to upgrade from him and keep Burnett (since we probably will have to keep one or the other)?

No we didn't win, but: I'd rather my rookie QB in his 4th game throw for over 400 yards than my 3rd year starter #1 overall pick in Bradford complete only 7 passes for 141 yards, wow that's kind of pathetic. The difference is our CBs are bad and we commited costly turnovers. Fisher may be 3-2 as St Louis coach and maybe 3-1 as Miami coach as he'd run the ball to give carpenter easier FGs but I'd still rather take our aggressive coaching company than Fishers standard one

Carpenter 10-25 from 46 yards plus since 2010 - below NFL standards. Let's get someone in here and have a good old fashioned competition.

Miami D.....

great post about Fisher....

I'm with you...give me Philbin over Fisher every day...and TWICE on Sunday...which is good....because most games are played on Sunday...


Dashi is all for Replacing Both of them! The $16 Million Dollar Duo doesn't fit in the 4-3.

Dansby should be a OLB. Maybe Keep Him for 1 More Season. Cap Reasons and to play him at OLB his Natural Position.


Who looks better T-Sizzle or Bradford?

And 1 good note for U D.Thomas Fans. Sherm has stated by the Midway Point if Thomas doesn't get better L.Miller becomes the #2 Back the Rest of the Season!

Great Job Armando!

Home was thinking the exact same thing by the end of the game

Miami Dolphins do not look as good as our jaded vision and results of last week have led us to believe

Amazingly the Rams actually way out played us on defense against the same team

Just when Home was thinking/hoping we had something special

have a HAARP day :(

Dashi says:

Our problem is our LB's!!

The rams don't have better CB's!

They have more athletic lb's!

Interesting becsuse I believe with the pass happy NFL the new LB's will have to be more athletic and lighter.
This does not negate that teams are using the pass to beat the Dolphins beacause of their weak secondary. The answer may even be bigger stronger CB's playing more as a 5th or even 6th CB in the future.

Home Prediction coming soon on:

Dolphins vs Bengals


He played lights out vs Miami cause Miami needs about 3 new DB's. Reshad Jones is good in the box, Clemons is even good in the box but neither are good in coverage. I would even go as far to say Clemons isn't just bad but terrible vs the pass. Marshall stinks. I like him, he fights, he competes but he isn't very good. Who in the world would think Miami's best CB would be Sean Smith. I LOATHED Sean Smith for years but he is all the sudden making tackles and his pass defense is a solid B minus. He isn't a concern to me as he was every year before.

The Dolphins need to double dip early on secondary players. CB/S.

I like your idea of the Tampa 2 but it's easier said then done. As you can see at the end of the AZ game Sean Smith was in a zone and couldn't get there. He was completely gassed, 2 socks down and cramped up and had no legs but I have seen him in that situation before and he isn't as good in zone as he is in man. Marshall I know wouldn't be good in a zone and Clemons and Jones can sit back but don't trust either to play deep sidelines. They just dont have the ball skills for that. Not saying every Tampa 2 has to have every player as an upper echelon player but I wouldn't trust any to do their jobs

the difference was turnovers. Bradford didn't have them tanny did. Tanny's TO problem has to be resolved soon or we're looking at a 3-13 year maybe worst.

Promicheal. Why did the 49ers beat the Jets 35-0?


Why HAven't the Fins pitched a Shutout since Zack LEft?

Answered MY Own Question. My Bad.

We Have some of the Biggest CB's In the League. Big CB's are Susceptible to Double Moves. They Lack Agility. Quickness.

The Same Goes for our 3-4 LB's.

Also, we Are running a 4-3 Cover 2, Most the Time. That's why we don't get Smoked for 60 yd bombs like last year.

Thats why Bell Wouldn't fit this year. AND THE DC SAYS THE SAFETYS ARE INTERCHANGEABLE. Meaning Cover 2. No SS to put in the Box. And we do stop the Run with our Front 7.

Just Remember the Fins front 7 has 5 D-Linemen and 2-3-4 LB's. Hard to run against, Period!


Kris I'll take it twice on Sunday and again on Monday night, when we're exciting and relevant enough to be put on Monday and Thursday night. NFL must have regretted putting Arizona and St Louis on that game, my lord it was extremely boring.

They just dont have the ball skills for that. Not saying every Tampa 2 has to have every player as an upper echelon player but I wouldn't trust any to do their jobs

Posted by: AndyNJ | October 05, 2012 at 09:15 AM

In the end, the above is probably exactly the thinking of Croyle why it's not even worth trying. Which is probably 100% right. And why I cringe in fear any time a QB drops back against us. And get frustrated why it's been since what, Madison and Surtain that we've had good cover corners. We GOTTA fix that in the offseason.

Dashi says,

We Have some of the Biggest CB's In the League. Big CB's are Susceptible to Double Moves. They Lack Agility. Quickness.
I understand but you missed my point; Changing the concept for the future to deal with the pass happy
NFL. That means having a new hybrid corner or faster and lighter LB out there more often. So you still have your traditional CB who is able to run with the receiver and then the other hybrid type player in the secondary. I'm one who still believes the Dolphins need to upgrade their secondary big time. Teams will be passing more because that's the Miami weakness.


I agree but what made Surtain and Madison so good was also the players they had around them. The Dolphins had bonified leaders in Zach and JT. They had a very under rated pro's pro in Brock Marion at FS setting them up for about 4 years when they are in their prime and not to mention JT, Trace Armstrong, others applying pressure.


