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A quickie look at the week past, present and future

Joe Philbin is a structured man with rules he likes followed. It is the reason everyone on the Dolphins traveling party -- players, coaches, even staffers -- have a curfew on road trips. It is the reason he changed the timing of the weekly press conferences for coordinators Kevin Coyle and Mike Sherman.

While practically every other team in the NFL makes their coordinators available on Thursdays, the Dolphins typically do it on Mondays because Philbin has a 24-hour rule and doesn't want his assistants answering questions about last week's game four days after it ended.

The point is Philbin likes his team focused on one game -- the one coming up next.

As we are not burdened here by those rules, I want to look at the broader landscape of three weeks -- last week, this one, and the one ahead.

The impetus for this view was Thursday night's game between the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals -- the opponent the Dolphins just played (Arizona) and the one they will play after Sunday's game at Cincinnati.

I watched that game and, frankly, became a little annoyed.

I was annoyed that Arizona could be defeated seemingly so easily by the Rams, 17-3.

I was annoyed that St. Louis did pretty much what the Dolphins did to the Cardinals offensive line, with nine sacks to Miami's eight, and that pretty much was the ballgame. The Cardinals did not, could not attack the Rams secondary like they did Miami's.

I was annoyed that the Rams won despite making very few big plays on offense. Yes, Sam Bradford connected on a  51-yard touchdown pass. But he completed only seven passes all game. Seven! The Rams threw for a total of 141 yards. And they still won.

Meanwhile the Dolphins completed 26 passes for 431 yards and still lost.

I was annoyed that Miami basically played better on offense than St. Louis, produced as much in the front seven defensively, and still lost. I can't escape the feeling that such a major effort was wasted.

Looking ahead, meanwhile, the Rams concern me now. Jeff Fisher, who turned down the Dolphins coaching job last winter, is getting a lot out of a team that doesn't seem all that talented. The Rams are 3-2.

And it is troubling that having defeated the Cardinals, the Rams now have 10 days to rest and prepare for the Dolphins on Oct. 14.

I will say that the Rams do not have a very good wide receiver corps and it is about to get worse. Danny Amendola sustained what the Rams called a shoulder injury during the game and did not return. I saw on the sideline when he was talking to trainers and it looked like they were looking at his collarbone.

Judging that and how Amendola reacted after the injury -- throwing his helmet as if something terribly serious had happened -- I would not be surprised if he has some sort of fracture that will keep him from playing against Miami. It may also keep him out much, much longer than that.

Never want a player injured, but that injury is a plus for Miami.

And what about this week?

One thing that has slipped under the radar the past couple of weeks is the injury to cornerback Richard Marshall. The starter has not practiced so far this week and I would not be surprised if he misses practice Friday.

Frankly, I would not be surprised if he misses the game against Cincinnati Sunday.

Marshall is severely limited and even painkillers haven't helped him from playing at a subpar level the past couple of weeks.

The Dolphins may decide they need to shut him down for a week or that he is too much of a liability to put on the field against Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. Even if Marshall is active, it is clear he is diminished. It's been that way for a couple of weeks.

That means Nolan Carroll will have to perform at a higher level. That means RJ Stanford may actually have to get significant playing time. And heaven forbid if the Achilles' injury that has hampered Carroll the past two weeks -- limiting him in practice -- rears up during the game.

None of this gives me a good feel about Sunday.

And that too annoys me.


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What's the over under on how many times Long lets his man either breeze by and put his helmit in Tannehill's lower back or shoves Long back into Tannehill as if Long were a 115 pound girl?

I put the number at 4.

Sorry, should have said 'Dalton and AJ Green'....


Why such gloom? Hartline usually starts slow and ends up around 60 catches for 600-700yds. He usually doesnt even have 200yds recieving coming into game 5. Right now he has 455yds.

Im booking Hartline for at least 1000yds recieving after the career explosion 455yds to date. Also, Sunday maybe the a real first, as we see Hartline sees "double-teams. At least to some extent anyway.

Kris, Sherman Ain't Going Nowhere. U heard it here First.

Yes, He Should Retire in about 4 years when he is Finished Molding His Greatest Accomplishment into a Top of the Line NFL QB. And His Son-In-Law is Ready to become the OC and Then Future HeadCoach of the The Dolphins.

Dashi Expects Philbin to coach another Decade at Most. By then the QB Coach should be Ready to be able to Takeover as HeadCoach.

