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Bengals lead Dolphins 6-0 going to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Dolphins have played terrible so far.

They've committed two turnovers. They've missed tackles. They have been their own worst enemy.

And yet they only trail 6-0. Consider that a blessing because it could be much worse.

We'll see if the team can turn things around. The live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me there.


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Jon I think Ireland loses his job no matter what. Philbin obviously running things. Best he can with Ireland's talent

TD from this drive


Like Armando's said before, as long as Tannehill plays well, Ireland keeps his job even if winning 4-5 games.

Ireland's job is directly linked to how Tannehill himself plays. Plus this year's rookie class is making a decnt contribution thus far. Take away Lane's fumble today and Egnew thus far inactiveness.


The disconcerting thing the play calling of Sherman. I know the need to probe and see what might work for later in the game, but when something is working he seems to go away from it. The defense has kept this game from getting ugly.

We are in this game on the road. We are a touchdown away from taking the lead. I really like our defense. They are putting a lot of pressure on the QB and are awesome against the run. Ireland has done a great job of building this defense.

If Ireland can find one more receiver and another TE our days of misery may be over soon. And in my opinion we found the most important position of all a franchise QB.

Lane trying to redeem himself...Good catch and run

Good play call.

G, Ireland is a huge part of the problem!

Pass to Lane a nicely designed play

The owner is at fault.

Yeh, the Ireland rant is getting old. He is about on par with the 25+ other GMs and their average teams.

Reincarnate Joe Robbie

"Just a question for you guys. Would you rather Miami win 4-5 games and that result in Ireland losing his job? Or would you rather Miami win 8-9 games, miss the playoffs, but Ireland retains his job?"


First of all there's NO WAY this team is not winning 8 games this year.

I'm all for building around Tannehill with a GM that can do a better job of CONSISTENTLY finding good players.

Thank God for Coach Sherman & Tannehill.

Owner should have fired him last year. Cant blame Ireland for nt being fired

Jake Long sucks this year...Badly...


Yeah guys, I'm thinking Ireland's job is safe because of T-Hill too. It just makes me SMH because he is so mediocre at his job. I think it's a mistake to intrust him with such an important draft and free agency this year.


That TD down the seam play has been missing. Dolphins need much, much more of that.

That throw was a thing of BEAUTY THERE!

Wow! Every OC we bring to Miami will be accused of bad play calling no matter what.

When will you guys stop "parroting" and realize there's no such thing as a perfect play caller? When will you wake up and realize Tannehill can change plays at the line?

first big play by Clay!

Great catch. Clay sighting

What a throw by Tannehill...This kid keeps on getting better...

Clay amazing!

Like Armando's said before, as long as Tannehill plays well, Ireland keeps his job even if winning 4-5 games.


4 or 5 wins??? When did Armando say that???

The TE is the most logical and lethal weapon in the red zone. Finally seeing the Dolphin use it today.

As a testament to how stupid Henne was, look at how often tanne reads and changes plays at line.

Lookin Good! No turn overs! Please God!

There is hope. Can we punch it in?

What a pass and catch to Clay!!!
That catch may be his turning point. Maybe get Clay in the Red Zone offense.

BTW, the corrector ENGLISH spelling is DEFENSE.
Canadian or not.

Good run there on first.. Need to punch this in

One score from being in the leas

Got to punch it in here...No freakin'FG...

FINALLY D THOMAS does his job!

Is there a Dolphin fan that REALLY thinks Tannehill is not legit????

Nice cutback by Thomas. TD.

Hell yeah!

thanks marc, didn't see your reply.

All that S

Wow we scored

Finally, a MANLY way to score! LOL

Thats how you erase two TOs Great job O!! Most interesting offense I've had to watch in years...


Now this is the type of play we can have when not "beating orselves". 7pts Miami!

This team is so smart and well-coached.

TOUCHDOWN!!! maybe D.Thomas is worth keeping after all!



7 wipes out 6! Nay sayers!If not for the stupid Javorski fumble we are showing ability to move on offense.

Go Phins!

Awesome our defense is keeping us in it and we are now in the lead.

Tannehill showed great leadership on that drive. Balls of steel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tannehill is looking better every week. Good times are headed our way.

Yes, TD. There you go complainers. We just took the lead on the road against 3-1 team that made the playoffs last year.

Carpenter is not bad. Just had a couple of rough games. Remember how great he was a couple years ago?

Thomas and Clay haters LOL

Nice drive by Tannehill great pose. He does have the it factor. Greatness is starting to come out! Man guts imagine some real weapon on this team!

We have rb's : only bandwagon fans think that. True fans can see we have a Qb and coach we can hang our hats on for a long time. We are on our way back week by week!

Thomas & Clay redeeming themselves for a day. It's about freaking time!!!!


This is the part where the d allows the opponent to march downfield and easily score. Lets see if this changes.

The fins up against the Bengals and the ref's!

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