Sean Smith and Vontae and now Marshall and whoever have guys at both safety spots still trying to figure it out, no consistent pass rush outside of Cam Wake. Karlos Dansby who signs a contact and gets fat on us and stinks for 1st 8 games, btw Zach was lead by example and breathed football, Dansby couldn't carry his pads on his best day. No true defensive leader either.

As much as everyone wants this over haul on offense, I think defense is just as much a priority. The past 2 games the offense was good enough to win the D is what hurt them when it mattered. Giving up 3rd and 4th downs over and over to Kolb and Sanchez is not satisfactory.

I think Miami cuts ties with Dansby after the season. His best plays I can remember were 2 years ago vs the Vikings when he stuffed A.P. and when he and Burnett stuffed Shonn Green. Other then that what has he done? He isn't a leader or lead by example guy, no one follows him and he is an inconsitent 30 year old this offseason.

Armando, while do you always go to your dark side. Eventually the Dolphins will turn it around. Snap out of your pessimistic funk, cheer up, the Dolphins will win this Sunday.

The cutting of V. Davis....seems to be the maturation of S. Smith.....

He is playing his best ball by far....


is S.Smith just a pretty bow wrapped around a crap secondary.....

Maybe he only shines because the rest play so poorly....

So many questions about this teams secondary.....

One thing the front 7 has done is consistently get pressure....so NO EXCUSES there.....

The word on the street before Croyle got here was that he did wonders for the Bengals CB....

right now..I see the fruits of Croyle's labor being paid in the HIGH LEVEL of S. Smith's play....

If they solidify the DB's, which Coyle is known for doing, get a good pass catching tight end, and a 3rd receiver then they will be good. Tannehill is progressing each game and the run defense is #1 which forces teams to throw exposing the secondary. They will be fine, we might have to take a few on the chin this year but the future is bright..

We will be lucky to win 4 games this year and its entirely due to 2 things: No WR's and absolutely no secondary (CB or S). Throw in a questionable pass rush (can't use AZ as an example. St. Louis killed em too) and a rookie QB, and this team just has too many areas to exploit. My prediction....4-12.

Upside is that so long asIreland's not picking, should have awesome draft in 13. Solo gas we get past that whole Mayan thing.

So we have no wide receivers yet Bess and Hartline are combining to be the best duo in the NFL right now? Add in Gaffney as a reliable 3rd option? I know the names arent big but theyve shown up.. As far as the rookie QB he is way ahead of schedule.. He does have 2 TD's compared to 6 int's but 3 of those came in the first game with batted passes and that has been ratified.

Hahaha, post of the year @ 9:46

ProMicheals ur right. Ur talking about 4-5 years(The Future). Dashi meant right Now. My bad, but I get ur Point Now.

Ur Right ProM. They use it in College now. Dashi has a Cousin that played it. It's called A Rover, LB/SS. It's like Playing a Strong Nickel.

Urlacher, Dansby, and D.Brooks are Guys that were SS in College and Became LB's in the NFL.

Yes, Secondary is important. But U can add Surtains and Madison Value Combined to 1 Zach Thomas.

Even the Jets. Revis is the Best Corner hands Down. But The Jets will Survive. The Jets Lose Bart Scott! and they Are Done!

Dashi believes ur Defense needs to prepare for Everything. 5-wide, 2-Te's, Jumbo Package, Wildcat, Spread-Option, Etc. Etc. U have to HAve the Personnel to go toe to toe with everybody. 3 Good CB's, 2 Real Good LB's, 1 Great Safety, 2-3 Pass Rushers(1 of these can be a LB or DT), and 2 Solid DT's(Gardner and Bowens, Or Soliai and Starks). Then Just add Depth in the form of Youth.

But all great Defenses Start Up the Middle! The Heart of a Defense is the MLB. And The Fins MLB's Have been Pumping Kool-Aid Since NoNeck Retired.

Don't Take it from Dashi. What does Bill like to do with 1st Rd Picks? Draft LB's! Parcells in his hey day. U get the Best LB'S Early. We lucked out with Zack, but All Good D's Usually have Multiple 1st Rd Picks at LB! Name 1 Top 5 D right Now that Doesn't.

Nick Saban has ruled College Football because he Has Produced The Best MLB's in the Last 4-5 Years. Not Safety or Cb's. Look at the 1st rd Cb's that turn out bust. From Bama, LSU, USC.

By Bill, Dashi Means Belichek Now. Parcells in his hey Day.

Belichek Drafts LB's High Almost every Year! The Steelers do it to!

Thank god we traded Vonte for pennies on the dollar


"Stop Whining"
- arnold schwarzenegger - Kindergarden Cop.


Correction Vontae wasn't cut he was traded for a 2nd rounder which at this point is going to be a high 2nd rounder. I think Miami got the better of that deal. Vontae just doesn't get it.

I saw in the NY Times that Bryant McFadden is practicing in North Miami awaiting a contract. Given the desperation of our secondary, why not work him out? I still don't understand why we would not take a flyer on Kellen Winslow to give Tannehill another option. Maybe it is a character/attitude issue but I cannot see the harm. Just my two cents...


Good correction....and good point....

I haven't really been following the Colts....but I know I haven't seen Davis on any highlights this year....

Vontae is blowing games for Indy and we're reaping a high 2nd round pick for 4 years of a low 1st round pick's service. We definitely got the better end of the stick in that one. Indy was aggressive but they're going to regret losing those draft picks. Ireland or whoever the GM is SHOULD build us a nice team with the 5 high picks we'll have in the first 3 rounds

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