Sherman is a OC in the NFL. He can't Coach D. And Philbin is his BFF, So if Money is not the Issue, Dashi doesn't See Sherman Leaving.

Remember If T-Hill makes the HOF (Thanks Ross). The 1st Person that T-Hill is going to have to mention is his Daddy.

Sherman Won't leave the Fins Until T-Hill is Ready or thing go real bad.

Hartline and Bess look like studs because they now have a real QB throwing them the ball. Tannehill makes them look good and will make them look great, just like Rodgers makes Nelson and Jennings look great. The QB and the system make the WR's. Of course they have to have enough talent to hold onto the ball (not like Nannee and Armstrong) in order to get on the field but Tannehill will make these two hard working WR's into great WR's. This could me the next Marino/Duper/Clayton combination for us.


Hope your right....

but I think I can find some links that say otherwise....

Does Odindumb realize that the longer his posts are, the chances ANYONE reads them is Zero?



Exactly why getting pressure on Dalton will be so emminent. Still, Coyle will have to be very careful in how he dials up that pressure, with a weak secondary it could be very costly.

We need to be able to get pressure with a 4 man rush and flood the passing lanes with 7 in coverage. Regular blitzes will severely overexpose the already weak, now even more weakened secondary.

If we cant get pressure with 3 or 4 down linemen, it could be a very long afternoon defensively.

The team us pure garbage. They get blown out on Sunday and everyone will smell the stink.

Meanwhile, Joe Philbin plans to star in Daddy Daycare Two.

Cue the predicatability in 3, 2, 1......

Posted by: Craig M | October 05, 2012 at 11:31 AM

Know what's funny? The predicitability that you would say something along these lines was 100%.

Come up with some new material!


I guess I can't find any links...

but I am positive I read it somewhere.....

if/when I find it....I will post it....

Blaming Vontae for the colts takes away from Luck.

No one wants to look at Luck. They want RGIII to fail. They want Garrard to fail. They want YB to fail. They want Vick to fail. They want Obama to fail.

They want every black person to fail but not white folks like Luck.

The Rams are friggin better then us.

HARTLINE in contract negotiations....

CRAIG M....back me up.....

Have I not posted a FEW times that I am suspicious of this years performance due to his CONTRACT YEAR....even saif it BEFORE the season started....

I hope we don't get robbed....


You have in fact said that before any of this has happened.

To me Bess and Hartline are complimentary players. We still need a guy like D. Thomas, WR from Denver.

Angry Bird,

The Rams should be better over all talented than us. Theyve pick far higher than us at least 3 of the last 5yrs. Theyve had a 2yrs headstart on finding thier franchise qb too.

Kris, this is the only time I will discuss Mallett for the week as you are well aware that any discussion involving Mallett I despise

If Mallett was such a good QB drug problems and low wonderlic scores wouldn't have stopped teams from selecting him higher in the draft. It hasn't stopped teams from selecting druggies in the past (Ryan leaf, DAN MARINO) or dumb people either (Cam Newton). Teams don't care as long as they can produce, teams felt he was no better than 3rd round talent based on skill, not off the field issues

No more D Thomas's PLEASE!!

Craig M...


Ireland has a history of not OVER-PAYING for hs current players.....so that may work well for us....it ALSO says a lot about what he may think of HIS ACQUISITIONS....

Irleand has proved that he will break the BANK for someone else's players....

sorry...took a shot @ Ireland there...

Gotta admit, I'm really looking forward to watching the Texans and Jets play MNF, Monday night. It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and I'm really looking forward to having those pilgrims (Texans) sitting down to feast on those turkeys (Jets).

Bon apetite, fellas!

Miami D....

hard to argue with your post....

All I can see os ..."we'll see"....

and for both of our sakes....we had better hope that I am DEAD WRONG....cause if i'm right...were ALL gonna be pi$$ed....for the next 10-15 years....

All the fans made fun of Fisher saying he was going to a terrible team. 90% of the blog THOUGHT we were better then the Rams. We're not.

looks like it's not just Miami where fans are boneheads:

Apparently they're flying 'Fire Pioli and bench Cassell' banners over the stadium in KC this weekend.

Yeah OK, Pioli became an idiot overnight....good one!

I also read a report in a KC paper this week that Eric Berry has been their worst defender this year. If that's true and I'm Jeff Ireland, I'm on the phone trying to figure out what it would take to get Berry in a Dolphins jersey. Eric Berry is EXACTLY the kind of guy this defence needs.

In Total our Secondary Make $6.1 for all 4 Starters!!!!


Let's Say we Re-sign Smith to a Top 10 CB Contract. $8 Mil a Year. The Secondary Will Still only Make about $14 Mil Between 4 Players.


U CAN FIND EITHER A ELITE CB AND WR with the $16 Mil($8 Mil Each)!!!

Or Sign 2 AVERAGE LB'S FOR ABOUT $4 Mil Each and a $8 Mil WR(Wallace or Bowe). Heck the Saints signed Lofton for $5 Mil a Year. The Guy Sure Makes a lot More Plays for alot less Money. And Is alot Younger!!!

U can Spend $8 Mil on 2-LB's and still have Money for a $8 Mil a Year CB like Brandon Carr.

The LB's are already Garbage. And at $16 Mil. That seems like the Easiest HOLE to fix. The 30th Ranked $16 Mil LB Duo or the 30th Ranked $6.1 Mil Secondary?

If U Draft The LB's The Total Cost for 2 Rookie LB's and Misi will be Close to $4Mil! For a Young LB CORP!!

Either Or the LB's Are The Fins Biggest and Most Expensive Hole.

The Wr's? Re-Sign Hartline and Go after another FA WR(Wallace or Bowe) or a 3rd Pick.

The CB's? Re-Sign S.Smith and Sign the Best CB on the Market!

Not that Hard.

Heck the Secondary has produced more Turnovers than the 2 AVERAGE LB'S that are Getting Paid $16 Mil Combined!


All depends on how you look at a #1 wr. There just arent many true #1's that come along that completely blow the tops off of defenses. When you really disect it to a science, more #1 wr's are a product of precise route running and very accurate qb's.

Jerry Rice, perhaps the greatest wr of all time(the numbers back him up)was a product of great route running and precise Montana/Young passing. Then you have Randy Moss, who could also be in that conversation, absolutely blew the top off of defenses with speed and dominated with his length.

However, Moss was not a great route runner, he would have been pure garbage without his great speed and length. Still, Jerry Rice may have been just plain ordinary without a qb with the accuracies of Montan/Young.

So maybe the true definition of a #1 wr could be:

1. Great route runner
2. Above average speed
3. Very accurate qb

Every wr, no matter how talented, needs to have a very accurate qb. Even Megatron.

Craig M....

Agree with most of your post @ 12:01...

but cassel was a horrible decision...and has played horribly since becoming a chief....

Angey Bird,

I've always been a Jeff Fisher fan. One of the few on here. Wanted him in Miami in the worst way possible. I took a lot of abuse for it from guys on here. 'Nothing more than a .500 coach....blah, blah, blah.'. Yeah OK...whatever. He'd doing EXACTLY what I thought he's do in St.Louis and the best is still to come. They made a GREAT trade with Washington getting all those picks, which is what I said at the time. They still have a LONG way to go but look out for St. Louis in the next five years.

Let me also add, while I was disappointed in not getting Fisher, I am VERY happy that Philbn is our HC. Has nothing to do with Fisher and everything to do with Philbin, who I really didn't know that well. I'm optimistic to think he'll be here for a while.


All I'm saying is, while I LOVE what Hartline and Bess are doing, I'm not being fooled that this offence needs another young WR going forward. It's still an area of concern. If it was me, I'd spend one of those second round picks on a WR. I'm looking for the next Greg Jennings.


Think about it. Who in thier ri9ght minds could ever have believed Steve Largent would become a great nfl wr?

The guy was a phenominal route runner and had qb's that put the ball on him with pretty good accuracy. Therefore, I dont believe its beyond reason to think Brian Hartline cant be considered a #1 wr.

1. Good route runner.............check
2. Above average speed...........check
3. Accurate qb(Tannehill)........check

Matt Cassell, I feel, is a Matt Flynn equivalent. Meaning he was a backup QB who showed some signs of life (with great talent around them) and got paid based off a limited sample...kevin Kolb too. This is why Tannehill was the right choice, let's groom our own. If Mallett works out I still see Tannehill being a better prospect than him. Patsy fans will come into every game going "can we beat Tannehill" rather than us going "will we be lucky to beat the Patsys"


What I believe the offense now sorely needs is a dominating seam threatning TE. This would make our wr corps even more dangerous. Wouldnt you agree?


We'll disagree. I believe that Hartline won't be able to keep up anything close to this all year. I REALLY like the guy. I've always stuck up for him, even while guys were bashing him. He's playing over his head right now. Even I can see that. That's not a criticism of him. It's simply saying, over a hard 16 game schedule I don't believe Hartline holds up. Let's watch and see if he proves me wrong.

I would not label Tannehill as an accurate QB YET. He still needs to get the NFL speed/timing down and work on those high throws

YG add Hands to the Top of the List.

All Great Wr's Have Great Hands. Marsha will always be Very Good Not Great Because of this.

Even Welker which Dashi Despises. His Best Attribute are His Hands. He's a Great 1 Route Runner. That Dang option Route. Bess is Good at this To.

But Stick-UM Hands. #1 Wr Attribute. Specially for Philbin. That's why He cuts Guys. Not because he can't run a Route or how big he is. If U drop Passes Don't expect to be a Dolphin Long. Marsha, Chad, Wallace, Naanee, The Other 50 Wr's Ireland Brought in for Training Camp! Heck, Even Armstrong. Egnew doesn't see the Field because he can't catch! Not because he can't Block. The Reason Sherman Trusts J.Lane Over Clay.

Perfect Example Chris Chambers. Good Route Runner, Great Speed, OK QB, But NO HANDS!

Then OJ McDuffie was Slower than Molasses, but Didn't Drop a Pass. Marino's Favorite Target!


I'm looking for a young WR AND a TE. I have Gaffney here for this year. He's another complimentary player...better than what we had. We need at least TWO more options for Tannehill because I don't believe Gaffney will be here, nor should he be next year.

So yes, very much onside with a young TE but I want the WR too. To ignore the position would be a mistake....but I don't think they will. I think Philbin will demand a young WR and not 6th round this time.

Didnt you say the other day that Miami wouldnt resign Hartline, that he wasnt a Philbin guy... Hmm contract negotiations started from the Fins with Hartline..

OK guys, gotta run. I'll check in later.


I know its a fantasy, but maybe we should offer GB the worst of our 2nd rd picks for JerMichael Finley.

Gb drafted him 3rd rd in 2008, meaning this is now his 5th season. So we would be getting him in his absolute prime. Not saying GB would go for it, but Ireland should call up Ted Thompson and throw it out on the table anyway.

Fins 21
Bengals 20


Didnt figure I needed to add hands to the list.Its a no brainer to be considered a #1 wr he has to have hands.

When U go Off For 200+!!

U Become Everyone's Guy!! Hartline can go out and HeadBut his GF and Philbin will be Ok with it.

This Just Confirms What Dashi has been saying All Along.


If he was He needs to be injured more often. The Guy has shown Limp or Lack of Speed or Fatigue!



I've heard from some people that follow GB closely that we would be very disappointed in Finley, that he's never going to be what they hoped he would be. I haven't followed him closely at all this year but my guess is he's not doing much. So I don't see a fit. Maybe in the offseason, who knows but I'd rather they draft a young kid and pay him less money.

Finsters...Been on the board since its inception, rarely comment. But when I do...

If points to make, debate:

1. - in an even score game, 22 seconds before the end of the game with time outs on the board, why would you take a knee to go into overtime? Why not gamble a little, go for broke! Maybe get close enough to give Capenter another shot to redeem himself, Tanne was on FIRE! I could easily seen another bomb to Hartline completed.

I catch myself shaking my head all the time when I see teams take a knee, NFL needs to change this rule. Make it you have to play all seconds on the clock, injures can happen on any snap so please don't use that lame excuse. The new coach in Tampa makes his team play ever down through the whistle, no kneel downs.

2. - stop ragging on Ireland. He does know what he's doing; we are stacked on picks in next years draft; will be WAY under the cap; looks like he hit a GRAND SLAM with the PHilbin, Sherman, Tanne combo pack; we are building through the draft (green bay style); we will not over pay and get rid of players that cost to much (New England style). Getting rid of Davis, Marshall and others with no diva's on the team (philbin style). NO GM hits all the time, does not happen. You have to stick to a planned out system which Ireland has, the weakness was the coaching (sparano).

3. - on Henne, Sparano ruined him - Period. Go look at film of his days at Michgan, he was a gunslinger and VERY successful. Don't tell me the transition from college to pro was not possible for him, the problem was Sporano who screwed him up. If Philbin-Sherman would have been his coaches the kid would have success. But, here's the aqua lining...he's now distroying the Stink'in Jests!

I'll toast to that, now where's my Dos XX's?


YG, Agreed.

To Be a WR U have to have Hands!! TO BE A NFL WR U HAVE TO HAVE HANDS!!!

Back in the Day WR's Will be dealt with on the Field for Dropping Passes.

Marino had his Wr's Scared to Drop a Pass. We all Knew What was Coming Next. A Laser No One Could Catch and More than Likely let the Wr Out to Dry and get Crushed.

Good Thing T-Hill doesn't get Angry Like Marino. But His Wr's need to do a Better Job.

Notice the Only 2 Wr's this Regimen trust are the Guys that Catch the Ball. Bess and Hartline.

Finley signed a 2yr $15 million extension this year($7.5 a year). Im now also reading he's a little injury prone.

So lets scratch the Jermichael Finley for one of our 2nd rd picks trade. LOL

Blah blah blah, you made a stance and now youre retracting. All you should have said was, yes I said that and I was wrong. Regardless of what you think happened.


Give Tannehill a couple more years in the league. He'll be scolding his wr's for drops just like Marino. With only 4 games in the league, Tannehill hasnt quite built up the credibility to scream at his wr's just yet.

If he scolded them right now, they would probably hang him out to dry. A qb has to build some credibility in this league first, before scolding his recievers. They'll make sure he gets labeled bust by doing little things to throw the qb/wr timing off.

Notice the Only 2 Wr's this Regimen trust are the Guys that Catch the Ball. Bess and Hartline.
Posted by: Dashi | October 05, 2012 at 12:29 PM

Not trying to bust your balls Dashi but what receiver do you trust in the NFL that doesnt catch the ball?

Hey Guys,

Great blogging! I like it when real Fins are talking sense and understand the game.

Here is something I would love to know. Les Brown was a guy with a huge heart and needed to bulk up if he really wanted to make it. I wonder if he took that advice.

Also, why couldn't they convert Chris Hogan "711" to be a TE.


I agree with your thinking regarding the afc east being wide open this year.

Whether or not we were looking at having a shot this year, things happen. Situations change. Who cares if we were expected by many to finish 4-12, and then being happy about looking good while doing it.

If this team has the ability to squeak into the post-season this year, I want it to happen. Some say a better record will hurt us, as it did in 2008. I say it's a totally different situation. That was a fluke, brought about by a gimmick offense and an easy schedule.

These guys appear to be putting together an offense that may actually belong in this era of the nfl, so at least we seem to be able to trust them with that. With the strong possibility these guys may know what they are doing, I'll take 10-6, a wild card, and any lucky bounces we may get.

May not get it, but I'd take it.

MAtt, U've made 2 redundant Statements.

Dashi just basically said I was wrong on hartline. Dashi Actually said it after the Jets Game. After the Cards game Dashi was/Is OK with Hartline Getting his Extension.

U do know Dashi Doesn't want a 1st Rd Wr! Since U are Stating U know the Dashi Statements.

How would we do that If we don't Re-Sign Hartline?

That would make the WR Hole as Bad as the LB HOLE!

Let's Say they give Hartline top 10 Money(They Won't) $8Mil a Year. They Can still sign another Top 10 FA WR and Still not be at the $16 Mil Duo we Play for 2 AVERAGE LB'S!



T.O Is one of the Best All-Time Stat Wise(Top 5). And He Dropped a Ton of Passes in his Prime.

P.S. Matt- U will never bust Dashi's balls, Dashi wouldn't mind u getting off of them Though!

Does Dashi say the exact same things as Odindouche in exactly the same writing?

Cartman's a genius. He says every year is different, you can go 1-15 to 11-5. And he says I don't watch the NFL?

I guess that's why the Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Giants, Falcons, Saints, Green Bay are in the Playoffs year in and out (lately), because things change so much. I guess the genius has never heard of building a team to compete for an extended period of time, instead of hoping on a wing and a prayer you get to the Playoffs...just to get bounced in the first game.

Dude, do you really believe yourself, or are you just talking out of your arse? Really. EVERYONE has called this a rebuild year. I love Tannehill, but right now, out of 32 QBs, stat-wise he ranks at the bottom of the NFL (which yes, doesn't tell the whole story, but no, you don't make the Playoffs with a QB ranked that low). In case math isn't your thing, 1 month in, we're 1-3, in the weakest division in football this year. We have a secondary who could get schooled by a flag-football team, which is only going to get worse with practice squad players filling in for injuries. Oh, and just to remind you, that was Jabar Gaffney we added to our WR group. The same guy that, while he added SOME help to Rex Grossman, still amounted in the end to the Skins having the 6th pick in the Draft and deciding to give it all away for RGIII. When a good team got him (Pats) he was cut. He was old THEN. I guess only YOU believe a WR gets better with age. He's not the "final piece" we need, he's a much-needed FILLER until NEXT year when we can get more talent at that position. Ditto TE.

Your fantasizing that Miami suddenly puts it all together and goes on a win streak sounds nice on whatever planet you live on, but on EARTH, we still have to play the Pats TWICE and the 49ers, and just adding those losses to our current losses, we're 10-6, which hasn't gotten an AFC East team in the Playoffs since the NINETIES (maybe early 2000's). That would also mean we win 9 out of our last 12 games, which sure, is do-able, but for this particular team at this particular time might as well be like finishing the NY Marathon in 30min (basically, impossible).

So don't embarrass yourself. I thought we'd win 7-8 games last year, we won 6. I thought 8 2 years ago, we won 7. Yeah, I was dead wrong about 2007-8, but have a pretty good idea where the team is right now, and where they are is a rebuilding, middle-of-the-road team that's still putting all together, and that equates to 4-6 wins. We have your prediction, we'll see in the end who was closer. I'm betting me, on a hunch.

You're looking at the cake schedule so much, you've taken your eyes (and brains) off the fact that we FIRED OUR THRID HC IN SEVEN YEARS, starting a rookie QB and STILL have all the holes on the team we thought we would offseason, even if they've made us feel better by playing over our expectations. Maybe you believe it's really because they are so talented and well-coached, but what I KNOW is that it's mainly because our expectations PreSeason were so low (due to new coaching and lack of talent in critical areas).

So, have your cute little theories, discuss them all you want, but don't talk to me about what SHOULD happen, when I'm telling you what WILL happen. The team will use this year to form an identity, get their rookie QB experience, and build for the future. One or two more drafts like this year, and THEN we can talk about Playoffs, competing and all that. And WHO CARES what our schedule will be then, because WE WILL be a team that was MADE to handle it. THAT'S a GOOD team, THAT'S how you BUILD a team, and THAT'S how you STAY good year after year and not be a 1-yr wonder like we were in 2008.

The same homers praising Tannehill were praising Henne for 4 years.


I was also wrong about Hartline, I thought he was dog poo before but he has made a believer out of me, he is playing great and I think we should re sign the guy.

Agree with MADFIN on his points.

nice to see some intelligent football post's for a change, none of the usual garbage you guys usually have.

I think the Dolphins have a good shot at beating the Bengals on sunday but we can't have turnovers and we have to be able to run the football.




Which is SAD! U Must also Hate God Why we At it! We all know ur the One who said God doesn't Like the Fins.

Well God don't Like UGLY and U Are Still Breathing!! God Must be a Forgiving Being.

But still that doesn't mean we are alike. Dashi and Odin, Don't take things Literal Like Always!

Stop Projecting Ur Hate!

It Makes U look Ignorant!

Also, We All Know Why U Use 1001 Alias. Dashi Would just like to hear it out ur Mouth How Ur such a Weak Low-Life that can't Stand Behind Anything U Say!

Sorry Dashi I dont stay in the blog long enough to read all posts if you stated you were wrong on Hartline. I thoguht we had the conversation a few days ago, on monday, about you saying the fins wouldnt resign Hartline..

YG, Great Article.

That Explains alot. Definitely More than what was ever said before about his Injury that Nobody wanted to talk about.

Dashi Takes back the He was Faking it Part. It Explains things Clearly Now.

Again, Flatline has Come to Life!!

That's a Positive.

we all know 1 Person here Deserves Credit. Everyone was Down on Hartline.

Heck, Matt If U want to Go Back Dashi was Saying Cut HARTLINE during Training Camp.

That's Like Saying U knew Misi was Going to be Our Best LB!


IS Dashi Wrong?

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